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@Project47 · 19d
Any citizen who has completed mandatory military training and has not committed an unsolicited violent crime is free to carry a firearm on public property. Private property owners hold discretion of permission. #DOR #DOJ

@Project47 · 22d
Government finances cremation per respects to service. No burial properties are permitted. #DOR

@Project47 · 22d
No element of transportation will descend below ground (subterranean). Existing subterranean modes of transportation will cease immediately. #DOS

@Project47 · 22d
Tier Education
Primary education infrastructure will consist of a (semi)continuous 13 year Tier system initiating from the ages 2.5 to 3 years from day of birth. Educators will strictly follow a set transparent curriculum as designated by the #DOE

@Project47 · 22d
Immigration Applications
.. will be confined to 35,000 p/yr (after initial 10M pop statue). Applicants must audibly complete an undisclosed monologue of no less than 50 English words in prose to be selected by a certified #DOR employee.

@Project47 · 22d
Naturalization requires the surrendering of existing citizenship. No citizen may hold multiple citizenships. #DOR

@Project47 · 22d
Gun Ownership
Firearm ownership permission is authorized or declined in 48 hours following an input and confirmation of the purchaser's UID which stores and flags real time assessment data as cataloged by the #DOR.

@Project47 · 22d
No holiday may be declared in observance of an individual. #DOM

@Project47 · 22d
Land Holdings
All land with in boundaries can be owned or secured by an individual or the government. No exclusions may be made for religious or heritage purview. #DOR #DOS

@Project47 · 22d
Any identifiable symbols whether letters, punctuation or otherwise linguistically recognized by the #DOE can be utilized individually or in conjunction to form any given name or surname. #DOR