Newspaper Editorial | A Nobel Tree
The Signal Newspaper
Los Angeles, California, America
Printed 363/002

The current angst towards road development is being piloted by environmentalist organizations, the while tender hearted local 'activists' gather tout behind these organizations, the while manipulated soccer moms cry murder. Altogether these groupings fall folly to the hypocrisy that has not been lauded. The majority of project developments, especially in Santa Clarita, include landscaping in order to enhance the physical appreciation of the area. Along the stretch of Pico Canyon Road once lay deadened grasses, elder trees, and dried river beds devoid of much life. Following these future enhancements, activity will restructure, tan will enliven to green, and as environmentalists have failed to ponder, the oxygenation levels of the newly planted landscape will increase ten fold from its current stasis. Where is the crime in that to teach our children, occasionally in metaphor, in order to create, you must destroy. For one elderly tree, numerous younger vibrant trees, bushes, flowers, will blossom. Truth of environmental protection is the enrichment of the current situation. Maintaining a dying tree that does not facilitate the needs of it's surroundings is asinine. I do not implore relocating it, but rather congratulating it for its lifetime and swiftly replacing it with a fresh harvest. Look around Santa Clarita as every developed neighborhood flourishes surmised within miles of luxurious greenery along its roadsides. As populations cultivate, the vastness of space must be conquered in order to accommodate. I offer approval to those developers that interject wealthy amounts of greenery in place of deadened materials. These efforts enhance visual pleasure, and more importantly, physical vitality.