Newspaper Editorial | Gasoline Prices
The Signal Newspaper
Los Angeles, California, America
Published 122/004

It is foolish to even find time to allocate grievances towards the issue of high gasoline prices in the era of waste and misplaced concerns. Does that one person who smugly drives his 4 mile to the gallon vehicle truly recognize the efforts that are partaken to bring such quantities of refined liquid minerals to the consumer? Pumping from the deep within the Earth, the mineral is transported through vast miles to be refined and purified in colossal factories. Barrels of additives increase our safety and usage per gallon. Shipments across expanses that rival seasoned mariners. Distribution through tailored expensive American work forces, requiring their necessities to survive. All of this to then return the now fuel into the ground where you, the consumer, casually pulls into a center that generously and easily provides your vehicle with its breathe of life and your means of travel and entertainment. This sacrifice is not even remotely compared to for the distribution of bottled water, yet no one seems to find ailment with paying more for a gallon of water than a gallon of gasoline. With resources significantly abused, consumers must find time to respect the efforts taken to provide such luxuries, and yes, driving a vehicle is a luxury not a privilege. And besides all of this, why not find faith in those who effort towards a reusable source of energy rather than sparing time to complain about how many dollar bills of gasoline it might take to ferry your family of six in the Ford Expedition to Disneyland. To those who fail to see cynicism in that, the sentence should appear as this - how many plumes of carbon dioxide must be expelled in order to take my 'over populated society' in my 'behemoth no safer than a much more economical station wagon' to an 'extremely expensive unnecessary extravagance.'