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@VijeMiller · 25d
Bear in mind, they are suggesting a proton converted to a neutron which would demonstrate a universe-wide immeasurable instability, upending the concept; Standard Model is a foundation. More feasible is a rate of transition. #ResistanceTheory

@VijeMiller · 47d
Note how this article begins with the standard model is failing but surely a lesser stable understanding of the model is the potential solution. They are edging ever closer to #ResistanceTheory by accepting field motion over static bodies.

@VijeMiller · 48d
2/2 The only reason multi-dimensional theory is escalated is to lazily compensate for the irrational model of particles occupying the same space as constants or the emptiness dividing them. Physics is broken! #ResistanceTheory

@VijeMiller · 48d
The rationale here is that primary particles are not, in that when they collide with other primary particles (in defiance of an organized model so implied) then they warp, defying simplicity required by foundations of matter. #ResistanceTheory