Newspaper Editorial | Arrogance
The Signal Newspaper
Los Angeles, California, America
Published 216/003

As if the very atmosphere in Santa Clarita wasn't well absorbed enough with self gloating and arrogance, the so called Mighty Signal and its delirious staff has committed once again in basking in their own sense of self uselessness or their idealized glory. A full dialogue on the glowing successes of Tim Whyte and John Boston sprawled upon the pages of the signal (now reverently presented in lower case) where the usual apparently futile diatribe about news would likely have been placed. Because we are all certainly aware of the stature that the signal has created in the California wilderness that would allow for such grandeur to be vocalized.

Tim Whyte, whose menial attempts to organize the separation of significance and news has stemmed a cornucopia of other papers to become dominant. Residents who have gleefully set roots within these mountain ranges for decades, myself for nearly three, have now turned frowns towards the lack of relevant coverage of participating within the world. His precise nature to allocate staff members to create the most drivel of text nearly dismembers my sense of well being and professional grammar. A recent article began with 'Joe Someone doesn't like tractors.' Am I unaware of the intention to appropriate dialogue with today's junior high school student.

John Boston who seems ever so deserving of the most comprehensive nonsensical filler award certainly must revel in his own dominance of intellect in regards to news reporting and opinionation towards current events. The signal is frequented by his post dated materials that embraces the slapstick comedy musings of a Woody Allen. The conflict of this would be the absolution that this is writing, not imagery. Having to converge pages and pages on Sunday to discover news on the last page would frequent the prospects of just opening it to that. Perhaps such praise for him will finally earn him a separate section between the Sports page and the Business page (page in literal terms) so that we are far to forget his brilliant dialogue regarding what signs might print to encapsulate how Santa Claritians are vile human species, very acts the very man himself portrays. Did I mention he cut me off on Newhall Ranch Road once? I am still in scorn for that.

I have taken the time to type this feeble and probably never to be seen message to stress the obvious significance in the very title of the object in question. Newspaper. While without question accomplishing the second portion of the word, the news aspect is sorely in anguish. The opinion section should not be the means to discover the most comprehensive materials regarding events. The recent accomplishment of having a scaled down world news portion on the inside front page is greatly adored. However, the frequent embracing of community harmony is not. The cover image should engross hard line news and not pander to perusing prospecting residents as the city council has deemed your obligation as being. News reporting is filing the derogatory nature of reality. In simile of a vehicular accident, persons will slow to view the carnage because we are curious of the less frequented rather than normality. The same should be embraced for this newspaper. Emotion should be removed and cornered only to those pages opinionated. Investigation, professionalism, especially in regards to text, and respect for those who desire information to truly comprehend their surroundings after disposing of two to four quarters. Your obligations are more precise. Do what you desire with this message, however, I truly surmise that without the abundance of advertisement that litters this paper, no viewer would create compensation enough to continue the lifespan of this paper.