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@VijeMiller · 1d
Admittedly, my best experience to date - with recognition of angst for the Canon SX720 auto-exposure - with filming #TVShow episodes comes from employing an iPhone 6 earlier this series. #Wants
@VijeMiller · 2d
Officially disapprove of the the Canon Powershot SX720HS as a video camera alternative -- the exposure is either automatic and thus useless for motion .. or utterly useless when deactivated. #TVShow
@VijeMiller · 4d
Electrical engineers know ..
NEW #TVShow 4x36 "Solder"
@VijeMiller · 10d
Change of scenery starting next week .. expect more frequent #Miter coding updates and #TVShow episodes published thru to the new year (-34 days).
@VijeMiller · 10d
1 of 4 new #TVShow episodes published .. not terrible and not great .. so right on par for the previous 150 some odd episodes. Its the stunned silence causing stupidity that makes each unique.
@VijeMiller · 11d
4.5 episodes deep before either being fed up with poor filming conditions and/or general disgust with the process. #TVShow #NotAboveTheLine
@VijeMiller · 12d
That is a wrap on #TVShow "Doctor Range" featuring the NodeMCU BT hack. 4 to 5 bit episodes in production now .. pending self-esteem. Ugh. #NotAboveTheLine
@VijeMiller · 13d
Tomorrow we (me) go in to production on 8 new #TVShow episodes .. including 1 #NodeMCU project found on HaD.io. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 18d
Spatial transition .. #TVShow episodes delayed [again]. Possible extrastateual travel for purely production purposes. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 20d
NodeMCU + HC-05 Bluetooth Module + flash paper + other gibberish. #TVShow episode in production -> w/ 12 others!
@VijeMiller · 25d
Objective of (6) days to complete (3) engineering projects in time to film them this coming week-end .. publish the following. Additional (2) bit episodes also intended. #TVShow
@VijeMiller · 32d
Had been on a roll earlier this series (S4) .. yet now tapered off to coming up short on the previous series (42). Anticipate a rush of a dozen episodes in the coming weeks. #TVShow
@VijeMiller · 36d
61 days until the new year .. which also translates to the approaching #TVShow Series 4 finale .. and haven't a g d clue. Had hopes for more engineering by then .. will attempt a few shortly ..
@VijeMiller · 79d
New video and audio recording equipment .. new episodes inevitable. #TVShow #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 108d
Seeking to resume #TVShow episodes shortly .. starting with a bit ep followed by 2 engineering eps followed by a engineering-bit .. #staytuned
@VijeMiller · 129d
Changing environmental conditions influenced sour motivation to edit (3) filmed #TVShow bit episodes. As comfort levels are reestablished, they will likely be published asap.
@VijeMiller · 153d
Crammed in filming (3 of 5) #TVShow episodes tonight prior to the potential exfil tomorrow .. migrating in to post-prod and v.o. .. will contemplate adj means to new engineering proj soon.
@VijeMiller · 168d
15 days to cram in as many #TVShow episodes as possible .. or more accurately .. to faux motivation to film as many episodes as possible seeing as I hate making the episodes bcz (>_ლ)
@VijeMiller · 174d
Project CSS w/ NodeMCU printed .. awaiting solder and coding .. ideally new #TVShow episode by next week.
@VijeMiller · 180d
Project #VKF is a micro-servo away from being tested for angle refinement .. then an episode immediately after. Anticipate < 5 days .. #TVShow
@VijeMiller · 181d
Oh crap .. just watched an old World's Fair 'Home of the Future' film reel in preparation for a new #TVShow engineering episode .. yep .. going to have to 1950's melodramatically sing for zero reason. #VKF
@VijeMiller · 182d
Ionic Sonic Heatic Fork #TVShow eps in post .. properly corn filled and moist. An actual engineering project (w/ #Jacob) will follow 2 to 3 eps later. #VKF
@VijeMiller · 183d
Filming the #TVShow episode for the Ionic Sonic Heatic Fork .. staying on theme of "hey, this is stupid but hey, nope, it's still stupid but I'm committed, sad hey."
@VijeMiller · 184d
1) #Miter → 30d Bug Fix → Cookie/Delete Bug Fix
2) #TVShow ISHF Production
3) #Project47 SITREP 1X001 Pre-Production
@VijeMiller · 190d
New color correction, smoothing, looks presets, glitches .. new opening and closing .. some major changes to #TVShow as of episode 4X28 .. focusing now on scopes, levels and boring technical crap to compensate for a crap monitor.
@VijeMiller · 194d
#ycngb .. so much as the last #TVShow episode lowered my self-esteem bcz (1) don't wear a low collar when you are lanky (2) focus so as to avoid grain (3) light back and to the left .. back .. and to the left .. back .. and to the left. Moving on.
@VijeMiller · 194d
Crap. Re-watched .. relative to having not 'watched' this since it occurred 32 years ago .. David Copperfield 'pass thru' the Great Wall of China .. and now unfortunately influenced to #TVShow it.
@VijeMiller · 195d
Jacob is going thru some growth changes whilst migrating platforms .. upgrading from the origin Windows XP .. so it's a leap. He will be making an appearance in a #TVShow soon-ish.
@VijeMiller · 195d
My father will never know of the luxury of being red-color-blind .. bcz when editing video there are no shades I hate more than red to pink of the human skin. The phone-cameras used seem to exaggerate the already overly red tone of my skin .. #TVShow
@VijeMiller · 197d
Going to knock out an 'engineering' #TVShow episode by tomorrow .. first time in half a year. Aiming to pass thru the internet colon several over the next few weeks.
@VijeMiller · 198d
Learned 110 episodes later that -6db is ideal and not -3db .. or worse thru out Series 3 .. -1db. My apologies for your ear-gony. #TVShow
@VijeMiller · 199d
5 years later .. printed #PlugTite for the first time. Half-assed #TVShow episode soon.
@VijeMiller · 207d
Subtle unimportant goal of publishing the next 6 to 8 #TVShow episodes respectively every other day .. due to a ridiculous bounty of content needing expunging. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 208d
Completed the #Canon mini-series in Series 4 of #TVShow with 4X22 .. Part IX .. leaving us to return to bits and engineering (soon?!)
@VijeMiller · 210d
"He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue." New #TVShow episode available now .. is not an Untouchables parody. Another time ..
@VijeMiller · 210d
Would like to record the audio for this particular new #TVShow episode .. but the local Greek Orthodox Church is celebrating just how obnoxious religion can be when it's not hurtling weaponry at each other. Religions do not have an off switch. #NYC
@VijeMiller · 212d
Theme of the next several episodes of #TVShow are -- Jesus, bats, Jesus, God, Jesus, Jesus, scum bags (NYC). Stay tuned! Sigh.
@VijeMiller · 213d
Having had access to an empty dag nabbit entire home for 14 friggin' days (10 days past) and not a single gosh darn #TVShow episode idea .. shameful lack of exploitation.
@VijeMiller · 214d
The next 5 #TVShow episodes are just shitting on Christianity .. enjoy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯