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The international relief organization Doctors Without Borders has named these disasters and others as the top 10 most underreported humanitarian crises in the world.
Doctors Without Borders, a nonprofit, private organization, sends doctors, volunteers and supplies to victims of natural and man-made disasters as well as areas suffering from disease and neglect.

1. In northern Uganda, civilian attacks by anti-government forces have resulted in the abduction of thousands of children, many of whom are forced into combat and sexual slavery.
2. In war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo, more than a decade of fighting has killed an estimated 3 million people.
3. In rural Colombia, civilians are caught in a decades-long battle between government and anti-government factions.
4. Tuberculosis has become the most common opportunistic infection for those living with HIV/AIDS. Each year, about 8 million people develop active TB.
5. Disasters, the disintegration of health care and 14 years of civil war plague Somalia.
6. With war-related violence in Chechnya and border areas, the government has forced people to relocate to unsafe areas.
7. In Burundi, a costly health care system excludes those who are not able to pay.
8. North Korea is facing a hunger crisis so severe that most people can't afford basic food items.
9. Severe droughts and lack of fertile farmland have led to a chronic food shortage in much of Ethiopia.
10. A 15-year civil war has left the people of Liberia displaced from their homes.

Time for a little consideration...

...and then feel free to glance over Observation #1064.

I have added something to this website that is not mine but defines very accurately the evolution of ideology relating to religion versus philosophy. It is from the book ďMarx For BeginnersĒ ( written by Ruis (Eduardo del Rio) who delivers a political cartoonist slant to the biography of Charles "Karl" Marx which gives an immediate comprehensible glance at the information presented. An initial tactic sorely missing from educational materials of today. I have extracted pages 37 through 65 into a PDF file and encourage you to analyze each page and recognize the validity of the information presented. Click here to read the PDF file (14.3mb).

In order to properly subjugate the ills of humanity, one must maintain a practical perspective of the working class, which is best attained by participating as a laborer for and under the aristocrats and capitalists. This list demonstrates my personal experience as a plebian.

Previous Employments

This list will be updated frequently.

As example of the disillusion established in reference in the Observations Archives.,+readies+it+for+networking/2100-9584_22-5928541.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=zdnn

This article discusses leap seconds and the dealings of United States delegations to erroneously and disastrously contort time to favor culture and not to a tangible reality.

Being that this site is viewed frequently by the United States military, I figure that I can extend a message to the United States troops currently fighting overseas.

It has been made quite clear that many of you have children at home who you have not seen for more than a few weeks or a few months in the last four years. Well, acknowledge this rationale. Do not create others you will find a nature to have compassion and security for when joining a discipline that requires life or death only circumstances. I may be the only one here in the United States that would rather define you as irresponsible and inconsiderate. Regardless, continue your fine work of changing the world for a perspective of better Ė noting that the work you are doing is commendable but rather American democracy and capitalism is not my first suggestion for the model for the development of civilization.

Intelligent design theorists abdicate that human life is far too complex for natural creation.

Here is what they are saying and why it defies their misconstrued emphasis that this has nothing to do with God --

A more complex being created a complex being for the reason that complex beings cannot naturally occur.


Yes folks, it is called contradiction which circumvents that God is their exclusion from this theory.

A condition and consequence of a lack of spatial relativity is obesity. I think all fat people suffer from the effects of a lack of spatial relativity perhaps due to a segment of the brain that is under-developed or it is already conditioned through genetics (or both) which leads to an absence of conscious awareness of the determination of space. You will notice that all fat people do not have any conscious awareness of objects or people around them. They have little to no perception of distance and are sometimes comfortable with their excess of space consumption which all concedes to an unawareness of a consumption of space which defies conscious perception of what obesity is without intensive scrutiny.

And since we are at it -- fat people lose their balance more frequently as it gets colder. This environmental factor affects their already stressed circulatory system by slowing their blood flow leading to an equilibrial failure. Fat people lose balance in the cold or FPLBITC for those jackasses in the school of abbreviations for exploiting redundant medical conditions.

Fat people bother me so I thought I would explain why they are more of a genetic mistake than a lifestyle choice, but then again, I know they would love to embrace that it is not their fault for their condition. Here is the problem with that fatty, with every problem arises a solution. There are many tactics to resolve from being a glob of crap. The lifestyle choice is principal when you choose not to remedy your ailment.

Gallup: Poll Finds Americans' Belief in God Remains Strong
By E&P Staff
Published: December 13, 2005 12:15 PM ET

A new Gallup survey released today finds that four decades after the "God Is Dead" controversy was first noted, Americans retain a strong belief in a higher power. Some 94% think God exists. Only 5% feel God "does not exist" -- and even most of them "are not sure" of that. Exactly 1% are certain there is no God. But how strongly do the believers believe? Nearly 8 in 10, in fact, say they are "convinced" God exists, although Gallup does not ask them why that is. Conservatives are more likely to be convinced than liberals (87% vs. 61%), women a little more likely than men (82% vs. 73%), and residents of the South more than those in the East (88% vs. 70%). Surprisingly, some 61% of those who seldom or never attend church are nevertheless convinced that God exists.

As difficult as it is to decompose within todayís society without quarrel -- here are a few observations stranded on my notepad and conveniently discovered whilst bored out of my mind.

People ask, if there is no heaven and there is no hell, what is the point of life. People in their infinite wisdom of attempting to give girth to humanity rather than succumbing to the actuality of simply being another species, want so desperately to believe that through their trials and tribulations of little value, there was a point to it all. What is not observed is that the point is made as simple as the point finishing this sentence. We define reason. We define purpose. There is no relevance to our existence, as exampled by the 14 billion years of universal existence without us. We are specks. When you can embrace that, you can find the value in all that you do.

Belief in God and a place somewhere else is an abandonment of humanity here on Earth.

A religious organizationís recent anti-drug campaign emphasizes that teens should not succumb to peer pressure and should make decisions for themselves. Ironic, isnít it.

A homeless person recently ďenlightenedĒ me that the world is getting worse and worse. Well I would imagine that when you are incapable of self reverence, the world would seem a lot like a refuse bin.

And finally, for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem...Christians are Jews. However, Christians would not perceive this as accurate. Two reasons, one being that most Christians are so through conditioning and have no real accord to acknowledge why. Second, because it would invalidate the conditions that were applied in difference of any good religious leaders would define while creating a segregated flock of their own. You see, Jesus was considered king of the Jews. He was a Jew. He died as a Jew. He preached sermons on the Mount that expanded on the Torah. And in the great concept of resurrection, in that time a Jewish perception of divinity. It is certainly something to question from those who adulate the preachings of a man who is already signified by another religion by creating a new one and defying the origin. Merry Christmas dumbasses. Try being merry 365 and maybe you will actually validate your expressions in this holiday season. Oh and kids, Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) was a man who died 1700 years ago. Your parents are lying to you for the merriment of their own amusement.

Late last year, a unique example of the defiance of the spirituality of electronic voice phenomenon was established in proof as a radio communication was captured by HAM radio operators that was recognized as a communication between two fighter pilots, during World War II. It has been shown that the transmitted radio wave was captured and suspended in the stratosphere for over 60 years and continues to be suspended in the upper atmospheres of the Earth as do a majority of the radio waves that are transmitted through these atmospheres. Most electronic voice phenomenon enthusiasts explain that spirits communicate from the dead and are capable of transmitting signals at wave lengths that are difficult for the human ear to decipher yet more easily captured by resonance meters and sound recorders. I have instituted for quite some time that as exampled by particle suspension, a sound wave can in fact be held in a particular environment for a moderate amount of time before complete decay and simply requires contribution for a trigger of release or in fact resonates in an almost infinite cycle due to the particle structure of the sound wave and requires a more deliberate decay for eradication of the sound all together which once again in a proper environment would allow for continual exploitation of the sound particle. Meaning, fuck ghost hunters.

In 1973, for no accurate scientific medical reason, homosexuality was removed from the list of mental disorders by the American Psychiatric Association. Pressured by compassion for individuals, a defiance of nominal biological function was not a suitable means of conveyance of a disorder. No where in nature in any comparable measurement does homosexuality find nominal functional existence so why is the human species exempt?

Rap is so damn hard nigga, that it requires danciní yo.

Just watching the very juvenile responses by hunters as they make their kill is enough of an example of being fags but now hunters are videotaping themselves making the kill and then clearly documenting acting like jackasses, attempting to establish that their skill and the imaginary threat of a buck charging and killing them ruthlessly while they sit in a tree all encompasses the hunt. No you homos, we can all now more clearly see the way the buck calmly walks around eating until it is shot by a gun or bow while you chuckle at how amazing you are with your thousands of dollars of technology while spouting about getting back to nature or the old ways of doing things. If there was purpose behind it. If there was value to it. If it truly held intent, your actions would not be so self applauded. But not one of one can truly provide a response other than the emphasis of killing for sport. Ironically, the very same people who then go church.

Iím confused. How come no one but me comes away from that movie thinking Ray Charles is just a giant douche. And that Michelle Branch should take her mmm bop bop and confess to her inabilities to be an artist. Music holds a great wealth of influence for humanity but does not contain something that is not replaceable.

Once again confused, when I watch the Oxygen Channel for the fine degree of pornography, the commercial interruptions for Jesus doctrines compels me to be unsure of where to place my morals.

Sheís one in a million. Really? Well on a planet of 4 billion persons, that would mean there are 3,999 just like her. Thatís 3,000 times the population of the Sealand.

Now most sports utility vehicles come with rear mounted video cameras which essentially emphasizes that the driver cannot see shit in their useless behemoths. No consumer based mode of transportation that travels near others should allow for any loss of view yet here they are admitting to this fallibility, and only slightly engaging it when backing up. Who the hell isnít looking where they are going when they back up anyways and why are they removing the necessity for simply turning around and fucking looking at all? The less you can see, the more impact space there is to keep you alive. Seems like a useless compromise. How about actually requiring quality driving or maybe automation is the secret to excusing all the dumbasses from nonchalantly killing us.

Why does every program, film and generally every event on the religious channel come with a telephone number? Is it a help line? Yeah, help them build a better museum of God to which by the way they will live in with three swimming pools, a 40 foot bar, theatre and It did after all say it was okay in the bible. And better yet, here is a fine example that cinematography is certainly not the only merit to good filmmaking. Who is the casting agent over there? Probably Kirk Cameron which after anyone who watched Growing Pains knows his brilliance as an actor which exudes into the horrific portrayals of a simple human being on any of those programs.

99.9999 percent of the approximately 4 billion humans on Earth and as well as 99.99999 percent of all Earthly species urinate and or defecate...yet...its taboo to speak of such bodily functions.

Love as described by the dictionary is: A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness. Well, that sure sounds nice but doesnít validate anything. As an obligation to enlighten, here is the new scientific definition of love: A culmination of pleasurable responses to one or more of the six senses (the sixth being cognition). Defining as such...a pleasurable response to a sense creates the positive reaction of chemical influence in the brain. When you touch something smooth, your brain finds ease and comfort. When it is rough and jagged, your brain finds difficulty which removes relief. For example as proof in the current environment...I love the way this feels. Love at first sight is another. Love is a perspective of an accumulation of positive responses to the senses which are effects by the eased efficient conditions of the brain. In essence with this, true love encompasses all senses and love can govern over anything not as an emotion but as a response to positive stimuli.

Anytime celebrities want to stop bragging about all the exotic locations they visited on their numerous vacations between dramatically reading scripted dialogue that in turn we pay a highly inflated price to watch you blow it...we would appreciate. Assholes... except for you Angelina Jolie. Good for you. And no, it isn't because she is fucking gorgeous but because she actually does something humanitarian...and forces others to help. Thatís the only way to do it.

That woman on MSNBC needs a humidifier. Someone please dear god get that woman a throat lozenge or a spray, maybe even an inhaler or better yet...get her the fuck off television. Gasp gasp gasp and gasp and thank you and Iím Rita gasp. What?!?! Huh? Where is the news in between the rough motorcycle engine sounds I hear? Who the hell is putting these people on television anyways? Kirk Cameron probably. Look at Abrams. Holy shit this guy either has a broken neck or is so full of the left side of his face that he thinks heís in a beauty contest. Well guess what, your face is so painted up it looks like what 99.999999 percent of what people do. Anywho, I notice on these four channels that republicans think they are so god damn handsome and democrats couldnít tell the difference through their stench. You want an example of how the American news is all about vanity? Every live report from some location requires the need for some asshole to tell us face to face rather than showing us with oh I donít know...the camera. ďAll people on board died. This is Tina McDumbass live from Port Charles, MississippiĒ. Who the fuck cares who you are, a hundred people died and thatís the news we were watching. What do you want a cookie Mrs. McDumbass? We donít give a shit about you or your face...well I watch the news for the news...of course I canít attest to the thousands who have celebrities blogs out there. Hey, blogs has a red about that. Anywho, fuck American news and your painted up asses. You can almost imagine that investigative reporting now involves 70% gritty down in the gutter contacting of sources and 30% of mirror time.

The word is remember, not member. It could be because the word remember is not to once again member. Spend the millisecond to say it properly.

And finally...I will not shake your hand. I donít know you well enough to have seen what you have been touch for the entirety of your life so donít expect me to expect you are capable of not sticking your finger in your ass. It is called a bow and it is a respectable coherence of your presence. Even better, it is hygienic. Get used to it.

For anyone who has ventured to this website throughout the years might have taken stock in my ability to piss and moan about damn near anything. With the title to behold, I am going to provide a challenge to myself in this exclusive one on one. Tv on T.V. Tomorrow on D10, starting at 0215 and for every three hours until 2315 (until conclusion), I will peruse the 64 channels here on the COX network in Arcata, California with the intent of scrutinizing and more importantly commenting on each televised program on every channel in a segment of time that it takes to review each channel. The intent of this venture is to allow myself to assert my dissent towards television programming today and the characteristics that each program has in relation to the American public. So get ready, because I can already tell by the early start that it is going to be an excruciating day. I will see you tomorrow.

After nine hours I nearly lost my mind so I gave up due to the lack of validity of killing brain cells watching so many channels of garbage repeated over and over cetera.

This first span of time observed is from 0215 to 0311.

Channel 2 - Fox - It would appear that the only tolerated viewer time for this kind of programming is in the middle of the night leaving only those with sleeping disorders capable of receiving the word of God. Not ready for prime time sermons.

Channel 3 - NBC - You know I bought this toothbrush because of this very commercial and it took some fine deliberation to realize what a moron I was. It vibrates yet I still have to labor to scrub my teeth, because that is what real brushing of your teeth involves...what an idiot I am.

Channel 4 - HBO - Man on Fire. Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken and Dakota Fanning. Directed by Tony Scott. This film is certainly one of my favorites for not only the reason that the story speaks to me but also for the dynamic cinematography that made it possible for me to not hate Denzel Washington and a child actor. Whatever filter or lighting they employed on that shoot worked to the degree that I am so indulged by Dakota Fanningís beauty that I will certainly ask her out to dinner...10 years from now of course. The story itself spoke brilliantly to me for the harsh and ruthless revenge the character exhibits...almost making me want to kill people...oh wait...that was already the plan. The only thing I disagree with on this film is the editing. Certainly wasnít as brutally necessary as was delivered.

Channel 5 - Well, providing there is a time stamp on the poor quality of the video, I can only assume that this is a home movie of some jackass getting his stiffy from loading his bow with an arrow ready to stalk the elusive prey of the 8 point buck as it quietly stands perfectly still for extended periods of time...eating.

Channel 6 - CBS - Ever notice that they make the background behind the news anchor look like this sophisticated organization filled with numerous staff working diligently. Simple way to know the difference, look who is on screen delivering you the news. Itís like they find the dumbest one who is coincidently attractive and, news anchor. Just read the lines damn it.

Channel 7 - ABC - Oooh a special report about a hockey player who proved everyone wrong. I canít imagine anyone more deserving of killing three minutes of air time and overlapping possible space world news than a single hockey player who beat the odds of going from fan to player. Oh wait...the reporter is proving he is there and deeply integrated into the story by being on the ice in skates with a hockey stick. Thank you reporter for working so hard at getting the story, after all you keep reminding us who you are more than the guy the story is about.

Channel 8 - KEET - Great, childrenís opinions on racism. Yes, my perspective as a 10 year old gives brilliant insight to the inhumanity that we all garnish because they are innocents and donít judge anything by itís cover. No, not at all. Because that would be wrong...but wait...they are black...and they are white...why are we trying to prove they arenít for the sake of protecting segregation. How about teaching judgmental values and proving proper characteristics to those who present themselves in the manner they do...oh yeah but if heís black...

Channel 9 - C-Span - The Alito hearings...replay...another find demonstration of how much congressmen enjoy hearing themselves talk. Why do questions start with speeches? In fact, why do speeches have anything to do with an inquiry? What does the congressmanís self considerations have to do with an inquiry. Weíll find that out when you fucking vote.

Channel 10 - Community Advertising...but wait...what is this. I have seen more text and graphic capability from a Colecovision. Who watches this...or better...who is making this? Proof that there is a place for the 99% of students at film school.

Channel 11 - TBS - Did you notice that pop up ads are getting bigger and bigger and are starting to piss us off more and more? Itís two in the morning and I donít care that Sex in the City that will be on two days from now. I just missed the whole bottom quarter of the screen.

Channel 12 - FSTV - Freedom of speech television. Here I have learned that poetry is the solution to war...or more importantly that hippies really are uneducated inexperienced douche bags.

Channel 13 - PBS - I have noticed this channel lately sure does find great entertainment from documenting the southern states. Itís like a third world down there...and the documentary makes it look like life is tough. It ainít, their just dumb. And it is a perspective comparison...and editing...Which is why country living is well populated by nature...because no one there is intelligent enough to make it worth any value to open an industry. I proclaim it right now, the dumber the area, the more nature there is.

Channel 14 - QVC - First, theyíre fucking candles. Who is getting their shit bunched in their ass to hop on the phone for candles? I know, there are people in abundance out there otherwise they wouldnít cater to such novelties. Second, calm the fuck down theyíre candles. Who casts these people? You know there is some spaz down there who looks one over and says, you got to give me more enthusiasm because thatís what will get them excited out there and away from their crossword puzzle.

Channel 15 - CNN - Anderson Cooper looks and acts like a phallic image. Heís a dick. The characteristic of this guy makes me hate the news. He profiles himself as centerpiece to the story while his superiority complex exudes over all. Just give us the news, you are a reporter, not a person...who say...did something important for humanity. You havenít been anywhere there werenít 200 other reporters. And itís funny that the title of the show is Anderson Cooper 360 which kind of says, spin. Since that is a buzz word.

Channel 16 - Headline News - If I wait 2 minutes Iíll bet you I can see the same moderately boring localized and censored news cast repeat again...and again...and this is the only source for dry news. How sad. Do any of these people know there are other continents out there?

Channel 17 - MSNBC - Itís on a commercial break but I can assure you that some repugnant pompous jackass is about to come on and literally make me feel nauseous about humanity. The graveyard of the anchors. And they get excited...maybe we will skip this channel. That Abrahms guy makes think Halloween is year round because he is certainly acting like he has a valid opinion and that canít be a real head he has.

Channel 18 - CNBC - Little man Tate couldnít keep up with all this crap. I feel almost I must kill...kill them all...all of them...oh no, the Dow is down 10 points. Wait...itís two in the morning.

Channel 19 - Fox News - No Pain Spray. Dot com. Yeah, you know what...itís called menthol. Your body is deceived into believing that the pain has subsided only the real case is you are dumb. Spray away the pain. No drugs. Oh god, you have to be kidding me that I can accept that people are out there drooling at the mouth. Oh wait, the guy in the small box at age 80 just said it works...let me get my phone.

Channel 20 - ESPN - Race car drivers are heroes. Funny, when I think that a few thousand drive the Autobahn at the same speeds daily...Iím not impressed. Yeehah.

Channel 21 - ESPN2 - The only attempt at adjoining channels. Congrats on that. That is until the guy just said when they arenít fishing, they like to talk about it. Well thatís great guys. How about we head on down to the mall, get our hair done and chat about how tough fishing is. Hell, I remember once putting out a line...putting my feet up, sipping from a nice cool Coca-Cola and suddenly the line tugged a little and I reeled in a large fish. Man, what a triumph that was as I did it again twenty minutes later. And again...I must be a hero.

Channel 22 - Fox Sports - Poker. Fuck you all. Oh, Iím sorry...itís a science. Yeah, at sitting and looking at people because the card part ainít hard. I just won 50 bucks last week at a casino...guess what...there are 52 cards...nine year olds get it. And these guys are douche bags. Stop for a second and look at them. Theyíre fat and rich for playing cards...letís put them on television.

Channel 23 - USA - Okay, that damn Travelocity gnome makes me laugh this time. Am I going to die. Delivered perfectly. Even camera placement was brilliantly done. I have an idea, get this director to push out Oliver Stone because I just saw Alexander and did you get a job? Were you even there or did you pull a Spielberg?

Channel 24 - History Channel - I will admit to only that it happened in history but to give Edgar Casey and the jackassed employed historians and authors about him the light of day should be cornered over on History Channel 8: What happened but didnít matter because it was some guy who claimed prophecy...that didnít accurately happen channel. I can think of three already that this channel could do instead of wasting time on real historical events.

Channel 25 - TLC - A reality show about a Tattoo parlor in Las Vegas. Are we done glorifying those useless members of humanity that cater to vanity before function. Just watch, I will change the channel to Discovery and weíll probably see rednecks building funky ass motorcycles that no one can really use...but they look Where does the TLC part come in anyways?

Channel 26 - Animal Planet - Oh mean to tell me that a pitbull is a dangerous and spontaneous animal? Really? Seriosuly? No? Címon. Americanís are the only ones to desire owning an animal as a free roaming pet that kills more people than any other animal nation wide.

Channel 27 - Travel - Just use my network system and you will make money. No buying, no selling. Oh, let me get my wallet because little to no effort sounds like a reasonable action to make a million dollars. They make it seem even easier than the lotto but I am sure that the odds are worse. And just to note, you can tell that plenty are sucked in by the sheer quality of the commercial.

Channel 28 - TNT - Itís that fucking toothbrush again, reminding me that all those happy people are lies...lies...all lies...oh...that cute girl with perfect teeth makes me think I can get that result. Maybe I will give it another chance.

Channel 29 - HGTV - This commercial is clearly for seniors who take why is there so much to read on the screen and why is it moving so fast? If I canít read it...I canít imagine Ďnanaí is going to keep up.

Channel 30 - Yes...American Choppers. I knew it. Fuck you all. How come I have never seen anyone commuting to work on their ďchopperĒ? Oh, because its useless. Like most novelty vanities in America.

Channel 31 - WB - The sleep number bed. What happens in the middle? This is the donít sleep close to me number bed. They donít explain that part.

Channel 32 - VH1 - Oh my god. What the hell happen to VH1? What am I watching? Oh. Ooooohhh. Oh holy crap. Theyíre swinging. And fucking. Itís a fucking four way on VH1. Eh, thatís cool. Weíll stay here a sec. At least there IS music in the background.

Channel 33 - MTV - A sequel to Big Mammaís House. Why? Who? No. There must be a secret agreement between all film makers that they have to flood the theatres with crap in order to make it apparent what a good film is, regardless that it is crap too...just bigger and louder crap. No, I wonít see King Kong. I didnít like Lord of the Rings. No reason to think that Peter Jackson got better since...and by using Jack Black and Naomi Watts.

Channel 34 - CMT - Music video? What is this? Who plays music videos on a music channel? Oh yeah and itís definitely country because every vowel just turned into a stretched out oh and heís whining about something. I cooohnít toooohl.

Channel 35 - A&E - Does A&E put everything on DVD? Get the commercial you just watch on DVD by going to A&E dot com.

Channel 37 - Telemundo - Dramatic compelling commercials, yet I swear not one person down there owns a filter or VHS is still the standard video recording device. Itís almost like the final video played is eight generation.

Channel 38 - Spike - Oh good, I was worried that crappy B movies werenít getting enough air time. I donít see them showing nerve to show this crap during daytime hours.

Channel 39 - Lifetime - I know we all enjoy watching the hosts sit very still listening to a call in on an infomercial but what the hell are you selling? No logo or cheap plug graphic? Good luck.

Channel 40 - E - Commercial for Dr. 90210. I canít live life as a beautiful woman...or spend time exercising or eating right with all this money...just do it for me. They should call plastic surgery exorcizing because it looks like they are sucking a whole Ďnother human being through that tube.

Channel 41 - SCIFI - Whoa...donít act just yet...wait until we get some less accurate props in here. Oh no!!! Itís the X-Files. I didnít realize Season One was so damn bad. I liked that show. Episode 20 Season One is the best. Mister Boggs must be made redemptive for his transgressions. Great writing Chris. Millennium was his better project for those who give a crap.

Channel 42 - Bravo - Celebrity poker. Because regular poker is just not interesting enough. Really?

Channel 43 - FX - This February, NASCAR. Oh man, let me get my cooler because it will be a long day...many laps...same thing...around and around...and around...for hours...heroes...steering.

Channel 44 - Comedy Central - BINGO...didnít think it would happen...but it did. Girls Gone Wild. Here is the lovely display of Americana at its peek. Donít tell me that society here is sophisticated when the fact that these guys are so fucking wealthy that this commercial plays on numerous channels, many times a day, for hours. All this commercial does for me is develop a hatred for rectangles. And where are these places...why wasnít I invited? Oh yeah...I know why...Iím a douche. By the way, thanks to Phil Henry for really making me enjoy that word fully.

Channel 45 - Disney - I hate children actors. I hate lots of annoying colors. I hate the very cartoonish and counterfeit way they bounce around. Itís annoying...and hey...just lacks that little bit of I donít know...what Disney once had...character. How many times over are they going to make Sabrina? This must also be the scouting ground now for future hottie talent. Britney Spears, Christina Aguleria, Lizzie Maguire, Lindsey Lohan, that other girl...imagine the pressure for the children actors there now? They know where theyíre headed.

Channel 46 - Cartoon Network - Someone told me Futurama was funny. Iíll wait...nope...not yet...what? Cancelled? Why? The funny thing...oh well that makes sense.

Channel 47 - Nickelodeon - Murphy Brown reminds me that television once had numerous entertaining sitcoms, written by talented staffs...though I hated this still happened once. Itís hard to was so long ago. Except for Scrubs. This show is way up here. Look at my hand...way up here.

Channel 48 - Tv Land - Queen Latifah is one of your top stars. Congratulations. Maybe Maria Carry will be next.

Channel 49 - Family - They know this channel is a perfect place to air a money making scheme infomercial because only saps must watch this channel.

Channel 50 - The Food Network - The exemplification of the baby boomers destroying humanity with their obnoxious behaviors that have been conditioned to the current generations...especially when they assemble at fairs.

Channel 51 - TBN - Ollie North...oh no. is clearly a tactic of those large fat black preachers to sweet in abundance...and if it isnít...hit the gym fatso. And why is everyone so adamant about this guy defining the features of Godís word when he canít even refrain from sucking down a Twinkie or eight. Prove your own values and principles are valid and maybe someone intelligent would listen...ah whoís kidding who. They have no worries about intelligent people joining the ideals.

Channel 52 - Oxygen - Caught the end of the show with the credits and oh man, that is one sultry voice. I should be elated that the credits are not actually being minimized to a 2x2 square under the translucent channel logo and overrun by advertisements and framing.

Channel 53 - Discovery Health - More credits with opposition to the point above. I seem to remember a huge union conflict not too many years ago about getting adequate credit on screen yet I hear nothing regarding complaint towards the shrinking of them.

Channel 54 - Weather - Oh yes, of course. Investigative reporting on tornados is far better than receiving local weather reports...where there are no tornados.

Channel 55 - Court Tv - Just when you thought Cops wasnít exciting comes Harbor Patrol. Watch as they speed at 12 knots to the rescue of a small child, floating in a life jacket or capture that illusive guy who threw an empty bottle overboard. Exhilarating.

Channel 56 - Jewelry - Hey dumbass with the credit card out...itís just a rock. Donít anyone tell me that civilization has advanced any.

Channel 57 - PAX - Dish Network infomercial and hey they are offering a gift certificate to those who refer others because clearly their own attempts arenít working very well. How long has Dish been around now. I had to mount a Dish three times and let me tell you that I would buy cable in a second. Why? Who the fucks wants to have to line up shit to get a television reception...thatís what cable got us away from in the first place.

Channel 58 - HSN - American society folks. So robust with bloated consumption that it has to be delivered to them on television, telephones, the internet and everywhere else.

Channel 59 - Shop NBC - A diamond ring emphasizes that stature requires having simple minerals compressed and set upon your finger. I could drop a nice poop on your finger if you want something more unique but made of the same material...yes, my poop is made of diamonds.

Channel 60 - Sure, you have convinced me to buy this health product by having an out of shape elderly person inform me of the benefits of it.

Channel 61 - AMC - James Bond. The fact they can still comprise the necessity for a marathon eludes there are an abundance of people who watch this. How exciting that must be for all of those out there unable to stand Star Wars or Star Trek but can find space for Bond...and Bond drinking cups...and Bond toilet cetera...what is with this cultist nature of really moderate films? It would appear that only necessity for creating a following of crappy material is to make sequels.

Channel 62 - TCM - It is sad to note that the 40ís and 50ís have better performances from their actors and actresses than 95% of todayís performers. Even the extras perform with enthusiasm while I watch a film with Ewan McGregor and Squint Face...oh sorry...Mrs. Squint Face and I want to vomit. I am telling you, there is a conspiracy in Hollywood and it has to do with moderate talent employing really bad good looking talent to make the moderate look as good as the good talent who donít play numerous roles because they are actually making choices rather than getting excited about a biopic of Johnny Cash. I donít care how low you make your voice go, I wonít see a damn film biography and pretend itís a movie that I couldnít have watched on A&E for free. What is worse is when these films are didnít do anything. You played a character that was already filmed and wrote a story that was already written for you. Douches.

Channel 63 - MTV2 - I am going to hate admitting this but Jackass is entertaining. In the immortal words of Kyle Maki on a Fox News Undercover in the fall of Y57, there is nothing better than watching a bunch of idiots beat the hell out of each other.

Channel 64 - OLN - Try it for 30 days. You donít have to buy anything or sell anything...and then somehow you just automatically garner a million dollars. Let me get my phone because I certainly need to spend a couple of hundred bucks for some good advice on how much money is needed to make a lot of money which is ironic since I am calling because I have no money to spend to make money. And if your website address looks like that of a bad attempt to get an email address, it ainít working for you. But, we all know thatís not true because just look at the ad...saps buy and they can pay for it.

Channel 65 - Speed - I guarantee that not one of those models attained that body from a Bowflex so donít sell it to me like they did...and sure as hell donít scan across the beach giving the impression that everyone else has too. Oh, I didnít say stop showing her. Do that leg exercise again. Oh yeah...uh...changing the channel now.

Channel 72 - Cox Pay Per View Previews - Good, donít say how to use your PPV service, because I donít really want to see Christmas with the Kranks anyways.

Channel 73 - PIN - Bad competition or worse flooding, but itís the same infomercial as on channel 60. Hope that was worth that extra thousand.

Channel 74 - CSpan2 - Newseum?!?! You are kidding. I canít imagine the self gloating there of detailing the detailing of history. Pat yourselves on the back for that one, kind of like how the gospels all have names attached to person who wrote them. There must be two wings of the newseum. The left side and the right side. The middle only has a drinking fountain and guy sleeping, half drunk.

Channel 75 - Who is making the effort on this channel. There is more space in a newspaper personal ad then there is on this lame ass community channel. A place to die for all those indy film makers...I am telling you.

Channel 76 - Shop At Home Tv - No shit really? You couldnít add to the title, then use your telephone or computer to contact us and have your credit card ready Tv? Oooh how excited they are. Imagine the school of knowledge for that career choice. Now listen students, everyone needs to have their underwear logged up their ass to be a real salesperson. You know we donít enjoy that kind of shit from a car dealer but hey, bring that taboo on television since Grandma canít see too well anyways.

Channel 77 - TV Guide - Letís count. Oh yeah, 8 seconds to see three lines of information on programming while seeing plenty of Chuck Norrisís flabby ass selling an exercise machine. I love the pace and size of the reason why we go to that channel...but it must not be important because there are professionals who decipher these kinds of rationales...arenít there?

Channel 78 - Univision - Apparently they bought out all the filters before Telemundo could get to the store in order to cover up the gigolo dirty ass actors. I know somewhere they are watching 70ís porn for influence.

Channel 99 - NASA - How could one collection of intellects make the least entertaining means of programming, using the lowest quality means of filming and showing us what they are eating...for an hour. I like science and the pursuit of the space program but NASA makes it look like a trashy biker bar in Nashville. It does not take 10 billion to make that satellite either, so stop standing around and get to fucking work. How many times do we see them being lazy on this channel? Kids are making this shit out of trips to Walmart. Get your shit together.

This little journey was ended at 0311 and frankly after taking so much time to write all this bullshit...I am stopping right here. I have 9 more pages of complaints and I just have no interest in typing any more. Get over it.

Dreams are definition of the stability of a person. Not for what they dream but if they dream, how frequently and how voluble they are to the dreamer. The biology behind dreaming is from an excess of information either being delayed in processing, under utilized or misappropriated during waking hours. This establishes that an individual who frequently dreams is unstable under waking hours conditions and requires excess sleep to manage processes of cognition.

Jesus lied. He noted that every stone would fall from Herodís Temple Mount. Though destroyed like 99 percent of all structures from that time period, the walls of the Temple Mount continue to stand to this day. That would then entail that Jesus lied or is just vague enough to make us believe for another thousand years when we all die and won't notice anyways.

The cross is a symbol of torture.

Kenneth Miller of Brown University though an idiot for attempting to meld science and religion, did in fact enlighten me to one amusing article. If evolution does not exist to those of a creationist or intelligent design faith, then why do you get a different flu shot every year if your real concern does not follow that a virus can evolve?

The solution to poverty is giving and receiving. You cannot simply provide aid without receiving retribution as enactment for the conditioning of the value of otherís exertions. Bartering is the only means to giving value to the aid provided which establishes a greater assessment of means.

Everyone currently perceives the senses as 5 for sure and 1 or more as paranormal. Here is my confusion with that. The 5 senses we are accustomed to are sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Then suddenly we skip cognition as a 6th sense all together to go to reading anotherís mind and moving objects with our mind. What? Thinking isnít even a valid sense that at least comes before a comic book character?

It would seem that I take a great deal of time out each day to bitch about things without giving reverence to the pleasures in life and finding film and television a personal vocation of are a few thoughts about it.

What is worth watching...

Every characteristic of this program exceeds brilliant comedy. Why most do not find enjoyment in this programming is their false sense of belief of the difference of high brow and slap stick, never realizing that their own favorite shows lack any means of intelligent comedy but rather demean to the basics. How many times do we have to see the mother act outlandish in the same manner in every episode of Everybody Loves Raymond? It is similar to the rationale of why MST3K was difficult for so required thought.

Family Guy
Pressing direct uncensored sharp comedy. Like The Simpsons in season 3 through 7 where the intent was to drown you, leaving you gasping with concern for no one other than themselves. This season alone has elevated this show to another place. It is always about catering to their own passions first that make for good comedy. Look at South Park...which we will.

The Colbert Report
Stephen Colbert and his writing staff have exceeded The Daily Show and other spoof programs in the last 40 years by ten fold. Having numerous self indulgent bits once again emphasizes the use of selfish comedy as an honest means of good comedy.

South Park
Matt Stone and Trey Parker continue to provide the most enlightened perspectives of humanity. There is not one person on television, especially on the numerous opinionated news channels, that has grasped reality as well as they have and battered in a ruthless comedic timing.

Well actually, it is clear the talent remains more deliberated towards the writers and directors of this television program. The acting talent is at best, par. I have seen better delivery of pizzas. It is the ongoing story arc that once captured, provides enough contest to continue to pursue. I even tried to hate the first season purely on the acting alone.

West Wing
Yes, still. Though I pretend that any episodes with Jimmy Smits did not actually air...or were ever recorded...or that he is still in the Actorís Guild. Oh god why is he in the Actorís Guild.

This show maintains a cinematic effect that is still enticing. It has dwindled down on talent greatly, serving my only pleasure of watching the very underrated and talented Maura Tierney while also enjoying the adorable Parminder Nagra. Otherwise, it has reached that particular edge where if I miss an episode...I donít care.

BBC World News
Letís face facts. It, unlike programming here, delivers the news of the entire world with a dry deliberate intensity which means I can actually get real news for a change. It does not spend three minutes with a special report on a fair or someone who just ate fifty eight hot dogs. BBC World News does its best to inform you of the real world. This is my chance to once again say fuck you to Abhrams because that fucking guy has got to get a neck brace or a new fucking camera angle.

Scientific Frontiers
This is an enjoyable hour long program on PBS...I think...that does a superfluous job of delving into scientific information accurately. Alan Alda is adequately enthusiastic enough to ask valid fulfilling questions and forcing demonstrations that lead to comprehendible appreciation.

Arrested Development
A unique delivery of comedy, this show has consistently provided an element of awkwardness to the characters that is so abstract that you cannot help but be amused.

You know, I could never really find interest in watching this program due to the unusually uncomfortable and distracting multiple screen edits and had not watched it since the first aired episode until A&E recently syndicated this show and held a day long marathon that I managed to become instantly hooked on. What drew me instantly to the depth of the show was the unexpected behaviors of the characters. People actually died, and in an abundant ruthless manner. The story developed a gritty nature that allowed for a more realistic perspective to be told.

A few thoughts on good film making...

Better yet, a few examples of brilliant film making...

Saving Private Ryan
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Screeplay by Robert Rodat
In the finale of the film, the character John Miller played by Tom Hanks crosses the bridge to reach the detonator that will stop the Germans from crossing. In a drawn away first person perspective by the character Timothy Upham, John Miller is shot by the German soldier from a distance. This framing of the scene provides a devaluing of the main associated character which allows for a continuity of all of the soldiers experiencing the same conditions. This is one of the most brilliant of shots for not only breaking from the usual genre of lead character association and slow motion destruction, but for giving unyielding continuity to the film.

Directed by Rupert Wainwright
Screenplay by Tom Lazurus
Though this film was adequately made and seemingly entertaining, it is one particular scene that comes to mind as being characteristic of strong film making. During a possession, the character played by Patricia Arquette begins physically and verbally abusing the character played by Gabriel Byrne. In this midst of aggressively throwing him across the room and shouting, the male character is thrown into the bathroom and leans on the floor while the female character crouches over him with a content look on her face. The pause and reflection of the characters gives an internal intensity to the scene, emphasizing a sense of control and fret. Well performed by both actors, the only detraction is the camera angle. Had it encompassed both characters in one shot, the scene would have been priceless. Otherwise, true film making.

Now Iím canít seem to think of any others off the top of my head so I will stop here being quite tired of writing for the moment.

But wait...since we are at it...what's worth listenning to...

I will make this real simple...

Phil Hendrie
Flight of the Conchords

Okay, now I'm done.

I have recollected a few additional brilliant examples of motion picture productions which include:

Road To Perdition
Directed by Sam Mendes
Screenplay by David Self
In a scene that separates the lead character Tom Hanks from his mentor Paul Newman...the scene is placed within the dank rainy streets of Chicago as the sound is subtracted away as from the darkness, intense gunfire emanates, and though not a fan of slow motion for the disillusion of it, this particular moment as each of the nominal characters are killed leaving Paul Newmanís character alone, anticipating his own demise, is correctly timed in continuity allowing for Tom Hanksí character to emerge from the darkness and silently face down Paul Newmanís character. And I canít recall correctly but I believe Paul Newmanís character says something briefly ďpoeticĒ before he is killed. Great cinematography and sound editing...or lack of sound editing rather.

I just wanted to note something...I couldnít help but notice that the soundtrack cover for Road to Perdition and Man on Fire look oddly alike...odd...isnít it? Man on Fire is a brilliant film by the by however I see it more on a written echelon rather than a particular scene that elevates it above otherís moments in framing.

Jeremiah Johnson
Directed by Sidney Pollack
Screenplay by John Milius and Edward Anhalt
This first half of the damn film is made with such a cinematic flair that you canít help but want to see this film on the widescreen. This is one of the first films I can find that the effort was applied to the ideologue of the invention of motion picture...well it sure isnít based on the acting ability of Redford which was a double bogey at best. So yes, I am generalizing on this one but if I had to find a particular moment, then it would be the framing of the first few minutes of the film when Johnson is traversing the different terrains and seasons, clearly use of a wide angle lens from a great distance in order to encompass the full depth of the truth of being there in the emptiness, alone.

Open Range
Directed by Kevin Costner
Screenplay by Craig Storper
Much in the same manner as Jeremiah Johnson, this entire film applies a texture to the continuity and cinematic landscape that awes only on the widescreen...however, it is the sound editing of this film that took me aback. In the scene set in the saloon when Kevin Costnerís and Robert Duvallís characters confront the flouting bartender, Costnerís character levels his shotgun and unleashes both barrels into the mirror behind the bar. The unexpected nature and genuine intensity of the sound instantly absorbs you into the film without hesitation.

Man on Fire
Directed by Tony Scott
Screenplay by Brian Helgeland
With a collection of actors that I normally despise, this film completely contracted my understanding of the true nature of the direction of an actor. It takes the ability of the cinematic artist to turn the actor into a part of the landscape by giving precise elemental direction of the actor. And though distracting at times, the crank camera usage and dislocated editing is habitable. What it is -- is the general texture and gritty realistic nature of the film that captures prestige.

I know there are a few more worth mentioning however I have hit one of those common kidnapping until next time assholes...and I say that because everyone shelled out so much money for King Kong, Lord of the Rings, Independence Day and Titanic because you are all douches for the simple aspect of in your face blockbuster special effects...well when I see 10-year-olds making CGI graphics on Daddyís laptop, Iím not impressed. And on a completely abstract to that, remember when Saving Private Ryan lost to Shakespeare in Love at the Academy Awards...another reason you are all you want more reasons? Iíve got more.

I just thought about the following items instantly following the previous posting so consider these as mentioning of more illustrations of worthy screen crafters.

Tears of the Sun
Directed by Antoine Fuqua
Screenplay by Alex Lasker and Patrick Cirillo

Millennium (Television Series Y56 - Y59)
Created by Chris Carter

Next Iíll probably start shooting out pieces of dialogue because I seem to have this sudden obsession with accredited those who deserve it...and who have sorely missed it from the media and consumers.

Man on Fire
Christopher Walken as Rayburn
ďA man can be an artist... in anything, food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it. Creasey's art is death. He's about to paint his masterpiece.Ē

Okay...Iím stopping right a break until I can think of something else...or hey, maybe make something better. Hey, that sounds novel. Get to work.

So how arrogant can one person be? Extremely. Which is why this one will be an interesting and validating challenge. Visit this website address and over a period of time I will attempt to propose a valid dialogue to each one.

I am a compassionate humanitarian unsympathetic towards humanity.

I wonder if one were to ask a liberal (hippie anti-violence make love not war scum) if they have ever held an argument? ďBut Mom, I donít want to...Ē If they have ever had just one disagreement...a conflict if you will? How about the one they are staging right now against war, against inhumane actions and against the other barrage of societal issues they distress publicly? The answer would be yes...which would contradict the ingredient that you can exist within a society without a conflict of ideals...the very natural and essential specific characteristic of warfare. Warfare as delegated in the dictionary states: ďThe waging of war against an enemy; armed conflict.Ē We could later define the word enemy yet I realize the element that liberals will contest is...armed. Let us define the word armed: ďTo equip with what is needed for effective action.Ē Hmm? Perhaps similar to banners, speakers, demonstrators, impeding society or maybe handcuffing or changing oneself together or to objects. Warfare is an ambitious objection to a set of ideals. Through the evolution of civilization, and especially exampled in the merits of the societal pedestal you argue from, no examples of practical dialogue have ever been displayed to efficiently suppress or regulate the nature of conflict. Here is another novel approach against liberals. Most liberals also support Darwinism. Darwinism states survival of the fittest. This is the element of conquering over anotherís lesser foundations in order to succeed where others (previous species societies) have failed. Thus you contradict ďmake love not warĒ with every action of contempt you display in any public cannot be conflicted with the conflict of confliction. Oh yeah, eat that shit bitch...oh god, sorry about that...that conflict line just sunk in like a Swedish massage with a happy ending.

Did you know that in 1497 (Gregorian Calendar), the Catholic Church decreed expulsion or forced conversion of all Jews in Spain and Portugal leading to the Sephardim (Portuguese-Jews) to end up establishing communities in the southwest United States and Mexico long before Christians ever established communities there? I donít know what is odder in reflection of today. The Catholic Church supported by the Christians of America who also support Jews while claiming to hate Jews for killing Jesus though Jesus was king of the Jews while claiming a Christian nation under the guidelines of the Catholic Churchís decrees which can be admonished at their leisure such as the one about expulsion or forced conversion of Jews which was revoked in 1999 (Gregorian Calendar). Itís like how the Mormon Church just all of a sudden decides...Iím sorry...with holy enlightenment suddenly decides that blacks are okay after all...only twenty eight years ago but hey, youíve got to start 1800 years after Christianity or maybe 2.5 million years after humanity.

Head over to your local bookstore and you will discover a section called, ďChristian FictionĒ. So I thought about this. I couldnít help come to the conclusion that since everything in a fictitious book is fictitious (to help define the word fictitious, here are some synonyms - illusion, unreal, untrue, fabricated, conjured) and that if it is ďChristian FictionĒ can put the two together in many ways. It is basically a section of imagined stories with religious guiding principles. How do you make a false story with a religious deityís preachings interpreted without being blasphemous as dictated by the bible? And donít use the excuse that society as a whole on television and radio does it everyday...which they do. Every creative mind with a religious faith who creates a fictitious story utilizing principles interpreted from the preachings of Jeez Man Christ is acting under the pretense of false advocation. My real view though -- doesnít this section essentially then just have a double negative. If this were mathematics, they would cancel each other out and the section would just say, ďBooksĒ.

Here it is again for all those hippies out there and just to tie the two topics cannot be conflicted with the conflict of confliction. Itís all here in this pamphlet I wrote...

Shut The Hell Up...Itís Religionís Fault.
How to distinguish that you are being deceived by a societal conflict and or have an STD in 2 easy questions.

Question One
Ask how many deities are professed by each side.
If one or more, ask Question Two.

Question Two
Ask how many dissimilar religious...or as you might have heard them call it to hide that it is religious -- moral...interpretations are being professed by each side on a particularly emphasized subject?
If two or more, you have completed your journey into understanding that every side in todayís society has religion as the means to conflict.

And we already know you have an STD so you have lost your right to do it...for the benefit and preservation of humanity. Yeah anyone truly has that kind of religious/moral integrity. STDs wouldn't be a global pandemic. People cannot even keep it in their pants when they are knowingly going to maim or kill the other person. Ah, screwíem anyways. Oh hey, I made a funny.

This message has been paid for by the uneven capitalism I have sunken to the intrinsic worth of.

Read this gem of an article and note that in my observations made years ago and statements made to numerous colleagues in the years past towards the dynamics of the universe, I think we will all see how much I was right on. Not a surprise really...just pissed no one comes to me for advice. Well, not yet anyways.