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D32 Y66

Ah yes, my first attempt at this blogging thing. Actually for those just joining us, which includes myself, you can see the other numerous quantities of blatherings at my website at Cuz knowledge is power. G.I. Joe. Hey first thing, do they actually say “cuz” in that, be-cause that would be irony for you.

Otherwise, where to begin on this riled angst I have. How about marking a notation that I may have come across the means of creating a viable perpetual motion machine. Sure I just jotted it down in the shower this morning -- to note I bought one of those scuba diver writing tablets for such an occasion -- and came to the immediate Doc Brown conclusion of Eureka...which is 7 miles south of where I was. So we shall see...has perpetual motion reached a new echelon thanks to me...Tv...perhaps.

Since this is a place to also spout off about oddities and obscenities. Pussy shit fuck ass cunt cock scat poop. Oh sorry. I didn’t realize ass got in there. Did you know cunt isn’t recognized in Microsoft Word. Hey dipshits up there, let’s get on the ball. And dipshits too. Fucking a.

Since I was in the shower when this perpetual motion machine was created I should note something a travesty of humanity. The willingness to piss me off by whistling in an enclosed space. Fuck you who do this. In fact, not just fuck you. Let’s start a whole segment on Waging War. I am declaring war on these assholes who have absolutely no consideration for those around them by whistling in a already high pitched chord in an enclosed concrete space, echoing out of control, and into my skull. What kind of absent mindedness does one have when he does not realize in the very effort alone that he could possibly be infuriating someone like me. Does it actually take an effort to recondition this person by saying “Hey fuck face, I swear to fucking god if you don’t stop acting like a asshole and playing kiss face with the air while pushing some melody of Dukes of Hazard, which by the way I was impressed with, through your dumbass lips then I am going to nakedly come over there and kick your ass.” At which point he laughs at the size of genitals and continues to whistle which leads me to get louder which always has seemed to work prior to kicking someone’s ass.

Speaking of was that very tactic -- minus the nudity -- that led to me stopping two car burglars from stealing from the parking lot of the local University. me a hero...because no one else did except for the police but fuck them...I did there job...they should call me a hero. No newspaper pat on the back even though I found out later these two guys had been doing a string of robberies through the entire city and I -- Tv -- probably should always have to look behind my back for some knife to out of the air for this. Well, good luck to them. I have been in the killing mood for 3 years now and it won’t be pretty if they don’t cut my fucking head off first. Even then -- ala Black Knight -- expect a real ankle biting. Anywho in that scenario I managed to yell with loud obnoxious intimidation, oh yeah and that fact I was wailing my arms like I was going to kill them...which...well...they didn’t do anything but surrender so it wasn’t like anyone will every know.

I am going to stop here and continue on later only posting the latest Waging War list...

Waging War On

1. Whistlers in enclosed spaces.

D32 Y66

I have decided that the last thing I want to smell is muddy wet tall grass near a pasture of some sorts.

Why did you lick your fingers to riffle through the bills in your pocket? Does it look like I want to be infected you asshole?

Congratulations to myself on 75 paid jobs. Yes folks, I have had 75 paying jobs...not including the parents for yard work or other miscellaneous deeds like killing the neighbors I say killing...I meant letting lose...and it was free.

My urine accelerated today. Sure you are thinking that when you start to pee it accelerates but I am talking about in mid pee. I whipped it...I should be accurate at least...I nuzzled it out and begun urinating. After a minute or so (I drank a lot of water) the stream intensified and I was startled...and took note. Mid pee acceleration goes to merit FTL. That was geek check for you out there.

I have been listening to the Flight of the Conchords which is my favorite band to date and I am getting annoyed by people laugh to if it takes them a little longer to register the joke or they are just laughing along with others so there is a pause to recognize or just fucking catch up.

Here is a brilliant April fools joke for you all out there. Go to a bathroom and unmount the toilet paper roll and remount it just a little out of reach of the person taking a shit. Works in just the right place because we are all conditioned to just sit and shit without thinking about it. I mean who sits to shit without seeing if there even is any paper to wipe with. And why is everyone so concerned about shit when we are sticking out hands down there everyday? On purpose.

This is why I hate theoretical scientists. If you have an infinite amount of monkeys, they could write Hamlet. Fuck you. Science was strident on defying religious notions of the ethereal aspects of existence and you all have to fuck it up with wisdom like this. No, you can’t have an infinite amount of monkeys so work on something relevant like toilet splashes. Why are we still getting this in a technological age? I will do something about more splashes of toilet water as your shit hits home. It’s all in the dynamics of the bowl. Anywho...

If I see one more “guy” put on lotion or some other feminine product -- and I don’t’ care if it says “For Men” on it -- on their body or the smell lingers’s over. I all die. What’s that smell? Can’t you smell that smell? I know that song but what is it?

D33 Y66

While looking for the most ethical principles in life, I have come across yet another element of people to WAGE WAR ON.

The newest addition to this growing list of people who must be persecuted for their transgressions are those who drive their vehicles in the middle of a rain storm during the daytime without their headlights on.

Yes, it would appear that a fine selection of people in our communities deem that the mere capability to see at all during the daytime, regardless of the cascade of water shearing the light into a mist, is enough light to disregard other’s abilities to see you. So I am declaring war on these jackasses who likely passed the department of motor vehicle test’s with 7 wrong answers and not the hard ones like how much is the fine when passing a bus but rather ones like, red means stop and green means, A.) Speed Up. B.) Go or C.) Sickly or ill. Douche bags. Now I tried to generalize today the class, age group and other qualities of the particular people who do this and low and was everyone. Blind, fat, stupid, spear chucker, wet back, rednecks, poor and rich alike all compete for this award of giving irrelevance to the rest of society while hurtling a multi-ton glob of metal and plastic at high speeds.

Does anyone realize that this is indeed a concerted effort to kill others around them. Yes, disregarding the rest us is an effort successfully taken and should one of us be harmed in the chair with them for murder. Blatant raged pornographic murder...technically you do wind up naked if you make it to the hospital.

Ah yes, naked. Do you remember what that used to be like? Uh...anywho...

I’m not surprised. You see, it takes a generational class of people alone to developing into a class of disobedient and inconsideration of douche bags. So I way, death to all whistlers in enclosed spaces and death to all drivers who drive in the middle of a rainstorm without headlights...which is likely that is a free ticket for me. Kind of like saying no to federally offered contraband.

Anywho...right now I am in the process of finding an illustrator for the comic book mini-series Progeny and finalizing the script and locations for the “pitch pilot” for the television series Dreams, that I have created.

Physical contact kills. If it weren’t for handshaking, hugging, kissing and sex -- do you honestly believe that we would have not epidemically spread so many mutations of so many different genre diseases? Handshaking alone is a gross escapade. Do you know what staphylococcus can do to you? Do you asshole? Get you hand away from me. Someone get me the antibacterial soap. Now! The vagina is not a's a place of's not a's a place of murder.

What? Oh that. That is the song I sing instead of Happy Birthday while I wash my know...the 30 second thing. Only with a tormenting song about the truth of a vagina. I mean come on, it’s nothing like a flower or a taco. It’s more like a face taunting you -- sneering at you -- just waiting for the right moment to strike. But god love ‘em. Yes, god bless everyone of them. Fresh ones, hairy ones, ones that climb on rocks, fat ones, skinny ones, even ones with chicken pocks. Vaginas. Farmer to munch et cetera.

Do you know what a windfall profit tax is? The end to real honest to god capitalism. Why, well you will have to just go to to read more on that because I am tired and I have to take a gigantic crap. The kind that tears your ass wide open, feeling that stretch as if you are unknowingly being violated by someone within the toilet-water barrier known as the zone where fire was probably first invented. Hey Og, will you light a fucking match. Okay Neog -- Flash -- Ooooh.

Jodie Sweeten is addicted to meth. What will Joey think? What will Danny do? What will Becky wear? Obesity killed off the craze over what’s her name so we are all left with Beckers.

Sometimes I want to drive along side people who jog or run oddly and ask them if they need a ride.

So let us review.

Waging War On --

1. Whistlers In Enclosed Spaces.

2. Daytime Rainstorm Drivers Without Headlights.

D34 Y66

I am not fond of heights, but I do enjoy a good ladder.

Prediction: 5.0 or greater earthquake in North-West America within the next three months.

Prediction: And not as if I care -- I won’t be here -- but there will be a Republican president in Y68 (2008)

How can you honestly hear a fucking “c” you cunt? -- Sorry, I was listening to the radio. Honestly, there are two types of people. And when placed into simplistic classes as this, one type is someone who calls a radio talk show and the other is the rest.

What is amusing is to go around life knowing that at any moment, I am going to crack. And not in the simple psychological baby pacifier way known as a “mid-life crisis” but a full on crap my pants bloody rage. Guns, money, hostile takeovers and soda pop. A lot of money and soda pop. Not so many guns. I feel that a good usual gun is a better choice for a friend of comfort. A nice Glock 9x19 with 6 or maybe 7 additional loaded 15 rounds clips.

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings -- ha -- but there is planet full of people you flaming douche bags. The next person who says one of two things -- 1. “My day is so hectic, oh my god, I don’t know how I am going to make it” -- well you are in luck, I will it make it for you. Do you prefer cremation or...oh well you don’t get a choice. 2. “I’m really laid’s all bad.” -- Yeah, well lay back and relax, this won’t hurt long you asshole. Almost 4 billion and I have to get grief from the twenty something year old Audi A6 driver --

-- and I am not even the hippie here. It’s called compassionate humanity. Now get over here while I spread my love...bullets first.

If Halo is a bad film...I won’t know it. I won’t see it. I will be disappointed though. I enjoyed the game which is unusual because I don’t play video games much but knowing that the film will be made with the same wit as Doom...I might as well buy a ticket for Narnia because you can never see enough special fx films with goat people. Oh god I hate the film industry right now. Let’s just look at the theatre listings:

King Kong - Saw it...ten years ago and was satisfied before I knew who Jack Black and Petered Out Jackson were. Oh the memories of not knowing Jackson. He ain’t getting a penny from me. And is he bulimic now? It looks like he barfed up his internal organs.

Big Momma’s House 2 - Imagine that people spent just enough money on this film to persuade a sequel. This is all your fault. All your faults.

Underworld Evolution - Hmm...I can’t think of any other reason to see this film other than Kate. I mean look at here. I have had this goth thing for a a cute girl wearing a black choker (oh god yes) and Kate in this...does this movie even have a writer? Who cares? Yet, I won’t even sneak into it. I can keep it in my pants. It’s not’s not that big. Hey, there is a hard pun in there. What will Jesus think?

Okay, I can’t do this anymore. Stop. I am going to stop. Stop. Imagine how many times stop was used in the late 1800’s. Stop.

I have learned that I need to keep these I will try that. Starting tomorrow.

D34 Y66

This is my attempt at simple dialogue.

Nothing is empty.

I want to know a kid named Look.

Construction contracting is the left handed graveyard.

Intelligence does nothing for an active sex life.

Never trust a smoker. They are just blowing smoke up your ass.

The amygdala is the interface for the senses and behaviour, the key separation of emotion as a valid biological apparatus. Conditioning of behaviour helps define the conditioning of the sense, and subsequently defines the characteristic of emotion.

The word dumbass is more likely to be used on the weekend than during the week. How do I know? I considered it...proposed it...experimented with it...and came to the conclusion that I said dumbass today more than during the week. This is likely due to a lack of empathy for those who become malaised and subsequently inconsiderate towards society while they are away from a place of employment.

Molokai, Hawaii was a leper colony as recent as 60 years ago. Ah yes...this harkens back to the good old days when we herded negative societal attributes away into a corner of the world where we could extinguish the continuation of that particular element. Almost brings a tear to my eye that we would rather hug a leper today than attempt to preserve humanities’ future by smothering this disease and the hosts that preserves it’s existence.

Okay, we can keep this short.

An unusual characteristic of the self disparaging is their signature. Slow, long, drawn out signatures provides the characteristic of hope in a hopeless existence.

Toe socks make sense. They are not feminine. Back off asshole. They provide the separation of toes for comfort, filtration and protection. What? Why are you looking at me funny. The package convinced me. They -- unlike most car commercials -- provided an accurate dialogue that made sense. So I bought into it. You need to make sense to me novelties or frills.

I would just like to note that Samoan Joe is Samoan -- with an “n” -- for those TNA fans out there...if there really is any. And I say that until I get a call...from Double JJ who ends up threatening me with a guitar shot. I say bring it on and next thing you know...Raven versus Tv, cage match and my career is washed. Not that it isn’t already. I was going to beat Johnny Hemp once. Big Schwagg was going to be my manager and I was going to beat Johnny Hemp in a loser leaves town match. It’s called a push and I had it. He offered it to me and I blew it. I passed on it and I will regret that for the rest of my life and I hate to admit to regret. That moment haunts me.’s Samoan with a “n”. Someone call Jeff.

D34 Y66

I have had numerous random fantasies of appearing here and there once my fame has sown it’s seeds into the landscape and here are a few of them.

The Colbert Report

Asked to appear as a guest, Stephen Colbert introduces me and does his trademark walk of truthiness to the stage where I am encased in a large clear cylinder. My head and shoulders are slumped down. Stephen goes into a bit of how they had encased me for fear of my outlandish temper, yet someone seemed to have forgotten to poke holes in the lid. After raising the lid, and a little resuscitation from a host of “nurses”, I come to. I note to Stephen that I was worried about his hostility as well and introduce Acorn and Nuttles which are two Kodiak bears...actually two bear costumes who stand beside me. Stephen acts intimidated. Near the close of the interview I admit that -- in fact they are just costumes and not real bears. He is relived as two bikini clad ladies take off the bear costumes. Then during the final segment of his show, he makes note that maybe someday, we can live in a world with bears, side by side...yet only if underneath every bear skin is a gorgeous blond. Goodnight.


This one is a little weird and new. Oprah has one of her shows where she gives a few treats to someone either dying or what-not and in this episode -- a woman with some form of terminal cancer who to note in my day dream, she has a shaved head, goes about telling her life and then is surprised by numerous things Oprah has fulfilled for her. Then it comes to mention that this woman has a crush on -- Tv. Oprah says, she knows and it just so happens that Tv was in nearby Canada and is here right now. I walk in...walk right up to her, clutching her hands...I speak just a few words off mic in her ear, and grasp her in a tremendously deep and passionate kiss which she loses herself within. Slowly drawing back, I hand her a note that has a phone number on it and I tell her to remember this and that we will pick up from where we left off -- and I leave. She is stunned, the audience in their usual hooray. Ah yes, to be desired. A that would feel good.

Barbara Walters

I have always had this real simple adjunct to being interviewed by Barbara Walters. I want to pretend to become deeply involved in a background story and just start weeping -- only to stop and say something like...wait, that wasn’t me.

D35 Y66

Intelligence is a consequence of remembrance.

The Eiffel Tower is liken to a mountain which is ironic to humanity. It is a large pile of minerals -- housing no one -- feeding no one -- providing no services -- and in contrast, society will knock down a mountain to build a residence. Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty and even keeping the Roman Coliseum are all fine examples of this irony.

Here is something odd that came to mind today while in the middle of doodling some diagrams for perpetual motion -- I have the utmost confidence that I can overwhelmingly sexually satisfy a woman by simply ploughing my face into her crotch. The art there of.

Do you suppose there are places in your brain specified for certain particulars of memories? I wonder if there is a fold in my grey matter for buckets?

I want to punch every small child that has a smile on their face. Just put their nose right into the back of their skull because they have no idea. No fucking idea at all. And that is cute to some people. Not the punching part...the aloof part.

Windfall profit tax. If you succeed in business, you pay an additional tax on your percentage of profits in that fiscal year. This is an American philosophy established by compassionates that deem societal moderation while then telling us that communism is intolerable. America, land of the free...some taxes may apply.

You see the oddity to me is not homosexuality but the flamboyant characteristic required to be a part of this culture. It would seem to me that if one were to meld more closely to the characteristics of others -- which essentially is the same principles that require standardized living within a society -- then there would not be such a distain for homosexuality. Parades, painted doorways to step through and lobbying organizations only merits unwanted attention.

Why haven’t journalists learned Arabic yet? It would seem to me that being engulfed (pun) in the Middle East for as long as we have, most journalists would have studied the culture and language in order to delve more deeply into the story. Yet, no...and we still give them our trust though they are unwilling to even perform the tasks that even simple privates in the army are given.

“May be” is officially the most manipulative series of words in the English dialect. Any story can be printed with the essence of truthiness if one simply places “may be” in the title. Tom Cruise may be gay. Simply placing that statement into print implies the possibility of it without any accreditation. This is journalism. Being ahead of the story by such leaps and bounds that assumption is the first of a two part column.

Things I am working on as I write this --

Dreams “Pitch Pilot” shooting script. Finding an artist for Progeny. Tier Education (a simple layout page on my an example) Perpetual Motion. Finding a date. Making 10,000 U.S. dollars in under 8 months time. Finding and most likely killing Eddie Lily, Mark Quinonez and Art Guenon. A toilet design. A urinal design. This blog.

I really want to go to the casino right now but I can’t afford it. I was up 80 bucks on New Years Day. Spent $120.00. Won $300.00. Slots and blackjack. Blackjack I did really well at and I may have to do that again.

I am a person of constant inquiry. Being cut off not only stains my interest but creates greater curiosity.

D43 Y66

There are so many complexities to hating organizations that overtly displace concerns. Sure, clear cutting forests to make room for polluting diesel engines to roam free is a worth wild venture to distain...yet it would almost seem as equally essential to find simplistic disregards of negative consumption which is why it is time to play -- Whose Receipt Killed More People? --

Yes folks, it is that time to grab your receipts from your pockets and amuse at the abundance of wasted paper and coating products that businesses so endeavor to pass onto you, the consumer...which is what we do...

I have a collection of receipts from various businesses and we will examine the way they blindly tackle wasting paper at someone’s expense...did I mention it was our expense. Yes, lines and lines of text printed on rolls and rolls of paper all go to the overheads costs of a business which is passed on to you...the consumer.

The first question to ask is -- who the fuck reads advertisements, slogans or other miscellaneous gibberish on receipts? Some do yes...most don’t. No one is going to Taco Bell at noon and taking notice of the slogan “Spice Up The Night” adding a full quarter inch of wasted paper to the receipt.

Let us begin with a trip to...Taco Bell.

This receipt is 8 cm (3.25 in) long and 8 cm wide. 5 line breaks down, it tell me Thank You. The next line says For Eating At...the next line says Taco Bell. There is easily 3 cm (1 in) on either side of each of those text lines. The next line says, You Could Win 1000 Dollars. The following line, Check Out The Back Of The Receipt. So I did. The back of the receipt required only 5 cm of length to spill the message of which...I wouldn’t have noticed anyways. It’s fucking Taco Bell. Back takes 3 blank lines before we get a slogan then another blank before 2 lines of codes that make no sense to what I ordered which by the way was 3 soft tacos. The following line is the date and time. Another two blank lines. Hey, it’s what I ordered...3 S-BF in enlarged font. Line break. Another. Subtotal. Break. Tax. Total.

Not really bad when you look later on at...Kmart.

35 cm (14 in) long by 8 cm (3.25 in) wide. To start, I bought 6 things. Just 6 and it apparently took more than a foot to tell me that. 5 line breaks and we get a large 2 cm logo with the next line...the name of the store again. The address and telephone number on the next 3 lines and then a line break. Oh yeah, Welcome To line...Kmart Store. Oh, I had almost forgotten where I had shopped. Line break and another. The name of the cashier...Sarah. Don’t remember her, don’t care. I thought people had number codes. I would hate to be Sarah right now. Two line breaks and then a category definition of some products I purchased. General Merchandise. This is clearly there so we can tell the difference between glue and watermelons. I always get that mixed up. We get 6 lines for 5 items and then another category. Grocery. I hope enjoyed 65CTRUFCOLSN because I sure as hell don’t remember eating it. A line break and another...Tax, break, cash, break, change, break and break. Here we go...just in case we forgot when we looked down in the bag, or on the receipt...Total Number of Items = 7. Break. Oooh bar code. Nature’s lazy chair for returns which is followed by technology’s human escape which is the code for the bar code. Break. Date, time and someone’s social security number? Three line breaks. An 8 line speech about when and where I can return items, because the back doesn’t say the same thing clear enough apparently...which is does. Break. Flashy stars. Oooh what could it be? A magazine offer. Not a coupon but just an offer at regular price. Well, hmm...I bought this stuff already so going back to get this magazine would seem futile. But the flash stars again tell me I should. Oh two lines of flashy stars. Good lord, this must mean something. Did I mention the magazine offer was 5 lines? Well it isn’t anything compared to the following ad for the Valentine’s Day jewelry sale...which unless you were blind you would have took notice of when you were there shopping...yet this one takes a whopping 24 lines...which is longer than the collection of items I purchased. You know I had to fold this thing four times just to fit it into my pocket. Anywho...more flashy stars...and finally Thank You For...break...Shopping At (let me guess) Kmart. (I was could that have happened) Don’t forget the spacing below that too...2 line breaks.

Carl’s Jr and Ace Hardware are pretty much the same as Taco Bell only slightly longer and more anxious on blank space....certainly not as emotional about their vanity like Kmart. Ah is one I saved which seemed odd. The Dollar Store.

17 cm (6.5 in) long by 8 cm (3.25 in) wide. I spent 2.15 here which means two items and it took half a foot to tell me this. 6 line breaks and a nice 3 cm logo makes me remember that everyone needs to hug a corporation today. Break. Telephone number, break, lines...dashed lines I tell you. Oh and this one has column headers. I couldn’t tell that Batteries and Duffle Bag were description nor that 1 was a QTY and that $1.00 was a price at the dollar store. You mean...a single dollar at the dollar store. I need a god damn fucking receipt to remind me that it was a dollar at the dollar store. And then total...because if we multiply 1 times QTY...we get the total. How exciting this must be for some receipt wizard is Bumbfuck, New Hampshire. Break. More dashed lines. Oh yes and just in case once again the back of the receipt with the returns disclaimer is not are 9 lines of the same damn thing word for word. Dashed lines...Thank You For Shopping, break...Dollar Tree Store, break...Where Everything’s $1.00. I shit you says that. Dashed lines...break...someone’s credit card number I and time and the cashier. Well groovy...a tree knocked down to in order to remind me that everything here is...wait...I can remember...oh yes...$1.075 and a fourth of that is going to the cost of this receipt.

So you can see everyone that simply taking notice of your receipt and choking on the perturbed way businesses enjoy this art form of useless marketing which extends into overhead and onto the consumer will allow for a more broad spectrum of scrutiny against waste within society. You know...I wonder how long a receipt will be after donating to an environmental organization?

Pull out your receipts and join me in playing, Whose Receipt Killed More People? and I too will be back sometime in the near future to play another round.

D35 Y66

Now finally a reason to get rid of this lousy Mozilla Firefox from my computer. The new Internet Explorer 7 (which is on it’s beta 2 testing now) will allow for tabbed browsing which is the one and only reason I even ever looked in the direction of Firefox. You see, now there is absolutely nothing special about Firefox. There never was and never will be...I stand corrected for the only special feature integrated into Firefox was a clear defiance of the ability to similarly read code like the dominant browser, Internet Explorer -- thus benevolently leaving us code writers with two versions of every damn page we wrote...assholes. I will admit one time I tried the Cubiceye browser which you can find at and I have to tell

It would appear that driving is the key element lately behind WAGING WAR. This new zenith of societal futility involved simple courtesy. For you see, when engaged in this act of driving, you must participate in the principles in order to knowingly acknowledge the probability of the other drivers. You would not go into war with a buddy who doesn’t understand what formation is and you wouldn’t go onto the road if someone questioned what the little white dashed lines mean. In this same respect, we the people who are turning left -- waiting to comprehend your approaching actions, require some sort of sign...perhaps...a god damn signal...that you are turning right and will not interfere with our immediate progression. In short...use your god damn turn’s not for’s for the rest of humanity you greedy lazy son of a bitch.

So we add to our savagery by including to our listing...


1. Whistlers In Enclosed Spaces.

2. Daytime Rainstorm Drivers Without Headlights.

3. Those Who Don’t Use A Turn Signal.

Moving on and specifically nearing this ironic is for the hindered. If you do not feel hindered, you are also naive. If you are unaware of being hindered by love and questioning your naivety...then you have already succumbed to the sheparding of society. If you are a sheep...listen to me now.

I figure it is best to find my audience of followers by simply asking for the idiots to please step forward.

So here is my April Fool’s bit this year. It’s a real winner up here. I am going to put a bumper sticker that say “I Voted 4 Bush” on as many cars as I can...and in this will wake up to a collective shitting. So now you know...and really...there is nothing you can do about it. glee is immeasurable...Paseo Wars. Paseo Wars. Paseo Wars. I will eat sleep and drink Paseo Wars now. I will process it into a digestible fluid -- absorb it through my membrane lining -- and let it sit within a storage area for a few hours where then I will turn it into a fine mist on the walls of porcelain. Really excited.

Bands used to have a simple set of members...and now I can’t tell who is in the band or how to gauge how difficult it will be to learn who is in the band. During the 60’s and 70’s there were 3 to 4 members of a band. The 80’s arrived and that increased by a few -- 4 to 6. The 90’s hit the meat grinder and now we demand 5 to 7 at least. Today, in this generation of the consumed, I see bands numbering from 6 to 9 and beyond that...and that is just what is in the foreground. I don’t know who this girl band is, but I am not going to spend time to learn 6 or 7 names. Cut it down. Thin them out. Give me something to work with.

D35 Y66

I just want emphasize again...this blog is purposely sardonic -- as a means of internal dialogue with internal conflicts of the internal nature. Like poop. Just my poop mainly. If you want a sincere observation of humanity as a whole and the insightful perspectives for altering these blunders, you can visit my website at

And now to contradict that...let me just start in on things that have nothing to do with my internal manifestations.

Across the pond, a “leaking dyke” sure does take a different perspective.

Environmentalists use reference to the Anamani Tribe is South America as a collection of unaffected individuals who have existed free of negative waste of resources for over 10,000 years. Hey, get this...they never got the chance to pop open a pack of Pringles and damn it, if they had 100 years ago...they’d be right here with us. Besides that, if you desire a culture of the unevolved, tear those pants off and put a loin cloth on because I enjoy the aspiration of utilizing technology as a means to better living. I don’t think regurgitating ants is going make my amusement of Zach Braff waver.

I dare you to find a homeless person determined to get off the streets. Why do I challenge this nonsense? Because what is a homeless person determined to get off the streets? The answer -- someone who has.

Bruce Vanden Bergh, a professor of advertising at Michigan State University (which is already dumb for there to be such a professor) spent Super Bowl Sunday with more than a dozen other faculty, watching and rating the commercials while ignoring the football game entirely. So...this is his research. Let’s examine. The environment allocates that the viewer is going to watch the football game and is interrupted by the commercials. This is the time when emotions are altered from the intensity of the game to discussion or disillusions. This asshole who is supposed to be a professor of advertising decides to not account for the fact that people are watching...a fucking football game. The general consensus of people are involved in watching the game and are psychologically tuned into that environment and it requires that moderation of psychological in order to properly evaluate the value or quality of the commercial. I don’t want to tell this guy how to do his he should just get a new one.

The three most annoying sounds appeared to me recently...

People who talk with a question mark at the end of every sentence.

People who talk like they are whining...about everything...even good things.

And...soft spoken British males who were ballet dancers and now are environmental activist who are emotionally upset about the status of the world’s resources.

All three need to shut up. Moving on.

When I watch the World News in America...75% of it is about America in some way or another. When I watch BBC World News, 75% is guessed it...the world and only about 10% concerns North America.

I feel that someone in the engineering field needs to contact me as soon as possible. I have Nobel prize to receive and I need a wiz to help me with this. Thanks.

Marv Albert is the shit. Well, just the shit on commentating. Did he do something else? Screw him.

Here is the road. It has a bike lane. This bike lane is empty. The department of motor vehicles states you can use the bike lane to turn right. So use the bike lane to turn right. Use it. No? Fine --


1. Whistlers In Enclosed Spaces.

2. No Headlights In the Daytime Rain.

3. No Turn Signals.

4. Does Not Pull To The Fucking Side To Turn Right.

D35 Y66

God gave us free will -- to follow his orders. Ironic...isn’t it?

If I should wash my hands after using the bathroom -- it would seem like I should make a concerted effort to get them dirty.

Special thanks to Harmony for contributing on this one -- Jesus is gonna do it, so I don’t have to. I know 99% of the Jesus followers (and note I have to saw followers since I can’t say just utilize one religion when there are a few hundred different ones that follow a Jesus in some form) in the world are going to say that it doesn’t work like that. Really...but he died...for our we could keep going. Isn’t that what revelations is all about too...oh I’m sorry...the happy ending version of revelations. He’s scheduled to come back I a little spring cleaning and everything will be peachy again. doesn’t work that way? Is there a way it does work? You aren’t sure? What kind of religion is that? Rumors have more foundation than some of the perceptions about Jesus coming back. Nevermind...screw you all. God is dumb. Oh yeah...I smell bumper sticker.

Why do I enjoy seeing someone looking over the edge of a bridge and shouting “jump”. Doesn’t that make me supportive and thus optimistic?

Wheel chairs and handicapped parking. No way. I am not going to use both of my legs while this guy over here gets a front row parking spot -- only to sit down and wheel it. No deal. I say we park all those wheel chair cripples in the back. Way in the back. Let them get some speed up from 30 spaces behind me and maybe they can earn having wheels. Yeah, that’s right. Earn it. If I could blow into a tube and jet down the block let me tell you...

D46 Y66

Deletist (duh~leet~ist) adj. A person who deletes materials from one’s internet website in order to conceal, protect or covert one’s internet vanity.

It’s that time again folks...let’s first take a look at the victims. An upper middle class family of four. The father is a political figure or executive of a bank. The mother simply stays home and watches after their two children while running an internet travel agency or some arts and crafts business. Why are we about to declare war upon this moderately wealthy home? Because there are two homes. Yes that’s right folks. This family of few who dabble in the guidance of our nation has decided that they need not one home to live in for a general portion of the year but they need an additional land mass to occupy hundreds of miles away. Arrogance, greed and resources depleted all lets us turn on these contradictory goons and say, we are waging war on you. Abundances while others subsist. I would imagine as a community, it would be more heartening to have a family who actually contributes to the local economy by...oh I don’t in the community for more than a month every year. How about all those now successful persons who can’t find a suitable successful living habitat because John Richguy wants to make sure that little patch of beach is reserved for him every August 4th through the 15th.

But get this...a local Eureka city councilperson (which I swear all of these council people in every city need to be herded somewhere deep) and C.E.O. of a local bank advised that they are not moving to Baton Rouge but rather simply moving the home they have there to another spot in Baton Rouge. Oh yes...Louisiana might be suffering from terrible bouts of homelessness but no fear, the wealthy resident of Eureka, California is kind enough to ensure her home(s) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana are not in the way. Let’s see, what else bugs me about this? Could it be that as a councilmember, we expect a moderate amount of centralized reason into the community he has been elected by. Could it be that as a member of a federal organization that this community placed him in...we could almost expect that the community he was elected to should represent the priority of his attention. It is not as if we elected you to a lifetime are in and out in less time than a cancer patient. Get your shit on our business you greedy wasteful mother fucker.

Let’s look at the chart.

Waging War On --

1. Whistlers in enclosed spaces.

2. No headlights in the daytime rain.

3. No turns signals.

4. Does not pull to the side to turn right.

5. Summer home owners.

Go Norway. I say that because they are on the bottom of the medal list right now and all my attention is focused at embarrassing the United States...which Norway has done. Oh yeah.

“Hey dude. What’s up?” The sky asshole, now get the fuck away from me.

A woman recently pled not guilty by reason of insanity to murder after she was accused of cutting off her 10-month-old daughter’s arms with a kitchen knife. They found Dena Schlosser covered in blood in her kitchen, still holding the knife and listening to a church hymn. So if I get this right -- she is considered insane? She cut off her child’s arms and (this is the key) was listening to a church hymn. This woman was coherent enough to search and find comfort in God after she butchered her daughter. Does this mean that God is an aspect of insanity? Yes it does folks. You see, finding comfort in God or using the aspect of God as an excuse is considered a perspective of a mental malady. Does not give much credibility to God does it? If she was listening to Sean Hannity on the radio, then she could reasonably plea insanity. Did any of that make sense to you? Well read the news story again and consider the scenario. She cut, she stopped, she found comfort in God which will assist in her plea of insanity. Still nothing? That’s cuz yur dumb.

D46 Y66

For the few who have had the distinct privilege to have met me may or may not have been introduced to the methods of my intentions. I have constrained for some time from declaring publicly the avenue for the passage of Sphere, the organization detailed specifically at radically changing civilization, and have deciphered that it reposes one of the original operandi of Sphere’s inception. I will now infer a brief dialogue on the initial perceived stratagem for myself in correlation to Sphere.

Please bear in mind that I cannot possibly be any more vague in a description of the measures that Sphere will appropriate. Though the intention of documentation of the methods to be imposed are identified for merits of influence, it would be irresponsible to convey explicit details that would compromise the safety and success of the procedures.

Barring any irregularities, within the next 260 days from today (D46), after arranging a suitable collection of supplies and documentations, I will travel from California in The United States of America into the country of Mexico where by numerous land and aeronautical vehicles I will continue upon my travels to Panama City, Panama. Once located in this region, I will disembark into the southern region of Panama along the border with Colombia. Crossing into and through the Darien Gap, I will attempt to make contact with hostile entities throughout the north western region of Colombia and attempt to, in some degree, resolve hostile dissent in the Choco region, including that of the region surrounding the city of Quibdo. During these events, if successful, documentation including that of digital photographs will be logged as record of the events and will be portrayed upon the website. Surmising successful completed operations and documenting these actions will provide materials for creating international influences upon individuals with similar intentions implied by researching and evaluating ideologues available on the website.

The secondary phase operation of Sphere is creating the organized independent military and pending federal operations unit. Following the determination of a nation in despondency, Sphere will enact an incursion and topple the reigning regime.

Once placed into a position of autonomy, Sphere will immediately implement the third phase which consists of restructuring of the government to a temporary dictatorial composition, placing a lockdown of all imports and exports of goods and human cargo, refocusing economic and business environments to an internal restoration project defined by the regional conflicts and organize public relations operations to evaluate and distribute information relative to future proceedings within the federal systems.

Phases four through unknown consist of redeveloping stable and unstable communities into habitable environments while utilizing a temporary means of labored barter for an economic and humanitarian stabilization. During these phases as well, the federal operations unit will have begun proceedings into developing an immediate means to establishing a democratic parliamentary government which incurs the demand of public jurisdiction over all matters. This requires the necessity for the development and distribution of a voting process capable of handling this scenario promptly and consistently.

Once melded into a redefined democratic authority, the federal government will then follow a series of a legislations defined by Sphere that will be placed before the public to define as valid or not. This will in turn assure final authority to the public legislation.

Throughout the duration of the entire incursion, persuading the public into new fundamentals for civilization will decipher the actual velocity of the withdrawal of control of the region. Idealistically, through the timely and successful venture implemented by Sphere, influence will create the aspirations for other countries to join this manner of societal evolution. Within this act, a unification will be defined as the only means to adaptation which will provide for a prearranged institution to rapidly evolve the latest region from the insolvent state. Sphere will then provide the necessary logistics to advocate the revision of the latest region.

And so on...essentially my concerns are within the first phase where I must devise the means to confront a civilization that has already been influenced by generations of misconceptions. It is the reinvention of society that is proposed...or I could die. You will certainly know if nothing appears on for a long period of time.

You know, I just re-read the entire blog I just wrote and I must say that it is certainly vague to the actual mechanics behind the process devised over the last few years to shifting a desolate region into an advanced revolutionary society. It’s like getting a stick figure drawing from Da Vinci. There is so much more to explain...

D47 Y66

It is a clear declaration that a partnership between myself and a female human being is impossible -- though sparing the ideal that a woman similar to the Russian/German/Austrian one portrayed in Die Hard 3, With A Vengeance would likely alter that perception completely, it is best assumed that an ally of the female gender is unlikely to ever occur.

All right I am being a little pessimistic, though...I have come to this conclusion through recent events...though not so recent as to ascend from 8 years of acknowledgment. Blind acknowledgement.

My recent grand finale came with an “...oh shit, I forgot something”, melodramatic pause leading to the encapsulation that the gorging of the five senses upon another individual has no place in my life. Greeded perhaps to embrace humanity as a whole or conceited enough to not adjoin with anyone. Be it warm and comforting, to have a companion, a partner, an ally -- it is to share and compromise an existence I am far to covetous to shunt from. So it becomes my existence that offers comfort to me. My perception of my sanity and intelligence as my ally...together we shall strafe the wicked tides of man at war with humanity.

At this time...I would like for all of you to look upon my member...ship in the club for brilliance and return away from this trivial discussion and back to the anguish of humanity...usually portrayed by itself.

Speaking of are a few genres of people I hate.

People who claim to hate television for it’s diminutive properties. Well jackass, while the rest of us are infused with the knowledge of the world around us, you can stay within your function of caveman like awareness through word of mouth. How many television haters were watching television on 9/11? Yeah, that’s right nimrod...I caught you. Television is a forum for communication and entertainment. It is you who distains it that finds conflict in the messages preached there. It is up to you the viewer to control your virtues in order to enjoy the offerings that television bestows. It is you the viewer who holds the responsibilities to regulate your habitual mannerisms, rather than succumbing to the ideal that you can develop obesity and become lazy because of a television. Television is a glorious medium, and I don’t declare this because of my name...which has an origin that has nothing to do with television...or because of the aspirations for creating programming for this platform but rather for the extroverted properties of education and entertainment in all measures on a world wide enormity. Don’t watch television...I don’t mind...because when a swarm of hostiles comes marching your will be the last to know, making you the easiest of targets...dummy.

Meanwhile I hate people who distain or claim to be incapable of hate. Hate is a vital sincere ethical sentiment towards something that does in fact goes against the ethics you have established. What these people have done is manipulated the word hate into a violent aggressive acuity. Let me display the definition of hate as written in the dictionary: “To feel dislike or distaste for”. Now with honesty in tote, feel free to tell me that you do not dislike or distaste anything at all. Really? The government? Television? Hate? Do you or do you not dislike people who hate?

Let me say this again. Do you or do you not dislike hate? Ironic. You hate hate? Can you hate hate and still hate hate?

No you can’t. Now I hate dishonesty from people who claim to hate hate. Hate is a function of humanity. It is a discernment between the substances that you embrace and the substances you detest. So cut it out.

While we are at it...let’s play a quick game of -- Whose Receipt Killed More People?

Today we will welcome Safeway from audience. After purchasing one single diminutive item, I received a receipt that was 11.5 cm (4.5 in) long and 8 cm (3.25 in) wide. Apparently it is imperative that all businesses that print receipts ensure that 5 or 6 line breaks are used before starting to remind us where we are. Safeway’s branding stands 2 cm tall which is followed on the next line by...Welcome to Safeway...just to ensure the dullards out there, should you be lost and out of your mind. 4 line breaks and we come to...categories. You know I love these and today’s single item category...Miscellaneous. Thank you Safeway for invalidating the item I purchased from the norm and wasting a tree to do it. The following 3 lines are tight and nice...item, tax, cash...then for some reason...a break...and then the change. Clearly the break is for those who want to give double cash. Next line we get a code. And oh boy, 3 line breaks. Now, here is where things get hairy. Join the Safeway Club today. Membership is Free and Instant. Well since you said it with capitals on Free and Instant...I better. Break. Let Us Hear From You! and then the telephone number and website address. Funny, I don’t remember which Safeway I went to and with all that space address? Let us not forget the final goodbye to us and oxygen with the closing 4 line breaks. Now I should note...the receipt printer cuts the receipts if the extra lines were for ensuring no mistakes when tearing a receipt, that is reasonable. Since a machine is finely slicing a roll of paper for the bathroom Johnny.

Until next time...we all hope you enjoyed -- Whose Receipt Killed More People?

D51 Y66

Shit or get off the pot is a term utilized to exemplify a necessity to move or motivate. To regards this...I believe that similar to Elvis, I will die from taking a shit. And probably a large solid one likely due to a high concentration of fast food. It has been years now since suffering from an ailment of the likes due to wanting to get off the pot and because of that, it is likely that in my final moments, I will be purging the thrust of the torpedo into the waters below when the complex circulatory system in my brain explodes into a death dealing puddle of clotted blood. I cannot simply sit there in content, awaiting nature to slowly meander its way from my bowels while sitting helpless and immobilized. It’s just a likelihood that I will find this my tomb.

Terrorism is defined as an act of creating terror. Terrorists are killing people. Shouldn’t we not submit to the definition of a combatant as a terrorist and maybe pursue labeling them as killer-ists or murder-ists or maybe something more rational like enemy combatants. Do you honestly believe that someone who is willing to kill another in mass following a religion decree is actually out there to terrify you? Nope, it’s war and in war, they are out there to wipe you out. So please, stop using this benign word.

Get this manipulation of words from the Times Standard of Eureka, California -- “Rosemary, a California Black Bear, works her way through a frozen ball of the Sequoia Park Zoo. Rosemary, who recently lost her sibling, Maxine, is the only black bear at the zoo and no longer has to compete for food, making meal time more relaxed.” Well then, I feel much better now that regardless of losing the only other budding bear this creature had, eating is much more appeasing. Where did they come up with this gem? Excuse me, miss bear. On the loss of your daughter, how do you feel? Well Jim, I am going to sit back and enjoy dinner in a nice quiet setting. No longer will I have to suffer from having a companion in my den, nope...only me and my nice, quiet and unobstructed meal. I’ll take just a few more questions and then I have to get back to the quiet...the loud thundering quiet.

Here is the truth of our government -- There will be no meeting of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Tuesday. The board is taking the day off due to the President’s Day holiday. -- Well someone should get on the horn and tell them that the holiday that was celebrated federally was on we would all appreciate it if you all managed to work on the same day that everyone else has to. You don’t get the luxury of moving holidays don’t even work on’s not like you were hounded through the weekend. Get the fuck back to’s our dime.

I don’t normally appreciate Doonesbury but this particular strip managed to hit it right on the head...kudos to Trudeau on this excuses for the others though. <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

Do you ever check the order you got when going through the fast food lane? It’s odd to be on both sides. Outside, you don’t trust this guy so you look inside, and feel the fool if you don’t at least make sure. Inside, he is bitching in his head about the fact he knows he got it right, just get out of here.

I find great exhilaration from watching World War II aerial dog fights.

How to tell if your job is b.s. If you have placed your face on any of the marketing tools, advertisements or anywhere in relation to your line of work, your position in this great scheme of bullshit. For example...Real estate agents. Weather anchors. Actors. And when I mean bullshit...I mean expendable. Easily replaced. Not contributing to society in a manner than affects people as a whole. Don’t try me on weatherman either. Look closely and realize they are just spitting back the information they got from a centralized source.

Ride the ride. Work at work. I realize language has devolved. I understand the fear of creating new facets of language but this is getting sad. How many words can you discover that utilize one or more meanings? Can you honestly tell me that civilization has lost the means to create new words in order to decipher a more precise and subsequently more efficient language? You don’t horse a horse. You ride a horse. People wonder why learning a new language is so hard or why communication is so complex. It is because we cannot assume standards to even the simplest of conversations.

You know what I just realized? I am a prize. After spending 10 minutes in the men’s locker room...I cannot deny that I am a god among men and there is no reason why I shouldn’t be revered. Simply put, most men are livestock. Herds of obnoxious, foul beasts. I realize more and more that most women over the generations are conditioned to accommodate such fetid selections which is why then subsequently most woman are confusing to those who misunderstand why they flock to absurdity. Such gorgeous intelligent woman, herded into the pen with an ass.

Speaking of being in the men’s locker room...I wouldn’t want a black penis. Not on me and not in me. As a man, I would prefer a slender athletic build in order to accomplish the tasks of complexity without having to duct tape my slong to my leg. As a woman, why would you want your insides ripped apart by that gargantuan slab of sausage...but hey, I wouldn’t know. As experience disseminates, performance virility can outweigh stuffing it.

I have neared my patience with the ear plug generation. As a warning to you all, from this moment forward should I have to pause, step aside or shout to anyone with both, and I repeat, both ear plugs inserted into the are going down...digger...north south east or west...down is where you are headed. We have delved into a society of the distracted and the obnoxiously inconsiderate -- while sensibility would compel a single ear bud for the means of entertainment, everyone seems to content to ignore that facets of humanity completely and plug it all up as if all the knowledge they claim to have acquired would spill out. Well, here is a nice contradiction for you ear can never...EVER...complain about a lack of communication whether it be from your companion or from the world as a whole. And I say this not more than a few hours after seeing a person of protest over the defiance of diplomatic dialogue with countries rather than going to war...with her damn ears plugged up and music shattering her ear drums. Way to teach us all how to listen -- to someone else who is listening to someone rather than something like Green Day.

I don’t hate you all. You have all been conditioned to perceive humanity in a light that is misappropriated. What I expect of you is the conscious responsiveness to change all that lacks foundation and principle with the utilization of the fundamentals and practicalities of humanity. Tangible versus ethereal. Which would you rely on?

They both thought that orgasm was a mispronunciation.

D54 Y66

After listening to that song 47 times, let us see if we can manage a simple parable.

Burning bridges is an interesting art form in which I seem too complacent in acting as the arsonist. For example...I just likely burned a disheartening one and though the reasonable perspective strategizes that efficiency is the most productive means to success, one can also surmise that a collective can generate the means to that accomplishment as well. Clearly we must scrutinize the collective in order to define the true boundaries of allowance. All right I am rambling...the point is I have been accused of a perspective of the simplicity of black and white and when defining who stays and who goes, I merit reason to it in an effort to alleviate complications that effect the simplicity of black and white. Burning a bridge is a pronounced statement to a revelation. An encapsulation of defining the collective to the best probable margins. I did what I did because of the conflicts that were superfluous to progressing forward. you have to take a just depends on whether or not you are willing to control where you get hit. I chose in the stomach, as to more swiftly recover due to my clenching of the abdominal wall prior to the impact. I’m rambling still...and you want to know why? It has to do with a self-delusional misperception that I have frequently allotted myself. Okay, not frequently...four times with a more precisely measured two and half times.

Did I make a mistake? It will take a few days to decipher it won’t. I can truly acknowledge now that my decisions were prioritized long before this final confrontation. What permitted an extensive inner dialogue and subsequent forbearance was the acknowledgement of a sincere and authentic compassion that is often absent from me towards another human being. I still find validation in that, though it does not bear kindly on my inhabitable intentions. Perhaps some are part in the nature of this and some are not. I am a destroyer and a creator and nowhere in-between is my nature. You know, that probably explains a lot to me. I get two, not three. I can tolerate that...I hope. Probably not.

Moving on...

I once faked weeping at a funeral. I just spoke about compassion that I so frequently do not embrace, well here was a good one. A very close friend of ours was murdered *long story* ...actually according to the courts I should declare he was involuntarily slaughtered. Anywho, I take the death of an individual as a severing of ties. Simple placement of that separation begins and ends there. I watched him flat line in the hospital bed with Daniel so I can clearly identify when I disengaged his existence. Others around me however, wept for their loss and I will not trivialize my existence to greedily weep for my loss of someone else. When came time of the funeral, once again there were the numerous patrons who cleared their sinuses and wiped their eyes and I, standing in the back disregarding the nature of the ceremony, attempted to participate in hopes of collaborating with the others. I would give my performance a 3 of 10. It wasn’t very good. My expression here is this...grieving over an inanimate object or the memories you experienced is selfish and only a portrayal of your desire to be comforted by others who still exist. You assholes.

Collecting LPs and not playing dumb. Like most things collected that are not used, teapots, comic books and cars for example is a arrogant consumption and restraining of humanity’s resources. Use or it lose it buddy. I like to see those religious compassionates who weep for victims of storms or earthquakes but man they sure as hell won’t send their good China over there to help someone eat off of something other than their hands. No way...that is why they call it good China. It’s good because they own it. When it was at Pier One, it was called plates and spoons.

A fucking half dozen? It’s six. Say six. Stop saying half dozen. That is six consonants more than you need to explain that it is just six.

I will amend this now. I will not sign an autograph for anyone over the age of 13 and just to make it a little more complicated...only in pencil.

Why are your turning off your engine in the drive thru? Don’t get in the lane if you can’t afford the gas...that is wasted in more quantity when you have to start and restart your damn engine.

The further we see into the universe and the deeper we look into the Earth, the more transparent heaven and hell become.

I figure this is a fine time to pull out my trusty dagger and wage a little war. Who pray tell this week? Why it is the inconsiderate people who park in front of businesses they are patronizing. Yes, it is always nice when some asshole parks in front of a store that requires the loading and unloading of goods so that he may have an easier transition from asphalt to curb only to walk three store fronts down into the pizza joint where his fat ass will gorge on the delights of cholesterol. So, the only appropriate thing to do is...


1. Whistlers in enclosed spaces.

2. No headlights in the daytime rain.

3. No turns signals.

4. Does not pull to the side to turn right.

5. Summer home owners.

6. Parking in front of businesses you aren’t using.

Here is my advice for you out there in the world of communicating with others...while lying...never ever say this is the second time this has happened to you. No one will be eager to believe you if you are using old material.

The oversight committee’s reports on Katrina seem to be vaguely omitting one important oversight. People’s incompetence. As a resident of a region placed below sea level and frequented by violent storms, I would expect some would warrant the expense of the means to survive. Others however are more in tuned to play it by ear...until they are belly up and bloated under a drainage ditch. 89% of the report should identify residents as the culprits of self inflicting harm.

In that’s it. That is all I have today. I guess now I am going to go over in the corner and pout for a little while.

D57 Y66

How does cup board translate into cuhbird? Is avoidance of articulation the cause of lost languages?

No one seems to any longer do things “just in case”. It would appear that people have been deceived into believing that all attributes of society can be composed by personnel at some facility that is at their disposal. I recently spoke with a weatherman from the area and he advised me that people will actually call for reports on the weather...simply to be advised on a casual visit to a shopping center. He also told a story of how one woman was upset that though she had to walk down the street, a 50% chance of rain is a little too vague. Here’s a novel something just in case and bring an umbrella or dress appropriately. None of that of course will conflict with the essence that if you look outside as did 2.5 million years of humanity prior to your worthless existence, you could perceive that with dark clouds, a hint of moisture, winds and perhaps the tiny minuscule detail that it is the middle of winter and you live in a Mediterranean environment that maybe, just’s going to rain and if it doesn’ would be wise to have been prepared. It appears that people are poised to garner attention when consideration has been ushered by awareness...which is too late. Earthquakes, fire, cetera...all under the perception that rather than just in’s a we’ll just see. Arrogant confidence based on the deception of dominance in nature. Humans...and I know this is tough for you God fearing yokels out there...humans are insignificant flecks of amino acids. Now go humble yourself -- I want you to all stand on your head and apologize to nature.

How do you know that you have committed murder? If you as a middle aged person can gleefully attest that you have more than 4 grandchildren, then you have contributed to the means of sapping resources beyond the merits of your biological intent in a time pressured by nature to hold steadfast on reproduction...which subsequently will devoid someone...or many someones somewhere of the necessities to simply subsist. By giving birth to three children, you have now required the square footage for four collections of people...who unfettered by your teachings now each have three children which now demands the square footage of thirteen collections of people. Now look around you...look at how much space you take up. Now look in your cabinets and peruse the quantities of materials required to subsist. You gorge on medial things...multiply that by thirteen. You don’t honestly think that nature through maturity did not divisively create sexually transmitted diseases by accident.

As for you God fearers on this one...I believe the perception placed upon viruses are referenced as plagues. Going by the materials provided to me by the papal...plagues are ushered by the heavens and not through demonic means. would appear that God is even sick of you...he is attempting to thin out the flock. Flee my children...end times...end times...because Pablo got the hiv. God even gave life to these creatures...that is really sticking it to you.

I enjoy animals. Sometimes more often than people. They have an existence within the scheme of nature that places them into particular habitations that allow for the thriving of not only their species but others as well. What I don’t like is the dramatics that are placed by humans upon the thematic of eating an animal. It’s a cat. Yeah was likely herded like cattle on some farm where then the Chinese farmer decided it was plump enough to ball park frank it. It’s a cat. It is not a factor to the relations of is an inferior species capable of reproducing in quantities of six or more. And what does that mean? It exclaims that in the development of cats through nature, someone found them slightly delicious and the species felt that to compensate for the burden, the gestation of more was allowed. Cats are delicious...why? Because it aligns to one simplistic principle. As carnivores...which humans are designed by nature to be -- for those unsure, look in the mirror and smile. Those are called canines which are utilized for the tearing of flesh -- meat is a resource for proper human development. It is trivial if Mittens has a name or character, if you never met her, and she was placed on your would enjoy it. The United States recently placed a ban on a French owned horse slaughtering company who exported horse meat which is considered a delicacy in some places. Why, because they don’t find the necessity to habituate Trigger into a human being. It is a horse. To help decipher the difference. Ask a friend to eat their pet goldfish...and not during a beer pong party...they will likely decline. Why, because it has a name. That is how fickle and naive society is today. Now go take them to Red Lobster and enjoy. Be sure to name every shrimp they devour. Leon, Phil, Debra, Ernest, Roy, Mark, Amanda...oh and don’t forget Peter. Delicious Peter in a garlic white wine and butter sauce.

Good’s time again to play...Whose Receipt Killed More People.

This weeks entry comes to us from Target whose motto is Expect More, Pay Less. Well, I hope not to expect more because this murderous receipt was a doozy. With the purchase of one single item, which literally was not larger than a credit card, I received a receipt 24 cm (9.5 in) long and the standard 8 cm wide. Where to being on this long journey...we have a nice spacing of 6 line breaks before the logo...nice and dark so you don’t forget. The address, an expiration for the receipt, a bar code...a note about returns that takes 3 lines...just up here but looking below I see it again...all three lines. But wait...on the back...there is again. There is my item, the one tiny little thing that apparently took 3 lines to advise me of what it was. The usual tax, cost, et what I am noticing is a repetition here. There is a code...oh I get it. You can cut this receipt to make it a gift receipt because we all know people are unable to buy sensible things for others. Ah cute, there is even assistance on where to cut the receipt. A to and from and what’s funny is the entire gift receipt simply advises in lengthy detail how to return it. All in all, with this immense consumption, I can rest assured that Manuel Arriayga of northern Brazil would appreciate his entire family back and that my lungs would appreciate just one extra molecule of oxygen and nitrogen in order to liven my day but have won this week’s receipt of death.

I have a hand warming hot pad in my rear right pocket right now. It is in an attempt to alleviate the strained piriformis muscle that is constricting my sciatic nerve...leading to intense pain down my leg. This is an interesting condition people suffer from. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that intertwines from the end of the spine, over the hip, under the gluts and down the legs while being crisscrossed by numerous other randomly active muscles and bones. Why? Maybe evolution is still working out the kinks but this one...going to have to give nature a 60%. Just passing, but not good enough for credit. My ass is nice and warm right now and I have to admit...I like it. Does it feel really. And how uncomfortable must I feel when asking a massage therapist to rub my ass.

As one of the very lovely ladies on Myspace recently reminded me, I will be returning to a certain perspective of the galaxy for the 28th time in only 5 days. I have found this new advancement of documented aging unusual this time around. Perhaps under the impression of being poised to trounce upon humanity’s ills and not figuring into that scheme too adversely has dampened this sensation of numeric adjustment. Living within a delayed ethereal existence is rather demoting. A little extra effort applied and we can resolve this...let us start with wait...I that’s what I meant. I think. No, no it isn’t. Although, Harmony lathered in an Argentinean Chimmi Churri sauce...mmm to dine as a king.

I can’t really conceive of anything else that has trampled on my perspective of humanity at this moment...not that that will last for too we shall bow gracefully from this scene and in passing, noting that the committee of the Nobel Prize will squander an ironic vast amount of money to celebrate Peace. To innumerate it, combine the clothing, transportation, place of celebration and food and beverages and I do believe that they are decadently displacing a lavish wealth that could have been utilized in the nations the Peace Prize winner was just visiting.

D61 Y66 Subject: No Wreaths, The South Pole and Piece of Earth.

The wreath around the doorway to life. Sometimes it isn't Christmas though.

Pakistan...I just wanted to note that there is an entire ocean named after them. I would imagine a little more prominent outrage is necessary to legitimize your strife.

Here are a few links to examples of the disgraces of humanity and perpetual decline.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

The kid like rap for starters so you cannot tell me he is disciplined at home. Secondly they twice advised that he was likely unable to comprehend the actions he committed. "I knew that probably wouldn't make any sense to him, so I asked him what kind of music he liked," Ms. Hart told the Detroit Free Press. A multi-million dollar painting within a secured facility displayed in such a manner as to literally define regard...he knew. He's 12. I collected baseball cards and comic books at 12 so I knew the inherent value of something if displayed in such a manner. Maybe she was right in saying he is an idiot. Well...he is. Thirdly...good for him and fuck the idealism that -- that glob of crap on a canvas is so poetically invaluable. It now consumes natural resources for it's imposed reverence. Go back...and look again. Chewing gum has likely increased it's relative authenticity to resembling something.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Biology made great strides in your development to decipher your gender...stick with it even if you are genetically more adept to being a women...which in this case is far from likely. When you look at his features and discern from the progression of time that has passed, he is biologically all male however has psychologically developed characteristics through his life that subjected him to find comfort in feminine sorts...he's nuts basically is what I am trying to say. And a Fire Captain...can you imagine the camaraderie in a department such as that when your boss comes in to work in drag? Within the merits, it is deception you have portrayed upon others who maturated a trust in who you were psychologically and physically. You defied that so you deserve no element of consideration in an employment founded on life and death.

Who remembers Degeneration X? Though China, Hunter and the one day appearance of Rick were all less than enjoyable or contributory characters, the great Shawn Michaels entertained the masses in such a explicit way that defied reason. Playing a card game in the corner of the ring while there was a match in progress or the general mannerisms that exploited the marketing of hand signals and phrases that all brainless wrestling fans do succumb to. Ah yes...I do miss wrestling. I wonder what Owen is doing right now? -- Oh...too soon?

I had this very rudimentary sensation that this is all over. There are certain characteristics that can delineate reason behind it. Perhaps I should not fail to listen to the passions of my nucleic mind even when another fragment is eager to rebel against it. Core principles to survive versus expeditionary precarious ventures for the benefits of wisdom and contentment.

Here is a little secret I have been planning for some time. I a very mad scientist a "secret laboratory" on the South Pole. And I do mean literally on the magnetic south pole. Santa Claus can reign from the north while I besiege tenet from the south. Actually, the designs and merits behind the facility is to create a place for the development of modern ideas in a tranquil internalized setting surrounded by the harshest environment on planet Earth. A nice contrast that creates an assurity of psychological foundation...and I mean c'mon. It's on the south pole. The middle of nowhere...where only I can look straight up -- or down...for those northern hemisphere crowds -- to ponder the entirety of it all.

Piece of Earth. Isn't that what people want more in life?

For those wondering...I have postponed the development of my theoretical design for perpetual motion for the development of an animated series and website design. Yeah, I said that right. Can you believe that? I can't believe that. My genius is being wasted...and tomorrow I complete my 28th orbit around the sun...and I can only proudly display trinkets of my life. Depressing.

You know when you consider something that you cannot ever be sure of with certainty and it would most certainly impede your judgment? Does that not suck? It sure sucks right now. It merits the sucking of me into the suck where suck would encompass me all around. Sucks. How did suck derive such a negative connotation? I honestly can only imagine variants of a pleasurable nature...of which somewhere down on the list...way candy. And let me tell you about on.

I have decided to modernize my policies regarding autographs. What envelopes you about meeting such an influential personality is the individual experience. Documenting it on a piece of paper in only name derives nothing to the invaluable nature of it. In consideration of this...from this moment on...the only autograph I will tender will be an answer to a question. Say you meet me on the street and feel a desire to experience my benevolence. I will gladly signify your experience with a response utilizing my insight which is the instrument that will offer you as an individual a unique knowledge as perceived by me.


D63 Y66 Subject: Nothing, Frauds and Too Fast Food

The usual spurt of enthusiasm for belligerence has arisen from the ashes probably due to the less than mediocre celebration of the anniversary of my birth. What a horrible segway however, since we are on that subject...allow me to reflect. Done. Yep, that was about the gist of the day. A lot of nothing...a lot of waiting to do nothing. Perhaps I unnaturally elevated the perception of this day this year in the aspirations that something would arise from nothing. In true form, the foundation for ethereal conjecture did fail and nothing did arise from nothing...almost certainly expectedly.

Anywho...from this we can certainly then egregiously distain over humanity without any ill wills contemplated towards anyone...which is exactly where I like it.

In such...let us begin with how to tell if you are a fraud...part one. Let us take this gentleman for our first subject. He is a muscular girthy male with a shaved head and is wearing an anarchist t-shirt. How can we discover if he is a fraud in one brief objective moment? Look there...he is carrying an umbrella. For a masculine individual, one would not find the need to adorn comfort and refuge from falling water in a region latent in it. This gentleman immediately receives a demarcation of being a fraud.

I was recently offered insight into this methodology...when they say opposites attract...what they mean to say is that you are attracted to the opposite of the person you were just in the company of. If a previous relationship, the opposite of that person. If parental...the opposite of their characteristics. You might find a surprisingly accurate validation in this which can then delineate how close you are to the person of your true character.

It looks like I might cut this discussion short and leave with this...when patronizing a fast food restaurant...if the food comes too acquire suspicion.

D66 Y66 Subject: Radar Sin, Gay Lisps and Pathways

Do you suppose that it is possible to find a Catholic or a Christian who owns a dashboard radar detector?

I find no ease of register to listening to a gay lisping weatherman on the radio.

There are certain degrees at which incoherence is depicted. One such example is the arrogant nature of a companioned walk. Most pathways constructed for human travel are no wider than the assumption of two persons traveling in opposing directions. A sidewalk merits only the distance for a (non-obese) person to overstep an opposing traveler. When two persons in a companionship devise the unified walk, they now defy the merits of the pathway's inception and create a dysfunction, disregard and inefficiency of human existence...thus...get the fuck out of my fucking way you slow as shit ignorant incoherent disregarding son of a cunt. I should not have to deviate my path of travel because you are enjoying an oral exchange that can be continued at differentiated distances. Next person, man or woman, is going to eat shit. I have reached my level of tolerance for those who wish to plague humanity rather than coincide with their own species.

When holding open a door, the dynamic rendered is that you have alleviated a distress in my path of travel. Upon this you expect and warrant a response and I will gladly humble myself to do so. When holding open a door in an inelegant ambiguous manner, you have impeded my means of travel and subsequently results in you undeserving of an assenting response.

On the 18th of March, an immense collection of protesters are going to gather in a peace demonstration and what better way to initiate a dialogue about the delusional than to mingle within. I intend to photographically document this event and speak directly to numerous protesters in order to evaluate their sense of reasoning and after I can no longer tolerate anymore, I shall return to this very website and reiterate my experience and perspective. Stay tuned...I have a feeling that I am going to come back really dissented on humanity...only this time I will have proof as to why my discord is rational.

D75 Y66 Subject: Perineum, Gas Please and Bottomless

It has been some time since allocating my wits to defining the present curses of society…frankly because I too have become engulfed in my own abstractions from the cause…yet let me alleviate my woes upon this platform once again, and after reviewing my notes…this might consume two editions. I have a lot of pissing and moaning to do. So allow me to synch up the bug inside of my perineum and begin. Oooh…that’s nice.

There are numerous transients in this particular area that utilize an odd tactic of raising funds. They portray an image of a stranded motorist desiring money for gasoline. The oddity by this performance is the question of integrity by the donator. Why would one trust another who decided to travel under the auspices of being poor? Reasoning would allocate that one would not transgress such an action knowingly unable…or doing so by means of the intent of exploiting others.

You can define certain characteristics in such simplistic actions. For example…those who put on their shirt first when dressing from nudity. Is this a naivety of their sense of purpose? An additional disregarding of those around them? I was daunted to explain my discord in a rationale means and I can conclude this…by biological design, our genitals are sensitive regions requiring a delicate and deliberate security detail. By issuing an effort to place your pants on first, you are efficiently securing your weaknesses. Thus, those who are more approached to simply placing any piece of clothing on first devises the ideologue that -- that person is negligent to means. Unaware. And…well…it pisses me off that in the gym you need to have your dingle hopper twisting in the breeze while you stand covering your upper torso shame.

Another possible means of character perception…there are two types of positioning when writing. There is the floater and there is the leaner. Perhaps the floater is unsure and cautious while the leaner is confronting and forward. I will examine this further…but not likely.

And now an attack on myself. We know how much I must balance between the afflictions I witness and my own humbleness…so, I don’t care how tough of an exterior I displace in presence or in a stasis of contemplation, I am a dork in every element. And I accept that as my characteristic and a flaw of prowess. Phew…that was tough…really guillotined myself there…or not.

Tom Fox undermined the military presence in Iraq creating a viable threat to civilians and soldiers alike. Tom Fox was issuing a decree to destabilize the region where the infiltration had occurred where in the best interest of the people, stabilization is now a required necessary by all parties through conflict resolution. Tom Fox deserved to be tortured and murdered for his actions and the cherry on top is that he was obliterated by the very people he encouraged through disassociative means. To protest reason in the countries of military origin is one thing, but to protest in the region where fermentations of conflict by confliction is a threat to the military is subsequently an act of treason. He deserved every spent cartridge.

Again let me state for those who have forgotten…the cross is a symbol of torture.

It seems vulgar to tell a destitute person that Jesus loves them. I can’t imagine that honestly he feels too embraced by the heavens at this moment in time.

Defining graffiti was recently discussed in an article in a local newspaper. My simple conjecture to the proclamation of graffiti as art is that would you as an artist paint on another’s canvas. Graffiti is more of an art of violating the sanctity of one’s existence than a composition of graphics. The Decalogue (Ten Commandments) even defines this as a morality…you shall not covet your neighbor’s house. Let’s see if Jen reads this one…she had commented very loosely on this subject in that article.

A lot more to come…stay tuned.

D75 Y66 Subject: Feet, Fingers and Nostalgia.

Welcome back and now we return you to programming already in progress.

…which means fecal matter does in fact then taste like dried apricots.

Football is not. As another misperception of an American’s enormity, altering perception to incomprehensible ways. In the game of American football, the human foot will contact the ball approximately 5% of the complete time of possession of the ball during play. In the rest of the entire world…football contrives that the human foot will contact the ball 95% of the time in play. Should we go into the metric system too?

I’ve had it. Everyone is on notice right here and right now and especially on Myspace. Being photographed holding up two fingers in what was formerly a peace symbolization and is now a more hostile gesture is clearly a display of the association to ignorance…no, rather it is more annoying that you perceive this need to contort two fingers into the shape of a “v” or as if were smoking an imaginary cigarette -- to which I am certain is the principle behind the gesture only likely having something to do with weed…how is that for being “straight edge” or whatever other lame terminology applied. It displays a characteristic of being affiliated with gang mentalities or associated with a particular class of degenerative people. Meanwhile…

…those who snap their fingers with the palm of their hand facing downward are elegant and composed.

Hindered by words? Understand that stereotypes and labels exist for a reason and of cause.

In this town I currently reside in…with it’s intentional displacement from the evolution of society, the IT personnel are unsure of what IT even is an acronym for. I say this in contest to the sincerity expressed by the census of residents on the perceptions of how life should be lived while they attempt to adapt to those very contrasting societies.

Males in discussion with each other should never utilize words that end with “ie” or similar “y”s. And weighing yourself daily…an act of desperation. I hate public gymnasiums more and more daily because of the gross neglect for the dignity of the preservation of masculinity. Masculinity is a precipice to a different degree of emotionless intensity required by proficient human function. Masculinity is the emblem of labor.

Speaking of the weakening of principle and the inefficiencies of society -- stylish water bottles. This was the recent advice to women on the go who are looking out for their best interests regarding personal health while attempting to complement their vanity. The words expressed were not “functional” water bottle but “stylish” water bottle thus inferring that regardless of the merit of concern, compromise is permissible for the benefit of image…which is contradictory considering that health is a device of vanity as well.

Have you had any cilantro today? Coriandrum sativum is simply the most glorious of herbs for the flavoring of any meal…yet this Chinese parsley as it is known holds also maintains numerous additional elements...the leaves which are known as cilantro and the seeds which are identified as coriander both aid in numerous biological ailments. It has been utilized for the improvement of ingestion…to relieve colic…and it also contains antioxidants that have been utilized in the prevention of infections by debilitating bacteria and fungi while these same antioxidants have been utilized for millennias in the preservation of meats. For me…delicious as hell and I note this after the Mexican roach coach just visited my employment…which is odd since I work within an office.

And finally…

Nostalgia gives you cancer. For a future contexted example…surely we will evolve into a society of travelers employing non-combustible resources and though awareness of the toxins emitted, numerous nostalgic collectors will exhaust their carcinogenic fumes across these great plains for the element of a self imposed charm. We evolve within technology for the merits of removing imperfections and defiance of this is known as nostalgia.

Now beat it asshole.

D84 Y66 Subject: Love, Gravel and The Love For Gravel

It has been quite a few days since rattling about in these empty halls, shouting out into the distance at the ethereal manifestations unseen in the dark...and for good reason. First...I don’t perceive myself as delusion as one would require to perform such tasks. Second...I have desired nothing more than a convoluted life, stricken by daily provisions...and with slight determination, that may finally have become existent. With new employment (number 78 mind you) and several projects coming to task...and the more vastly important reorganization of Sphere to the new destination of Africa...time now besieges me. Good for I can not imagine wandering about a luxury.

The particular spacing of time in the last few days however did find revolution around a remarkably self debilitating subject matter that never ceases to amaze my which it hinders it. Love...or as I much rather prefer to identify it alliance. Oh no...I have a feeling right here and now that this blog may involve quite the effort for the viewer...length and depth may elude. Bear with me now.

I love gravel.

Now that was simplistic enough. What concerns did you have? All right, I must admit that gravel is not the topic of discussion...thought I would like to imply my pleasure of sighting and walking on gravel. Nature’s dense snow.

I have quite a few notes to riffle through...a moment please.

We wish life to be the merits of avoiding struggle -- though it never is. Who is to blame other than ourselves. Our “superior” ability to communicate and emote has created a quandary of conflict unnecessary for existence. And yet love blinds and we hurt as a matter the success of it. In this, as exampled by other species on Earth, we are only to blame. By discretion we choose these burdens to bear. Then why is it so very hard to accept the certainly acknowledged anguish? Why must we find affliction in our loneliness when we tailor our perceptions of grief?

The only relationship that I have found that is least one in which two have created an alliance. A centralized means and purpose. Proponents and devices of the same elements of venture. I can with certainty acclaim that I have found this ally. I have found necessity in their existence that has driven my passions and expanded my horizons...and I would like to ask them right now...before this entire audience...on one knee -- Pilot G2 pen manufacturing company...will you marry me?

Assholes. All of you. We burden ourselves with these trivial matters of other’s compassions and we succumb to losing our boundaries we were strident on creating. Why? Why this determination even through the basis of developing the foundations for our lives do we engorge in this confliction?

Because...we are coherent that we cannot bear the burden of life alone. It is in not only our biological nature to find companionship for the continuation of our species, but also as a perception embraced, that with the dimensions and intricacies of life...we require an alliance. A collaborator at which we rely on as our second sight. The word spouse itself defines the very same and it has been exampled since the dawn of humanity.

And when this second sight is shared directly upon each other...this is when we are truly blinded by love.

Now to deviate from topic...because I willingly choose now to delineate despair...why is the metaphor proclaimed -- I can read you like a book. Should it not be a pamphlet or a flyer...they seem more prominently easier to read.

Trust is the acceptance of a reliance.

Tomorrow brings uncertainty...and we can only rise for the occasion.

Moderation breeds dissatisfaction in the ambitious.

Sorry, had a few good one liners over the last few days that I found necessity in preserving.

I was discussing the alliance of two for the easing of affliction. In this, there are merits to discern for a successful coalition. Actually, merely one. Validation. The struggles we experience remind us of life and subsequently validates exertion. We thirst for it as merit to purpose...and each one of us obliges it to give us motivation to rise again. The sanctity of validation is that it requires another to articulate it. In the composition of a partnership, the other must validate the other for a success. The word validation can be confused for the relative positive perception of the word thus you might deem only exerting affirmations. However, true validation is purely acknowledgement. An articulation of coherence.

This topic is pissing me off because it is a very convoluted subject that I cannot truly substantiate in any way for the lack of assurety. Let’s bitch about how people operate within society in regards to it. Ah yes...that will make me feel better.

Marriage...or more precisely...long engagements. Long engagements example the frivolousness of marriage itself. Marriage is not a convenience of gauging time -- it is the uttered facade of your alliance. With that, you must contrive that you have established this alliance on a foundation itself. If you are not in a position to be married, how can one surmise to ask for such a future pretense. Marriage is proposed because of the assurance of your compassion. It is a passion play itself. Why is there this necessity to deceive the other by creating this long term ethereal boundary unless you are uncertain that there is certainty. A true alliance does not require abstraction. There is only certainty that does not resolve necessity for deliberation.

And yet, still this whole blog is pissing me off. Let’s try something else.

Any culture that requires hair is filthy by pretext.

Ah...must better. How about this one?

Why do people brag about praying everyday? I would imagine that finding conviction of your life in collusion with who you are praying to...there would be no question of faith. Seems very ritualistic to have to bow down before your master...did I say ritualistic...maybe I should say servitude.

I now have no more than two persons listed in my cellular phone contacts. Though by discretion...should I be sad? I know of those who would determine yes. To those people, you have created defiance of my discretions, thus you have surmised control over my perception. That is conflict resolution in your determination based on your conditioning. Obligatory values. Sorry...I was bitching to someone who gave me the sigh of and verbal despair when I exclaimed that I had only two contacts in my phone...the while this very same person proclaims to be a pacifist. I just enjoy debunking pacifism.

Gravitons do not exist. The current scientific ethics that can be applied defy the probability that such a reflexive material can be present. Fundamentally they are implying that these gravitons have the faculties to travel through stable masses.

How many times can someone call into the Clark Howard show asking if this solicitation is a fraud? The word solicitation itself does not convey an optimistic proposition.

This is something I must admit to. In Southern California a pony tail on an individual more oftenly defined someone of the female gender. Since moving to Humboldt County, this perception is sorely amiss. Lately I have took fair notice of a pony tail only for it to be accompanied by a beard. I was conditioned to the merit of feminine and masculine features yet...there are rationales behind purpose. Short hair is alluded to by men for the conventional wisdom that laborious occupation will not endear an allowance for an inordinately lengthy amount of hair. Does this then define that Northern California male residents are less proficient than Southern California males? You come up here and take a lot around won’t even question it. The answer is yes. However, please do not be mistaken...there is as much trash in Southern California as there is here. They are just sorted into different piles for recycling.

Okay...we have battled our way through that with success. Congratulations. Now, go watch television. You might learn something.

D86 Y66 Subject: Descent, Fruit Snacks and Storage Sheds

It’s 0300 and I am distracted. Distracted from sleep and abstracted from where I sit.

I had a conversation with a spider recently as he clung to a rear window of the vehicle I drove as the rain fell around him. And in this conversation, there was an element of self reflection and burden of inspiration.

That spider desperately grasped to the smooth clear and slick surface, exhausted and depleted...and I advised not fret and do not concede for every now and then it compels oneself to descend order to discover another way up. It requires one to preserve that coherence at all times...especially when within the trough.

I never did see that spider continue upon it’s journey...though I will not ever allege that he failed.

And here I sit...abstracted though overcome by belief.

And...aside from that...I could eat fruit snacks all damn day long.

You are likely sitting while reading this. You have more than likely been sitting for a greater portion of the day. Within today’s society, we sit much more than we stand -- while employed, while eating, watching television and traveling -- and of this I surmise that evolution will acknowledge this. Perhaps facets of change to our hips, buttocks and knees will be much more prominently developed in the coming generations. I only entail this for credit...of course.

I notice an adverse change of character when driving a stick shift and I miss that element of increased control. You can envelop more certainty and more deliberation while supplementing lucidity to the operation of your vehicle. Then apply the actual mechanical benefits and you can comprehend how ineptability has misguided functional diverse progression.

Speaking of which...I cannot tell if people have inspired spoken phone options over depressing a button through laziness or apprehension of disconnectivity from human interaction. Either is an arrogance which I would appreciate not having to tolerate...because I know that vanity is even more comprised by randomly and repetitively blurting incoherent one word answers into the phone.

Still eating fruit snacks...all though greatly desiring a hot dog. Nothing perverted, just having admiration for pig parts blended together into a cylinder bounded by a bun and lavished with mustard and ketchup...and pinch of salt.

Are you aware of the Falkirk Wheel?

And finally...with the expenditure of land that art museums take, they are essentially profuse storage sheds...consuming space and resources. Congratulations on those successes of merit...creating an atmosphere of prevalence at a cost of humanity. Should I be puzzled when visiting the J. Paul Getty Museum and take heed that one room encloses three canvases though is lit by more than several households?

D92 Y66 Subject: Ku-pon, Fools and Sexual Healing

This shall the final words for some time regarding this rather distressing topic. Love can be found in parallel not in an intersect. The intersection of lines eventually journey outward and away from instance.

The linguistics of the word is ku-pon and not kyoo-pon regardless of what the dictionary will elucidate. The Roman dialect derived the word colp which evolved into the French variant of coup which grants institution into the word origin of the word coupon. Subsequently if one more person utilizes a y into the pronunciation of the word -- teeth in the back of your skull.

Speaking of the French...April Fools Day is a French holiday derived from the passage from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar when April 1st was originally the beginning of the year the while the numerous who did not adjust so favorably were taunted. Once again, the American way of life unknowingly stolen from the rest of the world...and how grand we must feel for extricating our values upon others...when others are already the source.

I find it baffling that one would wait for a close parking spot while patronizing a gymnasium. Is this measured effort or should I assume you are lazy regardless of merit?

With the recent events in New York in disposing of a coyote from Central becomes clear that wildlife is considered atypical there. How comforting to know we identify expectations of where life should not amongst us.

No wonder I don’t feel any better. According to this documentation on proper therapeutic stretching maneuvers for a damaged piriformis muscle...downward and forward thrusting in a missionary kneeling position is the most remedial. I propose the need for medical assistance forthright.

Walking while exerting methane. Not in the likes of distributing removed soil from a tunnel under the fence of a German prisoner of war camp but rather similar to the inadequate sizing of a bicycle seat displacing folds of skin and cloth.

Then why did you ask?

D99 Y66 Subject: Yankees, Euthanasia and Perversion

I have been seemingly exhausting contentment for a change leading to the lack of necessity for dithering monologues on the stasis of humanity...though bear deeply in consent that it merely diluted into piles of ink encrusted yellow squares with edges folded and adhesive filthed (new word) labored in my pocket.

With an attempt here to dissolve this burdensome heap...I will attempt to abridge this version...or so I have told myself on the seventh line.

The English have called Americans “wankers” for generations. Americans have graciously declared themselves as “yankees” since our inception. One must question this affliction with masturbatory symbolisms or are both sides truly coherent of Americans being jerk offs.

Always prepared for spontaneity.

Transgender persons bicker that they are people too. I fact...very greedily...they are the consumption of two persons. Perhaps if delineated into one particular gender...then you would not be seen so abnormally or now so gluttonous.

Boca Grande, Florida (United States) currently is teeming with the introduced non-native Spiny Iguana. As reported by local citizens, government officials and scientists, the iguana population has exploded due to the lack of a natural enemy in that particular region. They have found the excess so arduous upon the community’s habitation that they are currently concocting means of euthanistic (new word) resolve. Interesting analogy when you consider that humanity is near cresting the pinnacle of population capacity yet so many deem human euthanasia as callous. I should go more into the analogical relationship to ensure clarity but I will allow you to utilize the bestowed innovative talent I have instilled upon you called deliberation.

Quotations are reverberances (new word) of other’s lives. Are you living someone else’s life?

Many psychologists find avenues of minute to subsequent broad perspectives upon persons from integrity related futility. I...shall do the same now. You can find a divergence of society in those who look upon the entangled knot and see the patterns defined to resolve and in those who pass along their plight. Sure...sure...I know some psychologists has likely devised an abstract of this...well it hardly took a government grant to purpose and conclude precision from it...consider this cost efficiency when I embark those to seek patterns and enact resolve.

I recently discovered this bumper sticker brazenly adhered to a poorly conditioned pick up truck -- “An eye for an eye would leave the world blind”. That essentially entails that everyone is wrong and we should find ease within that demarcation...the while the pickup driver is apparently displaying his aptitude to being the only one that is ironic. Perhaps I mistook and should define that he is more likely finding reflection from the practice of obscuring of his own rear quarters from losing an eye.

Good news...we are not even halfway done. Allow me to enjoy the splendor of the communion of hydrogen and oxygen and return to this torrent of bullshit echoed from my listless renderings.

Mmm...reversion of osmosis is quite delectable.

I am so inclined right now from that refreshing respite to actually give a standing approbation to the forgotten. I bequeath a salute to the men and women who place and operate the twist ties upon the electrical cords from every apparatus sold to the consumer on this planet. Bless everyone of you.

The last Emperor of China concluded his life as a clandestine botanist...oh Paul have besmirched me again.

You might believe that small trinkets of novelty goods placed before the checkout counter is an impulse buy...hardly. Purchasing an abandoned used school bus is the epitome of impulse buying. True personification of an integral passion must be composed for a compulsion to be sincere. I suppose there is allowance for one to wet themselves over a box of Certs.

This reminds me...there is this English comedian I must find who does the world’s most accurate Alan Alda impression and as Phil Hendrie clearly identified...who in his right mind would embark to find a market to develop such a talent as that. Well...I know I’ll buy.

I wrote this to someone else so disallow that knowledge when hence I cut and paste...

Did you know that in most countries, babies cry only for cogent reasons...but here, babies cry from polluted conceit. I loathe being an American...a spite that will be the stratum of purpose many years from now. After...having provoked the world...leaving America (Rome II) stranded on it’s withered island...begging for clemency. Life was once obliged as being a member of society. one here even indulges in the muse of a purposed cohesive civilization...only greeded with expectations from the ethereals.

Okay...I confess to hopefully she will preamble. I didn’t say anywhere of compliant preservation.

A brief notice to all current cultural and scientific inhabitants to the South Pole. Your lease is coming due and I do not expect that seven nations will subside as qualified applicants. We will take quick notation to the region to distinguish if you will be returned your deposit upon disembarking.

How slow must one be to be overcome by an exterior wild fire? The news media must find justification to preface these news stories with the information defining that the person in question walked directly into the fire with intention of preservation of property rather than leave us assuming the absurdity of the inability to walk, hop, skip, jump, crawl or even roll away. Heroics displaced and forgotten in thanks to ticks on the clock.

Who in the hell had the balls to acronym a children’s program with C.L.A.M. ...and don’t leave me hanging here with the only knowledge of pedophilic perversive (new word) linguistics.

Oh geez...that one is going to leave a stain on me isn’t it? Look...not a pedophile...and I eagerly initiate life debilitating harm to adults utilizing pervasive maneuverings to children who are unconsenting (new word)...end of story.

Now a pervert...that I must confess. Mind that the architecture of the word pervert in this statement is paraphilic which defined in Greek linguistics is “besides love” ...and I am not found with sufferances (new word) from it which is the only time that a clinical psychologist will appropriate attention to it. If one were to examine the list of seemingly perverse practices in relation to “societal norms” would find masturbation and exhibitionism. Perversion is a broad word...and that concludes my dissertation on defending myself.

Since we are discussing perversion...allow me to briefly discuss the current county for which I reside within. A new study recently released information proclaiming Humboldt County as the second highest in the nation for suicides. I find this interesting when the impression placed by most residents is optimism for life on this planet to live without conflict. does one persuade me to believe in that perception when you cannot even assert a lack of confliction within one’s self.

That does explain the lack of traffic lately.

What a profoundingly (new word) ill-bred way to validate yourself as a psychic supporting psychologic (new word) time travel. In the Black Hat Order, the top monarch must ethereally go back to the beginning of defined as the Big order to validate oneself as preeminent. From my knowledge...encapsulated within the methodology of the Big Bang derives that there was an existence prior, essentially declaring that time was not reset upon the collapse of the universe. I wonder if I imagine what it was like before then if I could get a gold braided winged black hat to wear with a collection a comet riders to do my bidding. Of course my evaluation of the universe invalidates the Big Bang as a solitary event defining our segmentation of the universe so...who can really yet objectify a moment’s past. Run wild young lambs.

Hey...still breathing?’s time for the last thought.

...however I will just keep this one to the gravel. Besides...I have to urgently evacuate my bowels forthright.