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@VijeMiller · 150d
Finding accidental similarity between our (my) primary design for the #Gauhd Tribune and the Theatre of Pompey. Surrounding gardens as auxiliary for official conversation was also considered .. making this more so influential. #DOS #DOM
@VijeMiller · 189d
Residential Zones may not exist with in (2) kilometers of a commercial airport. No static occupancy building may exist where commercial air traffic is equal to 1,000 feet or less in altitude. #Gauhd #DOS
@VijeMiller · 191d
Residential allotments will be divided in to no less than 50 meter by 50 meter square plots. Occupant structures must be no less than 20 meters from a corresponding allotment occupant structure. #Gauhd #DOS
@VijeMiller · 197d
2/ Notated hypothesizing how one may achieve irrigating Baja .. bcz while rainfall is low .. temperatures are moderated by the ocean and gulf .. and with a proper dispersion of desalinated ocean water .. hypothetically dot dot dot. #Gauhd #DOS
@VijeMiller · 197d
Mapping the differing climates for estimating crucial populace residence .. while selfishly scouting a potential capital and residence. #Gauhd #DOS
@VijeMiller · 231d
Let it known that under my authority, government buildings in all cities of #Gauhd shall be required to present with fountains equal to that of the Trevi in Rome. #DOS #DOP