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Veteran Benefits
All veteran family or next of kin benefits are applicable only to a legal spouse acquired before or during active duty service and expire 17 years following honorable discharge or KIA. #DOR #DOD

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Unaccompanied Migrant Child
-- will be deported to the nearest border country. Refusal by the host country will result in termination of the youth. #LessIsMore #DOD

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Departments: #DOC Commerce #DOD Defense #DOE Education #DOH Health #DOJ Justice #DOM Monarchy #DOR Registry #DOS Structure

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Operative goods of any genre obtained during a time of war shall be domestically employed, never to be returned or abandoned. #DOD

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A soldier in a time of declared war may not be convicted of a crime against indigenous peoples of that foreign territory. #DOD

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Rules of War (1) #DOD
Win by any means necessary.
Means at which an enemy is killed is absolute.
No capitulations will be given for an enemy of war.

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Enemy Identification
No foreign enemy may be labelled a terrorist nor prosecuted for terror. A foreign enemy will be labelled as such (enemy) and void from other prosecution. #DOD

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Foreign War
No soldier will fight on foreign soil with out the consent of the people's majority. #DOD

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Ranks #DOD
General | Colonel | Major
Captain | Lieutenant | Chief
Sergeant | Corporal | Cadet

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Every citizen must serve; defined position/s may be subject to refinement dependent on the status of the individuals' abilities. #DOD

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The non-dominate hand closes to a fist and rests across the chest. (Note) A soldier shd never disengage application of his dominate hand, either left or right. #DOD

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Foreign Military Station/s
No soldier will be stationed on an indirect non-war time foreign soil. #DOD

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Posthumous Promotions
No. #DOD

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Next of Kin Benefits
Benefits are applicable only to a legal spouse acquired before or during active duty service and expire (15) years following honorable discharge or KIA. #DOD

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Maritime Distance
Military maritime vessels shall not occupy waters not directly adjacent to domestic territory unless under duress. #DOD

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Intelligence Service Qualification/s
An applicant must have served in the military for a term of no less than (2) years to qualify for any position in intelligence. #DOD

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Police Entrapment
The procedure to solicit a criminal in to performing a crime is a legal methodology to proving character and intent of the individual/s. #DOD

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Stand Off
Shd an individual/s suspect of a crime provoke a response, stall and impede vehicular traffic for >10 mins, violent tactical action may be immediately taken with out consequences. #DOD

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Law Enforcement Department
Domestic law enforcement is a branch of the military and beholden to military operations. #DOD

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Biological Weapons
Only variants of chemical weapons that do not inflict damage to the land or peoples beyond (1) day of deployment may be employed. #DOD