Observations Archive (701-1050)
The observations that I have written are defined by current events that have either occurred in a personal
observance or in a disassociative analysis of news and events occurring world wide.

Many listed items feature no response due to the overwhelming absurdity.
And if I have repeated myself, tough.

As we journey further, you may determine in an assessment of previous observations what you could purpose as contradiction.
Recognize that every situation is distinctive and that time and events can alter perspective.
More importantly, I really don’t care.

701. Quentin Tarentino as president juror of the Cannes Film Festival. This is one of those quandaries of nature that despises all rational thought to why.

702. Added to this, while in the process of giving the top film award to Michael Moore, a documentary film maker regarding specifically politically driven material in this particular film, Quentin Tarentino and the rest of the jury claimed that they stand by the fact that this award was not politically motivated. Either they are liars or just stupid for believing a film of stock footage was the best film presented.

703. Built within a 1.5 Litre, 4 cylinder, Mitsubishi Mirage, that cannot travel faster than 95 miles per hour safely structurally, is a speedometer that displays all the way to 130 mile per hour. Only half of this speedometer is within the legal realm of travel velocity within the areas of which this car is available. Does someone truly, or perhaps I should just accept that people probably do, but does someone truly sit within a car such as this and believe that they will require the need to travel this fast and that since it lists such a high velocity that it can in fact travel that fast safely?

704. Good example of the disassociation of Americans and ignorance through emotion. Let us take a look at typical large family to show the flaw to civilization. The father’s first marriage, had four children, then divorced, married a woman who already had a few children, and the two of them have three more. So now these ignorant cusps of life, one a smoking drinking deadbeat, the other a bloated septic tank of intelligence. Already a discerning tale, the children all run along a path of a misguided accord from an obvious sense of strong parenting. The emphasis of character that comes through on this family as similar to the rest of America, one daughter, now 35, after being placed into a hospital by physical abuse, wanted and has now successfully created a child with the man who tortured her. The family is simply happy that she is happy. The sad part is, that this sounds similar to someone you know, or some family someone has told you about. The fact there is such a similarity shows an overabundance. And now, another child enters the world, a victim of ignorance, and certainly one who will die by that sword.

705. Christian historians find agreement that Jesus Christ was born in 3 B.C. based on corresponding records of events outside of his birth. Which fully stated would be, Jesus Christ was born 3 years before christ.

706. As a novelty story written by the Associate Press, an Arkansas women gave birth to her fifteenth child. Comments made, “she’s a real trooper,” and, “is still interested in having more because they love children.” That is exactly what they are not doing. It is blatantly obvious that they cannot truly parent 15 children but to find such a casual flimsiness to the event that the press allows for Guinness like stature rather than distain for their failures trademark of society. It is not a novelty that these children will someday press others out of a confined market of living, they are murderers, the ignorant bastard of parents gleefully are murdering their and our generations. We mock China and India in passing about their abundance and squalor without truly looking to see the demise. United States of Country Bumpkin. We live on a sphere that is defined in circumference, not a balloon.

707. Once accepting a party nomination, a presidential candidate is allocated 75 million dollars by law. Enough said for this shame.

708. Within the introduction of the Mormon book, a note of, “ponder these words with your heart,” yet clearly identified within the bible by all aspects of emotion and the clearly stated moments of betrayal and deceit, the mind is the only tool for which contemplation can utilize understanding, and even stated that emotion is fallible of man, a weakness.

709. I usually wouldn’t attack scientific pursuits yet this seems distinctively askew. The international space station crew must use Russian space suits due to current malfunctions in the United States space suits. Because of this, they must also operate through the Russian side of the space station because the Russian and United States communication systems do not work together. Seems fitting in a world dislocated from each other.

710. Yahoo news headlines replaced the link for the story of 1000 dead in Caribbean floods with a story about a supposed person who claims to be a celebrity using a pseudonym on internet message boards in order to complain about the woes of working in the entertainment business.

711. Who the hell dates a check for a Sunday?

712. A department store is currently displaying a 50 foot by 100 foot United States flag until July 5th when they will put it into storage. Hey, novel idea here, how about using that fabric for, oh I don’t know, homeless people world wide, or perhaps for uniforms for new peacekeepers in Iraq.

713. Flying is considered the safest means of transportation. Yet, when a failure occurs, you are more likely to be guaranteed a dose of death in an aircraft than in a automobile. I think the census numbers don’t calculate properly here.

714. Here is a nice dose of American arrogance. Can you tell me the difference in comfort after 1 week, which is approximately 1/104th of the minimal time you own a vehicle, between a leather seat and any other fabric seat? The people I asked didn’t. And they paid the extra few hundred dollars for leather. “It’s looks nicer.” I told them, it is a friggin’ car, not a vase.

715. A lot of concern has been ushered by media outlets about the realism of the film ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’ Many reporters stress such information being presented in this film as inaccurate. I couldn’t help but notice it was a film about something that hasn’t occurred, this the whole film, subject to history, is inaccurate. Because it never happened. Might happen. What are the scientific possibilities? Who cares, it a god damn film. The teachings of a screen writer is to write a fictitious story. That is film making. Even non-fictitious films use the disclaimer, ‘based on’ a true story.

716. Rollercoaster enthusiasts that create an organization and are privileged with private operation of rides, to which they see themselves as successful and accomplished as well as sacrificing so much because their travels, staying in hotels, driving to these amusement parks to add another ride to their great achievements. Holy crap.

717. A question coming to the United States Supreme Court this year is if public schools are unconstitutionally promoting religion when they lead kids in the pledge of allegiance. Where to start. First, they are pledging allegiance. Essentially adhering to whatever is written or spoken. They are just a few years old and pledging an undying commitment to an ideal without having even the courses of study to properly acknowledge it. Secondly, the sentence is ‘under god’. If I didn’t know better, that was telling a five year old that god exists. That is very much preaching religion. They also don’t offer courses that young that discuss religious fundamentals or more importantly the structure and history of religion. The options are not provided to the children, they are subject to allegiance without inquiry.

718. More American arrogance. A new reality program about building exploded versions of common household appliances. That is it. Just that. Not to find purpose for them, but to just build them.

719. We must revoke a drivers license from a guy who decides to stop at a green light because he is watching the opposing traffic stopped at their red light.

720. I must make addition to observation 704. When the mother gave birth to the daughter that is now pregnant, she was unable to comprehend how to spell Teri with the feminine configuration. She did not ask anyone nearby but simply wrote Terry on the certificate of birth only to later willingly admit anyone about the mistake she had made in naming her child.

721. Digital cameras are now retrofitted with ‘scene assist’, which is a feature that places a frame on the LCD screen which you then place the subject of your photograph centered within that frame. If by some lark, you cannot manage to frame a photograph within the limits of the LCD screen, you should not own a camera. Not only can you see it clearly on a large real time motion screen, but you can edit, delete, re-shoot, without any consequences. This is the stupidest feature on an electrical device since cell phone games. It is a damn phone. Imagine the size of the phone if it was just a phone.

722. I heard this today. “It seems like a lot of the oldest living people seem to be dying lately.” They are the oldest. Figure it out.

723. A filibuster is the means of delaying congress from voting on a bill. There are rules in performing a successful filibuster in congress. Rules which regulate how you may waste all of our damn time to legislate. If you have a serious rebuttal, there must be a more poignant way that to speak about nonsense for hours. It is a contradiction from process.

724. How the hell do you lose a turtle to the means of posting signs up and down your neighborhood?

725. Here is slightly disorientated person I recently met. A white male, who believes that “niggers” should be returned back to the societal equivalent of slaves, while being completely disgusted with the beheading of Daniel Berg, an white male who independently went to a war zone.

726. Comparisons of current events to historic events is usually a intellectual demise of a politician based on their choice in reference. Novel idea, how about considering every event as absolutely distinctive and deserving of attention in a unique perspective because that would be the truth.

727. Causal or sport fishing with two lines in the water is neither casual nor sport.

728. Hunting magazines seem to glorify the danger of a predator. One magazine had four stories within, such as one about a black bear killing the hunter’s favorite dog, only softly noting that the hunter came upon the entire family of the black bear including the infant. Another story spoke of a cougar killing two hunters after failing to kill it with their weapons. Hey dumbass, you shot at it, what did you expect. That was conveniently left out of the proportion of the story. For some reason, hunters find that a rebellious animal is unnatural and that even when they have unleashed a barrage of gun fire, the animal should remain submissive. You shoot at me, I guarantee if you miss, I won’t. It does not matter what kingdom of species you comes from, this will remain true for any. The magazine attempted to glorify the predatory nature of a pheasant. I can’t even recall the last Discovery Channel special about the predatory techniques of the pheasant.

729. Setting bait for a black bear is not competitive. Luring an animal into range of your large bore firearm is called an ambush. The term hunting requires that you engage in the tracking of animal, not the sitting back and relaxing until something comes by.

730. And on the note of these three previous observations, it makes very much in the way of sense that there are numerous advertisements in these hunting magazines for sexual performance enhancers and erectile dysfunction medications. Make overwhelming sense since these limp peckers utilize time in their lives to seek out an animal with a weapon not even utilized by armed forces, for the sheer enthralling sense to murder something or for the very opaque excuse of hunting for food while then driving home with his buck on his hood, stopping at McDonald’s for his two children he has to pick up from bible study because they are good Christians, with their killings of everything around them to simply make themselves comfortable with their possessions. Good Christians who much like everyone else, interprets the bible is so many different ways. Like the classic line, “it says to live well and provide for your family.” No Gomer, it doesn’t say that anywhere.

731. The “unbiased” media seems to vindicate O.J. Simpson just because he gave an interview and was found liable for the murders in 1994. Sure, I think the piece of trash did it too, but at least the media could be a little more professional. When quoting on screen with text, Fox News Los Angeles displayed, “…I’m angry with her…she should be here taking care of the kids better than I can.” The problem with this is that some people actually heard the whole sentence which was, “I think of her a lot. I miss her and have good memories of her but also I’m angry with her.” Slight dropping of contrast don’t you think. Although, even when the anchors start vindicating you as mental ill murderer, you are pretty much screwed.

732. Before American’s arrived on the island of Maui in Hawaii, no one believed this to be true. While John F. Kennedy was president of the United States, no one saw this as true. But leave it the delusional Elvis sighting Americans to suddenly see an outcropping of rocks, in the valley of next to nowhere, suddenly look just like Kennedy after he was assassinated and purpose that the spirits rest here. Of course it only looks like him from a distance, and not close up, so what, we have to respect his personal space?

733. Director of the Central Intelligence Agency recently removed himself from that position sighting personal reasons not in relations to the war in Iraq. You would think that even if you were suffering from some sort of anal infection, you would admit to it in this time of controversy. Even lying would be more feasible that saying the most vague statement possible which every with the sense of question knows as a stereotypical avoidance message, when already being accused of so many blunders. Holy crap, know one is going to give you a cookie for being a stellar director if you wait twelve years until someone’s memoirs comes out. American politicians seem to work on a sliding scale of time. Bills will pass, in a couple of years. We will adjust the budget, by 2012. All of this is ironic yet clear that these very elderly persons already creeping on deaths door will not have to be held accountable for their promises when the futuristic date arrives.

734. I wish people understood the mechanics of the human face so that they would not bother me. The eyes and top of the cheeks, are not directly connected to your lips and your jaw however is connected all of your head and controllable. So when you squint, I don’t want to see your damn rabbit impression. I don’t want to see inside your mouth. I don’t want you to look like a moron. Please, have a little self acknowledgement and control it.

735. Pride lets you give yourself a pack on the back, no matter the perspectives others might have upon what you have done. You see, there are no good guys, ever. And for example in today’s civilization, even the Swiss, who stay very neutral in conflicts worldwide, exploit these times, and make weapons and knives for export to numerous other countries.

736. When the hell did this Buy and Try generation start? What ever happen to the fundamentals of Buy and Use? The most important factor that came from this is that you can return the item you investigated and decided, emphasis on decided, to purchase for use. Now, because of this, the development of passiveness psychology has led people to be less decisive and more flippant in the general structure of life. Some retail outlets will allow you to return something even if you damaged it. You know why the economy and businesses plummet, because they believe they must follow this standard others have created in the competitive means, only to later realize as they close their doors for the time, and I have heard this too many times from former business owners, that the structure of business today is wrong and we cater to what the customer doesn’t even desire but we have unfortunately trained them to believe.

737. Babies in no way look like their parents. Could it be the 20 to 40 year aging differences? Could it be the general genetic differences that are created through the amalgamation of two different sets of genes? Perhaps the fact that in the means of attempting to associate, the simple possible coloring texture the eyes, that possession, an emotion of success, is required for a self official-ness of the child and event. A tool of parenting created through the eons of self serving grandeur.

738. How do you feel about the realism of the federal deficit, or perhaps the general economical wealth of a country, when the United States in fact prints 400 million dollars worth currency per day?

739. It seems so out of place to take children from a religious school to a zoo and then in particular an exhibit on the evolution of primates to homo-sapiens. Would that not be providing an opportunity for conjecture against the religious beliefs that are taught in that school. I think more importantly, why the hell are there religious schools? How can you expect to earn an education when even you know it is biased?

740. It is good to know that citizens find such confidence in leaders who require make-up when presenting themselves to the public.

741. You are capable of earning a phD in parapsychology. Parapsychology is excepted as a unproven science. Thus, you can earn a government grant, scholarships, and numerous other tax payer funded means of educational support into a field of acknowledged novelty.

742. It appears to be self gratifying to give character to inanimate or unspoken objects. Usually, when most apply personality to an unspoken object, such as an animal, they provide a perspective based on their own perspectives and personality. At the zoo, it was clear that the dumber the visitor was, the dumber that animal was characterized as. Which then goes to explain the careless nature humans’ preservation of animals. Humans see the animals with characteristics of their own stupidity and thus worthless.

743. Sometimes I even feel too lazy to initiate a game of ’52 card pick up.’

744. For some reason media programs that review the biological factors in Ukraine well after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, place emphasis on the compassion we must feel for the families that currently reproduce and then for that family to discover their children are suffering from biological dysfunctions or retardation. I will no longer exude emotion for these people who by choice, decide after taking into account of the extraordinarily high odds of suffering from a guaranteed biological dysfunction for a new born. It has been observed and documented publicly that any births in this territory will more than likely suffer. Besides the clearly identified facts of poisoned ground water, farmland and livestock which would increase the probability of further ailments. These are choices now. The people of Ukraine point out the disaster of 1986 and still continue to have children out of what faith? It is not an example of determination but of a lack of it. Studies show that the radiated soils will not be within safe measure for another 200 years. My bet is that they people will continue to give birth knowing these factors. And yes, my proposal is the eradication of the region to prevent a further ailment to spreading dysfunctional genes across the planet.

745. Police officers are always looking for trouble. They are bred for this task. When a dry spell occurs, much like the mountain climber who craves the next opportunity to go into the wilderness to climb, that desire bred into an officer exists and will then tailor the officer to prorogate a dilemma.

746. Ray Charles had an addiction to heroin. You have to shoot heroin with a needle after liquefying the materials under intense heat. Even with help, which obviously was incurred for this to even begin, it is just odd, he was blind for crying out loud. “Hey Chuck, listen I have this great thing man, it makes you fly, just let me poke this needle thing in your arm and I burn it in a spoon.” “Yeah, okay, just stick whatever that thing is in my body.”

747. When the Olympic torch comes to Los Angeles, some of the most prolific Americans are going to bear the torch across the state of California. Such heroes and creationists as Tom Cruise, Ellen DeGeneres, and Sylvester Stallone. America, these are your pinnacles of society. Congratulations.

748. We now live so confidently that others are naturally incompetent that we cannot even trust another when they display their turn signal on their vehicle.

749. Another faux film maker is making his prestigious rounds after attaining award at a film festival for a documentary of the film maker eating only food from McDonald’s for one month. Two things, one being that a staged documentary, which planning on eating food as an experiment, is not a documentary. Documentaries require factual material and staging a non-stop eating quest at McDonald’s is not factual of anyone. Not even the poor. Second is that this dumbass is conveniently misplacing the one moral ethic that is a requirement in life and what has distinguished soldiers from statesmen as far back as Roman times, exercise. He proclaims getting ill and obese from this experiment when in fact had he exercised, he would have failed to see error in his diet. This is more of an example of how idiotic and inattentive people are to the existence of existence. He didn’t make a film. He didn’t provide a valid experiment. Oh, well then, let us praise him.

750. Americans, in particular, are territorial carnivores like all homo-sapiens, and in measure, all species. When the majority denies the biological function of killing for survival and development, their society will crumble.

751. Griffith Park in Los Angeles examples the contribution American’s make to society. There was clearly more trash than grass on the ground. A contrast that observes the true importance to American’s, use of disposable materials latent on their laziness. Even corrupting the ideals to govern over the grounds they live upon.

752. At Griffith Park, there is a “Universally Accessible Playground”. Essentially a handicap playground. Yes, let that crippled kid not only ruin it for all the other children in abundance by removing jungle gym like obstacles that make for novelty but also allow that crippled child to get that much closer to that slide or other equipment that he will never be able to treat.

753. The current presidential campaign has now integrated a “compassion agenda”. As one of the importantly principles to why you should elect that candidate, it is the prophecy of what positive aspects come from a compassionate society. An emotional personality trait as a political pitch. Next we’ll see the “no bad thoughts agenda” which will stem the hopes that this candidate can eliminate the unmoral thoughts that are contemplated by American citizens.

754. Health organizations are concerned that 900 lepers in Somali may soon die due to the diminished quantity of food and medicine made available. Good. They are infected with a plague like disease. There are those in civilization that would find pleasure in knowing that there is a less likely chance of catching this debilitating, maiming, and life threatening disease. It is called containment and the eradication of strains of this disease.

755. Native Americans seem to have a hypocritical nature in their worship. They bless the Earth by abundantly stomping on it usually killing all flora and fauna underneath.

756. Recently there was a gruesome double murder in Los Angeles that involved a person coming to a home, knocking on the door, and slaughtering the person who answered the door and then leaping into the neighbor’s back yard and slaying the neighbor. An interview by news reporters spoke with one neighborhood woman who said, “…thank god I have iron guards on my windows and doors.” Well assuming you don’t come outside, like you did for this interview, and assuming you don’t open your door, like you did to come to this interview, then you are right and those iron bars will protect you. Unless of course you decide to go into your backyard, like where the one neighbor was murdered.

757. It has been shown that chimpanzee D.N.A. is close enough to human D.N.A. that you would be able to successfully take a blood transfusion from a chimpanzee. When polled on whether or not they would accept chimpanzee blood for a transfusion, 76 percent said it was either gross or an unintelligible thing to do. Which reaffirms that one in four persons is a complete moron. It’s blood, how uneducated do you have to be to believe that you might suffer from oddities like growing hair or a desire to walk on all fours. And if you required a blood transfusion from a chimpanzee, don’t you think it would be necessary for some reason, you are getting a blood transfusion not trying to fill a urine sample. It appears that 24 percent actually get it.

758. The grief we hear about regarding immigrants taking away jobs and jobs going abroad is concentrated from blue collar workers which in pattern are low educated and less assertive people believing that because they are American that they have earned a higher level of existence. The less you know, the less you earn. There is no ill morality in that. And do not perceive to blame your opportunity at education. Curiosity constitutes knowledge and desire. If you are latent, you will expire to the consequences of that.

759. How many times can the media claim that the police investigating a new homicide claim that this particular crime is the most gruesome they have ever seen in their something something years on the force. I have heard it twice this week and believe me, chopping a guys head off and carrying it around, I know for fact, Jeffery Dahmer, is nothing. Stop claiming a level of event as a means of stature.

760. Every time a driver extend their arm full length out the driver’s side window to “enjoy” the wind, I can’t help but desire for numerous things to occur. Such as, any item from a small pebble traveling at the velocity of the vehicle, another car, or even a building, careening into that arm and bending it back into a abstract shape, thus then losing control of the vehicle, hitting a solid surface and watching as that bright idea going skidding across the pavement while the rest of the driver rests calmly in their seat.

761. A recent media report displayed the newer practice of helping young adults who decided to join a trend of expanding their ear lobes as a novelty or statement of whatever pea brained idea, which goes to continue and expand the removal of the acknowledgment of consequences. Americans growingly have more options to salvage a first chance into a second or being deluded to believe so. In reality, life does not give you this option. In fact, the very ideal of second chances creates the fundamentals of being lax on the first chance. How many times have you heard that it doesn’t matter, we can go back.

762. I can no longer stand teenagers who are tremendously engulfed in religion that speak about how good God have let them live and how wonderful are all the many things God has given them. Guess what junior. Thirty years of high outcome, low income forty hour work weeks and tolerating your bodily fluids being squirted at them, but I think that your parents are the ones who contributed the most to get you your forty seventh game for your brand new Nintendo Xbox.

763. Who the hell keeps a stack paper bags next to electrical sockets?

764. When half the street and my car are entirely drenched in water, it is time for you to adjust your sprinklers. What the hell are you doing when you leave the house for work in the morning? The entire area, including your convertible is soaked. God damn think.

765. Restaurant manners have officially been laid to rest. Seniors, the very people who preach about better times without technology, are now answering and chatting on cellular phones while others eat or enjoy the structural atmosphere, certainly not the public atmosphere.

766. The California Department of Motor Vehicles is creating an advertising program to promote safe driving. They are being safe in their margins of projected change by saying that if they could reach 10% of the drivers then we could see the reduction of deadly accidents by 70 people. That just leaves the other 630 that average out yearly. Here is an ideal plan that wouldn’t end up costing vehicle owners another handful on the registration fees, actually weed out those who don’t deserve to drive and stop giving out licenses like it is a go-cart theme park. A friend of mine failed the eye exam twice, then was given another closer chart to view, and failed again. It wasn’t until the employee grew tired of him failing to finally agreeing to pass my friend and earning him a license.

767. Cruising down the street in my six four, with a cell phone in one hand and a cigarette leaning out the door. What the taco don’t know, but he should, the next image he’ll see is the hood. Of course for some odd reason, these dumb asses performing imaginary driving won’t manage to associate hands full to losing control and end up piling into an unmarried couple who decided that one child is plenty and it should never be more than that. This must be true because all I see around me are Americans. Americans as a metaphorical label for people suffering from near sighted retardation.

768. What people are doing now when ordering food from McDonald’s new healthy portioned menu is they have now the perspective of adding to their dietary salad, a hamburger, small fries, and a large Coke. Perhaps this needs explaining. A regular house salad consisting of iceberg lettuce will have next to zero in nutrition. So you didn’t do anything fatty. You see when someone tells you to eat salads, two things are being suggested. One is that you should eat salads mixed with vegetables and not drowning in a dressing, or they are intending you to fill your fat ass with lettuce so that there isn’t room for other food. Eating a salad does not balance your nutritional requirements. It’s a salad. Figure it out pudgy. In the end, it doesn’t grossly matter what you eat. It’s called exercise. Get your beef round ass out of the car and walk into the front door of that McDonald’s and you will have a head start and burning the calories of one sip of Coke.

769. And in perfect timing of the last observation, I just witnessed the most depressing sampling of Americana. Waiting in a four vehicle deep line to operate a drive through automatic teller machine they then traveled to the drive through at Jack in the Box. You may need to consider lifestyle changes when the most exertion of your body when obtaining money, food and beverages is one leg slightly extending to press a pedal and one thumb depressing the shift lock.

770. Reactions by a great deal of Americans to the beheading of the American hostage in Saudi Arabia has been of relations to bombing the hell out of Islamic regions or an onslaught of some nature of military response to the region. I hate to break it to you die hard American’s but this ideal is why people are being murdered in that region. You see, attacking a homeland of an eclectic grouping of people usually promotes a level of conflict. That conflict creates damaging consequences. Regardless of the now presented good intentions, there is a great deal of back and forth reasoning to the wrath portrayed. If it were a minute grouping of people finding discord with America, it would not be recognized as America’s liability but rather jealousy. America and more importantly, the ideologies existing within, are responsible for creating the desire of conflict from entire nations and categories of races. There is a tremendous history of these two genres of people in conflict. It is up to you to study and comprehend this and then decipher who executed the first engagement that stemmed this eon war.

771. They are not being rebellious. Children are not afraid anymore. Rebellion is tailored to spite. Acting out like most children do now is from the lack of fear of elders.

772. In place of disciplining their children, parents seem to offer objects to promote distraction. In particular, a device I see frequently used as a tool of distraction for periods of time that has more certainty of overriding the attention deficit is food and beverages. Thus, lack of discipline and then the measures taken for distraction has led to an obese society.

773. The news media is finally catching down to the level of intellect of the expanse of viewers. In a recent story about engineering students conducting a contest to make a concrete boat, the engineers today were testing the “floatability”. I can’t imagine a more dumbed down word for buoyancy.

774. Sometimes I get so anxious for special programming to finally premiere, just so they stop playing those damn commercials. How many times do you need to pitch the same tag line until someone because infuriated? I found out. It’s every commercial break all day long consistently for four days. Day and night. I now somehow manage to hate King Arthur and I now hate one of my favorite channels the History Channel. Especially since they do this all the damn time. They are called teasers, not abusers.

775. Density limitations are part of zoning regulations. Essentially if you decided to add an additional person to your residence, you must notify the city hall zoning commission in order to verify that your residence is permitted to enclose this many persons. I don’t know what would be more of a withdrawal of your property rights than that.

776. Human rights organizations pilot the dispute against the legalization of physician assisted suicide. Contradiction is, to remove the element of the right of choice to terminate yourself, you are fighting against human rights.

777. Look around you right now. It takes 6 fully loaded semi-truck loads of cut timber to build one minimal sized average three bedroom home.

778. Because we really must take stock in what the son of a former United States president, who currently interacts in no way with government, has to say regarding the current administration. It’s like asking Chelsea Clinton what she thinks are good wartime tactics. Media outlets capitalizing on Regan’s death by interviewing family members should not even consider the line of questioning regarding their opinions on other administrations. They are not the actual person citizens trusted and placed into office, so shut your damn mouth.

779. Another confidence builder from the dialogue of party politics that unfortunately run this country. Representatives of the “think tanks” from each Democratic and Republican party find the only key topics in perspective of the other party is the missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (which by the way, and last I checked, using Mustard gas on over a million Kurds probably counts as a weapon of quite a few destruction) and the arguing topic William Clinton’s affairs in and out of office. Those are the key topics. Six billion people on this planet, 368 million acres of land eradicated each year, the declining of technological advances, and this is what we are judging our leaders by? I didn’t even need to add the retort of the facts stated.

780. When you place an upside down penny into a pile of upside down pennies, you are actually doing quite well for yourself.

781. It has been over four months now since the launching of the satellite claiming to provide proof of Einstein’s theory of relativity. Interesting, could it be, like I have claimed numerous times, that Einstein was a simple man with abstract ideals, to which an engineer would have a better grasp of. You see, the mechanics of space are revealed by the understanding of mechanical function. It is a material subject. Mathematicians who remain in that forum have really not unveiled any devices of creation. Those who surpass the simplistics of math and utilize it into engineering are the true scientists. Einstein is wrong. Get over it. We already have proven faster than light travel which voids most of Einstein’s and numerous to follow’s perception of space and time. The newly accepted string theory voids the theory of relativity. Stop giving money and time to friggin’ mathematicians and explore the dynamics of engineering. You know, the tangible science. If there is two things I hate, it is party politics and mathematicians. All glorified manipulative frauds.

782. A caller on the Doctor Laura radio show spoke about her overwhelming anxiety because her 40 year old daughter being bi-polar for the last 30 years and because of this, losing her children. Her anxiety with her daughter who doesn’t even live with her. I don’t know, but I am thinking that the daughter is probably the only one that could complain. Isn’t this quite typical of all Americans? It’s not really my problem to be involved with at all but I am going to become emotionally attached and create a psychological stressor so that I can feel like I am participating in something more significant than my very empty dreary existence where I have contributed nothing.

783. Why is there a standard that low value general contractors, people who do nothing but design, manage, and build, are unable to maintain or elaborate their own homes and landscaping. These blue collar cigarette smoking yee haas who work their eight hours, dine on a roach coach, come home and perch themselves behind the third quarter of a major sporting event while the front yard dies a little more and their kids wonders why everyone else’s grass is green and not brown and why doesn’t the other neighbors have piles of broken, nails sticking out, black widow infested, crap strewn about.

784. A huge promotion on cable television flashes across the screen, “Jewelry Fest”. Dancers, beautiful women, bright colors, coming this week on The Jewelry Channel. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to have a marketing campaign teasing discount jewelry prices on a channel that does nothing but promote discount jewelry prices. Sad part is, you know Grandma dumb ass was dazzled and will likely crack open that Diner’s Card later tonight.

785. A civilization more comfortable in itself would not likely be achieved. Imagine such comfort as to walk around nude. Of course you would need shoes, perhaps a sandal. And concerns about foreign objects brushing up against various appendages in either a germaphobic nature or physical danger aspect, nudity is highly unlikely. The point, we live in a society that has created discomfort, and this environment will not allow ourselves to find comfort in our own motions.

786. Sweating to the gospels. Let me get this straight, punching and kicking the air, rushing around the room, violent thrusting, stress placed on muscles, while preaching about god. God must be getting a little ashamed contributing to so many trend related activities. Are we going to see Ron Popiel being fed dialogue by God, “That’s amazing, but how can I get one of these?”

787. What kind of praise can Michael Moore claim by his film ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ breaking box office records on opening day? It absolutely does not mean everyone enjoyed it. Especially in the case of the film’s curiosity level, no box office figure could define the true perception of the film. I don’t want to hear about dollar numbers for a documentary. Oh, and if there is praise to hand out, give it to the anchor on CNN Headline News who cut down Moore on a morning interview. Now that was reporting!

788. What is this bull shit when a company claims combined experience. You can say that the cashiers at McDonald’s have a combined experience of 5 years of fast food service when in fact each one has only been employed for 6 months each. What possible achievement can you claim in saying that with two people, their experience actually exceeds their current lifespan which makes them more knowledgeable to sell you a suitcase. What this shows is that marketing understands that the consumer is stupid enough to be easily deceived.

789. Michael Moore thanks critics of his recent film stating that they add to the advertisement. No, jerk, by saying that your film is filled with contradictions and lies, the public goes into watching your fill with a preconceived notion of your idiocy. If his concern is truly about people just seeing it, then I can’t help but think that the almighty dollar sign is more prominent in the “opinions” being presented.

790. Fat people have no right to be snappy.

791. Guys who protect their truck liners.

792. People have absolutely no respect for drive-thrus at fast food restaurants. When I hear, “I want two kids meals. (turns to the kids) What kind do you want? (turns back) One with a hamburger, and one with chicken strips.” The speaker box echoes out, “And to drink?” The consumer turns to the kids again, “What kind of drinks? (turns back) One a Dr. Pepper and the other a Coke.” You bloated piece of crap. First off, these are two separate orders. You see, it is one hamburger kids meal with a Dr. Pepper and a chicken strips kids meal with a Coke. In what world do you believe that the person processing the info has the ability to enter it in exactly as you speak? There is no super computer to process the moronic speech pattern of these people. Order as if you were taking the order yourself you meat popsicle. Argh…

793. I can’t imagine who is more of a lost cause. The dunderhead who was number one in line for the Bill Clinton book signing and who walked away with tears in their eyes or number three thousand who was told that they was no way they were going to be able to meet the former president but stayed anyways out of hope and chance that he would accept another fifteen hundred people.

794. Fuck. It is a linguistic of emphasis of distain. When the public believes that a leader is uncivilized, they dismiss the contradiction in the fact the civilization has become to desire less discretion over the last handful of years. Between sex and violence and descriptive language, which ‘fuck’ is, a word, are for fronting casualness in society today. How manipulated do you have to be to be offend by a leader expressing his passionate dialogue. I would follow a leader who did not find boundary in speech or ideals.

795. How long can we tolerate news anchors headlining stories about Britney Spears with, “Oops, she did it again” to any event in her life. Hey, I can’t stand Spears, especially that grunting noise she makes at the end of every sentence when she “sings”, but even I know that she has achieved so many other events worth referencing other than a 3 or 4 year old song. Producers wonder why the young adult genre doesn’t watch their programs, because you have people tailored towards speaking to the baby boomers, who are disconnected from today’s advancing civilization as it is.

796. I considered making this my last observation due to the overwhelming sensation of embarrassment for society. From Bill Clinton’s book signing, where people come away acting like they met The Beatles at the Ed Sullivan show ----

797. ---- to Michael Moore’s irrelevant mockumentary with documented ginsu’d facts ----

798. ---- to the perspective by American citizens that soldiers of the United States are only obligated to protect America and not the interest of world stability. I am going to sit back and think about it.

799. The only reason Rush Limbaugh supports Sports Utility Vehicles and defies the logic that they contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer is because that size vehicle is the only one that can accommodate that behemoth. The portion of understanding I don’t comprehend is that most conservatives take a consuming perspective on nature and resources. Conserve, consume, I just don’t see the difference other than, oh who knows, definition and utilization.

800. I have always been ridiculed for telling bad jokes. Well, little do they know that I tell to best jokes to myself. It is almost ironic.

801. Certain graffiti can be now considered a hate crime based on the message displayed. I can’t imagine that Joe Owner who now has to pay earned income to cover or remove this graffiti feels at all like he was the victim but rather the niggers, Jews, and gays who are betrayed and hurt by the emptying of the spray can. It is all about hate. Inanimate objects are hated. To finalize where hate is emphasized is blinding responsibility to the millions of other intricate faults in people.

802. It is illegal for one political party to assist another to advance their cause. So, essentially, we have two governments, each despising each other. Each diabolically scheming against the other. Using such tactics as affairs, and financial corruption, but oh no, please don’t support another party’s positive venture, that would be deceiving. So even unification of these groups is illegal, where the hell do we go from that.

803. There is now a place in the chapters of the support of incompetence, otherwise known as the Guinness Book of World Records, for the fastest typing of a text message on a cellular phone. The complexity of human nature, and our achievements worth documenting is Kim Hong Pu from Singapore who can tell her girlfriends about the gossiped size of Ben Affleck’s long john in a split second.

804. We are well beyond the barrier now for creating a new principle of ideology about population control. Scientists have effectively transplanted an ovary which successfully produced a child. This defies the biological nature of that person as defined in her conception. I am willing to wager that if you watch closely to the span of time of child bearing and birth, as well as the condition of the child, that you will see an abnormality.

805. Airbrush tanning your 2 year old child for a beauty pageant is common practice, and in fact will help determine the child’s score. Make sure that thong is tucked in all the way too. What the hell is going on there? What bothers me more are the judges. A class of people who have acclaimed a right to decide which child is the sexist, and it is about being sexy since there is a swim suit contest and tanning involved, without looking like pedophiles. Well Nancy, you are.

806. Another winner. A woman driving a small two door sedan, a cellular phone in one hand, and a stuffed animal hanging from the rear view mirror. At least she is prepared, for the eventual comforting of the small child that she plows over.

807. The Los Angeles Police Department has set a timeline of two months for the investigation of the police beating utilizing a flashlight on a criminal while he was already subdued. Two months. What could possibly, other than the usual government break taking, could constitute two months of investigation. Hey jack hole, what is your story? Pipsqueak, what is yours? About eight of those and one day of analysis of the video tape, and wow, those two months just flew by.

808. I overwhelmingly applaud Bill Cosby. He spoke out against the mannerism of the black community in that their lack of desire for education and self improvement is what hinders their stance in society. It is not the white man putting a cog in the sprocket of advancement for blacks but rather the fact that most perspectives on blacks are based on the poor representation of character. Rappers and parents teaching children to hate and emphasize hate filled words because their own perspectives based by disassociating blame for their own faults. Language, comprehension, desire for knowledge are failed to be bestowed on black children because of the lack of ideological evolution. Things have changed dramatically and now those blacks that have ambition, are successful.

809. The United States government has advised the public on being weary of a terrorist attack on this coming July 4th. Yes, we should consistently be fearful of holidays due to the fact that every past terrorist attack has arrived exactly on a national holiday. Like September 11, 2001 which was the Ethiopian New Year, and February 26, 1993 which was Independence Day in Bangladesh.

810. When saying “same shit, different day” to the point where it gives the impression that it is the “same shit, different day” when saying “same shit, different day”, then perhaps it is the appropriate time to adjust your existence.

811. An example of the carelessness of society. When paying with cash at any retail location, and more than likely at a fast food restaurant, you will watch the cashier sort the bills, face down or up and left or right. Regardless that you watched the extra responsibility taken by this employee, most people will not even contemplate presorting the currency when purchasing again on a future date. Myself personally, will sort the bills how most commonly noticed, out of simple courtesy for the employee who is providing a service for me.

812. ifoce.com. There you will the mandates of regulations and safety procedures. Find opportunity for membership into this one of seven affiliates world wide. But keep in mind that you must adhere to the policies created under this organization such as age and health. Either promoting wastefulness of food which is in fact is a scarce commodity or perhaps that Somali kid in the corner enjoys watching a good eating contest and is quite ashamed of the Japanese is going home with the hot dog record again. I shunt dabble in the shear fact that it encourages unhealthy and obese condition as a novelty.

813. Imagine the miles of wasted 3 to 4 inch wide paper because retail business persons believe that you take a passionate glance and to heart the ‘thank you’ and other irrelevant messages on your receipt. I especially appreciate the double spacing of items and information, essentially turning a shred of paper into a document. It’s a damn hamburger and fries, I don’t even want the receipt.

814. Special screenings of Michael Moore’s film ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ allotted refined characters of distinguished reputation such as Leonardo DiCaprio, who attained celebrity status by performing the role of a retarded person and Martha Stewart, a convicted financial criminal. Yes, this film lends it’s open arms to the public with its fellowship. Regardless of it’s editorial discrepancies. Get it off the big screen, put it on PBS or KCET but this type of slanderous “documentary” or rather any documentary should not be glamorized inside a theatre.

815. Under international pressure, the International Whaling Commission abides to a set standard of rules of killing. Such conditions that apply is the regulation on the amount of time that it takes for a harpooned whale to die and the proper management of distinguishing characteristics of a dying or deceased whale. Animal humane organizations contribute to overseeing that these regulations are followed. Okay, there is essentially eighty to a couple hundred people wasting my damn time. They are killing a large mammal and I can’t imagine that it is going to matter if it dies instantaneously or with slow progression. The animal is going to die regardless. It is to the character of those who handle such matters of murder that must fine their discretion on whether they can cope with the mannerism. To put regulations on the method of killing is as asinine as placing rules on war. No one lines up in a row anymore because there is acknowledgment that there are no gentleman demeanors to battle, and when someone ventures to murder another, it is the discretion of the murderer to truly and the only one to decide how gruesome that death shall be. There is no morality in murder. It is an action and for the victim, it is an assurance. To define the measure of it shows the incompetence of society and is only propositioned by those segregated from the difficulties of humanity.

816. I can’t stand film makers that take the story of a previous novel or film and interpret their altering of the story to accommodate the newer tastes of today’s audience but when speaking of this alteration, such words as creative license, slight, or remained in the confines of the story the person created, seem to gently remove the fact that the film maker completely altered the essence and structure of the story. The words are; we changed the story to match our perspective of what would be more captivating. You are film makers, not politicians, don’t sugar coat it. You thieved a previous story because originality is a lost art, and wanted to alter it to match your perspective, don’t lie.

817. Due to complaints from spectators and television audiences, the tennis industry plans on increasing the size of the tennis ball to allow for a reduce speed for easier visibility. So let us disregard the actual complexity of the game and pander to the audience because they have trouble keeping up with athletes who can.

818. Oh yeah, so I read this, and just wanted to rip my eyes out. Here are the arguments placed on behalf of obese children. Obese children show little or no health obscurities. My confusion on this might be placed with not being able to run a block without fatty’s lungs collapsing and inhaling oxygen to the equivalent of six thin people. Another angle, obsessing on a child eating habits or size may make the child unhappy. I assumed all the other children calling him fatty fatty two by four that couldn’t fit through the bathroom door, would create a slight degree more of unhappiness besides the fact that no one picks him for sporting events or any active activity. And one final approach that these misplaced organizations and psychologists claim is that fat is an essential function of the body and placing the perspective of ‘evil’ upon it is a misconception. Yes, but when there is more fat than anything else, you are consumed. Fix it and not with a placebo pill asshole.

819. Santa Clarita, a city on the pinnacle of definition of American society, has released a report claiming that crime rates have increased based on the increasing expansion of the city. No…c’mon. The more persons per square foot increases poverty, hostility, and crime? Get out of here. Perhaps if these jerk off city leaders who have been the foundation of contradiction for years, including having the outgoing mayor consistently placed into city council, would like to explain how the original diagram of the homely city has now been modified to accommodate the population of a moderate third world country. And don’t give me the “larger families require more room” crap. We know that the city council members, who by the way are entirely apprised of realtors and business owners, would love to see more people appear now that they know what money really looks like. In 1997, there was only one murder in this city, and Mike Barnett was a friend of mine. The population was 125,000. Seven years later, the population is 470,000 and there have been six murders in six months. Santa Clarita is currently 165,000 past the aforementioned goal peak of residents. Yet for some reason, Mayor Bob Kellar, a realtor, seems to be doing quite well, after already heading the city’s planning commission for the last handful of years. How does that fit together as I scratch my beard.

820. Do black young adults, and white young adults who act like they are black, who are “pimped out” realize that they are walking exactly similar to John Travolta in the film ‘Saturday Night Fever’?

821. It would seem to me that Mr. Hydes should have still be regarded with the Dr. titled due to the current contention that biological fundamentals does not allow for the true segregation of personalities only chemical imbalances or overdevelopment of certain regions of the brain. To have two separate individuals would require that of two individual brains and it is clearly shown that sectors of the brain become active during different impressions. The same is true in overly emotional people however we don’t perceive them as a condition of multiple personality. It is another tool of psychologists to enhance their medium recklessly to demand more significance.

822. With now such frequent insecurities within the beliefs of the dynamics of the universe, why are scientists so frequently accepted into literature without merits of material proof? Mathematics is now consistently being shown to create illusions on the structures of space and matter yet as a failure to the laymen public, scientists recklessly promote new fundamentals only to then have them shown as impracticable. Science will not create interest without either material subject matter or definitive perspectives which define goals of research. We cannot evolve without the curiosity in science and it is meandering because of these insecurities.

823. People seem obliged to offer congratulations for nearly anything. When couple is married, others congratulate them. Why, what successes were achieved? Marriage is derived from an agreement between two individuals to oblige by law and earn a higher tax break. Oh, I see, congratulations on your financial success. Never mind. And don’t tell me that it is a religious based choice because 221.392 persons were married in 2003 in Las Vegas alone. That is 310 couples a day. Congratulations for what? No one even remembers the merits of marriage as a religious adjoining and are instead replaced with financial perspectives.

824. How inattentive people are. Television and radio commercials now cater to the aspect that most vehicle owners and drivers never check their tires, either pressure or even if they have air in them, or their fluid levels. A simple flat tire traveling on a roadway can not only then lunge a one ton vehicle into others but will lovingly decapitate yourself in the process. It is a multi thousand dollar and one ton plus in size object that takes up most of your life and space and you can’t seem to find time to casually examine it.

825. Sport utility vehicle drivers who go exaggeratedly slowly over speed bumps. Meanwhile, my eye line is with their bumper and I have to wait for this jack hole to actually discover that he can’t even feel the bump he is going over and won’t know when to accelerate when he has passed over it.

826. The spread of West Nile Virus in California has led to a plentiful media reporting and more importantly, the requesting of opinions from the public. And what is now frequently heard, “No, I will still go outside, I won’t let it keep me from living my life.” So with this statement, apparently mosquitoes should be placed on the terrorist watch list.

827. Why is the language of the terms of employment beautified? The simple statement ‘if you abuse illegal drugs or alcohol while at work, then you are fired’ is misshapen into a barrage of misdirected legal safety margins. The very segment on an employment orientation video has grown from one sentence to two minutes in length. Is the government and prospects of a lawsuit placing regulations on employers on how they are allowed to terminate someone who is breaking the law?

828. Something is wrong when film and television audience appeal advocates a Will Smith and Johnny Depp marathon. What is wrong, well simply look at the genre of films that audiences are responding to. Spiderman. Kill Bill. Hillary Duff. The demise of society is fortuned by the desires of society. Crap equals crap.

829. In 1920, popcorn was banned from theatres because of the volume of noise it created. To finely example the decline in civilized society, now popcorn is the most embraced movie going snack food. Here are the many evil sides. Theatres now allowing popcorn sales for their own desires of wealth over the quality of the experience. Theatre patrons disrespecting the atmosphere of a movie theatre. Popcorn alone, or with the most common butter and salt is tremendously high in cholesterol thus damaging your health. Name one positive aspect of popcorn in a movie theatre. Society is now so blatant in the disregarding of civility that they even contribute to slow killing of their own welfare without even acknowledging the consequences.

830. Another ignorant ‘magician’ is going to attempt to be buried in a coffin under a large volume of water for an extended period of time. Oh yeah, he is going to be removed for two hours a day to relieve himself and eat. So, where is the glorious feat? There isn’t one. For those who stand next to the large tank he is lowered in, flip him off.

831. On Emeril Live, Emeril is going to cook up duck with shrimp and white bean soup. That sound’s foul. Get it? C’mon now.

832. Everyone finds fault in fast food yet as most adults embrace a higher income and less ability to cook at home, the more these persons proceed to fine dining establishments. These locations usually provide a larger quantity of food and more viable opportunity for dessert. In comparison, a fast food restaurant provides deceiving quantities with filling foods as a means of offering lower prices for their profit margins. With a stable health, eating out frequently at fine dining locations as reprisal against fast food perceptions can in fact contribute to obesity much easier that the other.

833. Actors and actresses should not brag about the complexity of their work, frequency of employment, or when they hope to find time for a well earned vacation when most of the material they have contributed to is garbage, eh Hillary.

834. Los Angeles is proposing the banning of Silly String due to the threatening atmosphere that people spraying others in public events creates. Yes folks, tough young adults looking to prove themselves by spraying other young adults who then must stand proud and defend themselves from this treacherous onslaught. Jesus H. Christ. The warriors of today is small groupings of civilization are packing cans of novelty. 1920 mobsters are turning in their underwater concrete grave.

835. Twenty seven amendments currently grace the constitution of the United States nearly 230 years after its creation and if you believe that Thomas Jefferson imagined such concerns for the freedom and rights for citizens of a new country would be regarding the diversion away from gays and lesbians, then you are as useless as every politician who currently subsides time and tax payer money to negotiate the addition of an amendment that would affect only 2 to 5 percent of the population. Yes, straight people out there who are fundamentally constipated, it doesn’t affect you at all. Why you ask. Because you will have a straight marriage, and thanks to the biological nature of the human species to procreate and the personal melodrama created through religion, it is more than likely that the larger percentage will always be straight. It will not effect your financial freedoms, nor negatively threaten property values. 230 years, and it is time to grow up.

836. Obesity is not a trivia question, it is a lack of self deceptive control. For example, when ordering a small item from the menu with intention to eat a small quantity and in some error you receive a larger size, you feel like you have won and obtained a free meal. From this, do you eat the quantity equivalent of the small item you intended? No, you gobble up the whole thing because it is there and the sense of victory eludes your sense of control. How many people go out and party hard, drinking and eating, after a victory and decline from it after a loss?

837. The Trinity Broadcasting Network frequently utilizes the dialogue, “give a loving gift of support”, as a very psychological tactic filled means of word wrangling to disguise the very simple ideal translated as, donate a sum of money so that we may continue preaching with extravagant productions. And such extravagant products that require a highly paid cast and crew. Jesus and all of his disciples fed off the bounty of those who were generous, traveled by mule or by foot, and lived in those dwellings that opened their doors to them. Obviously that translates to today’s equivalent as cooking staff prepared and butler delivered fine dining, Mercedes Benzes, and copious estates in numerous locations along side the provincial twenty acre chapels of god that mysteriously has limited access to the public. Damn it people, don’t you get it? He doesn’t have a healing touch. In fact they claim to come on stage healed just from being in the “presence” of god and he makes them fall down. It is like a sick pun on all of you. No, it is a sick pun on all of you.

838. Thirty states in the United States legally allow the keeping of big cats; tigers, lions, et cetera, as pets. The countries where these animals are native do not even allow such psychosis of caging large wild animals for amusement. And do not attempt to constitute the excuse that preservation is key. A twenty by twenty foot chain link fence is hardly a native plant species.

839. Another exampling of the deception of value and the crisis of ensued. A recent accounting of certain properties have shown for example, the distance of beach property from Miami to Palm Beach is valued at one trillion dollars. This does not even amuse to the quantity of value for a few miles in Las Vegas which each hotel can value to two to seven billion dollars. We fear this deception of national debt which trickle down influences affects the costs of simple materials to consumers as well as property rates. Enumerating the total amount of ethereal value and debt and they don’t match besides not corresponding to the idealized world wide value of everything. Money is falsified to accommodate and the effects multiply at a cost to the future.

840. So now we have the automobile tire rims that spin around independently just to emphasize that the dumb ass behind the wheel isn’t likely going to stop appropriately before turning in front of you. Consider those spinning rims advanced warning.

841. A television news report informed viewers that children should not watch more than two hours of television per day, yet they went on tease a further report on the following hour of the news and then continued by promoting more information later tonight on the eleven o’clock news which would accrue three hours of television alone. And don’t misplace the promotion of other programs and films during the news reports which affix another handful of the ‘threat’ of couch potato hours. Perhaps we should direct distain to television producers creating vile garbage tailored for children and consider making them amused in more mature television for actual educational material.

842. A judge is auctioning the bathtub that James Earl Ray stood in when he fired the fatal shot at Martin Luther King Jr. It’s a bathtub. Current bids have come to $150.000. What? When a museum thinks your nuts, which would be all the ones that are laughing at the idea of displaying a bathtub for this event in time, then trust me, you are a piece of crap. Museums will put Mammoth dung on display before they exhibit something as idiotic as that, as if it was the only creature on Earth that excreted fecal matter.

843. Why do sets of science fiction films and television programs always have elaborate underground bases with walls that the design exceeds that of anything above ground. Do these designers actually think that scientists or military that are laboring underground give a crap about unique contoured designer walls with a futurist feel. No, they are plain, flat, and free of bull shit because they are underground and a habitat that requires bacterial management. Stop, please stop, attempting to do more than necessary. Leave the outlandish unrealistic crap to horror films.

844. The disastrous cycle and psychological damage that comes from producing too many children is the accommodation of a mate. Should you decide that having many children is important, each one of those persons will also require the attention of another human being, which in turn requires others to produce equivalent amounts of persons to accommodate those. So with your choice, three children equals the required product of six children at that time.

845. Ironic is that Mormons were the first to settle Las Vegas, Nevada. An excellent exampling of the failures of the Mormon perspective. Sure, it is true that they retreated from the territory well before the actual acquired habitation, yet both aspects of it are key to the impression.

846. There is no greater tactician than a firefighter. Military personnel take the fundamentals of war, the machinery that are utilized, and the not so grand scale of human psychology to achieve often accurate predictions of action. Military tactics are based on the foolishness of the enemy’s perceptions which is a fundamental tactic in human achievement in all theatres of life. It is common practice. Fire and weather does not as easily dictate to a means of this reliability.

847. Cigarette companies are subject by law to inform the public of the consequences of smoking. Willingly now, they supercede that by introducing more in depth information to the addictive and deadly costs of smoking. People still smoke. New smokers are frequently born. I can’t imagine a more idiotic society with gifts of readily available and lauded information as easily obtained as sitting on your fat ass and turning on the television and still it does not process into the consciousness. The people who are killing you are advising you before hand. You are an idiot and they are my hero.

848. Before 1960, the course of fire fighting in national parks was 100 percent fire suppression. They discovered that this method lead to overgrowth which accumulated debris and over density leads to an unhealthy and dying forest. In the 1960’s they took upon the now accepted method of prescribed burning which has proven to increase the vitality of a forest. Here is where the unintelligible comes in. Tourists and politicians find that seeing a burnt and recovering forest is displeasing and unsightly and they firmly stand against prescribed burning. “Son, look out there at the lush forest. One day when you are older, if won’t be there, because I like how it looks while I am here right now. I don’t want to wait three to five years for greens to fill these sights again. I don’t have that kind of time, son. I don’t have that kind of time. Well, son, let’s go home.” As they drive up around the other side of the valley to their majestic estate. Assholes!

849. Coke Cola has transcended from 6 ounce bottles to 16 ounce bottles. Chocolate bars from 2 ounces to 7 ounces. Popcorn in theatres from 3 cups to 21 cups. It is not entirely the type of food you eat, so stop concerning yourself with these abstract diets based on carbohydrates and protein. It is the quantity at which we have opened out gaping holes to. Exercise, instead of automation. I expect soon for some physiologist to come out with a new program of recycling fecal matter as a dietary supplement saying, eating the same good foods you have just eaten will…never mind…Atkins advises you to eat precise artery clogging foods as some joke on you, Jared ate bread and cheese, weight watchers advises you to count points as if a carrot stick on a 150 pound couch potato is equivalent to a thirty year alcoholic, but in the end, what is it clearly advised on the damn pamphlets, exercise is the only means of burning calories. So move your damn bread stick sized finger and read the fine print and stop promoting and funding gullibility.

850. I wouldn’t pay 50 bucks to go Disneyland and sit on a bench the whole time so why would anyone pay the same amount to join a softball team in a tournament league and either not show up for at least half of the games, or even try when you are there. Competition and competence has been bred out of society as a means of oppression. With an abundant population, such measures are taken through religion and legislation to micromanage the fundamentals of each person. Control is the greatest of successes and for those who achieve this devise methods of suppression. Then using an excellent tool for exhausting the biological function of aggression, a key to competition, televised sports are immensely promoted as heeded as a significant psychological outlet.

851. William Jefferson Clinton has absolutely no grounds to defend the quality of workmanship of former White House employees when he himself found frequent on duty time within the actual office of national executive administration to drop trou.

852. If John Kerry is elected president this year, there is no other conclusion that can be lead to other than that volatile propaganda works on citizens of the United States. John Kerry has been characterized by the very liberal media as stale and organic, questioning and befuddled by his perceptions.

853. A new addition to the most irritating visuals I have witnessed is a smiling, laughing piece of crap with one hand on a cellular phone, turning into a residential area with the other, the while utilizing metal on metal brakes as they send a piercing squeal as a background soundtrack to his idiocy.

854. Here is an insane aspect to a now accepted normal morning tradition. Planning your morning activities to accommodate your commuting schedule to get in and get out of your vehicle, purchase a cup of coffee, and continue along your way. Most individuals now frequently argue that there is just not enough time in the day. Buy a fucking coffee maker.

855. Why do businesses believe that adding characteristics to the fundamentals of the standard operating procedures will produce anything but the same humorous connotations in return. With humor comes a passive nature, with professionalism comes contemplation. Calling an employee a nickname utilizing the title of the company is unprofessional, and will deserve the same reverence from the employee.

856. The characteristics of so many Americans that examples the carelessness and brevity of the seriousness of life. How many persons have you witnessed who pay hundreds of dollars for exquisite event tickets months ahead of time, fully recognizing the exact time the event will commence, and then appearing well into the event, interrupting not only yourself but others from experiencing a near perfect event which is what event coordinators and staff try so desperately to achieve. It is called consciousness, the awareness of existence, and it is those who perform this annoying spectacle who are clearly lacking such recognition.

857. So I am at the Hollywood Bowl awaiting a Harry Connick Jr. concert to commence, actually the awaiting the opening act in the least. Ahead of me approached two couples, one pulls the tickets from her pocket and expresses that their seats are number this and that. She turns to the other couple and asks, what numbers are yours. They reply, we’ll just sit here and if someone comes then I guess we’ll move. Holy jesus friggin’ christ. The tickets hardly distanced from you, the courtesy for others, good lord where do we begin on the complete absurdity of this couple. What happens, of course, the seats were not theirs, and they were exactly two seats over, but did they stand up and move to their purchased seats, no of course not, they asked the other couple to shift down. What is it in people that deceives themselves to believe such simplistic tasks are events in and of themselves. You unpacked a three course picnic dinner you bulbous jackasses, reach into your pocket, look at two little numbers and get your dumb ass over in your seats. And shut the fuck up. If I wanted your blaring verbal input as an additional track to the musical score, I would have expected you to be wired up for a microphone. How does anyone enjoy concerts anymore? People are oblivious to their surroundings.

858. There are now courses on exercising while in flight on an airplane. How do you annoy people quicker with this joyous idea. Seeing your globular swollen torso and arms jiggling from side to side in and out of the isle. Sweat beginning to moisten the shape of your Bob’s Big Boy body and flick across into my small plastic glass of soda. The stench of a fast food restaurant toilet pouring from your glands. Some far from epic film with Hugh Grant under toning the grunting and wheezing. I would think that if you can’t find time on terra firma to squeeze out a push up then don’t bring that shit up there. People act like flights are consuming ninety percent of their lives. Even if you were to travel daily, it takes six hours to fly from one coast to the other. There are twenty four hours in a day. Want time? How about cutting down on spending time to get the know the bartender.

859. So she loves bats. And to identify this to others, she must place a large sticker that says, “I Love Bats”, on her vehicle so that others will give her acknowledgment and praise for loving bats. Because, she loves bats. That cannot be confused with she loves cats. Oh no, it is bats. What shames me more, is that there is some organization that discovered a means of income from making a mass quantity of a sticker that says, “I Love Bats”, so that some very desperate person can express that they are not simple and useless to society, because they care for something, oh say like…bats.

860. Take note that we, as citizens of the United State of America, and more importantly tax payers, were not given an opportunity to declare a vote for whether or not we thought it was relevant to spend an excess of tax payer money towards extra security surrounding the Democratic and Republican conventions. Regardless of the essence of the uselessness of the event, which is a spectacle to grand stand information we already are aware of, but perhaps as an individual who chooses between the different groups, perhaps one not even attending, why should our efforts be misplaced for this means. For crying out loud, if you were a true leader of the people, you would remove this traditional event, save the displacement of business and residential persons, misplaced security forces, et cetera, and refine the means of decision efficiently which is a true characteristic of an accountable and thus conscious leader.

861. With the growing societal acceptance of differential sexuality, violent verbal abuses are required to adjust to accommodate. “Blow me” and “suck my balls” only creates suspicion that the other guy might enjoy such activities. After perusing through the internet, even “eat shit” doesn’t carry the veracity it used to. You don’t want to hear some European guy say, “thanks, I will”.

862. To show the instability and weakness of humanity, why are we placing effort in putting emotions into machines. Everyone now desires the idea of robotic pets, facial expressions, vocal output. It’s a robot, I don’t care what it thinks or especially what a human would think, just do whatever you are suppose to do. I can’t imagine a Chevrolet employee enjoying having to tell a robot to shut the hell up and get back to work. But, people can’t seem to feel secure unless they can whine and moan about something and receive the same trivial emotional feedback from a water cooler. I don’t ever want to hear a reference to a machine as “he” or “she” and especially the words, “helps me get through a lot” following.

863. How I see it, it all comes from the Earth, so unless we are creating chemical additives from aliens, syringe that shit into whatever cow and chicken you want and I will eat it without discussion.

864. Michael Moore claimed a month ago that in the face of his partisanship against President Bush, he would give the same critique of a democratic president had one been in office and had errored in their ways. This statement essentially gives perspective that Michael Moore is unbiased in his conjecture towards public officials. Oh wait, there is Michael Moore, a celebrity guest at the Democratic Convention. He must be researching information for the future documentary condemning Tony Blair but wait, he is surrounded by reporters and registered democratic officials. Could Michael, oh could he in fact be biased. No, not Michael Moore, a person who even aggravates bitter old science fiction writers.

865. Who whined, and led to the creation of regulations surrounding political conventions. Obviously believing the same fundamentals that the rules of war apply in a war where people are ripped to shreds with a shoulder mounted rocket, people must be insane to follow standards when engaging a campaign to win the second largest figure head office in the world. The opposing candidate to the current party’s convention may not campaign or attract attention to themselves through the extent of the convention. Why, are they afraid that the other candidate might ridicule and mock the events at the current convention. Well they should, the event consists of former successful and unsuccessful political officials, celebrities, musicians, stereotypical promotional rag time music that contorts lyrics to accommodate, drifting into three to four hours a night that essentially eradicates the prosperity of the region where the event is held, stealing tax payer dollars, and listening to supposed leaders of state representation yell out unprofessionally and ridiculously that “we support blah blah blah”. Do you actually see who that audience is? 70 percent of it is outlandish and abnormally dressed women dancing about as if America consisted of these middle aged catastrophes. Sad, but we seem to. Most of those persons do not even contribute significantly to the structure of America. America is not about grand standing? Yeah right. America is the example of unprofessionallism and misguided perceptions. What does entertainment have to do with leadership? Even politics is an emotional conjecture. I would expect honesty to come from someone without emotion which is an established tool of deception to honesty. Obviously no one really cares about that anymore. I guess it makes sense, we want someone who best represents America.

866. It is nice to think that religious groups can manipulate and dodge information in order to best preach the approaching end times. By exploiting major natural disasters and thus exampling the quantity of death, these events become tools for the advent of fear to those who are subject to the curiosity, especially those awed by the numbers. Listen, when you live in a world where in one small region, 10 million people live in a city of wooden shacks, perched on the side of a mountain in the path of frequent typhoons, you are going to get mass extinctions in one fail swoop. It isn’t god coming, its that fourth child you think is appropriate to give life to and shove into this already crowed Earth and if big groups of people in China or India biting it convinces you that the time is near, then I will stir the Kool-Aid for you.

867. Can you truly example that Americans care about individuals currently occupying a government office and the level of performance of their duties, unless they have performed atrociously, yet of course even then, as exampled by Willie Brown, Ted Kennedy, David Duke, and Strom Thurmond, even immoral activities do not seem to affect judgment. Most congressmen and woman now occupy office for an average six consecutive terms. That is 18 years. The length of time your new born will then head to college. Some have resided there for over thirty years. New ideals are lost in the laziness of prospective information. The most idiotic metaphor for this is that people are afraid of change. No, they aren’t afraid of the actual change but rather the effort to view the potential of it.

868. “You read about it…but you never think it will happen to you.” Is there anyone out there who is expecting it, which would make this statement mean something. ‘Hey son. It’s your big day. Is your underwear clean? Well it won’t be for long. Now go out there and give it all you got when you are stung by a swarm of bees, raped and murdered by a celebrity, and then wrapped around a light pole after being cut off by a drunk homeless man who stole a Volkswagen Beetle’.

869. I have attacked The Signal newspaper in previous observations because good lord, they do deserve it. On that note, their latest headline, “No West Nile virus human cases so far in SCV”. What kind of research goes into that special reporting? “Hello, have you had any West Nile cases come into the hospital today?...No. Okay, thank you. Oh man, what a scoop, I hear Pulitzer!”

870. Chaos theory is the mathematicians excuse to the failure for the search for the theory of everything. Somewhere at some time, some mathematician discovered that probability was too vast to be able to confine to a singularity and ushered a back up to bring some value to mathematics. Well, everything is chaotic so here is a complex variable formulation to explain it, which itself is a contradiction to the inability of absorption to a singularity.

871. Scientists have begun to preserve genetic information from endangered animals in order to replenish their existence through cloning following the extinction of a particular species. Of course, because after they have died out, they will thrive with duplicates of the ones that had died the first time around.

872. Diamonds are useful for various facets of application, such as durable saw blades. Otherwise they are simply a compressed unison of minerals, certainly not an unique article. Now if your sense of well being and affluence is defined by covering yourself in soil, at a cost to thousands who suffer to supply, to the supporting of illicit activity, and the contribution of millions of dollars to those who place characteristics to a rock, similar to the advent of pet rocks, then you are a person deceived and diluted by the influence of others. It is these persons that create disillusion and the subsequent diversion from evolving psychologically.

873. A gentleman recently completed his epic journey across the United States on a bicycle. His inspiration to do such an undertaking was reading an article about a person who did the same exact thing years prior. Is that really inspiration or success then? He duplicated the same no longer unique event without altering anything and actually then believed that he achieved so much. You didn’t. In fact, all you did do was degenerate the value of the first persons achievement to show that is was not such a colossal effort.

874. Who puts chewed gum in a shopping cart? Who is carrying on with their shopping, perhaps unloading their cart into their vehicle, and realizes then that the flavor of their double mint and their jaw strength has expired, and so with tactician like skills, they spit their gum into the first accessible concealable and respectful depository. Yes, the certainly to be reused and internally exposed shopping cart. What the hell is wrong with people. When you consider the choices made when performing simple tasks, you must question the very fundamentals they use to do such complex tasks oh like driving, raising children, you know, the ones that effect everyone else in the world. Oh wait, this simple task effected me and the owners and employees of this grocery store. So, how about that, every choice matters. Pull your shit together and stop disappointing everyone else because you yourself failed in the choices you made in life.

875. Apparently medical conditions can be invented when the medicinal product can alleviate it. Maalox has now been touted to cure fullness. You know, the retched condition when you have gorged your plump face into that extra slice of pie, and you had to undo your belt, button, and zipper in order to accommodate which is all extremely imperative of a medicinal remedy. Fullness? They’re serious?

876. Now it is out of hand. Grammatically unintelligible vanity license plates. Vanity plates are a display of your arrogance or ignorance depending on what you perceive is irrelevant to display to the world about your life that you will adore for about five minutes and annoy us for about the two hours a day you drive around looking for the perfect pair of sandals. But good lord, when it makes sense, you have leg to stand on. When I see “6(heart)GRAMM” it exudes removal of your drivers license because it is clear your competence level is absent. The time spent alone surrendering to that license from your original choice should be removed in funds for education from either your paycheck or social security check.

877. I understand my distain for independent films and the means to make a better film. Independent films fail to communicate through images. With intent to define their story through metaphoric or symbolic images which are self beguiled, the task of feeding the story with fluidity is removed. Telling riddles give people pause which defies the necessity to submit to the story.

878. If you, as a swimmer, diver, or boater, is bitten by a shark, and then in time returns to the ocean, should not consider that an accomplishment but rather incompetence. It amazes me that there is a novelty to be in an environment that the human body is not adapted for. The second you enter water, you are a victim of the environment, from lack of breathable materials, to violent species. When going into space, humans require a mandatory excess of safety equipment yet when entering the ocean, dip shit thinks it is more exciting to bring nothing more than a banana warmer.

879. The more intelligent and coherent you are, the more you discover hatred. Look at some of the most diabolical characters in historical reference to death and destruction and you will find some of the most inspired and intellectual people. What does the very principle that intelligent persons, Bobby Fischer, Adolf Hitler, Ted Kaczynski, Genghis Kahn, all find such passionate hatred against the world around them. Is it that hatred is a fundamental behavior, and with the vastness of the world, devices against your ethics are more than likely to encourage relevance. It is human rights personas and religious preaching that contrive a generation unwilling to accept these fundamentals. It is these persons so willing to accept that hatred is not required to exist that example the most primitive of intelligence and severe contradictions. Hatred creates desire for change. It takes an passionate intellect to acknowledge and act upon the girth of hatred for one concern.

880. The Los Angeles police department is replacing the full size four cell flashlight with a smaller version as means to reduce the opportunity to utilize the flashlight as an alternative for the baton. It is good to know that tactics to resolve violent activity is changing the equipment they use. So now we can expect gouged eyes and perhaps an occasional sodomizing instead of the full on skull cracking from the stressed out police officer who has a 9mm at his side.

881. What is it in the Mexican heritage that has evolved the necessity to whistle and make other obnoxious noises from their mouths. Whether they are of direct lineage or immigrant counterparts, it seems an inevitability. Is it the lack of media entertainment in their homeland or lack of communication technologies tied to ancient ceremonial activities or perhaps a means of exerting some inner stressor that…for crying out loud, not only does it echo in here, you are in a public place where god for bid, people actually want to hear what others are saying you disrespectful piece of trash. That is right, consider me a racist scumbag. But you know what? I have had this damn problem with this genre of people so consistently to be able to develop a stereotype and thus eventual hatred for this particular activity by race. Otherwise, I know a lot of Hispanic persons that I admire, but not many because they all whistle and making clicking and clocking noises.

882. California state representative Michael Antonvich has ordered multiple law enforcement and parks and services departments to investigate the probable murder of a buffalo at a petting zoo in Santa Clarita. It has even headlined the local newspaper for a consistent six days. So here I will say it again, thousands of tax dollars and time wasted in the pursuit of a single dead buffalo when the murder rate has increased four hundred percent in the same general area where the petting zoo is. Four hundred thousand people and one buffalo creates a climatic event. The south doesn’t stop east of the Mississippi, believe me.

883. Depression is the most vital time to be the most creative. Happiness is ascertained through effort, thus distraction. When depressed, a more closely normal stasis in human existence, that of the proximity to the removal of emotion, is the means at which a calm and lucid pattern is created both physically and mentally to cope with the situation or event at hand, yet more significantly allowing for the processing of complex thought. Consider how many events in scientific history were created when the inventor had found contemplation for giving in after multiple failures, and only then a peaking of curiosity and the eventual solution.

884. The internet website Yahoo is being sued by a lawyer named Stephen Galton, his name is placed so that ridicule can be directed should you know or meet him, for defamatory and abusive language that was written on a message board in regards to him after he had began posting on the same message board in retaliation to criticism regarding a client of his. Well Mr. Galton, as so many read this right now on the world wide web, fuck off you sniveling heaping pile of hopeless shit. You can send the subpoena via electronic mail at…Welcome to the unadulterated humanity Mr. Galton, where if you are not liked, there is a probably a good reason for it, and I am going to go out on a limb and guess that there is. So scuttle away into your cone of silence and we’ll be sure to try to remember to remind the maid to slide some a bowl of oatmeal under the door.

885. I have to note, especially after listening to a 1992 interview with a very astute Richard Millhouse Nixon, that I do in fact take notice of the positive aspects of the nation of America, however my objective is not to offer perspective to the glorification which itself is not compelling but rather find conflict with everything around me in order to grant potential for pioneering ideals. On that note, California state legislation has decided to apply regulations on diary farms due to the contribution that cow manure and the subsequent byproduct ammonia makes towards air pollution. It couldn’t possibly be the over one million combustion engines, hundreds of thousands of chimneys, hundreds of metric tons of chlorine dumped into hundreds of millions of gallons of water, and billions of ton of debris in landfills, that contribute to air pollution. No, it is clearly that pile of dung Betsy just dropped onto the ground that is going to make that newborn develop emphysema. How odd, pork spending on steak fillets.

886. Yes commercials, where inaccuracy is imperative. Surely this is going to seem a little unforgiving, but I don’t care. The television commercial exhibited an HP wireless laptop as an excellent tool for students on campus. Problem is that the school backdrop, College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California, a significantly flourishing community college, is the only college or university in an immense area that does not even offer plug in hard line internet access for students, let alone wifi access despite the years of claiming to offer such luxuries.

887. What the hell could you be possibly thinking when using illegal performance enhancers in the process of becoming an athlete for or during the Olympic games? With years of scandals headlining winners, did you think you were going to simply pass through the much pronounced drug testing. Perhaps my pee won’t jet out that near lethal dose of beta something or other, well maybe not this time anyways, I mean it has only been thirty days since my last dosage and my thirty four inch biceps have receded to thirty three inches. And who the hell are these coaches that seemingly do not notice the way Joe Fastlane cut his time by ten seconds in one month while his penis fell off during stretching. Here is the best game of all of the Olympics; see who covets the most ethics for self capacity by having the least amount of athletes booted out.

888. Isn’t public citizen a redundant title in the United States? After all it is the given characteristic of an inhabitant of America. Isn’t it?

889. Spilling coffee in your lap is not a handicap, though it is idiotic for you to drive with a cup of coffee that can spill onto your lap. However, when you park in a handicap spot while you sort yourself out, moving in and out of your vehicle, standing there wiping yourself off, you look like a jackass. And after the next two observations falling into the same category, I can’t imagine why we have such stringent laws on manslaughter. At least a compromised time served sentencing seems reasonable for these persons.

890. And here is one that should hang from the gallows…spins his four by four raised pickup truck onto the cross hatched loading and unloading portion of the handicap parking spot in order to finish his cellular phone conversation. I can just hear his retort; I was being consciences of other drivers by getting off the road and finishing my call. Doesn’t appear that his colossal heart left room for the gimp who is leaning against his wheel chair ramp button, unsure if it will every lower.

891. And last but certainly one requiring a nice filling of embalming fluid are assholes that pull into a handicap parking spot, place the handicap plaque on the rear view mirror, and casually leave their handicap person in the vehicle while they shop. I don’t care if gimpy wants to look out the window and shout choices for fruits to a corner stand, if he isn’t getting out, take that plaque and use it as a bed pan scraper because it doesn’t mean shit.

892. Before this year, municipal codes for residential and other public streets was that no vehicle over 6000 pounds was allowed to travel on them at any time. All current sport utility vehicles weigh well over 6500 pounds, and the Hummer H2 at 8500 pounds. Regardless of the purpose of the ordinance’s existence, safety conditions and preservation of the roadways, cities have nonchalantly amplified the weigh restrictions to well over 10,000 pounds, a two ton difference, or that of having a large fully loaded extra cab pickup truck on the back of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hummer. That is what I call clever inner city marketing. As these larger vehicles destroy the roadway, local automotive businesses increase in workload…but wait, this couldn’t possibly be the devised scheme. Perhaps as the roadway disintegrates, tax payer dollars are suckled out and commuters needlessly donate to the local infrastructure. Yes, I believe this is what we call reckless fundamental-less government.

893. Taking notice of a creditable observation while driving is not the brightest idea. Meaning, hey dumbass! Yes? Look both ways, it’s not difficult and essentially a survival tactic you just blew.

894. A 17 year old boy has just been awarded twenty four million dollars from a gun manufacturer after being shot by his babysitter. The babysitter grabbed the firearm when he had heard a noise. After contacting the mother by phone, she advised him to unload the handgun. In doing so, he discharged the weapon, severing the spine of the boy. Despite that the jury bestowed most of the responsibility to the babysitter, they felt that because the weapon did not have a proper safety device for unloading the firearm, the manufacturer is liable. A few things. I have pulled many handgun triggers, cocked or not, and can tell you that it is not the most easily tendered task. How about the fact the babysitter was pointing the weapon in the direction of the boy when fiddling with it. Ooh, here is one; I am almost sure that the manufacturer did not load 6 rounds into the magazine and one in the chamber. In real life kid, you get a wheel chair and a pat on the back and nothing else. Consequences are that, and when emphasized by the manufacturer to the gun owner, which it more than certainly was, you should have no means to impose complaint.

895. Who do you suppose suggested to Ray Charles that he needs braces and teeth bleaching? After all, look at his mouth. Someone must have. Does a blind person really need to be diluted to believe in the now overwhelming narcissism of human existence. They have the luxury of not perceiving what beauty looks like and in turn cannot find fault in their own appearance. Unless they are obese, in which even a blind person can find fault in obesity. Shouldn’t we as a civilization take psychological assessments from those who are able in the opposing means to give an unbiased perception of our appeal. In a society that thrives on emotion, the blind can truly judge beauty.

896. It is not an easy task to create such conflict to be forcibly removed from the shopping mall but leave it to yours truly to accomplish that. What came of this is the understanding of the practice of regulations and security guard training formulated by psychologists. A mall security guard will carry a small sheet of paper that explains around twenty rules for visitors to the mall. Two are tailored towards actual physical conflict while most of the others are of premise. Number 8; do not stare. This is the one I failed at miserably. Yes, I was staring at the actual security guard because he was awkward, which perhaps created the prospect of myself brandishing a large butcher knife and slaughtering the entire lot, or even something more diabolical, making fun of him. Number 12; do not shout or yell. Allow me to muffle myself as I venture out into the great public outdoors sir. And my personal favorite, the quite redundant, number 20; follow all regulations that security advises. Perhaps I was going to be selective and inflict harm on another while quietly not staring directly at them. It goes on from there with a definitive confrontation should any of these be violated but that is the passion of the mall security team in their deliberate path to save the misfortunes of those who shop at the bad side of the mall. Psychologists often preach that there is an individual formula to persons yet noticeably they are the ones who create a census of ideals that are perceived as a threat. To have a stake in the forging of perception for security is irrational. The obligations and tactics of a security guard is to notice irregular activity in a consistent nature. They do not require philosophical comprehension as a means to preemptive action. It does not take much ability to take notice of a baggy pants black kid with a large jacket in the middle of August to have some objectivity to question his action. Another words, screw mall security and screw psychologists who are actively looking to create a larger wealth by disregarding the merits of the individual, oh crap, which is nearly all of them and their professors.

897. Allow us to be blunt. How is it that artists, writers, editors, publishers, agents, publicists, advertisers, and consumers, believe that some 90 percent of the newspaper comic strips are humorous. Surely you can allow for the occasional provocative thinking comic strip but they place those in the business or classified sections, far away from the mire of incapacity. What the hell is wrong with the segment of population that embraces For Better or For Worse, Marmaduke, Family Circus, Felix and Lois, et cetera, et cetera. Comic strips are not there to provoke you into saying, ‘Yeah, me too’. They are there to bring brevity and light to life or if it is of dramatic and action filled content, then exactly that. But for crying out loud, if you are proposing humor, and failing at it, someone do something. There is a long row of persons that it passes through to get published, someone must have some sense of decency. I will now praise the following comic strips…Non Sequitor, Ballard Street, Doonesbury, Foxtrot, Chickweed Lane, and I believe there is a few, and I do mean very few, more that allude me at the moment. And by the by, I am impressed that I managed to situate ‘or if it is of’ logically. That is five two letter words. Almost of legal stature.

898. Television cartoons used to carry the characteristic of sophistication and promote a level of intelligence. It has been shown that those who embrace classical music, such that is absent of the excessive speech you will find in rock, rap, et cetera, that they exceed in education. Looney Tunes used to embrace such musical scores as well as create an interaction with such pieces as the ‘Barber of Seville’ employing Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Take a look in comparison to the comprehension levels of today’s children as they listen to beat box like musical scoring to brightly flashing cartoons. A link in the composition of minute individual processes of education. Television is not a harmful tool to children when utilized correctly.

899. Why did death become so feminine? When you look back into the historical dark ages, the common characteristics is darkness, dank, gloom, women shawled in brown rags covered in grime, the men as equally swathed laboring over a deceased horse. Today, the representation of these gothic eras are young girls painted up in bright white and red, latex peeled over stockings placed in every exposed area, and men dressed exactly the same with the occasional torn knee air tight jeans. At least throw on a cape so you can look more like a comic book persona than someone who could possibly accommodate the notion of value to society. Oh crap, I just found out some of them do wear capes.

900. Isn’t synchronization ironic in an event of competition?

901. The human race, and the philosophers that have provided guidance to such ideological fundamentals for religion and morality, exert so much energy to distinguish humans from animals with an unfortunate lack of education. Sir William Osler once said that humans have the ability to take medicine which animals cannot. This has been proven untrue with various species from primates to other small mammals utilizing specific types of vegetation only when feeling ill. Vise versa animal rights activists preach the same in retort saying that animals do not inflict war when it is quite clear that they are as equally as confrontational within and with other species. One basic mistake in interpretation is that in fact the human race is an animal species. We are mammals. The principle mishap is that these persons trying to create significance of this matter are utilizing emotion as a tool for similarity or differences. In biology you will find no differences, from adaptation to environment to the simple task of excreting a bowel movement. How can perception of difference be based on emotions when humans cannot even perceive a definitive emotional stasis as a measure. There are psychiatrists that make more money than scientists.

902. The Olympics is a gather of nations under the prospects of peace and unity while competing in such events as shooting and archery that are tools of influencing resolve to conflict. I can indeed imagine a world stage of competition that doesn’t require the slaughtering of a sheet of paper.

903. Have you every met someone who has claimed they heard something, or even more precisely, at times they have heard voices. You can tell them that with over three billion persons on this planet, how can you avoid it.

904. How can you even express trauma or develop a significant quantity of valuables in a region where yearly you are likely to suffer from a, or numerous natural disasters. There are expanses of land that are frequented by flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, and people in some infinite obscurity seem so willing to forget that these natural occurrences will hinder their welfare significantly. I am unwilling to accept those sighs of despair from persons in Florida when a hurricane ravages the land. It happens every year from August to October. You can’t predict any other natural disaster better than a hurricane yet still billions of dollars of property is destroyed, lives are lost, and persons collapse in tears from their loss.

905. To show the mechanical nightmare and essential nation wide uselessness of the stock market, when a natural disaster occurs in some region, anywhere in the world, yet especially within the country of that particular market, the market will harshly drop in relation to the loss of goods and farming, essentially crippling others world wide because of the suffering of a few in a small territory. Of course then the ones to benefit are the construction and construction materials companies that then take large quantities of tax dollars, once again other’s money making others suffer world wide, and the subsequent stock increase in that construction and materials suppliers, already increasing their profitability on top of our tax dollars, and then depletion of more forests somewhere, the then subsequent stock increase to augment more funding to kill more forests, more pollution in the same mannerism, and on and on because…well I went on a tangent there so in closing, the stock market amplifies the misplacement of wealth and the indirect abstraction from precise matters. It bears too greatly on everyone in the world based on the performance of a single individual event. Would you like to see larger grocery, gasoline, and utilities prices because there was a black out in New York. Well there was last year and it was not solely on supply, because the market was down, it provided instability world wide, thus a mis-measurement of cost.

906. People seem to have this belief that they are obliged health care by living right. When you see those in need of a medical miracle, everyone is subject to think that the doctor has an obligation to provide it. You see so many taken to the emergency room with the contemplation that the facility must help. The people of America believe that no matter what level of income you earn, you must be given medical assistance without financial complications. The medical profession, and the sciences that construct it, is the most expensive field in every merit. Research, production, operation, all utilizing a vast array of technologies to do what is essentially astonishing craftsmanship. So it becomes a balance of value. Your life and the contributions you have made to civilization will determine the value at which you may receive medical care. If you have done nothing but lingered, and now you are struck down by a horrible disease, what right do you have to earn relief. Medical care is a luxury and should never be perceived as a right.

907. And I was like…and she was like…so I said like…but she thought…so she like…and I was like…really…what seems to bother me more is that this person misuses the two person self dialogue employed by intellectual thinkers scrutinizing a conflict with research or an experiment and more importantly because she won’t shut the fuck up with her essentially boring monologue while using like as a comma.

908. Cellular phones in the hands of young adults has eradicated the sensibility of courtesy for not only those around them but more importantly for the person they are calling. With the luxury of a fleeting moment between two events, such as between two classes in school, and another words at their leisure, they will call another person without contemplation of whether or not that person is involved with an activity, such as what everyone else does when children are at school, work. How often, if ever, do you ever hear a young adult say, “Oh I don’t want to bother them while they are doing…”.

909. When did people forget that turning into a parking spot involved a wide turn, or is it just these three foot women in their sport utility vehicles that can’t see over the dashboard let alone the hood, have absolutely no perception of the girth of their vehicle because her three sons and two daughters are watching Finding Nemo and her cell phone is ringing while she puts on her make up. No, it’s everyone. God I hate you all.

910. Why are so many enamored to become teachers. Is teaching at all a sensation of success? You no longer implement the individual effort in your subject that you labored for in your schooling, creating a uniqueness that is necessary to become accredited from a university. It is a position of excreting redundant materials from you and to others. The same at which you learned in school just prior, giving precise opportunity to others to achieve more than you. I understand that there is a great deal of teachers that find free time to employ their skills into the craft they so desired but not to the extent at which thousands of hours of study was exhausted. It requires segregation and devotion to make an individual success otherwise you are a simple conduit of information, which can be easily replaced by a book.

911. Since this is a pun number, allow me to ridicule everyone. How can you say you are sorry and still not move out of the way for which you were sorry for. You will then be called a liar and you will accept it. So says I.

912. Why does House Representative Michael Antonvich of California or any representative from the house need to travel to Iraq at a cost to the tax payer? If America surmises that they are the most advanced civilization, then why would a district representative be utilized in a foreign country? To offer consultation? Well I can tell you that I know for a fact that everyone employed who sees 17 percent ripped from their pay check leaving them to trade a few nights of fine dining for a Big Mac would not so overtly send this man abroad to consult on anything. The guy works for a district of the highest per capita methamphetamines labs and fastest decreasing safest city in America. He hasn’t even displayed enough influence to stop a mining business near a residential neighborhood. Send a Senator, after all, they seem too eager to jump on a board or panel to discuss some topic that might look novel on a resume for a larger office.

913. Do they not realize that every article in a college newspaper is an editorial. How can a writer place criticism on a car accident.

914. As Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation to increase tuition costs, College of the Canyons president Diane Van Hook, who by the way took a 50,000 dollar pay increase two weeks prior, opened her new gold encrusted heart by saying, “…it is unfortunate you must bear the brunt of this”.

915. Helmets and wheeled backpacks. Where exactly are the fathers of these children and where exactly do they expect society to evolve to when the simple fundamental of struggle is removed from growth.

916. When you have nothing to sell, the tactics of commercialization is ethereal, and thus your television commercials are the worst ones displayed, eh Greenlight.

917. Mercury has been discovered in various vaccines as an additive to prolong expiration. Mercury is well know to inflict damage to the cellular structure in a human and more specifically to the damage of brain cells. A state representative has lobbied to bring a bill to state congress to eliminate mercury in vaccines. He has one month to pass this bill successfully through congress which then will go into affect on January 1st, 2006 at the earliest. Is this democracy? There are threats and lethargy attached to legislation aimed at the prevention of killing people. Isn’t this an act of common sense and immediate interaction? Why is there even a hint of a median?

918. A gentlemen’s silent signal of greeting to another person is an unhurried downward nod with the single or double digit tipping of the hat. A dumb ass punk piece of crap’s silent greeting is a swift upward flick of the head, likely following the inner monologue of “what’s up” by looking what is up prior to suggesting it to another. Now you have a key to decipher the probable genetic characteristic of a particular male. How come I don’t see this biological logic placed within psychological research?

919. Cellular phones have murdered the stick shift vehicle market. Who cares that stick shifts are more reliable, low maintenance, better performance, and average higher gasoline mileage, because you need to be able to tell Darlene that your hair got messed up when you turned on the air conditioner but it’s okay because you need to stop off at Becky’s to tell her about Bobby before going to Denise’s to see her new dress. For those who see sexism there, simply replace the female names with male names, and change the item of a dress to a beer and you get the same uselessness.

920. It is illegal to booby trap your property, especially if it should inflict harm on the intruder constituting a penalty of manslaughter. However, should you decide to place a 9mm round into the intruder while you are there, you are more likely to walk out of court with only probation. What human rights organization or religious wacko consulted on this ignorance? If the person attempting to steal the foundation of your well being is not in distance to physically harming you, it is not the same and thus unworthy of a 9mm neutering. Property is an essential tool of survival and when those items that comprise of your basic security are in threat, it is biological nature to defend them by any means. Neanderthals would defend land and food with their life. This was in fact once the rudiments of the America in the 1700’s to protect what was theirs. I seem to recall the Civil War being about possessions. Please setup a series of small torture devices with the freedom of defending your value and tools of survival. Not only inflict harm but murder ruthlessly. Go now. Go my pretty.

921. Because a bellman serves guests of a wealthier caliber, such as celebrities and stock holders of Google, he can more likely be recognized as the preeminent bellman in the country. So Thomas Gogetum at the Hilton Disneyland who busts his ass to get a few hundred families of ten every accommodation from taxi cabs to Snickers bars isn’t as worthy of recognition? It appears that recognition is only devised by those who can make notice available to you.

922. How convenient that after research by psychiatrists, they explain that married couples who do not communicate well are likely to divorce but can find resolution by seeking counseling. And where might such married persons find counseling? Oh yes, the psychiatrist.

923. Iraqi soccer players have expressed anger over their images being used in a George Bush political ad. Who do you suppose brought this to their attention? I highly doubt that the Olympic games in Athens, Greece is a sizeable market for American candidate political ads, nor would it be extremely useful in Baghdad. Oh and by the way gentleman, it was in fact the timeline during the Bush administration that allowed for your freedom to play in the games so I can’t imagine that someone in the media managed to mis-use grammar or wording to give some threatening ideal to how their images were used. Oh no, no one would do that as an American.

924. After scrutinizing a television program featuring the life of Michael Jackson, I realize that not even the most skillful special effects and makeup artist can duplicate what Michael Jackson actually look like.

925. Ski resort owners are pressing their concerns over global warming. Ski season have been shorter and snow has only been falling in higher elevations requiring them to utilize snow machines. Of course the underline of their efforts as clearly stated by them, lost revenue. I endorse their pattern of notification. Since environmentalists have been labeled as crackpots and anarchists, then perhaps concern over the mighty dollar might raise a few brows. As carbon dioxide levels reach unmanageable quantities, 368 part per million, the simple logistics of the natural pattern of Earth is beginning to obscure, and it has been clearly defined over the last 70 years in actual measurements. Yes folks, your financial welfare and the welfare of our children, oh wait, that angle of your children never works either, however your financial welfare is going to be drastically afflicted. Resale value on property, gasoline costs, sending a child through college with tuition and clothing, all of these will be negatively affected due to the affects of overproduction of carbon dioxide. That should do it, go for the only thing that seems to exude concern to American society. These are even the main issues during a presidential campaign while the environment is diminished into a general overall topic. “Mr. Senator. How do you feel about the environment?” “Well, we need to help make things better for tomorrow.” Really, what part of it? Try listening to actual discussion from your leaders concerning the environment.

926. You can now find french fries food vouchers attached to small index cards providing information on how to contact a crisis center hotline. So as the defeatist spends his final moments deciphering the potential left in his life, he can travel to McDonald’s and see where his only available first step is and hopefully after seeing the 35 year old manager taking orders, the kid goes home and kills himself after leaving the hotline card at McDonald’s. When is it time to blame parents? This is the time. When children feel overwhelmed, it is because life has been sugar coated by those around them.

927. First let me state that I hate the mentality that developed the ideal that paintings and painters are to revered for more than anything than paintings and painters. Mona Lisa is a painting of a woman that has been duplicated in different form a billion times over. People make the equivalent of the sculpture of David out of ice for bar mitzvahs. However, if you do decide to declare a painting worth hundreds of thousands, then how can a burglar in the middle of the day walk in and take the painting of Scream from the wall? It seems like a series of long screws through a frame into a stud would kind of eliminate any ease of simply lifting a painting off the wall. Carl’s Jr. has reproduced paintings secured better to their bathroom wall than this museum did.

928. Don’t you think if your vehicle has side mirrors that retract automatically as a standard option that your vehicle might just be too immense for normal travel?

929. Can you imagine the invention of synchronized swimming as a competitive event? It’s the 50’s and a couple of girls frolicking around in a pool suddenly begin prancing about, kicking their feet in the air attempting to duplicate the other while some peeping tom from a sporting committee hiding in the bushes realizes that he can get all those rejects at the swim meets to bring in some extra dollars while he gets his jollies off as head coach. I mean, what other possible story could come from the creation of such a moronic sporting event? Well, the truth is that as early as 1810, it was used as entertainment for royalty in European countries. From there a mentality of those who believe that art is also a sport, which it is not, created organizations that harassed those who knew it was not into allowing those who could not achieve sporting successes into the world games. It is the letting cripples go to the head of the line syndrome. But there is just no rational explanation for the ridiculous power walking event at the Olympics. What shopping mall ladies group hassled that event in there?

930. How it is a blessing from god to become pregnant through invetrofertilization? It is a defiance of your body’s construction which to those who are religious, is in defiance of god.

931. William Kennedy. You might ask who the hell is that. Good, because it needs to be expressed that the Kennedy legacy has not seen any means of significance since Jackie Onasis died. Currently, one is a Senator who is frequented by corruption and the sons are dying of a self inflicted idiocy. The last well announced member of this lot was surmised as a handsome character who created an arrogant male fashion magazine then, much like the rest of his family, died of a self inflicted idiocy. No one, and I do mean no one, cares about the Kennedys any longer. So please, when a nephew of an uncle who probably slept with a hooker to conceive him commits a sexual assault. No one cares and it sure as hell shouldn’t headline over other news stories that involved world wide strife or for that matter, puppy dogs for adoption.

932. When a film has to express plot points in the title, you should immediately be skeptical. For example, Anaconda, Hunt for the Blood Orchid. Now of course this film probably sucks without placing even a word title at all yet it is expressing two plot points in an attempt to accomplish what? Deceive us into thinking that the story is not about a large snake so we are more frightened about spending ten dollars to see it?

933. Here is a shrewd tactic by colleges to find a few extra dollars from the already stricken student. Recently publishers have been releasing paperback versions of their textbooks in order to reduce cost to the student. The college then repackages the book with an additional handful of useless pages featuring no information other than where you are attending school as well as a new cover and augments the price to the original hardcover value. I nearly forgot, my slanderous comments…the school that participates in this theft is College of the Canyons in Valencia, California.

934. If you really watch a weather person deliver a weather report, you can be astounded by the in depth technical and sophisticated information, of what occurred today. Watching the trough, fronts, and satellite imagery atop topographical maps or the much flaunted current radar scan, once again of the day that has passed already. When it then comes to the outlook you are bombarded with the least complex array of numbers and pictures of clouds and suns with the occasional tilted palm tree. Thanks for the marketing deception. You have to maintain consistency when it comes to news broadcasting.

935. Protesting is labeled by law enforcement as civil disobedience. Thus, your acclaimed freedoms to express your beliefs, whether violent or not, is rebellious and considered treason against your country. Civil disobedience sounds like you need to be put down after turning on your master.

936. Write something with your opposing hand. For those of you in the United States, that means if you are right handed, write something with your left hand. Now you can clearly see what is afflicting gang members that graffiti. They must be spray painting with their wrong hand because you can’t read or write the kind of gobbledygook they slop everywhere. Who is alarmed by this anyways? Oh man, this must be klerblaj13 territory. I better shop over at another Home Depot. Or better yet, how many other gang members are checking for markings on the bathroom door inside of a Taco Bell. I would think you would want to declare a little more prestigious locations like a Quizzno’s at least.

937. It isn’t privacy when you give it to someone in the first place. That is to all you technical rejects out there who spend money online and are conflicted when someone steals your personal information. Well, you handed it someone anyways. You don’t go to 7-Eleven and fill out a customer login card so why would you think you are still safe when you fall for it online.

938. Seagulls are detested by boaters and owners of shoreline properties. They scavenge and expel feces ubiquitously. Most of their existence is enveloped by filth and disease. But hey, the Mormons idolize the creature. You see, the seagull is worthy of such stature because the Mormons existence was saved by them. While settling in Utah, swarms of crickets slaughtered their crops and seagulls, following their migration pattern, landed in this region and devoured most of the insects, thus preserving the Mormons opportunities. Of course, much like any oblivious susceptible follower usually found in any religion, they perceived this as an instrument of God. The first time they are there and planting a new harvest of grains and feed, a delicious new feast for insects that had not found such a cuisine in that region, and since seagulls passing through for the first time managed to find a meal, unlike any other time in that region, because for the first time Mormons had tilled there, thus the first time…do you see where I am going with this? Signs from God for the Mormons sure do not come in pairs do they? Perhaps a little reflection time, you know, sit back, put your feet up, wait a season or two before you make a statue for the very animal you worship to crap on.

939. Scientists seem all to eager to characterize limits to every tangible existence without actually defining what the limitation might be. And those defined of course wander about in fault based on their pre-conceived explanation of the then perceived limit. I damn all those who find faith in arguing against FTL. Though I agree with limitations, light and space has not been truly defined. And if there should be limitations, then how can infinity, you know the sideways eight, be utilized in mathematical equations so frequently to define what the limitation is. That is a contradiction I imagine.

940. Home improvement programming has unfortunately evolved from demonstrating to the viewer how to perform a task to letting the viewer watch others screw up an abstract task within an irrational amount of time with time lapse editing. Bob Villa must be turning over in his cedar oak coffin with brass fittings and stucco siding. I want to see the very boring construction of a dresser by using dovetail cuts and dowel pins instead of watching them install a mock disco club inside of a living room for some pea brained fat ass. At least combine the two and put a power tool to the reject who craved a disco atmosphere in his living room. I don’t think feng shui includes the discipline of a floor lined with flashing colored bulbs. And on my perspective, observation 86, environment dictates. And it is telling me that you are a mesmerized idiot.

941. As a restaurant, how do you display a menu without all the actual standard selections available? Confining choices to combinations and value deals only makes the drive through run slower as people struggle to get what portions they want that you in fact offer regularly. Another words, fuck your new drive though menu Kentucky Fried Chicken.

942. Environmentalists should start exterminating from the source, the customer. A single Budweiser factory, from production to distribution, in one week discharges as much carbon dioxide as four ocean faring diesel burning oil tankers traveling from Asian to America. Drink up, it kills your brain cells to allow you to ignore that your choking to death.

943. A man was misdiagnosed in having HIV eight years ago when in fact he did not have it all as revealed by a mistake in a computer database. The gay man, who saw friends die around him from AIDS, said he was miserably upset at the doctor for this error. During those eight years, his health and weight deteriorated because of his constant fear of dying. Good to know that when the prospect of dying came about, you took that high road and wallowed in misery, avoided any means of physical conditioning, and feared the one thing every will go through unexpectedly. And you didn’t die. If you decide to live life now because of your “second chance at life”, I will come end it for you. Here is the great thing in life, you just know he going get a nice dose of the virus any day now within his celebrating. That is why there are those who enjoy life. It is all about watching others being miserable to make us feel better.

944. Why are urinal dividers so small? Either short in height or depth. I don’t really want to chat with anyone face to face, shake hands, or even have the contemplation to crouch down into that little cubby hole you give us which only ricochets that urine back onto us because some genius decided that we should pee against a wall. I want office space in there. I want a long confined tunnel to pee down. I want my peerivacy. Ha, send that one to the children’s joke column in the Los Angeles Times.

945. It seems to matter where you purchase a lottery ticket to those not paying attention to the rest of the world. As means of the susceptibility of people and their willingness to defy their own beliefs when eagered, despite statistics showing that there is not a pattern to locations delivering winning numbers in quick picks options, people will line up at stores that have previously awarded significant prizes, in the hopes of luck. Here is something to keep them running aloof, lightening never strikes twice in the same spot. Idiots. What about those who pick their own numbers, does it make that store where they purchased their ticket lucky. Did you even check?

946. What do children have to do with appliances, auto repair, and locksmithing? Yup, nothing, but for some exploiting reason, children appear in advertisements, with their horrendous smiles and squeaking noises as if to declare that their years of using this service has left them with overwhelming satisfaction with the company’s services. How can you so nimbly trust a company that uses children as their key element to promote their services. Does their quality of craftsmanship feel slightly hindered much? And locksmithing? The advertisement surmised that it was important that your child makes it quickly and safely inside their home when you are locked out. Yes, because I had no intention of getting into my home with fast, prompt, reliable and friendly service, but my child needs to have his ass wiped inside with utmost alacrity. Look it up.

947. Hospitals are now required by federal regulations to install hydraulic lift systems for obese patients. What more can you say? Misplaced tax dollars. Regulatory boards’ squandered time. Commerce for obese accommodations flourish. Increased independent patient costs. Wasted legroom. We must soon find means of a reusable fuel from obese people who pass away suddenly from my psychopathic outrages. All right, I would not likely directly target the obese with deadly weaponry, but rather with an anti-reproductive device, eliminating means of parenting and the subsequent lack of transference of wisdom. Then, as the fat people die in their youthful maturity from health complications, we use their bodies as fuel. It’s made of people…people.

948. Name someone who hasn’t been frustrated when a bus comes to a stop for any reason, from customer pick up to railroad tracks, ahead of you while you are driving. You know as simple logic that buses stop frequently. How can you possibly ever find angst when following a bus. Anger towards inevitability is only derived because you did not contemplate action before it was inevitable.

949. How has society now lapsed in weeding out the inadequate? In times past, only those who fought and struggled to survive did so. Now blatantly ignorant spawns of loss seem to easily find work within the overabundance of civilization. If someone gives you a $200.00 bill, and you accept it, transferring the person their change, and going about your day. You are not accepted into the scheme of life. You had a likely 16 years to get it. And you didn’t. They taught values of money in first grade.

950. The shirt died with him. Of course, this would explain why all deceased persons are wearing clothing. That colonial garb that couldn’t go on without that solider or the long flowing black dress that felt compelled to join its master. If death is an element of life, then why are we not given the option to change? Perhaps an nice silk dress shirt with a tan vest for the evening but something with more velour in the morning. I am dead after all, I need to feel presentable. Throughout life, as bided by religion, you are given free will to choose, yet filched of that after you have died.

951. A reporter spoke with a woman who had remained in her home with her three children and husband during a recent hurricane in Florida. She revealed that for the last 22 years that she has lived in Florida, she has always stayed in her home during hurricanes. The reporter asked why? Perhaps, you overly paid absent minded torso and head, that surviving hurricanes for 22 years, she didn’t much find confidence in abandoning everything she owns when it has been right there within her grasp, every time for 22 years. Way to get to the lower quadricep of the story. She is a survivor and you questioned her as if she was an ignorant citizen.

952. Why do businesses promote the “family run” aspect of their history? I would imagine that if there was corruption to the consumer, that it would be much easier to contain the information within a structure of family and by parents who bred their young to their ethics. I would trust a business that has outsiders, providing scrutiny and or confidence.

953. Do unto others as they would do unto you. Now if you are the person being done unto, be sure that your actions are exactly equivalent to the actions done unto. Should there be a variance, then you are creating another do unto which creates another done unto leaving the original done unto undone. However, if you are not concerned with vagueness then screw it.

954. Have you ever heard the preaching that being a hero is not always about rescuing babies from fires, but rather just being there for the ones who need you. No, the term hero does not correlate to a father going to work every morning and bringing back Christmas presents or walking an old woman across the street. It is about being refined from society in an unique occurrence. There are currently over 70 million fathers in America and there are numerous organizations the coordinate others to take care of the elderly, do you think that is unique? It is normality turned into an ideal then manipulated into an emotion all for the comfort of the overwhelmed and inadequate.

955. An average steel framed eight story building will use the equivalent steel of 260 million tin cans. How convenient since there are easily 260 million persons that we could feed instead of offering another rental space for yet another insurance office, realtor, psychiatrist, bank, and or Starbucks location.

956. Perspective is dynamic enough to show that the Earth rotates clock and counterclockwise at the same time. Bobble this one for a while. Scientists consent that the Earth rotates counterclockwise. Turn and face north. As the Earth rotates with you facing north, you will be traveling to your right which will show the Earth traveling clockwise. Now turn and face the south. You will travel to your left thus traveling counterclockwise. There is only one person in the world that could truly say we are traveling counterclockwise and he must stand directly on the north pole looking at his feet. For someone directly standing on the south pole, he will dispute the direction of the rotation. Now surmise that the poles are reversed which history and present are showing. Then as south is north, are we still traveling counterclockwise as a standard?

957. License plates feature a few identifying marks to define the current residential origin of the driver. However, would it not be even more compelling to identify not only the state but the city the driver resides within. Then for proper judgment, if that person is not local we can partially excuse their ignorance of the traffic patterns. Should they in fact be local residents, then we can merge our hate and anger at that person for their incapacity. And with more gratification, seeing them within the community and obliging them more with disgust. All thanks to simply printing a few more letters on the license plate. Most nimrods already give clues with their wealth of arrogance. Persons who live in more affluent communities post stickers on their windows to assist security in weeding out non-residents. So go out, and judge appropriately, with fervor.

958. Removing Saddam Hussein from power contains numerous positive variables that seems the public and media are unwilling to suggest but rather argue against in the means of conflict within political preference. The government could not just divulge that bringing such threat against the ruthless creates fear, or terror, wink wink, to other despicable leaders. Yes, everyone utilizes terror as a means of advocating their ideals, good or bad. Fear god. Win, lose, or draw. As a superpower, the means to create fundamentals for right and wrong can be displayed by exhibiting consequences. But of course, most in the United States are dense enough to ignore that the liberal media who contest the Bush Administration will find disgust in their actions and fail to discuss ways and means. I have yet to hear a single liberal based narrator discuss other tactics towards resolution of ominous world leaders. That is what you obtain with a party system.

959. 2x (cosine 3) equals 4 pie over at Dave’s later.

960. There are those who believe, actually currently fifty three percent of registered voters, that a time span of 25 years from when George W. Bush had last used illegal drugs to his current presidency is essentially meaningless to his actual ability to act as a competent leader. I have spent more than 25 years on this planet and have consciously never even wanted to try an illegal drug knowing the physical consequences and there are numerous like me who have succeeded predominantly. Essentially the guidance of this country is based on those who have flawed selfishly, agreeing that others that are humbled like them are subject to leadership. Well good luck to you because last I checked, not only is that diminishing opportunity but accepting the competence of someone who does not have the full array of functioning brain cells that could have conceivably existed...yet neither does the voter so how would they know.

961. It is amazing how politics has rearranged the philosophy, “I serve for my country and for that honor,” into “It’s a job. Ya’ gotta’ do what you gotta’ do. You can’t fear it.” I see and hear this frequently from disembarking soldiers headed to the Middle East and there is no real contention for them to draw upon without the conflict created by party outlets. Joining the army used to carry the fundamental to adjust you, to form a better character of you, to learn respect, honor, and courage. Now listen to these soldiers, they have feelings. Soldiers are not supposed to have emotions. They are tools, they are weapons, not missionaries. Let religion preach ideals of compassion, let the army display ideals through force as it has been for the entire existence of humanity up until eight years ago.

962. In many regions of Africa where today isolated groups of people die from famine, you can look through history and see that within these harsh territories these people thrived by and through the component of slavery. Slavery, though fundamentally unscrupulous, did not mean that the slaves where treated severely. They were used as tools for the completion of brilliant facades so they did require proper diets and dwellings. Egyptians have been shown to provide abundance to the slaves that constructed pyramids in the middle of deserts. Cities flourished with primitive plumbing and other advances. Yet as time and morality conquered, these huge swarms of people are now without guidance. Landscapes of farming is now desolate because these people are constituted to their own means. I am not proposing slavery but perhaps indeed an aspect of dictatorship can be lucrative to these regions. It seems better than succumbing to their inabilities.

963. What do we want? Blah blah blah. When do want it? Now. Imagine the processes of conversation that led to this chant during a protest of today. So, do you think we should chant? Yeah, that is a good idea. What should we chant? I got nothing, how about you? Nope, not a thing. Hey, I heard this one once, I think it was on the History Channel. Want to give it a try? Go for it. What do I want? No wait...what do we want. I want you all to shut up and get off the steps of city hall and actually do something creative and unique because I am going to go out on a limb and say that something different might bring attention to yourselves instead of silent insider ridicule.

964. I return to the argument that people claim they do not have enough time in the day. I see another reason for it. When those jack ass sports utility drivers have to wave you through because they are sure they can’t make the turn, or traveling predominantly slower around corners, or traveling back and forth waiting for that one parking spot or lane change to open that can actually accommodate the behemoth vehicle. How about all the time taken to fill the extra capacity of the gasoline tank. If you were to add the extra distance of the sports utility vehicle in comparison to a smaller sedan then multiply that distance by quantity on a freeway during traffic, you will have increased the distance of traffic many fold thus decreasing the velocity of travel. How about a thesis on that quandary?

965. Get out and vote says the masses of party sided individuals. Well what if the best choice just isn’t available? Settle? Choosing the lesser of three evils for leadership of the most significant country seems a device for idiocy yet everyone expresses the fundamental that your opinion doesn’t count if you don’t vote. Well I am going to write my name on a piece of paper, punch a hole next to it, fold it, slide it into a box, and consider myself worthy of formulating objections to the United States of America.

966. How hard is it to stop before the line? What assumptions are being made that deviate the sense to stop before the line? It is not even an achievement to be beyond the line but rather a failure.

967. Of course it has to be a wet mount otherwise it won’t slide. Get it?! For all of those who are employed in a restaurant, it’s a horribly awful science slash sexual connotation joke.

968. What an achievement when the only argument from those opposing gay marriage is that “marriage is between a man and woman just as it has been throughout history”. Without utilizing religion, which supposedly is separated from state, this is the foundation for which they stand on. Not economic downfalls because they would be false and not criminal influence which would be incorrect as well but rather a simple retort consisting of not one reality. Throughout the history they use as evidence, pharaohs, caesars, kings, queens and even today senators and numerous other dignitaries from Islamic to Christians have embraced homosexuality. Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander the Great, Plato, Emperor Nero who was twice married to a man. Homosexuality was a worshiping tool of the original religion of paganism as it was incorporated as norm throughout civilization. And as of late it has found lax within the Catholic Church. So the fundamentals you value are obsolete when the entire world you believe you live in, isn’t, and the history you claim to support was carved by far greater men and woman who were homosexual.

969. The government preaches daily about the harsh realities of this world and its violence yet follows by urging the removal of weapons from its citizen. Weapons bans are praised by non gun owners for keeping weapons from criminals yet it is now only those who are criminal that can out gun the lonely law abiding citizens, by reaching out into that harsh world they speak of.

970. As the media touts the so called grim significant number of 1000 United States soldiers dead in Iraq, they fail to mention that nearly 24 percent is from non-combat activities including becoming ill from food poisoning and a belated diagnosis of leukemia. Yet here at home, each year nearly 200 soldiers die each from on duty accidents, most by the very soldier themselves. You know what really echoes uselessness of the number 1000? It is that with 140,000 soldiers currently in Iraq, previous wars with far less logic levied far greater casualties with far greater difficulties. These soldiers today are constantly brought down with simplistic error in judgment and tactic. Skill and comprehension is a major factor that contributes to the reasoning of the fatality and that should be taken into account.

971. In 1814, the Fort McHenry poem later hailed as The Star Spangled Banner was musically composed to a British drinking melody. In 1930, the United States government approved this song as the national anthem. In one hundred and sixteen years, the nation of America could not do better than a pirated drinking song as their representational hymn?

972. Center dashboard displays. When driving within city limits, I want you to look at your air vents every few seconds and tell me what retard came up with putting complicated displays and dials at the center of the vehicle which is conveniently 15 to 25 degrees away from where the direction of your vehicle is traveling. I have a novel idea, how about changing the steering wheel design for once and giving a clear view of the instruments and we won’t complain about not seeing them and letting abstract designers getting a hold of things. And why did they take out rotations per minute instruments or temperature gauges? Those are just slightly more important that having a 8 inch display of a gasoline gauge or identification of where you are in gear. What failure to drive needed that one thrown in. “Well, I thought I had put it into drive by pushing the button down and moving the huge lever down three clicks until the arrow aligned the D but after looking on the dashboard, I must have made a mistake and kept it in park”. Screw car designers and their sense of appeal that people are so gullible to. Welcome to the society where class has countermand consciousness.

973. “Sorry about that, my child just fell on you”. Then the child knocks over a wet floor sign, and the mother chuckles. Who are these people where flaws are disregarded as simple mistakes. Parenting subsides as fear of retaliation blurs their senses. Discipline appears to be a fundamental for those who grasp it for themselves. It’s good to know that little Timmy has to learn how to define the difference between obnoxious and courteous when he is sixteen and getting beaten to death. Then parents will of course look elsewhere to blame such as from television.

974. Innocence is a method of fear and weakness.

975. Why do family or friends hold pictures of their deceased relative or friend during memorials? Please grieve for me and I carry the proof for you to consider it. When did mourning become public display or better yet, when has it not? What kind of self centered greed is necessary to tout your loved one as a victim when you yourself is alive and well. And three years after the fact, note the theme on this one. Please remember them? Why? It is the violence that heeds remembrance not that your loved one was in the building. The truth is that your emotional instability has overcome your sense of dignity and now much like a child cries when it desires comfort, you are outrageously soliciting consolation.

976. Nearly all vehicle owners who display their vehicles at car shows claim they cannot drive their vehicle because it would be far too expensive to fix it should they get into an accident. Yes, defeat the purpose of the invention of the vehicle and display the creativity you have asserted in exhibitions that display the tool of transportation by immobilizing the vehicle and rendering it useless. How sad that a bag of M&M’s has more function than these vehicles on display.

977. This is directed specifically to men. Are you susceptible to fragrances, and if you are, what is wrong with you? The potency of perfumes creates an unnatural sharp scent that I would assume is possibly masking an underlying stench. One that you might discover in the morning. And here is the other absurdity I see of men in that when women decide what fragrance best suits them, they select by their tastes and desires. Thus if your senses attract you to this particular woman laced in this particular scent that she favors, well, you do the math homo. Actually, I understand the mechanics of scent and the fact that the woman covering herself in this filth is more than likely seeking advances yet there are those who I have come across who are smitten simply by the passing wafting odor of someone who is not likely searching for interaction in that moment of time and these are the persons who are functionally naive. Perhaps that is why the manufactures place alcohol as an ingredient leading to myself being completely wrong about homosexual tastes and instead just being a inebriated jack ass.

978. Colorado Sand Dunes National Park. Instead of perhaps irrigating this stretch of land to provide a more green and healthier environment, let us preserve it as a place of desolation and ensure that tax dollars assist in this task. Fucking sand dunes.

979. Congratulations to Dell for passing through society a slogan that seems no one truly distinguishes. “Easy as Dell”, which is a simple alteration of easy as hell. Grandly laughing behind golden doors. We might soon see “Go Sony Yourself” with the attention span out there today.

980. A little transference of actions, though not spiritually you pot smoking...I’m sorry, former pot smoking now ecstasy dropping organic. It has been analyzed that people spend days worth of time per year stuck in traffic. Flashback about 100 years, and you will remove the vehicle and return to traveling on horseback or by horse drawn carriage which would have taken that stalled time only in a stretched out slower pace. Progression? No, not really. Efficiency is still obsolete from human evolution.

981. Why do people believe that they can wear anti-Bush t-shirts or display anti-Bush banners that only exhibit simple hateful messages as “Love American Hate Bush” or “Regime Change Starts At Home”. These are messages of treason to an elected official. And this is besides the fact that congress actually runs the country but since people can comprehend that, moving back to the treason. I don’t care for this president however I do respect the role that we as citizens placed him in with a majority. With that comes duty as a citizen to collaborate and support that person and the role for the presence within the world, otherwise you are what...yep, treasonous. And you preach with hostility, which would be equivalent to actions of a coup which would be condemned with death. You are lucky you live in a overly compassionate country and a shame that you take advantage of it. If you believe so predominantly of removing the current president, support the fundamentals of the opponent with professionalism.

982. Since we are on this mannerism, I hate to break it to you but George Walker Bush has been president for four years. Defining his flaws prior to his presidency, especially thirty years before his presidency, only shows the magnificence of your ignorance for placing him in office in the first place. Four years plus the two years prior while initiating the process for campaigning. You had two years to decipher the options. Political races are in fact about the character of the person wishing to replace the current leader, either one or two persons depend on the term. We have example of the current administrations’ abilities, yet only propositions from the opponent which can only achieve value from their previous actions.

983. Sirhan Sirhan is still seated on death row. It was the 70’s when he murdered Robert Kennedy. I am not proud of my mathematical skills and I don’t believe this requires a great deal of intellect but how does the justice system work? I can’t imagine that one single person who lived in the time of Robert Kennedy who now preaches about removing the death penalty would find discretion in terminating this middle eastern born assassinator. Of course, the ignorance that currently holds Sirhan in jail is the same ridiculous misplaced emotion when they stalled the death penalty in California as Charles Manson and his “family” sat on death row and now in place of an electric chair, they receive parole hearings every few years.

984. Conversations are not more important than walking consciously. Get out of the middle of the street and the middle of the parking lot and if you stop again, I will run you over.

985. There is a collection of people who mock the generation of couch potatoes that flip through the channels briskly. Well let us place the blame where it belongs. Have you actually taken into account the structure of channel placement that these cable companies have provided? After basic local stations, you come across miscellaneous un-watchable stations, then a mix of everything from sports, to gender based, to comedy, to drama, to crap. With a particular taste for a genre of entertainment, which everyone has, you cannot avoid traversing across numerous channels that defy your flavor and they prefer it that way. It is about marketing and who could blame them, money is to be made.

986. Looking at successful businesses in different societies, you will notice a genre of organizations that flourish in America in comparison to most other countries and that are cleaning services and car washes. Imprinting the certainty that American’s are not only lazy but irresponsible for their own existence in a magnitude enough to benefit millions of employees nation wide.

987. A grieving woman begging for help in finding her husband’s killer on a news broadcast spoke of how her husband did not deserve to die this way and how he is with God now. That my friends, is a contradiction. You cannot be a part of God’s plan and die inappropriately.

988. If you were to exercise with a similar plan every day of equal repetitions on both sides then one day come up short just one repetition on one side and then continued your pattern of equality on both sides furthermore, you would be forever lopsided.

989. A person who takes aim at a target has faith that he is doing good while believing that evil fires indiscriminately.

990. Most who live in civilization today have the perception that we are drastically evolved. The truth is that we as a species are very much in the median. All those reading their bible right now, ignore this. From ape, humans evolved shedding their hair from their bodies and defining certain elements of physical structure. Today, as you examine the human body, especially your own since it is the most available to you, you see vast quantities of unnecessary hair, which we continue to defy by shaving off, and a curvature of the spine which prevents us from a directly vertical stance among other minute variations in the physiological and psychological composition. We have evolved, but not even relatively close to where humans are evolving to. We are not a pinnacle, nor should our morality believe such. Our place is always to be in the middle of what has past and what is to come.

991. “Percent of the whole thing?” I overheard a college student inquire that question. Perhaps it has never been the overcrowding or inadequacy of the school system as a deficiency to development but rather the skewing biological make up for comprehension. Oh, I’m sorry, we don’t have time to study the aspects of evolutionary development of the ability of the brain because our scientists are too busy with understanding obesity, hair, and erections. Well, fatty bald limp man. If you carried value in your ability, you and anyone else would likely look beyond your physical flaws. Then of course if you had intellectual aptitude perhaps you wouldn’t be fat, bald, and swinging in the breeze because there are simple health related tasks to defeat these particular aspects.

992. I encourage biologists until I discover they are all liars. Well, I still support them for their defiance against the current industrial and human psychological status quo but when I discover that when plotting areas during research, that any percentage below one percent should most commonly be reported as a full percent, then, oh I don’t know, there seems to be an element of inaccuracy.

993. Sensitivity is a tool to the continuity of divorce. Telling a child, “...we are getting a divorce. It is not that we don’t love each other or you because we do, but we just cannot live together...” Essentially instilling the ideal that the values of certain required elements of a relationship are not valid, leading to a foundationless understanding of relations and a conscious acknowledgement that with no true elements of concern, associations can be easily established and just as simply terminated with no discernable consequences. This can then apply to business or emotion all because you as parents were afraid to identify that you both made a poor decision in selection of a companion. With that aspect instead, the child would likely discern where to apply certain emotions and have a more selective perspective.

994. Shouldn’t we create question towards the aspect of society in that regardless of supply overwhelmingly accommodating demand, people still evoke a sense that they must stand in line prior to availability to ensure they obtain the product. There is no element of competition nor an expression of coveting when no matter what occurs, you will most certainly succeed in the task, if succeeding can be eligible as a term for such a feeble event. Yep, I am talking about Star Wars on DVD.

995. Residents in Louisiana have begun elevating their homes in anticipation of reoccurring hurricanes and subsequent floods from shoreline erosion while then praying for change. Doesn’t praying for change solidify absence or futility in this effort due to that fact the events have occurred? And then to alter your existence to accommodate examples self reliance. How hasn’t God been cycled out of this wisdom? What religious comfort comes from your physical efforts against nature to survive. God had no hand in you securing a 2x4 for support of your security.

996. The apparently oblivious story of how children can find direction at young ages was set aside as the only emphasis implied in a recent news story was that he will be the youngest black American male to fly a single engine propeller airplane across state lines minus of course the young black Canadian boy who did the same a few years prior. What sleaze ball sat near the tarmac and contemplated on how to glorify his easily replaced existence? Despite the unintelligible error of chronicling the story’s accent, I wish to barrage the young boy’s achievement since it seems to be failed to be mentioned. When I was fourteen years of age, I was placed in a single engine Beechcraft and accumulated approximately thirty hours of flight time and several solo take offs and landings. With two to four thousand dollars, an instructor, a series of videos and literature, and most importantly, time, you could teach a retard, or even Michael Moore, to fly a single engine aircraft. Because you can sit still in a flight pattern for a few hours is really not an achievement. It’s just expensive.

997. How misguided society is, perhaps now even so that the fundamentals of instinct have developed around erroneous contemplations. This is truly shown when a partner of another is sexually cheated on and the victim instantaneously decides to ventilate their anger upon the third party. It’s difficult to understand why all of that person’s frustrations are not concentrated upon the person who actually committed the act of malice. Is it fear of legal complications in the subsequent divorce or perhaps giving that person of many years a chance. Well, none of that makes a damn bit of sense but hey, welcome to America, where misguided principles have birthed the very ideal that someone with infrequent habitual faults can most certainly change.

998. Since we are so eager to label generations, how about those born about five years ago and on from there be identified as the “Who Will Be...” generation, since it is a near ritualistic phrase uttered on television.

999. California proposition 68 will mandate a sizeable tax upon Indian casinos. Here is the pitch by those promoting this proposition; “They make 8 billion dollars and pay no taxes. I didn’t vote for that”. As far back as the late 1700’s to only fifty years ago, Americans herded these non-Americans into regions classified as sovereign nations. From there, United States federal laws then legislated their faculty to merit anything essentially confiscating their partition. These people are not citizens of America. You have no rights to govern them if you ask for no vendetta against you. Their successes are there own, of a nation of their own, and it is you, the American, that bestowed them their current wealth. It is your responsibility to sustain your own condition.

1000. The current year is roughly between 28,000 and 100,000. Let us feel free to give back to the entire existence of Homo Sapien civilization what was robbed from them by religion only 1500 years ago. A mutual time lined existence.

1001. After some clarity, I am certain his name is Winnie. What is a Pooh? It is a sometimes moist and corn filled last name to the entirety of the name Winnie the Pooh. Setting aside the ridiculousness of the double entendre blatantly verbalized by children in commercials, it almost seems inappropriate to address him by his last name when he has been created under the objectivity of friendship. Stop your children today. Make things right. Live free. Give peace a chance. Ha! Forget about those last two. After all I am in the thousands which emphasizes the humility I have for this civilization. And please hit your children.

1002. The current free diving record of over eight minutes has inspired challengers around the world and film makers alike while gathering awes from those unable. Let me ask you this as you sigh in disbelief, why would it matter? Unless you are certain you are doomed to a watery demise or fear rapid liquefying of glaciers, this capacity is most certainly useless. It surely didn’t increase any success for Kevin Costner. I guess I should probably stay away from zingers.

1003. In regards to physical appearance, often you will hear, “I am comfortable with (or this is) what God gave me”. It is not too often, or ever, you hear those complaints verbalized as, “I am comfortable with (or this is) what nature gave me”. And that is because those who understand biological existence over religion understand that grievances can only be found within and not with another. That displacement has created the opportunity for disillusion.

1004. Such greed in others passing. How frequently we find family members wanting or needing something to remember or resolute from a person who is dying. It has nothing to do with you at all. You are going to live into the next day while Grandpa Cancer is going to suffer through the transgressions of his life while then attempting to not choke in his sleep. What security do you find in remembering that person at all? You earned some wisdom as an understanding of the aspect of another human being which can be implemented into others who continue to live, otherwise your grievances are your own. And how self beguiled to then tell others, especially children, that he will always be with us. No, even with the concept of heaven, he will not be around. Create the stability of self reliance by comprehending the singularity of your existence otherwise you rely, and reliance is a debility. Who will you rely on when all others are gone?

1005. Mike Austin was a professional golfer in the mid 1900’s and on one occasion using a very standard steel shaft and wooden headed driver, he hurled a golf ball a record 515 yards. What makes today’s players, whether amateur or professional, worth anything of value towards the game. Graphic shafts attached to steel enlarged heads all in an endeavor to create ease of the game when it is the effort itself during the game that provides the true characteristic of a sport. And when players utilized standard equipment over 50 years ago, how can the player of today achieve the equivalent limitations that a successful player had displayed back then. Advances in technology provide simplicity to human effort, and golf is not an interest that should see that removed.

1006. California regulators have passed legislation to allow electric vehicles to travel in carpool lanes regardless of the quantity of passengers. Some drivers feel that it isn’t fair that drivers of gasoline vehicles should not be permitted to use this lane or that the carpool lane itself is not just turned into another regular lane. Here I begin to realize that people are more prone to perceiving threat rather than reason. It is basic human instinct to first have trepidation about something. Yet with such an evolved society...ha ha...you could surmise that certain psychological perceptions could have become imbedded by reverberation. Reason would show that to improve your situation, you must find resolution to achieve to the new objective. An objective propositioned by an incentive. Without this proper breeding of discernment, you will always receive a personal threatened posture.

1007. Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. And if I die before I wake. I pray the Lord my soul to take. Apparently Christians were taught Ebonics long before the language was even coined. It is also good to know that improper grammar is emphasized as a nightly assignment for children.

1008. The fictional adaptation of Saint Nicholas is Santa Claus. Santa Claus obtained a wife, Mrs. Claus, which was in contradiction to the capability of Saint Nicholas due to celibacy as a principle behavior of a virtuous patron of God. Where are the congregations preaching the ideal that there is a Mr. and Mrs. God? It would be more sound towards the ideology of creation. The equivalence of existence provided by not only a male or female, but by both, would explain the drastic yet coherent differences in all facets of existence.

1009. Frequently it seems like new businesses go through very lengthy "grand openings”. Day 1 would likely carry the term with grandeur. Day 7 is stretching it out for another weekend, we’ll let that pass. Day 14 would convey the idea of desperation or unimaginative marketing. Day 15 and no one is really even sure if you are still in business and find belief in the likelihood that no one was delegated to remove the banner out of irresponsibility or laziness. Not a finer attribute of a business presentation.

1010. What a well honed tactic for cabinet makers to claim this is a glass cabinet, which does not necessarily mean the cabinet is made of glass, but rather stores glassware.

1011. In an additional inverse to observation 1004, who the hell are you to give suggestions for what you desire for your funeral event. “I would like everyone to have a party in remembrance of the good times we shared”. People are willing to not contribute to the Earth even after they have died by demanding consumption. And probably on a more important note, you are dead. Ceasing to exist removes your ability to decipher perception of those around you. Have a party in my absence, does not anyone see the absolute arrogance in that? Even asking for a plot of land to occupy for generations is vulgar enough when you are a person who believes you will be existing in an alternate place.

1012. Now banks have decided to alter their customer interaction by opening their counters and approaching you. I would feel a little weird if someone walked up to me and asked me to hand over my money. No I don’t see the relevance in altering the security of interacting over a counter directly into a figurative depository. Banking is not a sales floor and randomness is unnerving when you are dealing with the most treasured material in existence. Of course, with over a few million jack asses who click on spam and the subsequent computer virus and the other multi-million who fall for various others scams from medical to pyramid schemes, then of course this new pattern of banking will follow through because people are abundantly gullible. In fact I think I will go get myself a Washington Mutual shirt and except a few “deposits”.

1013. The Jeep Cherokee is rated #1 for rolling over, so sure, let’s raise it up, and drive it for every day causal non-off-road driving. God I hate community college students. They do everything to defy simplistic logic, and that is just entering the parking lot. Lower, raising, pimping, blaring, speeding, and of course, multiple attempts at suitably entering one parking space. We live in a society where parenting compels the ethic of not judging others, but damnit, without bombastically judging these people, we allow them to afflict those who desire comprehension.

1014. Zoos have designated all animals which are caged in small enclosures that are kept hygienic and well stocked, fed on a precise schedule, and interacting with human beings, as animal ambassadors. Representing that species and their specific mannerism of existence, or rather the one we have created, to the human race to garner compassion for a species that is not likely found in abundance anywhere near where this tourist lives. It is a domesticated display that has removed the wild from their life. As scientists, it is a responsibility to communicate this discrepancy.

1015. “I need counseling to help me recover from surviving September 11th as an alternative to dying. Clearly I am suffering far greater than anyone else, who is still alive and all. And yes, you can do a documentary on my gradual resolution to my emotional distress from not dying along with the two thousand others”. And worse yet, these people are considered unwavering and courageous for their initial survival and subsequent resolve. They didn’t do anything. In fact, their efforts were applied by scampering away while thousands they passed died. And to find the necessity to have a big hug at the end for making it through such a tragedy, the tragedy of running down stairs and down the block, well, let us shove them into another building and give it another try.

1016. Americans with their fleeting high and mighty patriotism routine always find fondness in retorting “love it or leave it” to foreigners who preach about hating America and Americans yet visit or even live within the United States. Allow me to explain, you see, you as an American are known world wide for spending ridiculous amounts of money on insignificant absurd garbage thus providing enormous wealth to prospectors with a less than striking concept. This money is usually funneled back into their native country or into their new 14,000 square foot summer home. They could then also consider being here as roughing it.

1017. Those who cannot perceive immense aspects for themselves cannot reason such aspirations in others.

1018. Leave it to the sanctity of softening so that the emotionally distraught are not dismayed to displace the principle of a holiday. Hilarity is not the institution of All Hallows Eve. It is the celebration of the dead. Seeing how Americans have raped another holiday that is not their own examples the civilized emptiness that is filled with in foreign culture that Americans then mock or despise the cultures’ homeland.

1019. In Israel, commuters will pick up hitchhiking armed soldiers along any of the roads and highways. As an American, an armed soldier would be lucky is someone stayed traveling the same velocity at the sight of an armed person on the side of a road. Israel is attacked and blood is spilled daily for over fifty years and yet they trust their own. Americans are threatened by their own. That is what is found when countries are either bordered with hostility or independent of it. Life will always contain hostility.

1020. Los Angeles County terminated six Sheriff deputies and disciplined 200 others over a period of six months. When questioned on this, the county took pride in ensuring that law enforcement officers are held accountable for their actions. I couldn’t help notice the staggering number of persons who are interviewed, perceived, trained and obligated to superior ethics as a means of distinction to the rest of society and that pride is taken in their punishment after code and ethics have been shattered. How fitting that the law enforcement of law enforcement is as much of a latent cleaning crew as the officers that is governs over.

1021. Americans seem to desire being and not being involved in the world at the same time. That is what we like to call contradiction. While despising going into Iraq for any other merit than weapons of mass destructions, Americans seems set on controlling the means of discussion to the disarmament of North Korea and more significantly the removal of its leaders. Though having essentially proving that they do not have the capability to fire a ballistic missile into the American coastline, it is felt that America, self perceived as a super power and general legislator of the world, oh and by the way, just about 6500 miles away, should lead the diplomacy. America is gifted in the ability to forget about the countries that are not profusely conflicted with them. China, Japan, Australia, India, Russia, Philippines, and oh yeah, South Korea, and just about the entirety of Asia who are within spitting distance are first and foremost permitted to delegate the capacity of threat that North Korea can sustain. There is another two and half billion persons out there in over a hundred countries while the current generation of children in American schools can not determine where their own people are located on a map. If it is necessary to apply pressure to North Korea, utilize incentives to other countries that neighbor that country because after all and remember it is the dollar bill that is circulated most from America and most welcome anywhere and not the particular democratic values or merchandise that other countries look for from America.

1022. Television and film has fashioned the optimistic pessimist. A character that feels actions during dire events are futile when they are sure something will come to remedy the situation while the viewer knows otherwise. While real life has clearly shown only the panicked and coherent and I cannot imagine anyone I have ever met that would obliged to anything else. Even those who are vain enough to suggest such futility are usually the ones that desire conflict which is a behavior of agitation from concern.

1023. They believe so passionately in removing or endorsing a candidate that they require a series of note cards or sheets of paper to express it. How strongly I believe, turn to page two, that this candidate will...

1024. Imagine being the cast that finally does bury Saturday Night Live, hint wink and so on. Suicide as an occupational hazard. For crying out loud, opening with the worst ever presidential debate sketch is either a crime or a terrorist tactic to bring us our knees. If we laugh, then they have already won.

1025. How irresponsible are Americans you ask? With few choices, all Americans with cellular phones buy a specific plan that defines minutes available for use per month yet still there is enough of an epidemic of overage charges that cellular companies have been harassed by these coddled persons, who are clearly unable to count or read, to create new plans that are compatible with the customer’s ignorance and incapacity.

1026. The Drake Equation is a formula that provides a variable of probability of intelligent life on another planet within a given area. Discovery and proof have been embraced by all those who seek an objective, and to adopt a formula for such a profligate search shows the lack of interaction that mathematicians demonstrate to tangible findings. Equations do not drive the passion of innovation, it is the labor to do so that brings accomplishment. An equation to predict the variable of life outside of Earth is irrational and defeatist. Mathematics places limits on untried and theoretical courses. Now of course generic mathematics is a cornerstone to most everything and I would not argue that. It is those who progress beyond the lineage of construction that blur direction.

1027. It is hard to believe that arguments and decisions are legitimate during city council meetings. It is usually clear that most have deciphered their discretions outside of chambers and bravo to demonstrating their lack of community interaction when I just watched council members briskly open a topic, solve it, and resolve to congratulate themselves for seven minutes for giving the public six thousand acres of steep hilled dead brush that is unreachable by any non-off road vehicle.

1028. Overwhelming congratulations to Rutan, Melville, and the entire genius worthy staff of roughly 25 who elevated SpaceShipOne 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Now the journey moves forward but most believe that the next imperative step is to create the means to space tourism, the causal astronaut, but truly the next crucial step is a new form of propulsion that transports unmanned crafts beyond this system and into the systems beyond. With that comes voyages to Mars and Europa within a few days time and more significantly, initiative to travel to find life, the reason to journey in space.

1029. We are slowing evolving into an era where yelling is never appropriate, which emphasizes how the subtle nature of excluding angst that compassionates so desire from civilization will psychologically wear on individuals minds, creating a more dangerous atmosphere of the inevitable exhumation of emotion. Psychologists even identify through research that there is required balance of various emotional postures in order to create harmony. This is even the foundation of all successful science. Emotion as a principle to existence has create less stability and more uncertainty. How can any pray for peace? It is fundamentally impossible even from themselves.

1030. A local cemetery has begun enforcing a private property ordinance that dictates that only cut flowers may be placed on gravesites due to the difficulties of maintenance while the sites are littered with novelty plastic, metal, and other various items such as beer cans and picture frames. One couple to the cemetery has been so outraged by this that they have uprooted their daughter’s remains and replanted them in another cemetery. People insist on boxing up a dead body and placing it onto a plot of private property and what else is new, they want it pristine while littering on it. And I didn’t know bodies can be used like Monopoly properties and propaganda. I’ll trade you Marvin Garden for Baltic Avenue to show you what a crime it is that you won’t let me put a hotel and a sunflower windmill there. These same people that think the person in the box is in heaven want to place signs of affection on the place where they aren’t even at. That is called self-indulgence. So stop shopping at Sav-ons before you head over to see Aunt Corpse who has been down for eight years. And having a picnic there? What are you ensuring that no bugs will be bothering your meal since they have their own? And pass the mustard over to...oh wait, you’re sitting on her.

1031. How convenient or typical of the media to act attentive or topical when teased by something prevalent. The same day SpaceShipOne breaks the space barrier, suddenly a frequently unreported death of an astronaut headlines news reports. I know of about three others that seemingly passed by the full one hour of reporting at ten o’clock. And besides that, who are these people that are flaunting the information that this person died. What family member is creeping his way out of the hospital door and calling the local paper seeing who will bite?

1032. So here are my tax dollars saving Joe Loseball, who spent high school smoking weed and getting his long hair into one greasy spike, when he can then become a United States Army Military Occupational Specialist. In a two page listing of career options in the army, each individually listed, such military specialties as playing piano, guitar, electric bass, keyboard, percussion, french horn, flute or piccolo, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, tuba, and bassoon, can be obtained to help you earn a substantial government pay check. God bless our soldiers in uniform who bravely blow those notes in unison under a barrage of applause and confetti. Where is a good Patton or Macarthur to blow smoke up these armed forces asses? Can you imagine a veteran of a war having to salute or be saluted by Sergeant Joe Loseball of the 3rd Infantry Piano Brigade.

1033. How can you forget to vote? You are essentially then volunteering for volunteering for jury duty. Your reward for registering to vote is to become a viable tool to decide the future of your country. Your sacrifice for it is function to that country’s success. I guess that is not much of a sacrifice considering your reward.

1034. Funny how over the centuries, religion has accommodated many new perspectives throughout civilization, especially in that of science. Funny is that the basis of religion is altered in any way to accommodate in order to maintain or cultivate a following. Funny is that most of the sciences now embraced were discovered by those opposing the fundamentals of the current religious attitude. Funny is that now religion proposes new variations of the current understandings of science to advocate a presence of god.

1035. A Virginian woman was placed under arrest for eating a candy bar in a subway station. Or at least that is what the media likes to vaguely inform the viewer of during a broadcast. They valiantly omit the fact that the woman when presented with the violation she had committed then acted in a hostile way leading to the necessity to be subdued. Eating in that facility is a minor offense usually constituting a warning or a minute fine. Are you naive enough to believe that she was arrested for a candy bar? Thank you media for enlightening with discretion.

1036. You know who truly understands the American dream? There is a gentlemen who is a land owner just outside of the federal facility where Martha Stewart will be incarcerated who when requested by the media to park their vehicles and camera equipment on that location prompted a hefty fee of $750 per vehicle, and turned a full profit, well, minus disturbed dirt and grass, of nearly $20,000 at the misery of others. God bless the American dollar. I know I worship it find myself corrupted by it. Who doesn’t? God? Ha, that is good one.

1037. You couldn’t just play the conga drums for their musical resonance. No, there must be a video game theme attached to it for the curiosity to be exposed.

1038. Medicinal and therapeutic remedies must be painful in order to maintain the element of consequence.

1039. Does anyone care that if the government slash military accidentally kills someone, and the government is then sued by the deceased’s relatives, the government will likely settle with an abundant numeral. The money that is paid is of course our tax dollars. Should this not merit a national decision since the consequence was ushered by a series of individuals we did not likely vote for.

1040. How naive are people as a whole but more refined, Americans? Most refer unidentified flying objects as flying saucers not realizing that this term was created as a metaphor and then the subsequent shape was embraced by all those who decided to lie about sightings and abductions. In 1947, an United States Air Force pilot witnessed an unusual triangular wing shaped unidentified flying object and when recounting this event to a newspaper, he noted that it seemed to fly like a saucer being skipped on water. Literally from that day forward, everyone began seeing flying saucers in abundance and only thirty years later did people refine their sighting to different shapes and sizes, only hinting to the original shape seen by the pilot which by the way was then described as an experimental aircraft shaped exactly like a giant metallic wing.

1041. “No matter what, they will always be number one”. No, they will be losers in your memory especially upon this moment, thus deflating the possibility of ever being number one either in your “heart” or mind. Sad is knowing that self deception is required even from fans of sports teams in order to remain relevant.

1042. Why do we touch our clothing after using the toilet prior to washing our hands? Is it too uncivilized to stand in front of the sink with our pants around our ankles? You may claim to be obsessed with killing bacteria but most people are not even really paying attention.

1043. Do you know what a premonition is? It is dreaming about events that might occur based on the current atmosphere. Some people find this to be a spiritual episode, meanwhile others are earning a paycheck for determining probability of occurrences. Who do you think has more of a foundation for authenticity? Oh and by the way, everyone, and I do mean everyone, spends time in their lives determining what events might or might not occur in their future. Does that make everyone who accurately imagines their future an abnormality?

1044. People are so brainwashed with religion that they can’t even give themselves credit for anything. Athletes thank god. Heroes thank the almighty. And recently, a relative of a missing woman went in search for her and when approaching a concrete barrier, “something” told her to look beyond the barrier. This was where they discovered the woman who was missing for eight days. Hey dumbass, you were looking for the missing woman, and an action of looking is looking. You looked beyond the barrier because that is an element of looking. Looking was the success, not a psychological communication with a higher power or a telepathic psychokinetic premonition. Take the credit for searching in the right place, where this person hadn’t moved from for eight days.

1045. This goes back a little bit but do you remember that jackass who filmed a documentary about eating nothing but McDonald’s food for one month? You know how he blew it even more magnificently than just documenting an improbability for a normal human being? He should have utilized a month where McDonald’s was offering a contest such as the Monopoly game. He could have earned a significant return. But of course, no. This man decided to eat McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner to present a line of reasoning, so obviously his consciousness was not available at any rate.

1046. In the state of California, it is illegal for anyone other than a legally handicapped person to have a free floating knob attached to a vehicle’s steering wheel. This knob is placed on the wheel for someone to employ one hand to complete a full turn. Yes, let us not allow others, who multitask in a vehicle to a point that government feels the need to restrict certain activities, from having the capability to increase the ability to provide a more stable performance while driving while performing the inventible idiotic tasks that people feel compelled to carry out.

1047. Stop posting decals that are negate of detailed instructions. “Got Jesus?” Should I use a plastic bag to obtain this Jesus? What should I do once I have acquired this Jesus? Should I worry about this God person who keeps bugging me about why I am attempting to put Jesus in a plastic bag when he, instead, is there right in front of me? Is it also necessary for me to enjoy hollow fish?

1048. Is not asking a registered voter their selection of a candidate either illegal, an invasion of privacy or immoral? Then how is there such an abundance of pollsters, in the thousands, and the subsequent results. Is the common sixteen percent of undecided registered voters actually those who tell the pollsters to respect their right to privacy and morality and to bite into a nice moist piece of shit? Amazingly sad how much sway a simple poll, placed in a specific region, with even a declaration of significant error, can create question in a voter. Individuality is even removed when deciding who you alone wish to vote for.

1049. How odd, but rather poignant, that the conservative party and their complimentary media is parading the information that the French overwhelming favor John Kerry for president of the United States while the liberal media outlets seem blind to any other poll than how well the debates were perceived.

1050. I discovered today that my swimming trunks were made in Jordan. I live in California, U.S.A. If you truly want to discover why the economy, culture, and especially the environment is decomposing, simply question why my swimming trunks are from more than 8000 miles away.