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Hallmark Channel movie abridged: I'm lonely. I'm happy and getting married but I'm a cunt. I want people to be happy but I want them to break up. Repeat 10x. Maybe you shd. We do and no one suffers bcz every one is not poor.
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Batman: Greed
As the villains of yesteryear linger in the halls of Arkham, the pettiness of others spurns civility.

He now fights the scourge of the simple man beleaguering his own kind.

He is fighting a losing battle.

Rape and murders slip through the cracks while his ingenuity is questioned by the public. Himself, exacerbated by his own appeal to alleviate the misery around him begins to strain his reverence. He is alone.

And then, a single event severs the hero from the unfailing man.

Now, a vendetta poisons his mind.

Screenplay: Batman: Greed (Registration Required)