Newspaper Editorial | Patriotism Misaligned
The Signal Newspaper
Los Angeles, California, America
Published 137/003

Yellow strips of plastic now adorn much of Santa Clarita. Is this not representative of the now embraced blunder of humanity in which compassion has replaced the aptitude to signify intellectual standards to evolve society?

I poise the ideology versus value to define this malicious intent.

When days have passed, who will find responsibility to raze all of these plastic strips as they wither and detach, falling effortlessly into drainage systems, effecting every facet of nature?

To a more pronounce stance, should not these funds for purchasing these yellow plastic strips, and the time allocated to stand upon your toes and tie this ribbon as high as possible be not better suited towards the military staff and families that truly are implicated with the efforts of this country to pursue its securities?

Support for a populace that serves this country should be defined by the labors to support the persons - not a self-beguiled enchantment by littering upon the soils these soldiers shelter as well as removing precious resources even if they are simple yellow strips of plastic.

Patriotism is defined by effort, not emotion.