Newspaper Editorial | Safest City?
The Signal Newspaper
Los Angeles, California, America
Printed 25/003

In what medium do we declare this paradox of pride and security when obvious word wrangling reduces the values of seriousness and obliterates miscellaneous significant events that certainly contrive to the value of being safe.

We must observe the daily happenstances of citizens of Santa Clarita in order to properly define our level of safety. In obvious glance there are various classes of wealth. The upper class who entrench themselves within now standardized enclosures, or more adequately endorsed, gated communities, rarely interact with the human habitat which may consist with simply traveling from their luxury vehicle to the front door of Le Chens. Their siblings, undeserving, receive allowances in the means of BMW's or uninterrupted transportation to school. The while, middle and lower classes struggle with the realities of this safe city. As a member of this census, and as a pedestrian, there are few mannerisms that calculate an emotion of safety. At what value is safety when a majority of the distanced walked from metro to home is not lined with pedestrian friendly walkways, or sub par crosswalks, commonly endangered from the luxury driver. And in the value of this city's heralded transportation that travel to unintelligible locations and revolve around hours useless to those who are employed by establishments that cater to the upper classes.

By every means there is no distain for wealth or the benefits there of. It is however a misalignment when statistics are coupled to their environment and not of the commons.

What of the abundance, and not listed, vehicular hazards. In the past six months alone, an overwhelming amount of teenagers have caused an unrest of vehicular death. Their own and others are sacrificed on frequent basis's for uneducated abilities earned through the defunct structure of parenting and government offices.

Is this not a value of the safety of a city. Citizens are in fact the concern in judgment right?

And what of these statistics politicized in print. One observance not spoken is the fact, that each year a record is broken in the amount of serious crimes committed. The political terminology to discount this merit would be that versus population figures, it is an insignificant percentage. Is it so insignificant that six persons were murdered last year. In 1997, one homicide was committed. And today, officials of our safe city declare that 'single digit homicides is good for a medium sized city.'

These calculations that give nobility to these officials that then proceed to boast are null in the aspects to those who experience a more defined environment of this city.

I ask those persons of Stevensons Ranch who once allowed their children to frolic in the streets moments before gunfire littered stucco, fire, and blood. I ask those motorists who were a breath away from being struck by a speeding teenager who collided with a light pole. And to those who travel after business hours, from one corner of town to another without transportation. How safe do you truly feel? And do your judgments suffice to the words spoke by officials that guide your dollars? Do you all feel comforted that another 3000 plus serious crimes will brandish this new year?