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@VijeMiller · 158d
The agonizing over getting credit for having done nothing to actually create any thing he invests in must be tragic .. #ElonMusk
@VijeMiller · 180d
Sure, investors could have listened to those of us who long ago, when Musk became a label, recognized the differences between tangible and theatrics (not an engineer) .. but no .. MSM and intergloids paddled it to his hype. #ElonMusk
@VijeMiller · 185d
Yet again further evidence that .. Vije is right .. Vije is always(ish) right. "God, my brilliance is becoming a bit of a burden. Get back to me." #ElonMusk
@VijeMiller · 191d
Vern Unsworth is now entitled to expedited registration in #Gauhd. A hero .. doubled down. #ElonMusk -y odor.
@VijeMiller · 193d
Flint water has met and exceeded FDA requirements .. for two years .. but do not fear for #ElonMusk shall ride geniusly upon his stallion in to Flint and save you all with an expensive tax-funded unachievable proposal .. huzzah!
@VijeMiller · 197d
#ElonMusk is an apocalyptic moron employing apocalyptic moron engineers. It is an achievement in abundance that any of his other funded -- he is not an inventor -- projects succeeded .. hypothetically.
@VijeMiller · 201d
#ElonMusk is stubbornly pitching a (ridiculous) idea like a child making plans on digging to China .. he is not an engineer responsible for SpaceX .. stop deep-throating smoke!
@VijeMiller · 209d
#ElonMusk is a colossal talentless dick ... but that would be redundant for me to say seeing as I have been indicating this characteristic for years the while MSM and inter-sheep are only more recently discovering his failings ... bcz ooo dangling shiny keys ...