Centered Surround Sound
When sitting at your residence watching a film or television program, often you are displaced from point of center of viewing which is exactly where the home theatre surround sound system generates as a singularity. Another-words, the most crisp and precise sound emanates from the point of center of viewing which is often aligned around the television centered line of sight. Now, imagine with a simple press of a remote control button, you become the center of reference for the surround sound system. Pre-installed into your new home theatre surround sound system will be the programming operations to automatically adjust to the viewer.

Out of box and coupled with your television or receiver, the home theatre system will ask for a few minute pre-programming options:

1. Select your room layout - this will define the average position of furniture in relation to the television unit.

2. Select your speaker layout - this will allow you to identify the average position of the speakers in relation to the room layout previously selected.

Once you have completed these simple pre-programming options, the unit will operate as normal until a requested activation by the user upon the remote control.

Having seated yourself into position away from point of center, with a line of sight in a comfortable seated position, press the CSS button on your new universal remote control that came with your home theatre unit. An infrared signal will be transmitted to and from the unit and remote control which thanks to a multiple angled ir receiving series of components within the base unit, the home theatre will calculate the distance and angular trajectory from the point of center and coupled with the pre-programmed information you provided when activating the unit for the first time, the home theatre will adjust the balance and fade decibels on each individual speaker to realign point of center to your newly referenced position.

At any time during the operation of the home theatre you may reconfigure the CSS to any position should you decide to adjust your location. Envision standing up to go to the kitchen and prepare a small snack, and once in the kitchen, should it overlook the entertainment area and with a line of sight to the home theatre unit, you may realign point of center to the kitchen where you are standing.

Note, only a few furniture and speaker configurations have been illustrated when in actual implementation, the unit would convey several variations or allow for more individual interaction with placement on-screen. Additionally, this item holds a conceptual nature due to my inadequate ability to construct this device though coherent and confident of the current technological capabilities to accomplish this proposal.