Observations Archive (1051-1400)
The observations that I have written are defined by current events that have either occurred in a personal
observance or in a disassociative analysis of news and events occurring world wide.

Many listed items feature no response due to the overwhelming absurdity.
And if I have repeated myself, tough.

As we journey further, you may determine in an assessment of previous observations what you could purpose as contradiction.
Recognize that every situation is distinctive and that time and events can alter perspective.
More importantly, I really don’t care.

1051. When did people stop buying soap for its cleaning properties? Chamomile and lavender with moisture beads? Soap is supposed to cleave the grim and dead cells from your flesh and follicles not prepare it to be set into a vase.

1052. Newspapers endorsing candidates. News...papers endorsing candidates. How do you assemble a base of trusting customers by selling the unbiased news with biased perspectives.

1053. The television show Extreme Makeover, as well as numerous other shows, frequently find down on their luck large families to assist in improving their residences and lives. These shows are removing the consequences of irresponsibility of reproduction. Giving into the novelty of birthing numerous children when fundamentally it is unsound, is cruel and thus worthy of the suffering that incurs.

1054. Novelty bobble head figures set on shelves or in cabinets, perhaps even on a desk, removes the primary purpose of the toy. Thus making you twice the idiot you were before you bought it.

1055. Three years ago, activist groups found that using a, although fake, firearm on the Disneyland Jungle Boat ride was inappropriate for a family themed environment. It was declared recently that the ride would again allow the use of the simulation firearm in celebration of the anniversary of Disneyland. However, the assault weapons ban on the teacups will still be enforced and they have decided to add small slingshots to the small world characters. Imagine who was first offended by the pistol on the Jungle Boat ride. You can imagine another middle aged woman whose daughter was startled into a tear shed which led to this soccer mom’s free moments between Days of Our Lives and General Hospital to write a feminist letter oozing with subtle and essentially blind threats of excluding large masses of visitors or picketing the hostility of the theme park. Who was the gigantic pussy that caved to this useless slander. Millions visit, a large quantity who do not even speak English, which still account for most Americans, and they think any sort of campaign will hinder visitors. With the laziness of travelers today, the effort alone to travel to the park would ensure that they will enter without any discretion. Their top ten favorite rides could be closed and they would still enter. Back to the original point, screw you lady. I happen to enjoy a good round of gunfire in the enjoyment of a jungle adventure. Just read Sphere when it comes time.

1056. Hopeline, just call 1-800-Suicide. It almost seem to elevate the necessity to kill oneself when you have to spell the word out on a numeric keypad. Are they surmising that someone under such a situation will ponder, “I want to kill myself. Yes, commit suicide. Suicide? I seem to recall something about that, perhaps it was a number I saw. About suicide. Perhaps I should call them for advice on how to perform this successfully.” Oh good god, that is what I need to start. A suicide hotline for all you out there just wasting my oxygen and nitrogen mixture, moaning and groaning about how bad things are for you. It will have advice and tips for success and offer discount coupons for hardware stores and the local cemetery.

1057. Who isn’t part of the neighborhood watch program? Those persons who aren’t considerate of their neighborhood is likely the type of person being watched. As if a sticker was a deterrence anyways. God lord, neighbors could be watching me commit this criminal act within this abundant cul-de-sac? I hadn’t contemplated such a notion.

1058. With the constant change in ethics and perception of existence, particularly the environment, how can the age old act of posting signage around cities to promote your candidacy for a certain government position still be considered ethical? You are littering and essentially defacing properties. No one of course truly cares about your sign, nor do we find inspiration to vote for you because of the array of red, white, and blue colors you oh so cleverly utilized. Perhaps, I don’t know, supporting media based means instead of wasting the actually very large sum of money on these signs would be a tremendously more efficient and a substantial effort to promote your fundamentals. You know, the principle reasons why you are aspiring to fill a position of leadership. Everything you stand on. Remember those things without reading them off a sheet of paper? Can’t seem fit that bullshit on a sign? Oh I see, and don’t bother posting your web address or any other means of contact information so that we could actually read your bullshit. Bullshit.

1059. This is to all artists, and I do mean all, who sanctimoniously believe they are worth a shit. The reality is that you are worth only a pile of shit. And within that pile, you are a dime a dozen, scattered about in such quantity that schools discard you like peanut shells and you are turned away from portfolio reviews like Muslim immigrates. To think that even while struggling to succeed you perceive that you deserve such a quantity of wealth for your skill is asinine. As a mediocre artist myself, I am completely aware of how simple it is to fill out a page of art in a diminutive amount of time, and with persons who are explicitly talented in this, they accomplish a full page with little effort. You sit within your dorm room or apartment with two other guys watching anime, living off of a fouled student loan, then searching the net for naked cartoon characters while then attempting to deceive everyone that you have no means to perspire over a few pages of art because you are on the cusp of achievement regardless that your back story consists of completing numerous other projects that are unheard of. Do you truly know what is the corner stone of your subsequent success? It is from the uniqueness of the story being told. No comic book, graphic novel, comic strip, television cartoon, or animated film is triumphant without the distinctive written material. Lately I have seen a thousand Todd McFarlane’s all diluted into believing they deserve hundreds instead of tens. Until you have surfaced at the crest of the standards of the industry, you are as meager and ordinary as I am right now, struggling to seek out that pinnacle. You are worth nothing until you have sacrificed with conviction. There is no promise in arrogance.

1060. Why are the rescued treated as heroes? Campers stuck within a storm, under equipped, unable to tread the terrain of six foot snow bluffs back to where they started their journey and when a team of government soldiers arrive with a military helicopter to retrieve them, their actions of survival are praised. Hey dumbass! And this is besides the fact that once again consequences are cheated and thus disregarded, but most competent outdoorsmen check weather information prior and during their venture. It is called, oh what is that word, common, and it makes sense, yeah that is it, oh wait, what was it. How does an array of persons who blindly and unprofessionally threaten their own lives be perceived as anything but idiots? Die for a reason and don’t come back if you are going to trumpet that someone was giving you a second chance.

1061. People who keep their dollar bills folded or crumpled as they hand them to a cashier. Are you endeavoring to be a jackass or just forget all together that you already are a jackass. Pay attention people, there will be a quiz at the end of your life when you might be asked how many rounds are left because god damn it mother fucker my limit is being exhausted. How many soldiers, firefighters, doctors, and police officers are just slapping their foreheads in disbelief of who and what they are laborer for.

1062. There is a lot of starving people who unknowingly are going to a Muslim heaven.

1063. The leading cause of death while waiting in line at a fast food restaurant is going to soon be talking on your cell phone before and through the process of ordering and paying.

1064. They are attempting to convince me that all materials have a gravitational pull, though minute, it is a constant in relation to mass. Well let me surmise this, in the creation of a planet, a series of boulders in space begin to collide together, straining into a larger heated mass. Time goes by to today and should I hold a similar initial boulder above my head, this principle of gravity should draw materials to it. Incorrect. There is no gravitational constant within this mass to draw other masses of equal or smaller size to it, even in close relations or in a dynamic that would defy Earth’s gravitation. Now placing that boulder I held into space and you would instantly create a gravitational pull upon that mass. That is not disagreed upon by anyone. Here is why and this is argued against. Gravity is not a matter of invisible molecules but rather masses acting upon each other. Atmosphere itself, pressed by the mass of space as a material itself, creates a bubble of material compressed into a center. These effects of compression act as gravity. Within this compression is a barrier fog of mixtures of density. It is an even blending of materials over such an extensive amount of time. Here is a great perspective on the universe or what is beyond that. First boil some water and take notice of when water turns to steam. This is a transitional phase which is comparable to what space is. A liquid gaseous state of a density near hydrogen. Now with this in mind, imagine that a large quantity of combustible gases and material combine to create the heat to ensure this element of space as well as the subsequent mixing of space which goes to ensure rotation as well as the main body of rotation which are whirlpools, or known as black holes. Now create a large bubble in fish tank. Consider this bubble compressed materials in rotation around a point of rotation. A planet or star. Now step back and consider that the universe itself is contained within a bubble of more dense materials which leans towards a possibility that within a greater mass of space-space are other universes. And so on with other blatherings. I had to get that off my chest.

1065. Look at how many major structures gloat having a certain material that can either reach to the moon or circle the Earth a few times. It would almost then seem we are unraveling the planet.

1066. Who would have imagined there is too many times to watch the Girls Gone Wild commercials, oh but there is. It is time to kill it guys, everyone knows and you have your core audience already buying.

1067. Overgrowth can easily be shown in the invention of the compact parking space. More spots per lot, squeezed together to accommodate. Yet, know one cares. It defines the overgrowth of the public and the overgrowth of the vehicle.

1068. Isn’t magic on the religious channel hypocritical? I thought witchcraft and sorcery were of the devils doctrine. Then why did all those people die...hmm? Religion hypocritical and ever changing to suit the needs of the compassionate? Why, that would mean it was all a farce.

1069. In this, the information age, ruckus and tumult are still perceived as a requirement to emphasize choice. Who the hell is second guessing their decision when driving by these large groups of people requesting that you honk for whoever? Why yes, they have a point screaming his name at me. I will vote for that dumbass.

1070. Because we are overpopulated, I would insist certain regulations that will decipher if you are equipped to become a parent. If your fat, weak, or in anyway out of shape ass cannot carry your child through age 10, then you are unequipped to protect and comfort your child. Good, we just cut the population increase by two thirds and cut misery by one twentieth.

1071. They both lie so fervently that media programs actually have segments to clarify their deception. Yet on November 2nd, millions will head to the polls and decide between either two. Funny thing is, that this observation reflects every political race from council to White House. What does that say as an impression to the rest of the world? Now you know why we are hated, and it is because we willfully manipulated ourselves to act like morons.

1072. You cannot be smart and a happy person at the same time. Knowledge is acknowledgment of reality. This is why intelligent people are so conflicted that they venture to do something.

1073. A drive time talk radio hypnosis interview. It would be a brilliant mass murder.

1074. Look at a photographic listing of all presidents of the United States of America. You can pin point the moment when nobility and authenticity was replaced by appeal and charisma. The first president, George Washington, to the thirty third president, Harry Truman, did not smile in those portraits. Number thirty four, Dwight Eisenhower, displayed a slight grin. From there, John Kennedy. Smiling his stupid face off with glee. Where are the poets, economists, warriors, heroes, shit even someone who didn’t get his wealth handed to him by his relatives. Does self value have any worth? So if you decide vote because you want it to count somewhere, vote for the cruelest, grumpiest son of a bitch, because he hasn’t got a reason to shovel crap. Look at Lincoln’s face. He is pissed. Lincoln grew up in a cabin, fought fisticuffs for money, practiced law, lost numerous campaigns and wrote speeches while standing on battlefields in his own backyard. He has every right to be pissed off, and that depth of fury instigates honesty. Have you ever seen a truly infuriated person spout lies without stuttering or acting uncharacteristically. Anger is a tactic by law enforcement to reveal the truth. Happiness is a lie.

1075. Most Americans tell you that if you believe in something enough that you can achieve anything. They fail to mention that the only way to attain that success is to defy the ethics and morality that America and religion has forced upon you in the first place. Look at the successes of science, literature, art, social diversity, all in defiance of what America instilled at that moment in time. America is the last country to suggest believing in something. Compassion has created barriers of morality and ethics which have besieged and terrorized innovation to the point where we must vote for the proposition of the opportunity to research the possibility of success.

1076. Does anyone notice that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the only unbiased intellects in media? They are, and it is the narrow-minded compassionate that is unable to even entertain the idea of watching their programming which withholds their scrutiny.

1077. Anyone who is in the second car waiting at a stop lighted intersection, for crying out loud, watch the guy in front of you, you piece of crap. Where do you expect to go when the light turns green? You aren’t waiting for the light. You are waiting for the car in front of you to move. Use a little common sense and make that jackass at the DMV who gave you a drivers license proud.

1078. People utilize humor as a means of escape from embarrassment once again exhibiting that happiness is composed and not a genuine stasis of existence. Why are people fretting over trying to achieve a level of emotion that can only be feigned?

1079. I am almost sure that there is not enough people on this planet that enjoy watching retarded and often unseen motorcycles being constructed as a backdrop to civilization’s normal routine of disagreement. You are fucking up your original intent of educating the public. Discovery channel used to be about, oh I don’t know, discovery. Science, wildlife, the populace, you remember, when you would entertain those who wanted to escape the useless brain dead amusement of bad CBS melodramas and staged reality game shows. A&E is already dead to me and if you lose Mythbusters, I may just start pressing numerals when changing the channel.

1080. Now that President George Bush has been re-elected, I wish to inform the following persons to eat shit and die for their contributions to simply impose hatred without any viable means of rescue. And if you believe that replacing a meathead with a bag of flour is a means to success, then you are replicating the direction that ten thousand years of civilization went. Where did they go? Into the foot notes of history books. Where children in 2090 will skip ahead to the most alluring reading, the demise. Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Baldwin, Dicapprio, Eminem, Dave Matthews, Stipe, single college students, lesbians, Ron Reagan, Sheen, how about most of Hollywood and where ever the music industry calls home. Some alley or garage I can only assume. All these people who clearly didn’t find achievement with accreditation from a lifetime of critical thinking, or in the least, a PhD. Of course, let us not forget those who perpetuate the angst with proposed stature to simulate a higher means of perspective. ABC, NBC, Clear Channel, CBS, Fox, New York Times, CNN, Los Angeles Times...are you getting the picture? You know what? All of you who stood behind either candidate should be ashamed and should eat shit. These persons who vie for the roles of our leaders quote significant individuals throughout history to reference their perspectives for the future. They quote people who they cannot even compete to in nobility. The lesser of lesser evils. We assign characters to these roles, not scholars. And I am counting the days.

1081. Now vehicle owners seemed to blatantly sticker “In Memory of...” on their windows as if the vehicle itself was reference to the deceased person. I can’t imagine anyone who would be proud to know that a sticker is placed on behalf of their memory. It is called, and once again, self grandeur. Hey you out there, I know this guy. Well, I remember this guy, He’s dead now. Actually for a few years but, nct nct, check out the sticker on my brand new midnight blue F350.

1082. In the past, voting took weeks to tabulate, by hand, and with little question. Today, as technology instigates the necessity for impatience, it appears that failure is much more frequent. In an on demand world, where quality doesn’t matter as long as it is in my hand by five so that I can have plenty of time to sit in traffic on my way home. Does anyone pay attention to what necessities actually require advances while other basic fundamentals require conscientiousness and the subsequent patience.

1083. How do you use the words ‘never surrender’ during a concession speech?

1084. As the political races end, both sides boast about the large masses of people that contributed and voted. Elaborating that they broke records, having more people participate than ever before. Even claiming to win with numbers of votes well exceeding the previous years. Well, to all of that, perhaps it is because there are more people on this planet every day and it hasn’t stopped increasing yet. Doubling every forty to fifty years. That isn’t an achievement, that is a failure of management by the very people who are boasting.

1085. If television cartoons are going to evolve from pencil to mouse, I would in the least expect it to match in quality. Have you seen the distorted computer animated cartoons attempting to deceive us into entertainment? Remember the allure of GI Joe for its approachable tones. Cut the 16 million colors and give us a nice 2D world of something I can look at without convulsing.

1086. Noise instigates thought. Absolute silence is the only means to constitute authentic calm.

1087. Who the hell would willingly sit on a toilet?

1088. Amendment to number 1086 is that someone within absolute silence will find such irregularity of it that thought is then franticly applied from concern. Perhaps the only true nature of absence of thought and attaining a degree of calm is to drown out thought with intense noise.

1089. This is to all those who claim to be under the label of liberal and wish to move into another country during the extent of the Bush Administration. Aligning to the notion that your demise is eminent because of the choices that a greater percentage made examples the failures in your beliefs. And to perpetuate that by contending that you no longer believe in this country’s ability to exist, why would anyone with a foundation of patriotism, ever wish to agree with you? Ever.

1090. How can adults who drink alcohol, even casually, ever be in a position to judge if children will be affected by certain alcohol brands marketing? You as a drinker, fell victim to the effects and desires of alcohol, and frequently at that, thus are unable to determine what is a viable means of unpersuasive marketing.

1091. Owen Wilson never is and will never be...and this applies to anything. What the hell is wrong with every involved with his success, from customer to producer?

1092. Funny to think that those who follow treasure maps must go through rigorous adventures while in days past, the original owners of the treasure simply went right to it.

1093. If most Christians believe that Jerusalem and the surrounding area is the birthplace of Christianity, then why is it called the Middle-East and not just Middle.

1094. Once given the responsibility of making a war themed big budget film, it is beyond emphasis to avoid irrelevant dialogue when action is most relevant within the scene. Mel Gibson has deserted his credulity as a film maker with every film he has participated in since Braveheart. Hell, he even evaded screwing dialogue with The Passion because it had been written for nearly 1000 years. Perfection must come from that length of editing time. So, though my original complaint was with completely fucking up We Were Soldiers, I realign to ask why would anyone stomach Mel Gibson as a character of reference to religion or legislation when he can not even incorporate intellectual performances from people who fake it as a profession.

1095. How stupid is it that we listen better when we are told that we are not listening at all.

1096. Deception comes from the now compulsory sensitivity that media based personnel must endure in order to achieve an audience. Despite that this has been proven allow for more unconventional moments to stand out. Regardless, television commercials frequently elate this distraction of reality. For example, the commercial for Ortho Tricycline Lo offers a delicate, light hearted, and warm atmosphere with ballerinas and artists while the narration tells of the comfort you will find from taking this brand. Call me oblivious because I thought they were sex pills. Well, how about that. They are pills for having consistent unprotected sex. I might have been deceived into believing they were something else if that narration hadn’t sped up to inform me that these pills do not protect you from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, while the innocent looking woman frolicked in the park with a puppy dog.

1097. I need a morning after pill after watching The Day After Tomorrow. God damn jesus fucking christ shit damn. “The air is so clear”. That dialogue was almost as painful as the end of Volcano where the black kid had to point out that everyone was the same when they were all covered in ash. I can’t tell if these writers are attempting to make a statement or stay consistent with inability. Who the hell puts racial morals in a film about a volcano destroying Los Angeles? You can certainly make a proclamation within the elements of a film, but for god damn jesus fucking christ shit damn, to distinguish it with every possible stereotype available to you while there are rooms filled with screenplays waiting to be made makes me so ashamed that I am so desperate for wealth that I want to write a film about two love lost Red Cross workers engulfed within the horrific genocide in Africa, only then to discover that finding each other will bring everyone together. Okay, I wouldn’t write that crap if you paid me. No seriously, I have fundamentals to live by. Its called wanting to look like a credible writer forever. That should be a prerequisite for WGA membership.

1098. Has abstract marketing progressed anxiousness or anxiety?

1099. Does not need constitute righteousness? How can morality stand before necessity?

1100. Distraction is focus. When you are distracted from one item, it is the focus upon another matter that was the cause. This is the current misunderstood hypocrisy of the word distraction. Perhaps this examples how there is no validity to diseases that reference distraction as a symptom.

1101. After removing two jurors, including the jury foreman, in two days after following a week of displaying a probable deadlock, the Scott Peterson trial jury instantaneously came to a verdict of guilty. Sure, this isn’t suspicious of a system that doesn’t work. Trial by a jury of peers, as long as they are aligned with everyone else of course.

1102. Gillette is advertising skin care for men. The product contains moisturizer and sunscreen. I don’t recall such items being in a G.I. kit or in a saddle bag in the past so what kind of fruit cake wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and panics that his skin is so fragile that he needs to apply a therapeutic remedy consisting of extracts and emollients. Skin care for men is raking a sharp blade across your face and then splashing on alcohol so that you can make sure you can easily do it again tomorrow.

1103. Well how about that. Watching a behind the scenes of Gilligan’s Island is more entertaining than listening to the Peterson verdict for the 12th time in less than an hour. You splash the info on the screen, no one is going to flip to your channel and deceive themselves into believing they just participated in history. Who am I kidding? This is America, where self deception is so nimble that everyone finds value in what mister I married Madonna for two minutes, knocked out a few reporters in the process and have prestige due to prominent director’s abilities and not my own talent Sean Penn might believe about the procedures for alleviating world strife.

1104. There are numerous species on this planet that have multiple hearts in order to efficiently thrive in their environment. Biologically, the human species can have and has had through developmental inaccuracies multiple hearts. Does this mean that these creatures have multiple spirits or emotions or do you see how clearly ignorant it is to believe that your heart is anything more than a mechanical biological function of existence. It does not withhold or emote anything other than fluids. Stop crossing it, find feeling with it within, and going with it, for any merit.

1105. 39 delegates of the original 74 invited, signed the Constitution of the United States. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams did not sign because of their location in other countries at the time. All 35 others declined to attend or refused to sign out of protest for the document. You question why your country is so divided when its very beginnings were margined by a few percentage points.

1106. Here is one that should get me strung up. An example of why the United States military is inundated with pusses. These heroes of the grit desire USO shows, celebrities, athletes, even Tim Robbins as a motivational speaker, electronic mail, care packages, fine dining, cigarettes, chocolate, all to encourage morale. There are soldiers who have been fighting for generations, hunkered down in ditches, unheard of from their families, fighting because they desire to fight for what they believe in. They don’t require HDTV in their barracks or a nice cool glass of lemonade. And they certainly fight to no limits greater than their own demise. Even look to the wars that USO shows began to become prominent. The early 40’s in Europe, many initial battles ended in defeat during World War II. It was only after successes alongside Russia, England, France, and contributions from other countries and underground militia that the tide turned, and soldiers then were able to go on leave for entertainment. On the other hand, Korea was lost. Vietnam, lost. Lebanon, Somalia, well you are old enough to know. You stand so proudly for dominance when honesty would have you stand at the same height as others.

1107. The dregs of humanity and those who are there to entertain and serve them are humiliating and with a simple census, can all be found away from their homes on a late Friday night. God bless freedom to waste away.

1108. Funny how bankruptcy forms are cheaper than incorporation forms, regardless of their similar quantity.

1109. 97% of the average 200 catalogs a household will receive per year will be thrown in the trash. 78% of those will have been made with virgin timber and not recycled materials. Who is wasteful? Logger, printer, and consumer. You are all to blame on this one. If you recycle, the emphasis will be expressed for these printers to use recycled materials.

1110. There are some in this world, especially on talk radio, that believe that insurgent Iraqi leader Al Zarqawi not fighting alongside those he orders into battle with the United States is the act of cowardice. Huh?! Pentagon, White House, Admirals, Generals. Name one organization or national leader who stood affront a battle in the last hundred years.

1111. 11,000 bills have been proposed for inclusion into the constitution of the United States of America. 25 have been ratified as amendments in the last 200 years. That doesn’t appear to be a very efficient means of progress. 99.8 percent of every idea proposed by our elected leaders is denied by the voter.

1112. If there was ever a means to apply automation, for crying out loud get rid of all news media personalities. Each one clearly developed a sense to perform in front of an audience as a youth. Unfortunately for me, because I have to blame the attention span of the viewer, it is not about performing. Reading the news is a simple task of reading the news. I don’t care what you think, I don’t care what you feel, and I sure as hell don’t support you gallivanting with celebrities while then giving them a chance to read the news quite sloppily. Where is the dignity and professionalism? Does wearing a suit and tie count for all that? The sad part is that no one has even tried to apply unbiased and straightforward news in America just to see if it would work. Networks are so threatened by those other programs that success must come from being flashier and louder while then being more orientated towards the entire viewing market. Christian families are a big hit this year. I can not even get a complete news report because it has been deemed too sensitive...oh no...I wouldn’t want to be submerged into the real world. Thank you Mr. Producer for defining my tolerance. If success comes from being defined strident, how about a news channel that removes the limits for those wishing to view the harshness of the world. Oh wait, that is every news channel in the rest of the world. Shucks, I might just want to live there.

1113. There should be only two options for a pregnant woman in today’s educated society. Motherhood or abortion. Adoption is yet another means that removes the consequences of your actions. So many people are bailed out of their poor choices and will not suffer from anything other than an emotional heart break which easily subsides as any emotion does. Some even seek therapy to find resolve or forget about giving away their child. Where is the lesson that comes from the most significant biological occurrence a human female can have when you can simply displace it? Adoption promotes irresponsibility.

1114. Free-dom \’fre-dum’\ n. 1. The quality or state of being selectivity free providing others are not offended by your beliefs or choices. The word must be redefined in dictionaries by now. Abercrombie and Fitch will certainly support the word’s adjustment after settling out of a lawsuit filed against them claiming that they favored Caucasians over other ethnicities. 51 million dollars must be paid to minority employees and even minority applicants who were denied employment as well as they must modify their catalog to suit racial diversity. Do you know why they settled? Because it was true and there was no arguing that. Do you know why it would not be argued? Because some find faith in that their beliefs, even if slanderous to others, is what freedom will allow them to embrace. Especially when their own financial merits are in regard. How convenient that after being quite successful with racial preference, it is only now they are attacked for their moral values. How is being a racist not perfectly fair in the business world? That person has determined that he does not wish to utilize diversity because of his discretion against races other than their own. That is a choice that affects his marketing scheme which then can negatively affect the customer’s views leading to failure. Yet, it didn’t. Freedom to choose who you like and dislike. Freedom to hate. These are amongst the most simplistic fundamentals of freedom that exist. In public, you are not obligated to acknowledge anyone if you choose, why should this be any different for a business owner. Is the right to refuse service an idle threat? Homosexuality is spurned as unmoral and disgraceful by majorities, so is it they must begin filing ridiculous lawsuits in order to be recognized? The final thought is that freedom is ethereal and with differences constantly exploited, we will never see the true meaning of the word.

1115. How can you not be a Pacer’s fan now? Where are they even from? Eh, who cares. The important part is the emphasis that fans are commonly assholes and when the element of vocal interaction has transgressed to physical interaction, you as a fan, have crossed a threshold which allows for any human being to find conflict. God bless Artest and O’Neal. Yet, without watching the full event, or listening to my fine words, the media would like for you to believe that the rich elite basketball player must endure all. News programs have begun refining the editing of the footage to the basketball players beating the living hell out of the fans, while missing the point that the fans, and I do means fans in multiple succession, caused more of the conflict by instigating violence, even upon players not involved. Then leave it to the executive offices of a professional sport to act like a government office weaseling away from conflict by sustaining such a perspective of players’ fault. It is almost likely that the media took a perspective on this event to what they perceived the audience might take perspective on. So to both those, the audience that is a dumbass, and the continuing agony that anchors provide, sure, you are jealous of their riches and arrogance, well they attained it for a reason and they are in allowance to preserve that welfare at a much greater capacity than you who throws a bottle at them.

1116. Various councils have declared that dodge ball is no longer appropriate for any child in kindergarten through high school. All we are left with is square dancing when it rains. Witness our new line of backpacks at Wal-Mart which features a plastic inflatable bubble that will surround your child when any degree of harm might occur. Pediatricians will go out of business. What is more ridiculous is the parental hypocrisy which in the act of inoculating your child you are giving them a small dose of the disease with antibodies to develop an immunity. Removing all of these elements of adventure and harm, you do not obtain any means of strength or security, only a lack of comprehension to the dangers that can occur. And for crying out loud, its fucking dodge ball. At least propose a mandatory softer ball to be utilized, not remove it all together. This is what we get when the majority of our elected leaders were even pussies at noise in the air prep schools.

1117. They do not even make weather maps vague enough to provide necessity for a weatherman. Why is there a jackass standing there pointing to numbers we can clearly see, until he stands in front of it, especially the city where you live, and then tell us as well. The blind population who watch television news are grateful I’m sure, but I am tired of these moussed up Botox victims uttering stories about how wonderful the weather is, regardless that week before he had predicted misery. And by the way, what you think is terrible weather is what a good deal of people might think is great weather. So I don’t care what your garden is growing, about your dog, and your opinion on anything. You are the most useless personality on Earth. You are upstaged by computer generated images every broadcast.

1118. Clothing store mannequins in wheelchairs while then not having automatic doors to enter the store. Good job Kohl’s at denying easy access for that .001% of sales who could take advantage of your suggestion for stylish handicap wear because seeing all standing mannequins does not give the proper perspective of what a nice pair of slacks would look like immobilized.

1119. A bachelors of science. Bachelors is defined as the lowest degree of merit. That period of education also implies the necessity to further your education to a degree of a Masters in order to truly succeed from college. What? You didn’t think it was called a B.S. for another reason did you?

1120. Conan O’ Brien just said Happy Thanksgiving to Steve Irwin. It then dawned on me how disconnected Americans are from the rest of the world. It is somehow more appalling to Americans when a tragic event, such as soldier dying, occurs in the world on an American holiday. I can assure you that the world does not care about you excusing yourself from the elements of existence, and a belief of justification of immunity, for fictitious holidays. While the world continues on this Thanksgiving Thursday, we stop to give thanks for the things we are grateful for because apparently the fifty two weekends, the every sixth and seventh day away from work and school are just not adequate enough to celebrate.

1121. Mathematics versus Psychology. I have applied a lot of thought to which is a more relevant function to human existence and psychology has begun to take heed. We can use a game perceived as mathematically defined as example. The California Lottery demands that you must match six numbers of a combination of one through forty-seven, correctly, in order to triumph. Mathematics will define chance. One in forty-seven to choose the first number. One in forty-six to select the second, and so on. In total, the combinations of numerals will lead the odds to be emphasized as 1 in 41,000,000. They will then attempt to define the repetition of certain numerals. Yet the main ingredient of this perception is chaos and chance. What mathematician can define why certain persons will select certain numerals and why certain numerals fell from the machine that correlated to the numerals that person chose? None. Mathematics can never explain the why factor of matter, only the performance of the existing matter. Psychology has forged the perceptions of initiation to discoveries with an engineering scrutiny. If it can, if it can’t. We have seen that, we know that it does not... Observing and psychologically perceiving matter will allow for the most accurate quantity of assessment. You can mathematically determine what a piece of wood between two pieces of wood must measure to or you can lay that piece of wood down and sketch the line to suit, physically demanding accuracy and accounting for variability, not replacing it with an x or a y or my favorite, an i.

1122. I met a Chinese woman recently who has been in America and has learned English for only a few years. She used the name Jesus in vain as curse during our discussion. This obviously is led by example which is an excellent tool of reflective perception. Most immigrants imitate their surroundings in order to merge without hindrance. To do this, they take upon the mannerisms of Americans. Perhaps immigrants are not bad drivers, disrespectful, or filthy for any other reason than their tutors are us.

1123. Okay, I get it already. Your music video is a simulation of how much an outlaw rebel sex star you are because your time is too consumed selling out, unable to comply with that image outside of music. Perhaps because you are talent-less but regardless, I understand when your video is about the law trying to stop you, because you are dangerous. Oh so dangerous, where your next duet is with a country music star. Dear god, please don’t hurt us. Keep your hooliganism under control.

1124. We are so outraged. Argh. Grrr. Why is there so much pork barrel spending? Grrr. Rar. And in other news. Amazing how the news media can spend eight straight commercial free hours on a funeral but can’t seem spend more than a few minutes on 12 billion dollars of misguided and useless spending of tax dollars. 15 percent of a paycheck taken from your time consuming efforts and no one cares? It happens every year and no one cares! They invented a word simile for it. Pork barrel. And no one cares! It is a shame that the media is the only compass for concern.

1125. The United States government is attempting to pass regulations for space tourism. To quote a congressman, “Once informed of the risks, someone should be able to go into space.” Bike helmets, seat belts, and so on, are all mandatory items, and they are this flimsy on riding a rocket? I want the risks explained to me so I don’t have to wear a helmet. Where is the disclaimer the on the seat belt so I can judge for myself if I feel it necessary at that moment. If you are so eager to offer protection here on Earth, how about protecting those who have to deal with the frivolous lawsuits that arise from a jackass who dies from his own mistakes forcing all of us to suffer.

1126. Is it easier for a blind person to kill? Visual perception defines the grotesque nature of it. Visual perception defines the depth of a existence. Without touching or seeing the person dying, just hearing the agony, how can one judge the true severity of it without then experiencing it yourself.

1127. How incredibly self indulged are you when you feel offended when a security officer grabs at your genitalia to determine if there is a volatile item being hidden. This region is the most practical to hide something because of the perception that people would be offended. Grab my ding dong if you must because I don’t care about such self grandeur to defy safety. Even if that person is getting his or her jollies, everyone has a penis or vagina, and more than likely have had a hand swiftly run by it. It is a biological function of this species, and it is a stimulating area for that reason, that you live with for your entire existence. To then argue that all of a sudden it seems so demeaning when deliberately done under the auspicious of ensuring safety, you are arrogant. Blushing and feeling a little passing embarrassment for size is perfectly acceptable for me for others in order to ensure that some asshole won’t pull a plastic knife from her vagina and slit the pilots throat crashing us into a forest miles from the nearest assistance. Grow up, drop trough, if everyone wasn’t offended, no one would be offended, and no one would find it an extracurricular activity to watch or participate.

1128. Is it that a country pulls a slab of minerals from the ground and says, “Hey, this globule of rock could be worth, hmm, say, 1.5 million,” only to then hide that mineral away in a secure location, and in turn, then print the equivalent amount and distribute to its citizens? Money is ethereal. The true device of economic stability will come from accepting that everything is in exchange for goods and services, not the ethereal valuable paper rectangle.

1129. The middle class seemingly are offended when there is a proposal to reduce taxes for the upper class. This would then perceive that money is not reciprocal and the wealthy do not spend tremendously larger amounts to the middle class for goods and services. I will give you a little insight to a multi-millionaire. They buy million dollar homes, cars, watches, soda pop, in abundance, ensuring your financial stability. A multi-millionaire who employs will have opportunity to increase his business structure by spending within. Without people who can afford materials from you, you would have no means of ever attaining an above average income from your efforts. Reducing the taxes they pay, gives more opportunity for expenditure to you. Yet of course, a flat tax seems more sensible all around because I don’t believe that anyone should create a variability by status or quantity.

1130. Retail stores are fighting back against people who purchase items, use them for a day or two, and return them for a full refund. Apparently the word retail and rental is too little of a consonant change for consumers. Retail locations will track returns for a consumer, and if an irregularity appears, they will decline future returns from that person. And who would have guessed, people are offended. Listen morons, it is a simple methodology. When you buy something, you bought it. People claim to skim on their dollars only to be oblivious when they purchase something. Lack and exclusion of responsibility seems to be the new foundation of American freedom.

1131. To be so self indulged with vanity as to corrupt the environment, you are a miserable fucking asshole. Spraying fluorocarbons into the already depleted atmosphere, killing animals for style or coloring, all so that you can look good every day in your cubicle, around the house, or that one night a week where most of the evening is masked in darkness you fucking piece of trash.

1132. Skillful comedians are an element of genius for insightful analysis of society’s faults and they will have you laughing hysterically at your own daily shortcomings only then a few hours later, you will continue to commit those idiotic actions as if no lesson was ever blatantly presented to you. They are making fun of you for a reason, stop doing it.

1133. The television recorder TIVO allows for the removal of commercials while recording your television program. This feature is placed there after frequent complaints from consumers about having to fast forward through the commercials. Let me ask you a simple question? How did you first discover about this television program that you wanted to watch? How did you decide that you wanted to see that new film in theatres on Friday? Et cetera, et cetera. Commercials are introductions to the rest of your options. How the hell are you going to be aware of everything else when you are imprisoned by one program? Commercials are an element of watching a television program. Directors and writers even cater to that element of the commercial break to add suspense. You complain out of laziness and defy every characteristic that made television interesting to you in the first place.

1134. Television screens in vehicles. Yes, let us refrain the children from witnessing the three dimensional world and keep them encased on a two dimensional plane. Watching the world move by is the most interesting part of being a passenger. In this day and age, people rides trains for this reason alone. Turn off the Sponge Bob and let them witness the clarity of existence first hand.

1135. Then buy a magnifying glass you jackass. The fine print has long been branded as the secret to the scam and to then still surpass it and fall victim to the trap, you are unable to pass the now tremendously simple test of survival. You can believe that these are the people that desire robotic technology more than anyone because someone has to hold their hand. Fine print does not have one single positive characteristic to it, how do continue to let it pass by? Confidence in people you don’t trust or laziness and impatience. Hooray, we have a winner.

1136. As the only means to garner consciousness from the growing dim witted population of college students, educators are desperately utilizing ridiculous analogies in their textbooks, even exploiting children’s fantasy stories by J.R.R. Tolken to demonstrate a chemistry formulation. Now when students ask, “When will I ever need this kind of crap in life?”, you can answer truthfully by telling them that when they enter middle Earth they will need to know the periodic table in order to understand how to destroy the precious ring. God I hate you all.

1137. Statistics, which are embraced as defining status quo, have shown that more couples are getting married later in life. This statistic also displays that more couples are committing the sinful nature of premarital sex. So, as values are expressed in a supposed majority by religious followers that homosexual marriage is against ethical fundamentals, the very same religious gathering are failing to maintain the values they claim stand upon as argument against homosexuality. Here is a nice twist. Christians follow the religious teachings of Jesus and his existence which is defined as an immaculate conception and abstinence from sex from beginning to end. So then how can Jesus be or define the fundamentals of sexuality without practicing what he preached. Which finely examples that I hate all religious people.

1138. American patriotism, my favorite topic, is such a slight of hand illusion that the History Channel recently allowed supposed experts to reflect on the 7th of December, 1941 in Pearl Harbor in order to poise answers to what ifs, tempting the ideology that America, if ready, would have successfully defended Hawaii. In the process, they also emphasize the failures of the Japanese on that day, such as failing to send a third strike, regardless that strategically it was the proper thing to do with the American carriers not in harbor. American citizens, the Japanese surprised and obliterated a large percentage of the Pacific fleet, demolished American bases such as Midway, slaughtered significant numbers through the Asian Pacific, and was defeated years later with not precision, but chance and was dealt a final blow with city wide annihilation of innocent people from a single bomb, twice. It is clear that your American pride requires a corrugated cardboard box packaging in order to remove all of your senses as well as respect for one’s opponent. This blindness is a terrific example of why anyone, including myself, would hate you.

1139. People are actually perturbed about the subtle mechanical humming noise a computer fan or hard drive faintly resonate during operation to a point where manufactures are marketing quieter running computers as a special feature. Television, children, air conditioning, radio, flatulence, heater, swallowing water, keyboard tapping, mouse clicking, rain, vehicles, doors opening, doors closing, toilets flushing, pens writing, cell phones ringing, all unavoidable noises in a room for a family or business likely to complain about such a disturbance. Are you all fucking stupid? Yes, and that is why I hate you all.

1140. Fat guy rides an airplane. Fat guy changes seats in flight to sit next to the isle. Stewardess asks him to move from the isle because his girth is infringing on the clearance of the isle. Fat guy comments, “I can sit anywhere, I am a paying customer”. After some further exchange, the stewardess notes, “Maybe you should stop eating”. Fat American guy, of course, files suit against the airline. There is no one that should be surprised by this at all, after all, fat people can not seem to garner respect for themselves, so at what degree could they possibly spare any to anyone else, including the staff that will supply him with extra bags of peanuts, four sodas, and a meal. All she did was comment on the truth in a spiteful nature during a dispute. She did not swing a butcher knife into his cow like gullet nor even demanded security to take action upon him. Once you have created conflict fatty, it is assured that you will reap reaction from your combatant. To be affected by such comments then shows your insecurities, instabilities, but more importantly, your obvious abnormalities. You are obligated by your particular deformity to allot additional courtesy to everyone around you. I hate each and every one of you bloated disorderly freaks.

1141. Why so much hate you ask? Hating you all is a fuel for evolution. Changes occur when we are reminded that there are dilemmas confronting us all and because my observations are riddled with complexities to define these issues, I find it likely that the most simplistic statement of hatred can be comprehended by even those on reality game shows. People have become detested of words like hate because of their fear of anger so adding a flavor of spite to those who are the subject matter is my own reward.

1142. People who point at the drive-thru menu when ordering. I hate you. Do you see what I mean?

1143. Courage comes from confidence in what you believe is true. Being open minded is to stand upon unsteady grounds.

1144. Why do people not stand in the middle? The sides equate a greater risk. Falling, imbalance, perhaps a greater force and quantity of shrapnel, and greater distance from all other available room leaving less of a barrier. Keeping your feet planted firmly in the middle can allow for leaning to either side for any reason requiring that necessity. Human development has lead to a tolerance of such elasticity. The middle is safe and unbiased. It is unbound of confinement. The middle is independence. When you find that place, you are free. I stand in the middle because if I touch the sides, the dirty shower curtain will likely pass along bacteria that might make me ill. And I suppose it applies to morality and what not.

1145. The United States film industry recently stated that Asian bootleggers have cost them nearly 750 million dollars in losses. Oh the sympathy we must feel. One film can gross that much in a year, disregarding that on average, four films are released every week in theatres. Ponder this as a profitable means of resolution, no unions, more micromanagement, defining standards, ethical producers and directors, and quality over quantity.

1146. Paid maternity leave for the husband as legislated by the United States government. Yes, the serious physical laboring of the male as he stands, waits, verbally coaches, and panders to the mother’s now growing inability to care for herself, all deserving of a paid leave because that decision of pregnancy was clearly unplanned thus unviable as being called a vacation. Soon we might just be manipulated into buying into hangover leave which will be the new excuse for not working on a Saturday.

1147. You know why the alien visiting Earth conspiracy is crap? Did you ever imagine that when we first traveled to the moon, we utilized the most sophisticated sleek looking technologies? No, NASA barely had an operable computer that didn’t use punch cards. Current solar and extra-solar satellites use outdated personal computer motherboards. Seriously, Intel inside. When the first humans travel to Mars, it will be the most inferior attempt in technology at the time to do so. When exploration is done, when new limits are breached, they are done by inferior designs. It is the knowledge after these first ventures beyond normal means that technology advances to accommodate. There is no reason to believe that the most inferior attempt to reach Earth from light years away would be either successful and with or without a cumbersome display. Our civilization would take notice of such an event of first contact because it would be a tremendous success on their part, and avoidance of the interaction would be essential to the venture. There is no species on this planet that has been watched from afar, left alone to exist as it would without human interaction. Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey became enveloped with their primates, and such actions would be essential by aliens who came so far with so little.

1148. The planet is overpopulated so ignorantly that I just enjoyed a History Channel program documenting the life of Benjamin Franklin, employing 11 biographical authors to tell his story. 11 persons dedicated their lives to the research and documentation of one man who died 200 years prior. 11 to 1.

1149. Students and faculty at a university has found argument to a Christmas tree placed on top of a building on their campus because they feel that it does not allow for the freedom to exercise their choices in religions. I hate religions but you god damn morons, this country was founded on Christianity. Read the damn Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, National Anthem, and most, if not all, documents related to the history of the United States of America. Your welcome to preserve your choices in life, as long as you respect the territory that gives you that opportunity. It is not yours, it is theirs.

1150. The year was 1856 and the President of the United States believed that the Mormons were hostile to the success of the country. Why is that? Brigham Young excluded the government from regulating laws including removing all privileges of judges and other government officials in the region the Mormons occupied and declared that he was the only authority. When he felt threatened, he instructed his followers to kill any persons traveling through their region, and thus the not so well advertised massacre of the Thatcher party in June 1857 who were a collection of innocent travelers who were deceived into surrendering, only to be then shot dead. 120 persons, men, women and children. Do not believe in their claims to patriotism in America. Do not believe in their preachings of life and family without conflict, deception, or hate. They have absolutely no virtuous history to stand behind other than fictitious unsubstantiated words written in a book by a man utilizing a previously failed deceptive method, which essentially defaults even the fictitious fables.

1151. I adapted too quickly?!? Emotional stability is so fragile and thus futile that aligning to the environments of people rapidly is a discomfort to them. I apologize if I made you feel right at home with a near seamless transition and without conflict. Perhaps a few weeks of cowering in the corner and being judged for simple failures as being green would make you feel more comfortable. Emotions, the un-mechanical supplement beverage, on sale now in your local over compensated restrained society.

1152. How incredibly irresponsible for a soldier, when on leave, to decide with his mate to conceive a child. Either out of compassion or conservation which are both additional characteristics of this ignorance, they do so knowing that in a short period of time, he will return to service in a hostile environment essentially giving opportunity for the mother and child to be abandoned during his service oversea or by the death of the soldier in action.

1153. God bless the exploitation of Christmas songs just to emphasize the value of religion. “We wish you a happy Honda day”. Where are Christian fundamentalists on this barrage of holiday merchandising on the “Lords” name? More than likely driving nice Hondas to and from their office buildings. Note the lack of the word church in that observation. Oh wait, who I am kidding? I have only seen religious employees, note again, employees, driving Lexuses and BMWs with the occasional oversized sport utility vehicle.

1154. The game is not to make people believe. They will believe anything that is placed before them with a simple conjecture. To excel in this game, you have to provide the opportunity for them to take it.

1155. 18 Pakistani made wash cloths for $3.80 at Wal-Mart. Essentially each one sold at 21 cents. A third for production, 7 cents, and a third for profits, 7 cents. Leaving approximately 7 cents for shipping and handling each one. In packets of 18, it would cost $1.26 to transport a 12 inch by 6 inch by 6 inch pack of wash cloths nearly 8000 miles. At first my confusion was based on that cost, yet standing back we look and question why? Why are my wash cloths made in Pakistan, on the other side of the Earth from my point of purchase? American integrity comes wrapped in a foreign made package which cost an infinitesimal few pennies. With current abhorrence for illegal immigrants coming into American from Mexico, perhaps providing employment opportunities in wash cloth manufacturing, essentially removing the 8000 miles of shipping, would allow for increased wages and then a localized, stable, cost and time efficient infrastructure.

1156. Christmas, the only holiday, religious or otherwise, where children can develop a healthy vendetta against someone. Should one year a child not receive a gift he or she so desired, a passionate reverberation of disgust and mistrust for a fictional character will likely occur. Children don’t seem to hold it against the Easter bunny for any misgivings, so bravo to the fine crafting of Christmas. The day of presents.

1157. People who say, “Yuck, look at that smog” while driving a gasoline vehicle. Shut your damn mouth and you know what else, keep your eyes on the damn road. Actually, never mind, keep looking around. That’s it. Stare off into the distance. Keep looking, now accelerate. Good, almost in heaven now.

1158. Blockbuster Video is going to remove late fees from video rentals next year after receiving this as the number one complaint from consumers. The new violation for not following the very simple task of returning something you borrowed is allowance for another week of irresponsibility. After which you then are charged the full price of the video itself, unless you then return it for a full refund giving absolutely no consequences for anything you do in failure even something as simple as returning something that isn’t yours. You can rent a video for five to seven days, and returning it is so difficult that you find disgust with the video store for this task? Would you like a stick of bubble gum to kill that bullshit taste in your mouth? I think it is about time to return to the poignant statement of hating you all, because my god, how could you not hate all of you? And I hate you Blockbuster Video for accommodating such ignorance. There are late fees because they are late. Past emphasized deadline. If people whine about it, it is because no one around here is willing to take responsibility for their failings, something they have moved beyond due to excessiveness.

1159. Party supply businesses are now providing “snow”, a blown mixture of water and ice, to consumers in Southern California where snow is unlikely to land. Most home buyers are cognizant of their regional weather conditions and shouldn’t acquire magical manifestations of winter for a child’s whim because it will harbor irrational development from the child. Truth and actuality is a much more powerful tool than deception. Taking your child miles from where you live, as part of your responsibility for choices previously made, is an experience of the world around them. It is an adventure and an education and you are stealing that away from them with your laziness and wealth. Paying for snow is a segregation from nature and civilization.

1160. Non-denominational celebration of Christmas is an oxymoron. The lack of religious representational images and perspectives solidifies my labeling of this day as Presents Day.

1161. 1 out of 6 United States soldiers will return from service in Iraq with post traumatic stress disorder. In an organization of volunteer servicemen, people who are trained with weapons to kill another by choice, 1 out of 6 of them are psychological failures and unworthy of uniform and clearly chose the service for misguided and corrupt reasons. In the field you were a compromise to the integrity and safety of your fellow soldiers. To then whimper about it after your safe return home, it is your own failings and examples your weaknesses which does not implore confidence in your usefulness in existence. Joining the service was never a game or a jaunt and I would hope that in these past few years, people have looked more in depth in their decisions to carry a weapon and an authority to use it against another human being. War and being a solider has no room for compassion and you deserve none if you are afflicted by it when there are those around who are dependent on your emotionless coherence. You deserve to suffer the ills of emotion for falling victim to it by choice.

1162. Please gamble responsibly. The bartender will cut you off. Why are so many others responsible for your lack of control? Why is control so continually defied in a nation of near assurances? Why must all of your inabilities be pandered to? Do all of you not see so clearly the handicapped nature of this civilization where there is a loss of the sincerity of the survival of the fittest. Without this evolutionary fundamental, civilization becomes cumbersome and inefficient. A single example is that there are masses of intellectuals who have had to alleviate such ignorances as hangovers when they could have aspired to cure life threatening diseases. Consequences for your actions is the supreme element of survival and compassion has nearly removed the ability to acknowledge a failure of it. That is not genuine to existence and becomes a liability when circumstances remove the aura of sanctuary.

1163. Make sure you are emotional the next you are tried for murder of a family member because apparently that is the only tool utilized to judge you. He didn’t seem to care, or he didn’t express any remorse, or he didn’t shed a tear, or he looked like he forced it. All you tough and intellectual guys out there, you are screwed and should just consider performing the act of murder anyways because how you feel about it ensures your guilt or innocence.

1164. Why is aged the only tolerant for maturity when typical impressions of youth is disorder and for those, later, it is regret?

1165. You never get a second chance. You fail the at your first attempt and then alter your procedure to attempt at a different time and by different means. Because of this adaptation, it is not reminiscent of your first attempt thus, another first chance at the same dilemma.

1166. How can we tolerate the excuse that, “...back then, we didn’t know it was wrong,” or “...we didn’t know it was not acceptable,” when the moral integrity of it is clear from common sense regardless of the ten thousand years of human civilization previously integrating moral intellect. I don’t care how outback woods jungle farm distance you are from society, your biological composition contains markers to identify harm and or threat to your personal existence. You remove the word innocent from victim when you have given in to the event.

1167. “Your father is suppose to protect you,” she says in a sorrowful way, tears running down her cheek. No, it is your obligation to protect yourself. And when the word ‘decades’ of sexual and physical abuse is accentuate, you failed to allow anyone to protect you from harm. You became a victim willingly. Without any effort displayed for years, you deserve no sympathy for your own submission. Of course what your father did was heinous and deserving of life terminating actions, yet nothing was done. Nothing is equivalent to failure. I watched Oprah this week if you couldn’t tell. Why do we weep for these people innocent of innocence? If something could have been done by your own means, and nothing was done, you submit to your own demise. And to never question what is worth more, risking your life for refuge or submission, you submit to your own demise. Children exploit basic biological survival tactics without experience, and to evade such inner suggestions, you submit to your own demise.

1168. The lead musical conductor for thirty years at the Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles, California, who had preached in numerous sermons, fired shots at another employee and took his own life after having a history of mental illness. You would have to be slightly unstable to find passion in religion. Yet let me ask you this. Where is “God’s” lenience for this person who committed his life to observing and advocating the worship of him? Cowering in a barricaded office for hours before steadying a pistol to his head and last hearing the tearing and shattering of bone and flesh does not seem like compassion from a loving king. Oh of course, I forgot. God has a plan for everyone. How could I have been so blind to perceive anything other than this man’s terror and biological instability was part of God’s plan to...wait...I’ll get it...his plan to...damn I just don’t know, but I will go with the common one which is to bring everyone together. A few billion more incidents like that and perhaps that might mean something. God I hate all you susceptible naive assholes. There is no God. There is here and now. Yep, just you and what you have within your measly little carcass. Get over it and learn to contribute something to the rest of humanity that doesn’t involve sacrifices for the ethereal.

1169. A slice of a wedding cake from the 1981 ceremony of Prince Charles and Lady Diana was recently auctioned for $450.00. No one ate this slice of cake so essentially it was only there in presence and did not interact in anyway with any celebratory personality which would coincide with thousands of other minute supplies littered about on that day. The real ignorance begins with the person who decided to store a slice of a now 23 year old wedding cake. Then it just cascades from there for anyone contributing to this kind of absurdity to be allowed to interact with an already feeble civilization. It is a sad realization that existence will always harbor puppets and it is the obligation of the puppet masters to delegate what is sensible. Unfortunately in abundance, only so many can sustain.

1170. “What kind of human being, if you can call them that, could do such a thing?”. When you, as a supposed human being, cannot comprehend the either hostile or inhumane actions of individuals, the other current 4 billion who exist on this planet, disregarding the previous billions who have existed prior to you in only historical reference, then you fail to have an opinion on what quantifies as a human being. Human beings, the species, as well as all other species on planet Earth, have created hostility for the entirety of its existence. Procreation itself requires the necessity of hostility even on a microscopic level to create life. The egg creating defenses against the invading sperm. What kind of human being you ask? The same kind as you when you kill an insect. The same kind as you when you cough in someone’s direction as a humorous stunt. Killing another in cold blood is only subject to moral scrutiny, not biological.

1171. Oh these quotes of late. “...with safety and dignity at home”. All you have to do is surrender your life to assist your now useless and now worthless elderly counterpart from a bed into a wheeled chair so that they can experience what they celebrated for seventy years while detrimentally ruining their bodies, unconcerned for self preservation, essentially preparing for warm embrace of dignity at home.

1172. People need to shut up because here is another spoken and performed folly. When asked why so many wait until the last moment to send their Christmas mailings or filing for their tax returns, people waiting in line say, “I could have done it earlier I suppose, but we all procrastinate. We all do it”. No Betty, we don’t all do it. Only a fine collection of a couple of million lazy, misappropriated, unorganized, arrogant assholes decide to deluge the eases of performing this task at the last minute creating an unnecessary chaos because they reason that others will accommodate. How simple is for Betty to drop off her three large packages headed for Nome, Alaska by tomorrow, because it can be done by tomorrow. Betty, it isn’t a simple mathematical formula that achieves this task. It requires the utilization of hundreds employees giving up their time on the holiday you are attempting to celebrate by sending these packages, you piece of crap.

1173. Do you know why your neighbor stole or poisoned your dog? It is because like your interactions with your children, you failed to discipline courtesy for others because you reason that...and your reasoning is because of a supposed public majority which more precisely is a minority, a microcosmic minority who have great sway with lobbyists in congress because a little nookie, cash, and organizational support gets you a bend over license...you reason that discipline comes with a verbal aggression and not a physical one, like the one you clearly identified with as a child. You see, if you take notice of the problem at hand, it is likely that you were introduced to the problem as a child through physical discipline, so the methodology for discipline likely works when it worked on you previously. To remove the act of discipline removes the acknowledgement of fault.

1174. By my impression of recent exclusive and lengthy notable news reports on the subject, it would appear to me that people today in American believe that a significant leap forward in medical procedure is employing a local anesthetic for plastic surgery in order to reduce such complications as death. Remember when AIDS was an issue? That must have become an unpopular subject now, replaced by injecting poisons into your body like silicon and Botox rather than removing them.

1175. We now live in a society of more ‘oh my god!’s’ rather than actions. An emotionalization of civilization. As an example most of you will likely recognize, there are those who went into the World Trade Center buildings by action, and there are those during and after the fact who wept. They did what they did out of merit, not emotion. Celebrating their lives with emotion is a degree of disrespect. When you stand aghast first, you are not lucid about preservation. You are just standing still.

1176. Cat owners are enthusiastic about the new toilet seat that is designed to assist your cat in defecating into the toilet and flushing the toilet rather than in a kitty litter box where the owner has to scoop the dried sandy feces and throw it into a refuse bin because this would be more practical as emphasized by designers of this product. Yes, let us waste already precious water for a cat to shit or piss a few droplets at a time as an alternative to a human being owning up to the responsibility of caretaking and having to scoop sand, a readily available inexhaustible resource.

1177. If you are so short in height while driving your sports utility vehicle that the sun visor does not block the sun from your eyes at one in the afternoon, it is time to consider a more appropriate vehicle where we can be assured that you can see more than just blue sky while driving over grocery shoppers.

1178. One of the busiest and least profitable days in American business is the day after Christmas. Such efforts waged to purchased all of these items in time for presents day and the reversible efforts placed in return for more precise personal gifts. Where do we begin? The arrogance, the laziness, the unproductiveness. How does the morality to even emphasize or complain about Christian spiritual beliefs and family values persist when the busiest day is invalidating the previous thirty.

1179. The few times I actually support President Bush and everyone seems so eager against it. A guest worker program for immigrants to become employed temporally with a government identification allows for safe and monitored relations with those coming across the border to labor in positions that most, and I do mean most, Americans find revolting for the wages offered. The wages for positions are placed low because it reduces the cost of the product which Americans will not pay excessive amounts for when imports offer cheaper costs, thus financially crippling the localized infrastructure. You know what else matters? An American does not have the diligence to live from a dollar bill like an immigrant can and it is more towards the personal ethics being emphasized in America that sway young people from becoming employed in such positions. Work ethics are swindled away when father finances you that new convertible or says you can stay home as long as you attend college that father will pay for through government funding. Immigrants are of a necessity now and to have the opportunity to remove the stigma and harm of illegality from it, a more productive consequence is inevitable. You are not going to be overrun, diseased, or even harmed more by Mexican immigrants especially if you are willing to utilize that supposed compassion towards everyone.

1180. You won’t find this research anywhere else but here. Children with desk space in their room from an early age through teenaged years will develop more intellectually than ones without. It is such a minute environmental application for that child that this leads to the assumption that children without desks in their rooms are being stressed by their parents to cultivate family values which by the increased intelligence with a desk establishes the uselessness of family values to individual growth and prosperity.

1181. Do you know why American soldiers die in Iraq? For some reason whenever I turn on the news or other entertainment forum, I see a tent filled with soldiers in Iraq, dressed in various sporting jerseys and parading other useless trinkets from home. Do you honestly believe that these soldiers are focused clearly and attentively in a battle field disposition at all times? Reading letters in trenches is a conscious soldier. Enjoying week 12 of the National Football League in a finely catered mess tent is not.

1182. Airlines are businesses with supply and this supply is compliant to the conditions allocated for safety. You have no right to complain about the manners at which they operate during times of unnatural high volume during hostile weather conditions. You are subject to their operations based on your previous complaints about safety. Traveling is not, and I repeat, not, an entitlement or a privilege. If you have to sit in the airport for an entire day for obvious circumstances, who is to blame? It is your entire family and all of the other millions that decided to travel two thousand plus miles on this particular day of the year, which conveniently is also within the winter season, known for poor flying conditions. You will be even later and misplaced when you decide that you must engage irrational grievances to those attempting to resolve their own business concerns. They do not wish to generate or distend the havoc you have engulfed them with.

1183. Without any warning. That is the expressed condition that many reports are claiming about those who were victims of the Sumatra tsunami. What warning systems would you have developed in a region that has not seen a tsunami in nearly 500 years? What warning would you deliver to a nation where their only means of living is within a small thatch hut set upon the shoreline? Warning is the not concern, it is preparations for events such as this which is necessary to preach.

1184. The one legitimate gift on Christmas day is the lack of travelers. This day of reduced pollution by means of business closures is one of very few each year. The of course inevitable duplicity of this contribution is that the very same day is then heralded as the day when the most waste is discarded creating the necessity for more pollution through garbage disposable and recycling.

1185. Ah yes, my inefficient shopping experience at Wal-Mart, where they place a large plastic bag around a single box with a handle already attached to it.

1186. Cellular phones have eradicated any value of toll free. It does not matter how many eights you press on your keypad, the minutes still tick away, rounded off to the next highest number of course. Unless you are calling after seven o’clock post meridian or on the weekends perhaps, in which everyone would then be considered toll free. Yet, if you quantified the factors of cost for each actual minute to the cellular company, they easily recover their losses, if there actually were any losses when they simply are allocating electrical power to their antenna arrays and self sustained computer systems. So again, there is no longer the valued merit of toll free.

1187. Screaming “oh my god’s” while standing on the third floor of an exotic hotel during the tsunami is inhumane to the people you leave struggling below. Shut the fuck up anyways. Witnessing it from a distance while screaming in agony is arrogant, ignorant, and ridiculous.

1188. When I can show you a rainbow by turning on the hose in your front yard, do not stop or stagger while driving to look at one following a rainstorm. Grow the fuck up.

1189. A recent year long government study, yeah one of those, revealed that young inexperienced drivers are more likely to overturn a sports utility vehicle than older more experienced drivers during emergency situations. Why does paper, printers, staff, an office building, oh yeah and common sense seem to cost me a couple bucks more from my paycheck each year without dispute?

1190. Thirty relatives lost in the tsunami. Do you want to know why there is such a staggering number as 100,000 dead from this disaster? Because people do not have self control, religion misguides, feebleness is adequate, and there is no opposition to these things. There are billions populating that small region that is only capable of supplying resources for far less. This is natures way of alleviation. Nature not being an entity you freaks out there. Nature sustains a sequence of functions that exist to recycle the resources of this planet in order to create the most efficient perpetuation. In the end, nature will endure, and human life is along for the ride.

1191. ABC Channel 7 news in Los Angeles, California has the only local television news reporter in the area of the tsunami devastation, or so they consistently keep telling us before, during, and after the news report, every hour, of every day, for three days straight. It may just be me, but we know. We don’t care. We are already watching your program. And 100,000 corpses are dispersed about, so we really, with emphasis on really you arrogant jackasses, don’t care. It is more than likely that two hundred other world wide television and radio news programs are about celebrate that achievement shortly as well.

1192. A television show should not require graphics or slow motion to assist the viewer in comprehending the story you are telling, eh CBS. Why has the depth of realism meandered towards video game styled one hour dramas? A new television show on CBS will attempt to explain that numbers can be utilized to solve crimes. And to explain this, they required to the use of graphics and then of course, slow motion to explain these graphics. There is a generation of gifted writers who are wincing at the fact that some weaker writers slither through by pitching that the translation of text to motion picture requires motion picture text. It is okay to admit you cannot tell a story, there are others who can.

1193. It is that time again to reach into the grab bag of California democracy and pull out a few miserable attempts at tax squandered supervision. A new regulation going into effect January 1st is that children 14 and under are restricted from purchasing tans from a tanning salon. With the epidemic out there of young children looking for that Brazilian bikini line, we can only hope government will look out for their best interests in the coming year. How is possible that government and the deadbeat mother that fretted about the one time erratic effect that her child incurred by an over active vanity, manage to place restrictions on parental consented vanity. Yes, tanning salons require parental consent for underage children to purchase their services, so this regulation goes into a greater personal failure for one, rather than anyone else in society.

1194. And if you, as I have been, are a California driver, you may no longer own or operate a device that initiates a change in the traffic lights at the push of a button. We can rest assured that our intersections are secured from those who wish to dominate them with their completely safe apparatuses cleverly designed to insist that the light should change in their favor. Yes, removing favor for anyone. Equivalence. That is what this regulation incurs. A fairness to society. Except for those wishing to take advantage and achieve or alter society of course. But to be fair, feel free to arrest and fine the dip shit who uses this device in an intersection where there is a police officer capable of taking notice. Otherwise use with reckless abandon, under your dashboard. I feel like I deserve a “hackers unite” badge for that little portion of monologue.

1195. And finally, Californians, it is now officially illegal to drive in the rain without your headlights. This comes 100 plus years after the adaptation of driving at night or in the rain in California. Yet, for all of those generations of assholes who failed at displaying such common sense as turning on your headlights in the rain, your government took time out for you, from my paycheck, to ensure that you do not kill yourself or myself by compelling a simple act to allow you and others to see where you are driving in the rain.

1196. The suggestion of a spiritual near death experience is an arrogant emotional conjecture. You did not die, so there is not a measure of proximity to death to gauge how close you were no matter your biological activity at that time. Your body continues to operate even when your heart has ceased, and more precisely, it revolves around your internal electrical capacity to ensure your further probability to exist. Regardless, to acknowledge and express that your life nearly concluded with an internal journey derives that you are seeking sympathy and relevance, a set of arrogant emotions.

1197. Subsequent to the previous observation, another completely inconsiderate and arrogant perspective is to decipher that it was clear through your spiritual journey that it was “not your time”. I am sure that the career professionals who operated a series of devices to revive you are very thankful for your hand shake and consideration as irrelevant, being that you were already designated to return to existence through the mighty hand of God. Please place your donation in the dish being passed around instead of the pockets of the human beings who resuscitated you with their own breath.

1198. I have written on this subject matter before, yet an additional perspective is required. Terrorist is a weakened word created under emotional exploitation. I have said before that a “terrorist” as perceived by America, does not wish to inflict the emotion of fear but rather seeks the termination of your life through various strategies. The word enemy, a clear and precise definition of a combatant opposition, has been hazed into a thin feeble fog of emotion, which unfortunately carries a greater influence towards American acuity. This is a perversion and miscomprehension of these persons. Is the word terrorist a method to deceive you into believing these persons have only fanatical fundamentals that have in no way conflict with grievances produced by your government or behavior? Perhaps. To note, this word was first delegated by the Israelis to Palestinians who carried out gruesome tactics to influence Israelis to abandon that region. Terror as a goal for rescinding occupation. This is reflective of Muslim fundamentalists who are conflicted by manipulative conquering campaigns by European, Asian, and American countries in the Middle East. Yet, that is there. When Muslims assail Christians and Catholics in their own countries, that is a war with defined enemies seeking a finalized solution, not hindrance. There is no terror attempting to be emphasized to America in America, yet with the very instigation of the word, emotion alters an opposition into a resentful manic selection of people. I do levy that perhaps Usama Bin Laden only desires for a Christian free Middle East and no more than that, which would then cater to the idea of terrorism and not war. What? Two thousand years of religious opposition between Christians, Jews, and Muslims? Well, that might enlighten the prospect of war rather than a simplistic yearning for expulsion.

1199. We are so engulfed in migraine inducing blinding light that it is feasible to drive at night without your lights on. Although, how the hell do you accomplish such a task as that? At what point in your travels did you not notice that every normal visible identification within your vehicle compartment was illegible or perhaps when you turned on your vehicle and turned numerous corners to get to the location I had noticed you at, you were too compromised by the technique of driving your stereo which does in fact light up regardless of day or night. And there is question why so many get frequent migraine headaches. Have you took notice of the quantity of unnatural light you are bombarded with day and night. Right now as you read this, you are probably illuminated by two sources, the screen and the room light. With more inspection, you will also then notice the night light, the half a dozen L.E.D. lights, steady or blinking on various electronic devices, as well as your cellular phone or house telephone. Will evolution advance the development of our eyelids to accommodate such an unnatural torrent of light? It is called light pollution, and not of that which makes it difficult to see universe that does in fact exist beyond blur of yellow, but rather the debilitating effects by staring more directly at that array of white. Find the silence of darkness.

1200. Regret. To acquire it is to levy that you are one hundred percent dissatisfied with your life as it is at this very moment. No matter the achievements, no matter the conditioning that such grievances taught, to embrace regret, and nothing ahead matters. Why is later comprehension of regrets considered an achievement in self perception? It is a latent inaccurate laboring over your unmovable past. And what compounds from regret is distain for yourself and for others while misguided from what should now be a precognitive expectation of the future. To pause within existence in sympathy of a definitive expired moment as an alternative to guising within the current passage, you are wasteful of occasions, because another, and another, and another has passed without a glance. Get up from this desk, venture out into the world, find freedom from the confines of others and scream at the top of your lungs and as you inhale, ponder what is next and conduct your preparations for that from what you have learned at those moments. Regret requires a consumption of time, and time is not to spare. Regret naught, crusade onward.

1201. In this fine tradition of exploitation and collaborative desire to create a sense of connectivity to those in need, though having none, I declare that by the years end, regardless if 99.9% is given to charity, that there will be a number one best seller on the disaster in the Indian Ocean that will garner someone a significant income. And why not, there is a market for it. The near six hundred million Americans relentlessly toiling away to function as a “normal” compassionate and considerate human being without actually exerting an effort to others directly.

1202. Why is anyone with a lack of knowledge about automobiles allowed to own an automobile? I witnessed a middle aged woman talking on her cellular phone, standing no more than three feet away from smoke plumes exhuming from under her automobile’s hood, likely conversing with someone as equally moronic or diabolically brilliant to allow a disaster to incur. She even got into the car to wait. For crying out loud, put her down. There are jungles being eradicated of life and this blimp needs to get off her feet while her car implodes in her lap without her being aware of it, or so my crossed fingers had aspirations for.

1203. This may be the first time in the history of American education where a majority of persons can likely spell the word tsunami. Probably not though, but just imagine if this society actually increased their capacity to learn for one moment instead of anguishing over which celebrity did who for how much and why. There is an equivalent staff nationwide of journalists and correspondents covering celebrities and such gossip as there is for hard news broadcasting.

1204. A new set? Are you kidding! With such grandeur? I as well as the other accumulation of viewers for every broadcasting network did not even notice your previous news anchor set and to deem that it is a tool for interaction to comprehending news stories, well, that is why Americans are unfortunately unacquainted with the world around them. A very respectful and presentable BBC World News does their very immense news cycle with a single anchor positioned in front of a dark screen aside a picture in picture presentation of the pending story. Here in lovely America, there is an attempt to deceive you into believing that the vast array of activity going on behind, to the left, and below the two anchors displays a merciless pursuit of information, regardless that the stories then presented consist of puppy dogs, theme parks, celebrities and redundancy.

1205. Thank you Hal Fishman for your radiant dissertation on the approaching democratic election in Iraq. It was the first time and the last time I shall ever watch the KTLA channel 5 news at 10 pm. Though the commentary was very insightful and well researched, it was placed immediately after two news stories regarding suicide attacks in that region. Commentary, opinions, expressions, considerations, and all emotions have absolutely no place in news broadcasting and should certainly not be so subtly interwoven. I had to actually redirect my attention to the very minute angled text that said ‘commentary’ to ensure that this odd misplaced conjecture was in fact not news but rather a declaration of a sentiment from age.

1206. Some believe that the rapture has cometh, which would go to say that those seeking salvation have found it, and the rest of you are victims of your own failures, as delegated by the only book written revealing this subject matter. Let us count, not you, and not you. Hmm, not too many who must have followed a righteous path. And can you really blame God, for I say, it is about damn time he were to commit to something other than theatrical representations of himself or his wife in a slice of grilled cheese.

1207. Annoying is sitting on the first tee of a golf course while the group ahead of you is a father who chose to take his two sons and their friend, who all clearly cannot play legitimately, for a round of 18 holes while there are numerous driving ranges, 3 par courses, and putting greens that deserve much attention prior to creating an unnecessary delay for those wishing to participate who have in fact elevated their skills to a deserving level of appreciation for those around them. Take your fucking comical adventure the fuck off this course. I will not see a 3 hour round turned into a frolicking and bumbling five hours.

1208. Scientists, in an attempt to invigorate interest from youths into fields of science, has begun a program utilizing a mock of Einstein while such “cool” activities as BMX tricks are performed around him, and thus leading to an explanation of physics formulations. I fail to see the logic in attempting to retrieve children who are captivated by novelty acts into the most complex division of comprehension. We don’t want the rejects for a specific reason, we covet those who desire knowledge without approach.

1209. Arrogant and inconsiderate are those who wish to pass on their name to their child. Arrogance in the mannerism that you believe that your successes are perpetuated by this transcendence and inconsiderate for those around you who must exert additional effort to address the proper person as well as inconsideration for the child who must not incorporate and additional series of letters and grammatical marks at the end of their name in order to be properly identified. Essentially, you have contributed to the burdensome nature of civilization you uncreative dumb ass.

1210. Apparently if 20 million viewers chose to partake in the viewing of your television program in it’s premiere, then it is validated as successful or so is emphasized by numerous television networks when this occurs. I question, of the 20 million, who will continue to watch? A likely diminished number will occur, as does always, which invalidates the previous acclaim. Yet regardless, the paraded to be invalidated statement is not considered false advertisement or a simple unmoral discretion to manipulate perspective. I find more shame in that there is success in proclaiming that numerous people witnessed the program, and because of that, others will want to participate as well.

1211. The People’s Choice Awards categories and nominees are defined by 6000 readers of Entertainment Weekly. I am quite irrelevant when math is involved but I am almost certain that 6000 readers of an entertainment magazine is not likely a large percentage of the “people” who spent nearly 15 billion dollars at theatres nation wide this past year. Almost certain that the “people” characteristic may in fact not choose to participate in either purchasing Entertainment Weekly or investing time in their trivial contests. The Entertainment Weekly Readers Awards would most certainly be more accurate.

1212. And in this award ceremony, Michael Moore defeated two animated films with his dogmatic biased dictation of ignorance from both sides, his own included. He defeated two animated films with a hate filled biased documentary. Does this indicate that Pixar and DreamWorks should begin developing films about irrelevant misguided narrations subjugating a clear political bias for the children’s market which according to the “people” is devoid of such perspectives. They were fucking animated films. What the fuck is wrong with you? And by you, I mean the staff and voters who participated in this awards event because there is a clear unawareness of what you are contributing to.

1213. Those recently upset about the 5 fisherman lost at sea during a storm on the east coast have found objection to a government regulation dictating that if your vessel acquired more than a allotted limit, that you must return the cresting quantity back to the ocean prior to returning to harbor. This regulation is called over-fishing and is there in order to allow fish populations to exist for future use in the least. Over fishing has been exampled in other regions of the world including the United States. Their claim is that the vessel could not return soon enough because of this violation so they became hampered by the pending storm. Did not returning soon enough or fishing regulations kill the 5 men aboard. No, for you see the final findings were that a hatch and engine room door were not closed and resulted in excessive water intake. Now 105 percent has been returned to the ocean and their legacy for their commitment to their work is hindered by your emotional instability to accept loss. And regardless of that, their legacy is of failure, which is why they are dead.

1214. Randy Moss will likely be fined $5000 for pretending to drop his pants and moon the jeering crowd of Green Bay’s Lambou Field. The reasoning for this fine is because it was during a televised game which apparently entitled not one person to find celebration in their accomplishments. Touchdowns are reduced to the celebration of a first down. Has society actually found such absurd grievances in everything that being blissful in public is of poor discretion? Get your children inside, after all we wouldn’t want you to hug or boast about your child as he scores his first soccer goal. And forget about holding a trophy above your head, that would violate the pretentiousness of humility. You two over there, stop holding hands, that is discriminatory to those who are single. A raise in your wages, please keep the volume down. Maybe their very own advice to impede prudence should be take into their own consideration, after all, it has been the Green Bay fans who have actually mooned the opposing team, near the entrance of the field, for years.

1215. A state of emergency has been activated in the rain soaked valley of Santa Clarita so that they can begin recovering losses for use of additional equipment to pacify rain damaged areas. Apparently, the city cannot manage to spend the existing amount of designated funds that the county and state entrust every year because instantaneously upon arrival of these fund, they are spent. No emergency endowment is held for, who knows, emergencies. Yet somehow the proposed 36,000 dollars for removing the homeless from the city seems staggeringly unmotivated to be utilized in a constructive way. Question your city’s emergency funding in relation to likely cost of marginal damage and you will find that there is a misappropriation of your money. It is your money and you are entitled to examine its use. You blindly elect leaders to act with proper conduct, stridently knowing that they won’t, and you fail to judge them deliberately for it.

1216. Opinions are validated when contributing to their conquest. They are hollowed prattle when only asserting them. And to those finding some element of hypocrisy, you will find a reminder in Sphere.

1217. Nearly 4 billion dollars has been accrued thus far to the tsunami devastated region with numerous thousands being accredited to donators world wide. This is stupid and I will tell you why. We are embedding billions of dollars to a region that was worth far less to create and exist within. And now that the region is 150,000 people lighter, I cannot imagine that this wealth of funds is equivalent in any way to what will and did exist. It is an example of the irresponsibility of attempting to achieve a “normal” moral compassion that doesn’t exist. They contend that a dollar is meaningless to you yet everything those in distress. No, a dollar is an accomplishment of yours and deserves application towards your own successes. There is a reason for their suffering and it is attributable to them for not acting in a demeanor that searches for resolve.

1218. Why does the access road to the emergency room have speed bumps?

1219. With the sincerity of pure despondency reaping from my pores, I have decided to conclude this undoubtedly never ending series of observations with the objective of no longer merely articulating the ills of civilization but rather participating first hand in the egregious acts necessary to alleviate the current cessation of human evolution. Observational articulation has proven futile, as it has for generations. It is found that when opportunity has arisen, it becomes perceived as civilized. By commandeering those alternatives with aristocratic and lectured conscientiousness, and replaced or initiated by functional and rational preferences, it can be alleged that progression can be reinvigorated once again. I find it my personal obligation in my duration of life to contribute to the entirety of civilization, and though troubling to those with a hypothetical moral indignation for the measures that may be taken, the current inclination of human acuity has diminished to an echelon that requires a passage that I have preached before. In order to create, you must destroy. Societal development has faultily nurtured those who are meager and it is our first responsibility to alleviate this insolvency. From there, an array of modernized acclimatizations can occur utilizing intellectual elites and judicious institutions creating new moralities based on biological function and not the ethereal. It is our obligation as an intellectual species to elicit the pinnacle of eccentricity to evolve from. I express gratitude for your time devoted to analysis and consideration of the observations you have read and implore you to dispose of current ethical ideologies and survey alternative resolutions to instigate an era of a functional evolution.

The End

1220. The observation archive was ceased in early 2005 due to my overwhelming disgust with humanity. I found myself besieged by such ignorant complexities that society has so blindly embraced. It became more of a petition to myself to permeate a revolution of civilization rather than merely rant about the flaws of civilization. However, it became relevant that these observations are more of a catalog of modifications required from a contemporary civilization. During this recent hiatus, another perspective was introduced that at first I had deemed intolerable, but was enlightened to discover that a means of maturity through deliberation is quite practical. So, rather than insisting upon ideals without dispute, I resurrect the observations archive here on this message board for public scrutiny. Now bear in mind I do not intend to post observations so frequently as I had done previously, however, I shall attempt to acquire some degree of consistency. Following each observation, you are welcome to contend any perspective of the observation. And of that, allow me to say “screw you” ahead of time so that I may implore a more tactful response to your assessment of my observation. Because as clearly noted above every archived page of observations... The observations that I have written are defined by current events that have either occurred in a personal observance or in a disassociative analysis of news and events occurring world wide. Many listed items feature no response due to the overwhelming absurdity. And if I have repeated myself, tough. As we journey further, you may determine in an assessment of previous observations what you could purpose as contradiction. Recognize that every situation is distinctive and that time and events can alter perspective. But more importantly, I really don’t care.

1221. Every restaurant instills that the employees must maintain a full salt and pepper shaker everyday as a means of vanity for the establishment. Now consider that from the initial filling of these salt and pepper shakers, there is a 75% unused portion for the entirety of the lifespan of the restaurant which can be equivalent to decades. Now amass each salt and pepper shaker’s portioned 75% and multiply that by the quantity of salt and pepper shakers per restaurant and multiply that by the quantity of restaurants in your town or city and then quantify that by the entire state and country and so on. If you want to consider an amount of waste for vanity that is unnoticed, consider the volume of salt and pepper simply acting as ornamentation at the bottom of every salt and pepper shaker in every restaurant around the globe. Fill it when it is empty asshole.

1222. Muslim is not a race. Arab is not a race. There is great useless concern in the United States over racial profiling, thanks to the ignorance and the arrogance of “compassion”, of Middle Eastern persons who resemble in a great quantity, those who perform acts of war against the United States. Though profiling is an essential tool in any investigation of any event or the prevention of future events, to note which most serial killers are usually profiled as white you jackass moron Americans, there is a dislocation of profiling characteristics that people have concerns for. Islamic territories would include the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. These regions define different characteristics of race. So, it is not racial profiling at all when focusing particular, and necessary, attention to Islamic individuals but rather religious profiling. Of course if you wish to properly politicize the comment and make it more marketable, then it is faith based profiling. On a side note, how else could you possibly maintain a preemptive security on a territory without anticipatory perspective. You wish for the blindness of faith which enhances the lack of integrity of ethereal beliefs. God kills anyways, so why not try to stop him? Oh yeah, because he knows what is best for us. For those of you blinded by too much faith, I am being sarcastic.

1223. Tables and booths in restaurants are getting further and further away. Obviously to accommodate the obese. Now those who are in proper health have a great distance to converge to simply dine. Should we now have a fat and non-fat section in restaurants? Perhaps not perpetuating the allowance for obesity by creating the consequences of size, having to sit at a table not a booth, would better assist in resolving the overwhelming issue of obesity but wait, then the greed magnate known as the restaurant owner would not want to lose a high capacity and guaranteed sale. So he accommodates his best customer, the human garbage disposal.

1224. Indecency. At some point in time in the past, I imagine that you or your family member sincerely required the handicap parking pass but to use it now much later for the convenience of such novelties as going into a liquor store displays a lack of decency. You once utilized that pass to assist the person who sincerely needed the convenience, and now you are taking away that convenience from someone else who has the capacity for it. And your “handicap accessible” vehicle, the Porsche, will hopefully stop the bullet that will pass through your upright walking body if I see you do that again. And why the fuck is there handicap parking at a liquor store? What good does civilization have with a drunk cripple?

1225. I’m Bloomin’ Crazy is a new floral retail store in Santa Clarita. To me, this displays two notions. One being that society has completely trivialized and created a novelty of finance and commerce because of the etherealness of money. Second is the over abundance of businesses and population to allocate the desire to create such a disparity of titles. You are a florist and providing that we look beyond your immature business title, we may not precisely define what your business provides to the consumer.

1226. Now in America, with such delusions of simplicity, it seems more of a subsiding rather than surviving, as a developing characteristic of youth.

1227. How can a particular society claim moral superiority when they so easily flux to conspiratorial perspectives of anything and everything presented through government channels or media outlets. People have actually found doubt to the reliability of astronomers discovering a tenth planet in our solar system due to the government channel, NASA, postponing such information for two years. Others then confide that this mysterious planet x carries a significant source of something that the government feels a necessity to hide from the public. Yes, a planet that is unattainable for many decades is harboring such a treasure trove for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist that he decided it is better that we are left in the dark. I believe it is the abundance of irrational doubt that creates a greater darkness for all.

1228. Oh such a novelty it shall be for me, to see that airbag deployed while that dipshit has his or her feet on the dashboard. To see them folded in two, their knees ground into their foreheads, twisted and contorted, all for their lack of appreciation and respect for the dangers of traveling in a compacted metal and plastic container at a high velocity.

1229. No, it is not especially since Columbia, it is entirely because of Columbia that there is the amplified restlessness of anxiety conveyed by you in the media in an attempt to create an emotional association. The term, “especially since”, attempts to disassociate you in the media from creating this superfluous anxiety.

1230. A license plate frame expressed, “Next time you think you are perfect, try walking on water”. I wonder, are they that oblivious that arrogance is more than likely not the best attribute while worshiping their god or is it the only way to convey their conceptualization of superiority by defying the very nature of a compassionate religion by being a segregated arrogance. Then to question the very statement itself, according to scriptures, I believe it says that as children of god, or at least the relevant perspective of it, we are all equivalent and only isolated by our choices so if we perceive we have found perfection, the total affinity to enter into heaven, why does walking on water defy that? More importantly, god damn you religious zealots for being so naïve and wasting my time to contest your misguided self-gratification.

1231. It is assumed to be a jury of your peers...and what more of a distinct collection of equivalent idiots than the Michael Jackson jury who now expose deceit as a tool to manipulate a not guilty verdict from those who examined otherwise. Perhaps these three jurors who conceded are the very peer group of the entirety of American society as those who crumble under a congregate pressure. Here in the United States and thanks to the meaningless compassionate fear of vanity, it seems much easier to concede principle when there are more than one who disagrees with you. Fear of these masses has been the very tool which herd the sheep...the religious and political sheep, that is.

1232. What is the difference between unethical and illegal? Is it the tactics of guilt those show afterwards? When one is advised of the illegality of something, they fear detrimental results of perspective of themselves by others, while reflecting on unethical actions, the freedom from consequence can be subdued. Shouldn’t they be the one in the same? Unethical is in defiance of function. Illegal is the consequence of that. Why in government are these segregated and the subsequent consequence altered to suit?

1233. The moment the idea crosses your mind that you have learned everything you can of anything, is the moment you became dumber. As life progresses, a plethora of new information is born every second and keeping up is the very limitless essence of life. Forget every science and mathematics class that proposes limits, because no limits are attainable that can truly define a limitation and it is that defiance that advances the plethora of new information.

1234. The idea of no violence seems ever so naive or better yet, contradictory to existence. Homo Sapiens are the dominant species thanks to violence. Particular religions are prominent because of violence. Children have frolicked in the streets for a hundred generations with buckets or balloons filled with water that were heaved at each other. All sporting past times require physical carnage. Where exactly do they surmise life can exist without violence? War? War is what exhumes evils.

1235. It is not about the fight you fought yesterday, it is about the fight you fight today. Forget your wounds and stand up for something.

1236. The “BTK” killer was recently sentenced to 10 consecutive life terms in jail for murders committed from the 1970’s on. The state of Kansas could not sentence the murderer to death because the homicides were committed prior to the state appending the death penalty. So, though he was captured utilizing technologies of today, and tried in a court utilizing people and evidence of today, he is constrained by the structure of state regulations that were since renovated to comply with the request of the state occupants. Essentially the judicial system complies with the , “well you used to be able to” axiom much like a child does. Well, you used to be able to own slaves, and you used to be able to lynch, and you used to be able to smoke opium, and et cetera. That was a lame attack I know, but the essence that a murder committed prior to a certain edict being added is exempt from that ruling regardless that it was adapted to civilization because through the element of education is asinine. And besides, 10 consecutives life sentences and we have to flip the bill for a likely 4 of them. Oh I feel so sincere for this man to spend time to learn from his follies and embrace suffering, tax free by our taxes. Can I get you a nice breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 40 years? It’s on me, don’t worry.

1237. A new hypnosis program promotes that they can deceive your brain and body into believing that a power nap is equivalent to a full nights sleep. Power naps, today’s deluded person’s rest, defy the biological requirement of the body’s restoration after exertion during waking hours. The very fact that I heard about this hypnosis program demonstrates that people in mass have in fact participated in this program. Does the complete lack of scientific education through reliance on religion or the delusion of time constraints, regardless of a compliant 18 hours in a day, remove the principle element of survival? Have people honestly removed the very basis of self sustaining life with vanity and capitalism? I can manage two jobs, the gym, eating, driving, writing as well as other numerous other novel events in a day without hindering my health which sustains the ability to commit to such activities per day. And hey, there is the fucking weekend which removes one or many of the common events of the week. Time is not an excuse. Laziness, incompetence, education and the big winner, self deception into believing that you have devoted your life to a noble cause, are all practical explanations.

1238. I was moved. It was moving. What? Like furniture? You were picked up or dollied? Is that what feeling an emotion is? No. You create the emotional response to an event through conditioning and any external displays, the moving maybe, are tools of vanity. You want others to acknowledge you and your perception. There was no moving, in fact when you take the time out to be moved, you stood or sat still and wasted our god damn time. I guess looking above at 1237, you had time to be moved. For crying out loud, how many more words can we metamorphous into bigger and better emotions than you. The capitalism of emotions.

1239. I can see the Catholic Church’s newest advertisement campaign...a big picture of Jesus with his hands out, saying “Come eat me!”

1240. Low calorie beer. I didn’t realize that losing psychological coherence and killing brain cells was less pertinent than getting fat.

1241. A pardon was recently given to a woman who was put to death 60 years ago. In Georgia, and to note...60 years ago...this black woman accused her employer of slavery and thus murdered her. She was convicted and sentenced to death. The claim of the ancestors and the accepted plea for a pardon was that this woman was denied clemency for her reasons for her actions. 60 years later, the three branches of state government spent time and money to alleviate the distress of the ancestors of a murderer who was not given an extra month to mull over her assured actions. Either we waste the money then or we waste it now but damn it, it is wasted for such trivial vanity. If my grandmother killed someone, either I learn from her errors, ignore it, or applaud it, but more importantly I accept it. Whether or not she was allowed five minutes to be convicted again means nothing. She is dead, and gone. Move on assholes who at this point have contributed more to wasting time than helping time.

1242. Words are not defined by allowances in a dictionary. They are defined by the rhetoric that creates them.

1243. Anything unresolved has idealistic possession.

1244. I would like to let the young adults who drunkenly bumped up against my car twice while attempting to walk from their parked vehicle to their apartment while I was resting inside know that I urinated all over the front end of your vehicle, including that of the hood and the windshield, and I would gladly provide another generous sample should your dumb ass existence intrude on mine without remorse.

1245. Guard rails for cavern tours. Either society has lost their sense of balance and discipline for self control, or society has developed a self reliance on protecting themselves from those family members and lawyers who know many others that have lost their sense of balance and discipline for self control. Either way, the inability to walk downhill has removed the naturalism of nature. The immensity and complexity of a cavern and the natural way it was created is what gives the overwhelming effect on the viewer, yet being able to hold on to a guard rail kind of defeats the aspect of realism. A freaking guard rail. You know some dumb ass was chewing gum and snapping away on his camera when the next step he took was 60 feet down and since having to reimburse the family for the missing link, they had to secure the walkway from that occurring again. Somehow, I bet it still did, because people are talented at defying sensibility.

1246. I was listening to a radio show that featured an hour to annoyances while on a flight. All of the callers noted something regarding a child or some person creating an obnoxious noise. Not one added that they attempted to quiet this noise. Could this be the most simplistic characteristic of allowance through isolation. Society is now so terrified of itself, both in vanity and fear of others, that they condition more annoyances to occur through lack of announcement. Have you ever yelled at somebody for the noise they were making and all of the others around you gave you some manner of applause? This is the weakness that you patriot. This is the weakness that you preach in your church. Acceptance. Acceptance of those and their actions around you because of your attention to your progression into an etherium. No, this is ignorance because we exist in a community surrounded by others biologically and psychologically identical to us and it is a responsibility to co-exist and if others defy compatibility, they must be notified and seek resolution otherwise they are in contention with the community which should be regarded as defiance. Defiance to co-exist leads to conflict. Conflict leads to death. Who do you believe is responsible to die in this situation?

1247. After the game in Denver, a San Francisco 49’er player passed out in the locker room and died. They were currently unsure of his cause of death. The player was 6 foot 4 inches tall and 310 pounds. You tell me why he died. If I see a 310 pound man getting up from a chair I am going to worry if he going to swallow his tongue let alone running through four quarters.

1248. The city council of San Francisco, oddly enough, voted against allowing the USS Iowa to berth near Fishermans Wharf as a tourist attraction due to their stance against the war in Iraq. The USS Iowa, having participated in every war since World War II through the Persian Gulf War in 1989, has not participated in a war since. That is one point that defies the logic of the stance against the war in Iraq as a factor. Another would be that the Military Maritime Museum, located on the San Francisco bay, is located on the San Francisco bay. Though I believe that it is waste of material to even house the warship, I think the principles of city council are much more intolerable. It is a large ocean vessel. A tool utilized by people. People who make decisions to fight for a cause. A cause which you have decided is trivial. Segregate the contrast. Oh, and I think this exempts you from celebrating any future patriotic events. You can find divergence against your leaders that were elected to their position for their ideals, but for it to matter, you have to put someone in office who reflects your own. Defying the majority makes you look like an asshole. Look at me, I look like an asshole.

1249. Light particles, photons, have mass. A traveling mass is decelerated as a result of resistance by other particles which all contain mass. You cannot truly define c but only give a speculative consistent measurement in a proposed environment. Even within a vacuum, there are numerous masses including those theoretical and not which is identical to space which is abound with 90 percent hydrogen and oxygen, all particles with mass. Scientists have shown that light can be decelerated through mechanical means which examples that the measurement of the speed of light, defined as the peak rate of travel, is likely under the actual velocity that is attained from the inception of the light wave. So, when you can truly define c, then we can argue whether or not we can travel faster than it. That is looking beyond limits you mathematical jackasses. Engineering first, then math as a tool to aid in the production of what was conceived. Not vise versa.

1250. Federal statistics have shown that at any one time in the day or night, at least 25 percent of the drivers on the roads nationwide are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. So assume this, one in four of the vehicles around you is being operated by a person who cannot think, see, hear, taste, smell or feel to the capacity that it takes to operate a 1 ton vehicle that is traveling at 60 miles per hour. One in four around you does not take into consideration of the other three around them. One in four around you does not comply with the ethics of society. One in four around you, and honestly look around you to see how simple it is to compile one of four by one of four by one of four, is going to main or murder one or all of the four. Who do you believe should go first?

1251. State governments within this union of the United States have expectations of a maximum threshold of a 97% compliance rate to any and all laws. When figures are compiled, data is constructed, think tanks ponder, they utilize this percentage as a guideline. To imagine a society complacent to being 3% less than the best is obscure. This ratio signifies fallibility and encourages deficiencies, by the government structuring the society to compensate. Accumulated over generations by the quantity of laws, this 3% is immense and has certainly changed the articulation of society. I guess since they can’t seem to get polls accurate, why should observance of laws be the same.

1252. A fine example of the etherealness of money...inflation, which is a consequence of supply and demand, will continue to rise as wages then increase, costs increase, and then continuously until a population cessation occurs which the whole system then reverses as commodities become cheaper. Here is the problem. Labor will not like to the idea of a wage reduction in the false sense of a booming economy. Who will budge? Jobs are lost and replaced at a cheaper rate through necessity, commodities decrease in production, costs increase. There is a bubble yet not until there is a population zenith. With travel into space, will there ever be a peak? When new resources are manipulated on a universal scale, there will be an eventual reversal of cost. That should preserve things for many thousands of years. Space. Take god out of the equation of helping society and look to the stars as another unclaimed plot of land which humans today do enjoy encroaching upon. Maybe if Americans need some influence to get there sooner, we can find a minority in space to displace.

1253. In today’s governments and the politics that guide them, dialectics is employed for malice and not as a tool for reasoning as it was cultivated for. A defense in dialectics is useless. To persist on one side without compromise does not create a maturity or resolution of the conflict.

1254. Just overheard on a radio program a United States soldier complain about toiletry items and water supplies in his infantry while on tour in Iraq. Hey bud, consider yourself lucky you have the technology you have to fight in the manner you can. There are rebels fighting more passionately than you around the world with one item of the many you have to survive. But what effects me more is the sheer frailty of this person, no longer referred to as a soldier by me, who joined the armed forces by choice and who was trained to live and die by the very struggle to survive. When you become a soldier, you will eat shit off the floor if it is deemed a means to survive and do it without question because you yourself are a tool utilized by a perspective. And that is the way I like to see it.

1255. Government standards are flexible. That is good to know when wishing to comply to government standards or expecting that of others. For example, when a nearby pulp mill was cited numerous times for failing emissions regulations, they were cited again and given a measure of time, again, to repair this deviation while still being allowed to operate. What is funny is that the failure in emissions means that an elevated level of toxins are polluting the nearby community. It was not shut down immediately upon examination of the levels, it was given time to fix it. Let me say that again. Once it was realized that an elevated level of toxins were emanating from the mill, it was not shut down immediately. Oh wait, how about this version...immediately upon revelation of the dangerous toxic levels exhuming from the mill into the atmosphere, the government official did not shut down the plant. So then my favorite tactic by community members is to contest with the government about shutting down the plant because it is killing them. Hey, they know, they are the ones that told you about the toxic levels still coming from the plant thanks to their time waiver. This all goes to the allowances created for society which perpetuates conflict.

1256. The Artic Wildlife Refuge in Alaska has been determined to hold nearly 700 million barrels of oil. When tapped by the United States, in total it will amount to the usage of 30 days. 30 days, 700 million barrels. Can you imagine that it takes millions of years and millions of acres of land above and below to fuel trips to Disneyland for a year. I realize now more precisely that the problem with evolving the perspective of oil consumption is the failure of visualizing quantity in all aspects related to oil consumption. It is only now that the consequences are simply catered by the display of digits on a sign. Let me think about that resolution.

1257. So if I follow correctly all of the vocal Christians out there on their perspectives on the recent hurricane that assisted in the flooding of New Orleans, God decided to perpetrate a reaction to a certain assemblage of people for their abundance of sinning and then retaliated against himself by sending a dry warm updraft from inland that decreased the intensity and direction of the storm. God himself seems to assert a greater contradiction in behavior than the ideologies about his existence...or her existence.

1258. Peace will only occur when everyone agrees with each other. Your perspective of reading this will example the differences guaranteed by individuality and insuring that an agreement of everything will never arise. Peace is not a valid word to identify a state of existence. Peace defies the evolution of ideas. Dialectics itself requires a defiance of peace. Be reasonable, choose sides and fight for what you believe is genuine.

1259. Here is a nice little scientific hypothesis for some neurological biologist to thieve. When you lean to one side, gravity pulls a greater volume of blood to the lower region, that including within the brain. Does this increase in the volume of blood create a level of increased activity to a recollection of memories stored in that hemisphere and particular region of the brain. Or vise versa. As the upper hemisphere of the brain requires increased labor to supply a minimal amount of blood flow, does this increased electrochemical activity produce greater recollection of memories stored in that upper region of the brain. Besides stored memories, what about thought as a consequence of increased activity in certain regions of the brain when there is a blood deviation. Have you ever laid on your side and begun to recall something you deem so randomly odd to recollect?

1260. If you think about it, the Earth must be off its rotational axis. We have immense obesity and an abundance of useless novelty merchandise on one side of the planet and poverty and starvation on the other. For every good reason, the planet should now lean into the sun and wilt away.

1261. I recently witnessed a homeless man displaying a handwritten sign declaring, “God has compassion, you should too”. Well it would appear that God does have compassion for everyone...but you...which is a little too ironic but certainly helps me understand why you are homeless...you’re an idiot.

1262. Apparently every 1 recently deceased elderly American is equivalent to 10,000 Indian Ocean residents because from the level of dramatics bellowed about the “worlds worst natural disaster” from the United States media or politicians, it would sure seem that way. I have also heard a more docile approach of being the “worst natural disaster in the nation’s history” which then that single pre-half dead black lung American elderly is equivalent to a few hundred Californian residents in 1906. I guess that is simply an element of inflation so we have to adjust appropriately.

1263. This is for all those religious, spiritual, and karma riddled believers. If you live in a town that is encumbered by homeless people, and after helping the first few, it becomes more of a hindrance on your own welfare and you develop a desensitization to these homeless people as you pass them by, every day in quantity. Now does your karma, spiritual-ness, damning, increase in multiples as you pass each one, each day, every day...or does it just simply become a constant upon passing one homeless person once? Can you be damned or negative in increments or is it just like an on/off switch?

1264. Those who ask for help are helpless.

1265. All of these people, so desperate for supplies, so obviously unable to adequately sustain their own lives. Being prepared for natural disasters, especially those well documented in your region where you chose to dwell, is a stable of survival. Accommodating to any degraded scenario is the very apex of intellectual survival. The inability of any of these people displays their lack of knowledge and their unwillingness to act as an individual which requires the pre-requisite to exist without assistance owing to intellect. It displays their inability to exist at all. You didn’t survive the incident if you required any military or police service to assist you. If you were to take all of this one step further and create an inability for these services to reach you for weeks, you were dead. You were dead without it. You are not alive now.

1266. And with that, they all want the rest of the world to cease in motion to resolve their concerns. The mayor of New Orleans demanded that all Greyhound buses in the outlaying regions be brought off service and into the hotspot to assist in the evacuations. Hey jackass, the other 99.9% of the population of the world have obligations outside of you before and after your catastrophe. When 100% of a metropolitan city is flooded, damaged, and requires thousands to be evacuated over hundreds of square miles, what the flaming fuck do you expect? It should take days for the supplies to be compiled. It should take days for the supplies to be dispersed. It should take days for equipment to reach every little nook and cranny where your dumb ass negligent incapable citizens decided to hide while they are all screaming, tossing about, and shooting at these personnel. You get what is given, but expect from your own. It is not all just a free ride.

1267. For about, oh say 200 years up until the early 1990’s, immigration into the United States was perceived by it’s citizens as American pride and integrity for the obtainable freedoms that others could not find in their own countries. As the United States began to overflow however, the perception quickly faltered to the desire to close the border proclaiming these previously welcomed migrants who do essentially nothing but work are sullying everything. Who do we blame? The desperate fleeing hopefuls who arrived with intent and determination or the jack balls who held the door open without consideration of future consequences all the while shouting, “my house is better than your house so come on in”. This is why we help countries more now, to repair the damage created by blinded American patriotism.

1268. The more responsibility you have while employed within a restaurant, the less you earn. For example...if you are employed at a restaurant where they require buspersons and food runners, you as a server will have the most probable time allocated to customer service which increases your financial compensation for services rendered while earning a base pay of a minimum wage. As you remove the runner, your time dedicated to customer is reduced, and even further once the busperson is removed reducing your financial reward for labored service to its minimum. This holds true with or without tip outs. As the quality of the service is decreased by the increment of responsibility, you lose.

1269. Okay, Celin Dion, you just moved into Gloria Allred territory. And I think Gloria Allred should be boiled into a black oil to be spilled on the approaching barbarians. Holy crap you ignorant arrogant jack ass. How horrible it must be for you to pull yourself together everyday, fly onboard a private helicopter to Caesars Palace from your mansion, to sing, note sing, for those who paid a ludicrous fee, the while you become enraged by watching on television, people suffering in the world or more specifically the United States. Who the hell asked you anyways? You are a fucking French Canadian singer. That is the sum of most problems in this country. Either these misappropriated talents are given an open forum or the mediators of this country ask these people for advice or commentary who are clearly not even qualified to light a fire, which was a task that was the fundamental of human intellect...90,000 years ago. And I don’t just confine that collection of people that the mediators ask advice from to entertainers. Look at the solutionists that guide us, political science majors, psychologists, economists, all theoretical garbage. Not one of those fields requires physical engineering to conceive philosophies.

1270. The breakdown of law and order in New Orleans, according to “most”, is due to the inadequate response of state and federal law enforcement. Yes, he says sarcastically, because no one was around to say stop, we cannot seem to arrive at that notion individually. Sure, blame the moderators for the expletives.

1271. Your government and with the consent of you as a voting citizen, place memorializing ahead of occupation. Compassion at its crest of lack of function. Good luck to you all...but I don’t really mean that. How does one intend to function within one’s lifetime if that person must take time out to mourn the other 3 billion who will pass in that duration? I know how, stop your sniveling. Even with your mythical conjecture as heaven, everything is fine when they die, so what the hell is this extra time spent on? Oh yeah, I forgot. Vanity. You must present yourself as a considerate human being in order to be properly esteemed by others around you.

1272. Here is a real blessing to Matt Drudge for playing audio clips of residents from New Orleans prior to the hurricane noting that if such an event would ever arise, while chuckling and partying, disaster would likely ensue, but they wouldn’t dare leave, because everything would be just fine. These are likely now the sniveling assholes chanting on the roadside for help or floating face down inside their attics where they belong. And then on other channels, we arise to the listening of those who say the most irritating comment I can imagine, “...but you never think it will happen to you”. Well it did, congratulations for beating the odds. Guess what? Had you previously thought a little more coherently about that, after the storm you would have said, “I was properly prepared and I will be just fine, but since your offering money and supplies anyways, sure I’ll take some”. Followed by, “...hmm...this neighborhood is sure quiet. I like it.”

1273. I hear things from liberals, and for those who want my perspective when I utilize the useless label of liberals, they are those who side with one selection of people to dispute another selection of people all within the United States and at some point in time required a completely contradictory brand name to represent their views. Much like how conservatives are not conservationists. I know, the other meanings to either label regards open-mindedness or traditionalists but come on, Wigs actually wore wigs and represented those views of the traditions of English courts, who wore wigs...for crapping out loud. Liberal and conservative was by every means submitted as a flaccid deception. Anywho...moving on...I have heard liberals now, especially after Michael Moore’s baby book film, contest why we have not sent the children of administrators who led the United States into war to the front lines, or the other angle of why these children have been held back from the front lines to more distant behind the line positions. It wasn’t until recently that I recognized that they are implying that these children should die and the parents should suffer for it. If you told someone else, at random, it’s too bad your kid isn’t on the front line...wouldn’t that mean they think your kid should die? Yeah, it does. The good old contradiction from peace lovers of make love not war but kill these people we disagree with. And besides, you elected these jackasses to office as leaders of your perspectives, so you have instilled that their bloodline is valued, essentially requiring that their kin are preserved by any means. It’s your fault, just admit it.

1274. Aliens can make mistakes too you know. Oh man, I see another bumper sticker. For those out there already sending it to the printers, read the disclaimer on the index page because man, I ain’t joking.

1275. Since apparently we now more than ever live in the age of a belief of already acquired perfection there is the necessity to create the subterfuge of blame – so I must join in – Hey, how about really getting to the root of the failure of New Orleans and blaming the French for building a city below sea level, right next to the very aquatic surfaces that would most likely, as common sense would dictate, overflow and flood. Yes, let us move beyond the corruption of administrative officials, and in this situation I do mean the state administrators not federal, as we always do, and blame someone who cannot take accountability at this point in time so that we can move on with deceiving ourselves that this country is the greatest country on Earth. And for those a little dense, also known as residents of this country I am defining, it’s not.

1276. And there it is – I thought to myself immediately when the media and government officials began purging bile about the estimated quantity of dead hovering around 40,000 that this melodramatic display resembles that of the World Trade Center. Remember that one? First comments from the media and government were quantifying 20,000 dead. And the line that clinches now both as blithering drama. Body bags. Shortly after the towers fell, you would hear that there would not be enough body bags regardless that they had assembled 20,000 of them. So today I read, the south gathers 25,000 body bags preparing for the dead. Bull and shit. So far, a week and a half later, the numbers are 300 in four states. I am going to tell you that it won’t break 1500. Hell, that is even being generous. The point, someone needs to keep it in their pants because generated efforts will arise regardless of the blatant emotional conjecture, so there is absolutely no constructive additive for acting like a jackass. You will only ensure your nation wide view of being a jackass later. The media however, you pretty much are branded with this entertainment idiocy so I can’t really suggest anything there, can I? Oh yes I can – shut the fuck up. Facts lie in waiting for the truth. Count first.

1277. It is dazzling how 10 billion dollars can suddenly ethereally arise and pass through Congress within 2 days of the suggestion while most other legislative materials can drown in months, years and numerous vacations before ever seeing an initial vote in the House. And now 50 billion more ethereal dollars will likely run through Congress within the week. Wow, they are deciding on how to spend money like the rest of us now. I imagine they will need a series of vacations after performing their jobs so efficiently. It must be strenuous to read and press a button for a few years as a career.

1278. Religious children play on play sets. Smart children play on jungle gyms.

1279. The next time someone, probably a child, asks you why the sky is blue – finally tell them the truth. You and everyone around you is the reason the sky is blue. And here is the explanation you give to validate that. As a beam of light, a single particle light wave, travels from its origin, likely the sun, through the Earth’s atmosphere, it collides with and refracts through the numerous atmospheric particles dividing the different wavelengths of light from the original particle wave. Your eyes then do the job of receiving the most distinctive and easiest wavelength that travels through the atmosphere which ends up being the wavelength that defines the color blue. As the sun, since we will define this as the major light source, approaches the horizon -- the density of atmospheric particles increases and the refracted wavelengths become weakened. Through this, the wavelength defined as red is the most distinctive and easiest for our eyes to receive. So, the reason the sky is blue and red is thanks entirely to your human eyes and the way they acknowledge different wavelengths. How do you think felines, canines and insects distinguish the sky? Not blue. So the sky is not blue at all, actually. Tell them the truth, and that the reason is only because of you and the other humans around you. I call the defiance of this the ethereal perception of humanity. Giving definition based on human perception without cognitive efforts to acknowledge non-human perception as an external instrument of perception creates an invalid singularity – an ethereal definition.

1280. Silvia Brown, the world renowned psychic, just compared time travel to a Bic lighter in saying that if we were to show a Bic lighter to the Egyptians, they would be stunned, and if we to even attempt to understand the formulations to perform time travel, we would be equally as astonished. No stupid, you see with a Bic lighter, they would discover how simple it is by seeing the flint and the tumbler that strikes the flint to create a spark that ignites the fuel that is compressed within a small container, very similar to the features they utilized to make fire in that era. Time travel would require idiocy and idiots like you Silvia to first believe that time, which once again does not exist, does exist as a series of frames on a progressive roll of film that is stored after use in some plane of existence that for some reason is outside the bounds of human or mechanical perception, and that a machine will accelerate, decelerate, warp, leap universal planes or whatever mythical transportation means to carry a human from one point on the film roll to another and back. Unlike the Egyptians who can find rational mechanical associations from the Bic lighter to their own era, we cannot currently perceive any rational or reasonable tactics for time travel to ever exist. Here is a novel suggestion for all those Coast to Coast listeners -- try to define time. You cannot measure the next moment, the current moment, or the last moment because either it has not existed or no longer exists without a perception of time. The means to measure time requires the exclusion of the instrument of measurement from time itself. The foremost dilemma is that most of you see things in a linear time. Because things move so fluidly, it is hard to imagine that each minute atomic shift is a single instance. Another words, though your arm is moving through the air, it requires the segmenting of millions of infinitesimal shifts to complete this motion. Time can then only be defined as a single instance and every single instance that is replaced by another single instance or the measurement of the accumulation of the single instances that have passed. Now to idealize that these single instances are cataloged somewhere on some parallel universal plane is just idiotic and I can’t believe I just rambled on about this.

1281. I don’t like to think of it as Christmas. Christmas is a religious holiday and I don’t practice. In fact -- I don’t even like to play...eh...eh?

1282. One aspect to society that has contributed to the deterioration of intellect and/or the aspirations to learn are the unnecessary linguistic complexities created by individuals who conceitedly thematically designed context in a particular profession or knowledge as a means to segregate their celebrity. So in defiance of that, I will attempt to reverse to the unnecessary complexities to allow everyone to embrace the knowledge of all. We will start with the human anatomy. Every bone in the human skeletal structure for some odd reason requires an idiotic, unintelligible label. Unfortunately, that is how we now know where they are. Time to reverse that. Numbers are the most simplistic identifiers for a series of conjoined parts. In a catalog, they tell you slot A into slot B. It is this same scenario except we require 206 identifiers. Letters are confined, numerals are infinite. Let’s begin – (Skull) 1 = Frontal Bone; 2 = Parietal Bone Left; 3 = Parietal Bone Right; 4 = Temporal Bone Left; 5 = Temporal Bone Right; 6 = Occipital Bone; 7 = Sphenoid Bone; 8 = Ethmoid Bone; (Facial Bones) 9 = Zygomatic Bone Left; 10 = Zygomatic Bone Right; 11 = Superior Maxilla; 12 = Inferior Maxilla; 13 = Nasal Bone Left; 14 = Nasal Bone Right; 15 = Mandible; 16 = Palatine Bone Left; 17 = Palatine Bone Right; 18 = Lacrimal Bone Right; 19 = Lacrimal Bone Right; 20 = Vomer Bone; 21 = Inferior Nasal Conchae Left; 22 = Inferior Nasal Conchae Right; (Middle Ear Bones) 23 = Malleus Left; 24 = Incus Left; 25 = Stapes Left; 26 = Malleus Right; 27 = Incus Right; 28 = Stapes Right; (Throat) 29 = Hyoid Bone; (Shoulder) 30 = Clavicle Left; 31 = Scapula Left; 32 = Clavicle Right; 33 = Scapula Right; (Thorax) 34 = Sternum; 35 = Rib Left (Top to Bottom); 36 = Rib Left; 37 = Rib Left; 38 = Rib Left; 39 = Rib Left; 40 = Rib Left; 41 = Rib Left; 42 = Rib Left; 43 = Rib Left; 44 = Rib Left; 45 = Rib Left; 46 = Rib Left; 47 = Rib Right (Top to Bottom); 48 = Rib Right; 49 = Rib Right; 50 = Rib Right; 51 = Rib Right; 52 = Rib Right; 53 = Rib Right; 54 = Rib Right; 55 = Rib Right; 56 = Rib Right; 57 = Rib Right; 58 = Rib Right; (Vertebral) 59 = Cervical Vertebrae (Top to Bottom); 60 = Cervical Vertebrae; 61 = Cervical Vertebrae; 62 = Cervical Vertebrae; 63 = Cervical Vertebrae; 64 = Cervical Vertebrae; 65 = Cervical Vertebrae; 66 = Thoracic Vertebrae (Top to Bottom); 67 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 68 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 69 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 70 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 71 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 72 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 73 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 74 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 75 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 76 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 77 = Thoracic Vertebrae; 78 = Lumbar Vertebrae (Top to Bottom); 79 = Lumbar Vertebrae; 80 = Lumbar Vertebrae; 81 = Lumbar Vertebrae; 82 = Lumbar Vertebrae; (Pelvis) 83 = Coccyx; 84 = Ossa Coxae Left; 85 = Sacrum; 86 = Ossa Coxae Right; (Left Arm) 87 = Humerus Left; 88 = Ulna Left; 89 = Radius Left; (Left Hand) 90 = Scaphoid Bone Left; 91 = Lunate Bone Left; 92 = Triquetral Bone Left; 93 = Pisiform Bone Left; 94 = Trapezium Bone Left; 95 = Trapezoid Bone Left; 96 = Capitate Bone Left; 97 = Hamate Bone Left; 98 = Metacarpal Bone Left (Left to Right); (Pinky Finger) 99 = Proximal Phalange Left; 100 = Intermediate Phalange Left; 101 = Distal Phalange Left; 102 = Metacarpal Bone Left; (Ring Finger) 103 = Proximal Phalange Left; 104 = Intermediate Phalange Left; 105 = Distal Phalange Left; 106 = Metacarpal Bone Left; (Middle Finger) 107 = Proximal Phalange Left; 108 = Intermediate Phalange Left; 109 = Distal Phalange Left; 110 = Metacarpal Bone Left; (Index Finger) 111 = Proximal Phalange Left; 112 = Intermediate Phalange Left; 113 = Distal Phalange Left; 114 = Metacarpal Bone Left; (Thumb) 115 = Proximal Phalange Left; 116 = Distal Phalange Left; (Right Arm) 117 = Humerus Right; 118 = Ulna Right; 119 = Radius Right; (Right Hand) 120 = Scaphoid Bone Right; 121 = Lunate Bone Right; 122 = Triquetral Bone Right; 123 = Pisiform Bone Right; 124 = Trapezium Bone Right; 125 = Trapezoid Bone Right; 126 = Capitate Bone Right; 127 = Hamate Bone Right; 128 = Metacarpal Bone Right (Left to Right); (Thumb) 129 = Proximal Phalange Right; 130 = Distal Phalange Right; 131 = Metacarpal Bone Right; (Index Finger) 132 = Proximal Phalange Right; 133 = Intermediate Phalange Right; 134 = Distal Phalange Right; 135 = Metacarpal Bone Right; (Middle Finger) 136 = Proximal Phalange Right; 137 = Intermediate Phalange Right; 138 = Distal Phalange Right; 139 = Metacarpal Bone Right; (Ring Finger) 140 = Proximal Phalange Right; 141 = Intermediate Phalange Right; 142 = Distal Phalange Right; 143 = Metacarpal Bone Right; (Pinky Finger) 144 = Proximal Phalange Right; 145 = Intermediate Phalange Right; 146 = Distal Phalange Right; (Left Leg) 147 = Femur Left; 148 = Patella Left; 149 = Tibia Left; 150 = Fibula Left; (Left Foot) 151 = Calcaneus Left; 152 = Talus Left; 153 = Navicular Bone Left; 154 = Medial Cuneiform Bone Left; 155 = Intermediate Cuneiform Bone Left; 156 = Lateral Cuneiform Bone Left; 157 = Cuboid Bone Left; 158 = Metatarsal Bone Left (Left to Right); (Pinky Toe) 159 = Proximal Phalange Left; 160 = Intermediate Phalange Left; 161 = Distal Phalange Left; 162 = Metatarsal Bone Left; (Ring Toe?) 163 = Proximal Phalange Left; 164 = Intermediate Phalange Left; 165 = Distal Phalange Left; 166 = Metatarsal Bone Left; (Middle Toe) 167 = Proximal Phalange Left; 168 = Intermediate Phalange Left; 169 = Distal Phalange Left; 170 = Metatarsal Bone Left; (Index Toe?) 171 = Proximal Phalange Left; 172 = Intermediate Phalange Left; 173 = Distal Phalange Left; 174 = Metatarsal Bone Left; (Big Toe) 175 = Proximal Phalange Left; 176 = Distal Phalange Left; (Right Leg) 177 = Femur Right; 178 = Patella Right; 179 = Tibia Right; 180 = Fibula Right; (Right Foot) 181 = Calcaneus Right; 182 = Talus Right; 183 = Navicular Bone Right; 184 = Medial Cuneiform Bone Right; 185 = Intermediate Cuneiform Bone Right; 186 = Lateral Cuneiform Bone Right; 187 = Cuboid Bone Right; 188 = Metatarsal Bone Right (Left to Right); (Big Toe) 189 = Proximal Phalange Right; 190 = Distal Phalange Right; 191 = Metatarsal Bone Right; (Index Toe?) 192 = Proximal Phalange Right; 193 = Intermediate Phalange Right; 194 = Distal Phalange Right; 195 = Metatarsal Bone Right; (Middle Toe) 196 = Proximal Phalange Right; 197 = Intermediate Phalange Right; 198 = Distal Phalange Right; 199 = Metatarsal Bone Right; (Ring Toe?) 200 = Proximal Phalange Right; 201 = Intermediate Phalange Right; 202 = Distal Phalange Right; 203 = Metatarsal Bone Right; (Pinky Toe) 204 = Proximal Phalange Right; 205 = Intermediate Phalange Right; 206 = Distal Phalange Right; (And in the infant stage of development the following bones fuse together to form the current bone identified) (Coccyx) 83A = Coccygeal Vertebrae; 83B = Coccygeal Vertebrae; 83C = Coccygeal Vertebrae; 83D = Coccygeal Vertebrae; 83E = Coccygeal Vertebrae; (Sacrum) 85A = Sacral Vertebrae; 85B = Sacral Vertebrae; 85C = Sacral Vertebrae; 85D = Sacral Vertebrae; 85E = Sacral Vertebrae; (Pelvis Girdle) 86A = Ilium; 86B = Ischium; 86C = Pubis;

1283. What good exactly is a flag as an emblem to patriate the masses, to boundary your provinces or to notify and/or deter antagonists? It requires the wind. How patriotic are those in sharp valleys or deep within the forest? Who is going to see you are in charge when the flag is just sagging against the pole behind the building over on Fifth Street which is conveniently behind a large mountain range. You can’t really be “under god” if you require some degree of nature to emphasize you exist. I figure stickers – possibly vinyl with a gloss laminate. Actually, common sense would elect that if your masses are faithful to their nation, government and populace, then no sticker, flag or any other emblem is required to signify your existence. People do have -- well used to -- some degree of the ability to remember who their influences are. An emblem signifies your posturing over them. And worse yet, within the world it signifies your segregation from others. Essentially discouraging unity.

1284. I am starting to sound more like a United States conservative every day but allow me to quickly tripe that I am no more of a person who acquiesces to U.S. conservative views than U.S. liberal views. However, it is astonishing in the mannerisms that the liberals depict which I will contend with. These party members are simply imprudent and uncertain of their viewpoints which has created a psychological defensive maneuver of simply becoming conservative bashers. This anti-Bush rhetoric comes with such ingenious discourses such as, “We are uniters, not dividers”, which subtly follows with the ideologue that you are either with them or against them. The thing that bothers me most about the current liberal populace and their performance is the inability to ever say, “How about we try this instead --“, which to me would emphasize that there are alternatives. They have not presented practical responses other than hostility to the devices of humanity so for what reason should any person find relevance of their drivel. I beg of you -- come up with something other than it just won’t work.

1285. Someone in their infinite wisdom deciphered that education requires entertainment to better achieve attention. I just recently listened to a radio commercial regarding the benefits of breast feeding. Problem was, I couldn’t fucking understand it. They quite impassively integrated the information with a Barry White-esk rhythm and blues song making the information, which required three attempts to identify, unintelligible. Now this harkens me back to other such edifying ventures taken by educators to create a more adroit response to deliver teachings because they perceived that attention spans were diminishing based on the abundance of activity around humans. That of course is just stupid considering you are contributing to this by blaring loud music, graphic images and jump rope artists to assist them in learning one single article of knowledge. You are reading and learning from this very observation without the accompaniment of any external stimuli. What causes this ability to learn with such a simple format? Intrigue. The desire to learn. There is a great deal of progenies in this world that do not develop the desire to learn. The responsibility to create that desire develops from their parental influences. Learning is a basic principle to humanity and removing the aspiration to learn for a reason -- such as success -- removes the attraction to learning. When given the experience of a free ride and a lack of discipline from their parents, the desire for self achieved success is eliminated, and so follows the intrigue. For example, dumb people are reckless. Stop encouraging it by pandering to it. Deliver dry direct information, and those who listen, because they have deciphered a reason to listen whenever they can, are the ones who at most require the knowledge to learn. The idiots are thinned out and everyone is happy. Want an easy way to already split the difference? Who is healthy and who isn’t? There are your disciplined and not. Well, I sure fell off track on this one so let us move on --

1286. How is a double negative in language a positive? I cannot not go. I wasn’t sure where to take this because my first perception was that people make fault with this when actually emphasizing they can not. So a double negative is in fact twice the negative factor with a grammatical psychological error attempting an exerted emphasis. Then the shrinks come out and say, this is actually a display of a lie. Tough. It is an exerted attempt to avoid, which increases the factor of negativity, not creating a positive. Then I thought, are there those who actually grammatically blunder to from sentences that utilize double negatives to actually assert a positive? I cannot not go. Then it is easy to say -- what are you and idiot? Has the English language overwhelmed us? Have simple, concise and efficient yeses and no-s completely escape dialogue because of the fear of vanity? Consider this a court of law every day and shut the hell and answer the question with a simple yes or no. It isn’t hard and no one will be offended if you answer so precisely. Ah, who am I kidding? Every is so obscured with emotion that if you attempted to deliver dry single worded answers, you would be perceived as being arrogant or subdued. No, they are efficient and not concerned about your imaginary conditioned feelings about it.

1287. “People are dead in an American city and someone should be held accountable”, so spews from the politically biased jackasses. It of course is not the responsibility of nature creating a hurricane during hurricane season and it is not the reasonability of those who stuck around and failed to prepare or were unable to survive on their own. It was of course, someone in adminstration’s fault. How about the 14,000 murders each year in the United States? Is the federal government responsible for the actions of the insane murderous tempers of humanity? Well, that is a bit rhetorical so don’t answer it precisely but regardless, 1,000 people died within the turmoil of the hurricane and subsequent flood, by choice. I didn’t see every building flooded to the peak of the roofs and frankly staying inside the house when flood waters are rising seems a little idiotic. I surely didn’t see mis-information plastered about for years and years prior to the hurricane mis-stating that the city was below sea level and considered a liability. I didn’t see anyone holding anyone’s head under the water. And for those still not clear, the levies were rated up to a category 3 hurricane. Maybe, just maybe, we are not indestructible and nature, being a global giant, can have its way with us -- us being infinitesimally minute to the survival of the planet’s circulatory system. We are not gods and for that reason life is not precious. People make choices and survive by their means. If they quantify in their lives to relax, they submit to the travesties around them. Look at society today. People are more concerned about novelty than education. Skipping school to go to Disneyland. People are more concerned about novelty than preparedness. Knowing the likelihood of an earthquake in California, count the homes with cabinet shelves stocked with novelty items (glass this and crystal that) and compare that to how many shelves in that home you will find that secures any of these items from crashing to the floor. It even surprises me that people who covet alcohol, most Californians, do not put a simple string across the shelf to prevent losing it all in a small earthquake that 9 times out of 10, they have experienced before. The point -- how about pointing the finger to humanity and its now abundant lack of ability -- of anything.

1288. Ghost hunters maintain that collecting paranormal data is relative to a positive attitude that you will, so that those in the paranormal will respond to you. Ah shit, you mean if I go into a house that I believe is haunted, and I believe that ghosts exist, and I believe that every little sound is that of the paranormal and that if I believe that spirits are the past tense existence of human beings -- then I will see one? No really? You mean it. So if I go into a house with skepticism, I won’t see ghosts? Wow, what are the odds of that? No science requires a positive attitude or any attitude for that matter -- it is either materialistic fact or fiction. Fucking dumbasses and their fucking misconstrued perceptions of the field of research of the paranormal. They just have to look like morons to make the rest of us look like them. Let me announce to you out there, any jackass who spends his free time convincing you that there are ghosts in your house by using a camera and a gauss meter and then does nothing to prove it for years, is a worthless dumbass. Take that shit to the bank you worthless dumbasses. God damn it. A positive attitude. Maybe if I add a little balm to it, then the ghosts will just jump right out. I saw some dumbasses who used bait. Bait?!? Aaahhhh.

1289. How many generations of living in America does it require to drop the origin moniker? It seems like if your grandfather was born in America, and your father was born in American, then you is not no African American. You are American. Despite how painful that is. And we can see your black, so what is the fucking point in making it completely obvious that your ancestors ain’t from around here? And I am not being racist to just blacks, this goes to the rest of you insecure immigrated idiots who for some reason want to have some heritage while defying it by immigrating. And stop giving me this half this, two thirds that crap. Ask yourself where you were born and raised. That is the culture you develop within and the culture that you are associated with. I am painfully an American despite my mother’s thick British heritage of royalty that I would instantaneously embrace. All I can do, is reference as my genetic makeup – and nothing more.

1290. Whoa there champ. You didn’t lose 3,000 people in the World Trade Center. You lost less than that. In the same exchange as money, you cannot round up for the novelty of the dialogue and utilizing a higher number of deaths that did not occur makes you a melodramatic unrefined fool. Now being in the media though, you excel at this ability to inaccurately confer figures – while the “news” logo slowly rotates at the bottom of the screen. Are you catching on to the irony there?

1291. I was thinking about the previous observation regarding symbols as a useless tool for faith or merit. And then I saw it. A cross. I apologize, of course I mean a holy cross. There, the very echelon of faith based existence, and it requires materialistic symbolism to identify, idealize and emphasize its existence. There seems to be a contradiction of faiths in this. Why would the ethereal assured necessitate symbolism? I hear you can defend your faith by utilizing this tool, such as against demonic creatures. A weapon? Catholicism is littered with materialistic symbolism to emphasize authority. Where is the ethereal faith when it requires earthly materials for definition. The bible is a collection of stories and not considered a symbol so don’t jerk me off here. I know what I am bitching about. And what I am bitching about is that the key argument by religious zealots is that faith is the principle of belief in God – when it is very human crafted materials that symbolize their recollection of their faith. Why do you need a cross? Why does the Pope need a scepter and a globe of jewels?

1292. I overheard an Irishman state that all the key elements are here in the United States for a revolution. I nearly pissed myself because I know that it takes the union of struggle, the union of faith, the union of philosophy and the union of courage to stand against oppressive or imprudent leadership. I dare you to find a whole number percentage of anything disputed in a unison without question. I dare you to find a quantity of those who indisputably struggle over a lesser quantity of those who live well. I dare you to find a collusion of a single faith. I dare you to find an emphasis of a single ideal. Looking through the faces of the American public, you will find the scattering of senses and the novelties of existence. Political parties warring against each other is an imbecilic conflict and displays no merits for those to rise up and change the way we exist. A revolution is a divide. A revolution in this nation will require those determined to terminate it. I dare you to find anyone within this country in mass who aspire to that. Who demonstrate a philosophy for that. Who have a courage for that.

1293. Is it that hard to depress the brake while in the fast food drive thru lane, waiting all of a minute or two? Put the gearing into neutral, it is one shift away from drive and places the vehicle in an idle, reducing consumption and reducing the capacity for error. Do not take the chance of progressing the distance of going pass neutral, reverse and into park. This emphasizes your laziness and inattentiveness which increases the likelihood of your dumbass, who was not paying attention, slowing the progress of the fast food lane, or while not paying attention and leaving your foot near the brake, you attempt to drive forward, finding that you didn’t, you then quickly shift downward -- into reverse -- into my car – which then requires me to step from the vehicle and kill you. Why must you make things harder than they should be. You are in an expensive vehicle capable of killing masses of people with the simple twitch of your foot – try to act like you care. And get the fuck up there, I want my food while its hot. Inconsiderate jackass.

1294. Talkers battling talkers. This is what American society is now comprised of and why it takes so damn long for alterations to occur. We have liberals disputing conservatives and vise versa. Yet, where is this done? In and through the very discerning media. And these media outlets are not court stenographers, they are biased with selective hearing. This is the blatant display that the media, not leadership, defines perspective. What would it take for a Senator to utilize another outlet to express his or her concerns or deliberations. Ah, but you are missing the other point made. You see, it is the media that guides perspectives which garners a response from the public which then defines the appropriate measures for the Senator to take in order to least enrage their constituents. Chicken and egg bullshit. We are already knee deep in it, so what is the measure to get out? A total revolution of democracy is the only course of action that will remove the already entwined biases. It takes the people themselves who experience these paths to truly define perspective. Leadership in a “democracy” is a contradiction. These people in Washington D.C. are supposed to be representative of the masses, not leaders.

1295. Emphasized by liberals -- Rush Limbaugh used oxycotine. President Bush is in the bottle. You mean to tell me that these individuals are fallible? Well, to truly be able to perceive that, you must be in a superior position to define a difference. Hmm, then I question those liberals and their genuine nature. Like, oh I don’t know, Kennedy. Any Kennedy. Oh yeah, and how about every liberal in any university across America? For fucking out loud, you as a party are attempting to legalize a hallucinogen. How the hell can you claim a superiority when you are the very authors of these human freedoms to harm one’s self?

1296. Voter fraud defies a mandate by the masses and should only be punished by death. By defying the process of deliberation of the masses, you are defying societal existence and the reverberation for that action should be equivalent.

1297. Automatic flushing toilets. Stop fucking flushing when I am trying to put down the paper seat covers. Is it me or are these wasting more than they are solving? How many bowlfuls of floaters could there possibly be in comparison to the three or four times it flushes while I try to put down the damn paper napkin that it ends up sucking right down there? And you can’t tell me that it is just a few sensor adjustments because I am having this problem every friggin where. A few ideas -- sensor on the door. Every other opening it flushes. How about a voice activated system. “I’m done”. Oh yeah and one more, we stand over a damn hole in the ground and maybe holding a hose at it. For crying out loud, I know the lever was a loser but going to the sensor is killing me. A pull chain. Remember the pull chain? Well I don’t because that pre-dates me but oh man that seems like a winner right now.

1298. Here it is ladies, the shortest and simplest answer for woman about men. No need to spend forty bucks on a novel written by a psychologist who likely is homosexual, single or just an exploitive idiot. No need to squander lost moments with your friends pondering over a cup of hot chocolate trying to understand why? Whether you are single or coupled, this is the single most prevalent prominent universal solution to understanding and managing a male. Do what you will with this profound insight but remember this single word in every aspect of every moment when interacting with a male and you will most certainly discover a means of a coalesced resolution. Competitiveness. If you examine the male existence through the eons of humanity, you will discover this one single redundancy.

1299. If you think American society is not just a novelty -- tobacco and alcohol manufacturing is considered two of the few most stable and lucrative businesses in the United States.

1300. Checks and balances. I have been thinking about checks and balances a lot lately especially in regards to a more evolved civilization. Surely the government of the United States requires checks and balances as a tool of civil management. Which is odd because if this country was bound by democracy, then the public -- and the representatives of the public -- would be held accountable for misjudgments and not require judicial perspective after passing the law. In this republic that exists (idealistically) the public elects representatives who create regulations that pass through congress and then are deciphered by the judicial system for the declaration of enforcement. Meaning, congress writes a law. It passes. It is turned over by the judicial system months or years later by fault of examples. Got to love intellectual inefficiencies. Independent bodies in the federal system only creates delays and gaps of existing within unlawful merits. We have the intellectual capacity to make this following novel idea prevalent -- a pubic system of election. Oh you know, a democracy. Prior to voting for passage of laws by the majority of the masses, federal judiciaries can review and provide validity through example which will then affix to the proposition. Lets get it all in line, and run it through to the masses who will then decide by majority for their own existence. Government should only be a communication nucleus for the people. Government employees vote as well, so they should not hold prevalent the ability to pass legislation without public consent.

1301. Why is the greater percentage of bitching liberal anti-war hooligans -- woman? With a prominently male authority, of course there will be a contesting of ideologies from females based on simple differences in hormonal psychologies, which have seemingly made these protests sound more like a woman’s lib movement than an anti-war demonstration.

1302. Why does everything now seemed to have a declaration of shame? I hear more and more of, “you should be ashamed”, or “aren’t you ashamed”. Ashamed of what? Saying or doing what they just did without shame otherwise they wouldn’t have done it at all. How can anyone be ashamed of anything when it seems that someone can find shame for both sides of the story. I hear those on behalf of Cindy Sheehan say that pro-war protesters should be ashamed for killing innocent people while then those pro-war protesters say the others should be ashamed of Cindy Sheehan for being unpatriotic. Shame this and shame that. Shame on you. I feel ashamed. Bullshit. All of it. I am making an assertion to all who will listen. Anyone who utilizes the word shame or ashamed is full of themselves and is full of shit. You should turn away from them and walk away, possibly giving them the finger if you feel obliged to donate that additional time.

1303. I look around and I take note of people. I observe. And right now I ask, where did they go? Where are they now? There is a generation of tattooed and pierced jackasses who drove across the country in their van, smoking their dope and cigarettes and I ask, where are they now? The 80’s and 90’s made this a prevailing practice so there is clearly a generation of adults who must reside and be employed somewhere? Right? Where? Because I can’t see them as prominently as they made themselves when they were young. Is it they have all shuddered away into the gutter, lacking fundamentals to succeed because they have destroyed too many brain cells or did they discover the discretion people have for their appearance and began hiding their abstract features which was once the foundation of their oh so mighty principles? I can tell you this, I do look forward to misplacing the current generation of tattooed and pierced jackasses with their pit bulls and their dirty socks. Misplaced away behind the cardboard signs or coffee stands.

1304. Smokers who chew gum. Why? Are you coherent of the way people negatively perceive your foul breath or yellowed teeth? So you contradict yourself. Hmm? Could this perpetuate that smokers invalidate their own opinions and that all smokers should go fuck themselves.

1305. Oh you know I love new federal statistics and especially the way they are expressed through the media. For example with the new criminal review of 2004 -- Rapes are down by 2/3rds from 1993. What they didn’t note, they are up 10,000 from 2003. -- This one I love to quantify, 204 crimes per 1000 households. Why households? Makes it seem like one per house which could be true. How about expanding that and saying that with an average 3 per household, it becomes 204 crimes per 3000 people. That makes it 6.8% of 3000 people. You can expand on that and say on average, every 14.7th person is a criminal. Well, that seems like a lot to me. Seems awfully uncivil for such an advanced society to be patriotic of.

1306. I have decided that good common sense cannot even articulate the repetitive scripted dialogues that anti-war folks have adopted. Because 30% of the National Guard and billions of dollars are in Iraq, the states of Mississippi and Louisiana were inadequate to respond to a natural disaster. The majority of the dead were from a result of drowning or being killed by debris from the hurricane. How does 100% of the National Guard and dollar signs prevent people from dying during a natural disaster? And following the disaster, people died from being inadequately supplied for temporary self-preservation in a challengingly dilapidated vast region which required traversing. People die and by choice no less and society encompasses absolutely no degree of perfection. Give up your narcissistic pledge to piss me off and rationalize something feasible for a condition of fault or shut the fuck up. I have heard enough. You are making me like Bush just to despise you and I do not even have an ounce of respect for the man as a public figurehead.

1307. 4.2 minutes per flight per year is equivalent to one million dollars and they hope to save that by now boarding passengers by window seats first. How many decades of passenger flight has there been and it is now they decide that maybe those sitting in the isle should board last. Can you imagine the process on this one? A collection of corporate moguls sit in their plush leather chairs at a large mahogany table as a presentation utilizing PowerPoint software, digital projectors and months of preparation is displayed. At the end of telling them that they can save a million dollars per year by loading window seat passengers first, something that to me seems to come across really well without market models or research, they said, lets give it a trial run. What a waste these people are to society.

1308. Consistency is what environmental scientists utilize for prediction. And it is wrong. Nature is not consistent based on dynamically altering the facets of nature every time a major variation occurs creating a new set of probabilities to the new composition. I don’t know how repetitive I can be there. If you build a sandcastle, let the waves decimate it, the foundation you will then build on again will be dynamically different which will receive an altered reaction from the waves which have changed by disorder as well.

1309. According to “intelligent design” supporters, Darwin’s theory of evolution contains gaps and if you wish to find further information, you should consult a textbook about “intelligent design”. So, instead of finding resolution to the gaps, a gap being a space between two authentic places -- you should discover greater question with pondering that life began with a indecipherable ethereal higher intelligence. Seems like filling in the gaps seems a little more amicable than having no opening act at all.

1310. Preaching that Firefox is a better web browser only shows that you have no desire for an internet presence and instead prefer to lounge about on the internet and have some agenda towards corporate successes. I know how it feels, I like the underdog too but when it comes to finding a middle ground for personal success, you have to cut the umbilical chord. Coding opinions and contemplations don’t mean a damn thing from you. Firefox has only impressed me with tabs. It does not over exemplify anything else except its incompatibility with CSS and HTML that format with a lenience towards Internet Explorer. For those on the internet who utilize the internet for communication of information and business, we would like to see a unified structure, which if others are not willing to comply with Microsoft which was adopted as prominent due to the advent timeline, then you are qualified to base an opinion. Internet Explorer works, that you cannot argue with. If it didn’t there wouldn’t be such contentment with it. And if your defense are those who are computer idiotic well then good luck to you, they mean even less than you do. They still shop in stores at the mall.

1311. Here it is folks, the proof that emotion is not coupled with biology. Ketamine. Ketamine is an anesthetic that attacks the central nervous system, separating perception from sensation. Boom. Hooyah. Don’t see it? If sensation and the perception of it were unified, a chemical imbalance could not separate them. Perception is the key word regardless. Emotions are invalidated by their segregation from the physical biology.

1312. Why shouldn’t one go fucking crazy? Look around. People are discourteous and unhygienic. Look around. Smoking. I dare you to find one clean public bathroom and that is not the fault of the business. Crumbs on the countertop. All because people don’t try. And to think that people are such pieces of shit that they will surgically remove their stomach from their digestive system to cheat weight loss after becoming obese in the first place. How about you shut your fucking mouth and take a walk. Rapists, stalkers, kidnappers who believe they are doing god’s work only because they are so fucking brain dead from a lack of oxygen in the womb to the pot smoking and coke snorting they thought was the coolest thing. Hey dog, all my friends are down on this yo. Dumbasses. Every single one. Why shouldn’t I go fucking crazy and obliterate everyone? Trust me, shouldn’t isn’t the word. What took me so long will likely be the next notable question.

1313. And speaking of which, I declare that since Sphere is operating at near full capacity -- anyone who walks with an ethereal limp, thinks their waistline is their calves and greets anyone with the word “dog” is going to be begging for water when working the line. No tolerance. None. Idiots deserve degraded passages in life. It was after all, their choice.

1314. I have a new favorite marketing pitch. Hamas, the Palestinian rebel group, declares; “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people”. Oh yeah, but we can’t stop there. How about following with the month long round about people.

1315. Is it possible that country music can be anymore full of shit? If patriotism inspires that twanged garbage to spill from their mouths only to then be perceived as anthems to the way of life, then good luck to you. The southern states are far less developed than the rest of the nation so I am not sure where they are even coming up with this shit. I thought about even joking a line or two from some songs I recently heard but then I realized I would have to punch myself in the face for it. They are ridiculous and foul and contend that everything is all daisies. Come on. No honest respectful human being, and I would hope society -- would ever perceive themselves the way these country music assholes do when they sing about the stars and stripes. Hey jackass! Poverty, alcoholism, drop outs and domestic abuses are ranked the highest in the southern states. Now yee ha about that or are you actually from north of the Mason-Dixon line which makes you just someone who can’t sing without lisping.

1316. Left handed people are the adroit mirrored reflection of right handed people. Ha, if you consider the last handful of U.S. presidents were left handed, then it merely displays that we are just full of a more dynamic shit than the rest of you. Intellectual shit, like ones with a lot of vegetables like corn and a mixture of berries, and that penny that was missing.

1317. Metaphors need to stop. People today who use metaphors sound like idiots by completely missing the reference point. “All the tea in China”. I am sure that without looking that the origin of this was likely accommodating to the situation. Today, most utilize this to say “I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China”. Can you imagine the idiot that would do that? All the tea in China would likely value many times what you could likely spend in a lifetime, essentially making your life significantly better. But no one is offering you all the tea in China and no one will ever offer anyone all the tea in China so shut up and say you have no desire to get rid of it.

1318. Jackass mother fucking dumbass morons. We can demonstrate in a fucking laboratory the progression from innate chemicals of carbon to R.N.A. to fucking D.N.A.. And here I listen to these fucking assholes who append “intelligent design” that evolution has the allowance for a sentient being contributing to the initial process. God damn shit fuck. Idiots. All idiots. And I have more for those intelligent design assholes -- so be patient.

1319. Some classrooms require that children should learn “intelligent design” alongside evolution. Here is what it might look like -- “Okay everyone, first there was someone or something that did something to start this whole thing and here it is now, but I am no necessarily talking about God, okay? Now open your books to chapter one where we will begin learning about evolution that will require several courses and years of chemistry, anthropology, archeology, sociology and the hundreds of other fields of ecological or biological sciences with demonstrations utilizing visuals such as skeletal remains and laboratory experiments”.

1320. Irreducibly complex? You have got to be kidding me. This states that an organism cannot exist without all of the required mechanics of it as it is now, saying that without any of these items, it does not exist, so it cannot be reduced to show an evolved process. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard since it has been shown in viruses, bacteria, cells -- of division, amalgamation or resorting of function. It is like saying a fucking lion can’t breed with a tiger and that there will not be a cellular alteration -- which oh by the fucking way, has been clearly disproved. Biological structures of anything once were differently able and altered in dynamics to be more efficiently utilized in its particular environment. It is called adaptation which evolution is. Now adaptation can be shown on your god damn face. Darkie over there is black because of cellular adaptation to the environment. Environment dictates as I have always said. And this makes me realize this -- no more time will be spent on these assholes. Slither back under the catacombs of the church and shut the fuck with your foundationless religious diatribe attempting to invigorate metaphysics over materialism which has clearly gained ground over the last hundred years essentially defying the church which as an all mighty kingdom of authority for the last ten thousand years, they are up for fighting for their control.

1321. I recently noticed a bumper sticker which when placed by so many today, are so insightful -- to the degree which I become more weary of the driver and their intelligence to operate a vehicle or anything beyond the level of a number 2 pencil. This particular sticker said, “Honor the warrior, not the war”. Simple, he wouldn’t be a warrior without with the war...thus WARrior. God fucking damn it, I hate anti-war idiots and their metaphoric invalidated deceptions.

1322. Republicans are offended by a woman who wore a t-shirt in public that pictured George W. Bush and Dick Cheney with the caption of “Meet the Fuckers”. Their argument was against the lack of concern by this woman for others around them, but support the freedom to wear whatever you want. First, it is in public. The very principle of being in public is taking the risk of removing your secured surroundings. Second is that suggesting that this woman shouldn’t be allowed in public or should have a degree of consideration for others around them defies the freedom of speech which is in defiance of your secondary attached remarks. More importantly than all of these contemplations combined -- it is a fucking word -- or more precisely in this situation it is an adjective. Adjectives are used to define a subject. With an expression, it exerts verbally their perspective of the subject. Ask yourself this, is there is difference between saying fuck you and a punch in the face? So grow up. Teach your children now when they are approached with these words that they are words. Creating a segregation of words, creates the interpretation of conflict.

1323. Dogs have been defined as giving unconditional love. This is something that most humans search desperately for from others. Dogs are also considered extensively inferior in intellect than humans. Do you see a problem with that?

1324. All of the mysticism as dictated by documents stretching back thousands of years just suddenly stops. How can people living in today’s world without anything near the representations of the mythical charms of the stories written still find faith that these are valid and truly define the existence of a higher power? Nothing is like it was. Then of course it is funny to hear these people discuss other believer’s perceptions of these ancient texts or mythical events with disbelief. Huh? “No, no, no. He is wrong. Jesus could juggle with one hand if he wanted to -- not stand on his head like Mr. Roberts says”.

1325. All right. Shut the fuck up. Every one of you. If you tell me you did not like the Blair Witch Project film, I ask what conditions were present when you watched it. If you reply that you watched it with your friend or with eight friends or the entire chapter of the bullshit church, then you have no valid opinion on this film, so shut the fuck up. The dynamics of the film was to integrate yourself into the events, to participate as a first person. If you have someone around you -- to touch, talk to or listen to -- you defy the psychological elements to become this participant. Watch the film by yourself and shut up. Please shut up, just watch it. You paid well earned money to watch this or any film, so shut up and watch it. Stop eating, stop drinking, stop chortling about your thoughts of how Brad Pitt’s hair looks and shut up. Why do you think they turn the lights down? So you can focus your attention on the film and nothing else.

1326. The next time someone points to their heart and says that their spirit is inside -- ask what happens when you get a heart transplant. They will respond with that the spirit is all of you, not just the heart. Okay, then ask if you have a partial lobotomy, organ transplant, amputation or become paralyzed, did you then lose some of the spirit?

1327. As a recruiting tool, a church in Montana is utilizing youth programs such as dodge ball. Oh yes, nothing like hostile, last man standing sports to believe Jesus is savior.

1328. Not Dead Yet is a campaign to contest the right to die. So even though the person wants to cease living and acknowledges the ethereal complications that religions dictate, they should be defied from finding the comfortable means of accomplishing this. Apparently, they should not receive an injection of sodium pentothal that would ease them into a permanent sleep after suffering from an array of debilitating impediments, but rather they should have to purchase a rope and secretly perform the task so that others may or may not find them for weeks, more than likely not until the stench became apparent. The argument placed by the Not Dead Yet campaign is the conflict of giving another -- who is in the medical field -- the right to assist or even participate in the death of another. They perceive this as murder. A medical practitioner defines their existence as medically assisting others for the interests of their patients. They are being asked to terminate a human being as would a veterinarian would an animal. What is the difference? Both participants can state a choice. The distressed can perceive the suffering and verbalize their discretions. The medical practitioner can prominently provide conjecture for or against it with the integrity of preservation. Human existence by choice. Not Dead Yet is a religious based campaign to prolong suffering and revoke your skepticism of God.

1329. I am stating right here and now, a prognosis of a particular subject. There will never, not ever, by no means ever -- be “sky cars” as defined by the project being developed by the Moller Industry with the M400 Skycar.

1330. Ah, I am glad to hate both sides again. They dispense with the idea that the Constitution of the United States can define substance without direct reference. Is that the nation you find pride in? One of speculation? Perhaps you are giving just a little too much credit to the founders of this country to define every aspect of humanity three hundred years ago. And if the founders words were validated towards every perception of humanity three hundred years ago, then why are amendments added, retracted and alternate constitutions govern other states which are altered in the same frequency and manner? Once again, progression requires -- oh yeah this one is simple -- progression. The document was written when there no means to promptly perceive what was going on anywhere in the world within a week. How could Thomas Jefferson objectively define the infrastructure of the future of the entire union when he did not even know how the land was defined from Philadelphia to other side of the continent?

1331. England is now requiring optimistically based weather reports as a means to the improvement of morale. It is not partly cloudy, it is partly sunny. If this doesn’t define current sociological humanity, I don’t know what does. The government can improve the populace’s psychology by simply altering the way we perceive the weather. It isn’t so much a lie, but a manipulation of the facts. Partly cloudy and partly sunny are not the same -- but hey, I feel so much better.

1332. The local city council, though short of completing the tasks of dealing with issues within the city, voted against staying additional hours because one of the council members had to leave town. Their next meeting? -- two weeks. And every two weeks. Twice a month, this council gathers and these fuckers could not and were not willing to complete the array of tasks they were assigned to do by the public and for the public. No less, the fucking bitch on the council scheduled a trip on the night of the council meeting. Two nights a month. Just two. Who the fuck isn’t ready to axe these assholes? Submission is what you are all guilty of.

1333. The United States government and mint have decided to convey a positive perception by having Thomas Jefferson smile on the future version of the nickel. Are you fucking kidding me? Funny how the last three observations tie together. If you have a nickel and are giving that nickel scrutiny, it is likely your morale isn’t very high regardless that a minute piece of metal encrusted with other people’s gunk is smiling. It is a contradiction because it is a nickel that carries so little of value that you are coveting.

1334. Bible codes are the perceived cryptograms within the text of the bible utilizing an invented arrangement of letters and placements to provide metaphoric and grammatically incorrect sentences that tell of events throughout history and into the future. First, the bible is written in a grammatically correct manner. The supposed coders of the bible, some perceive as God, for some reason chose to defy this grammatic accuracy making the perception of the codes nearly impossible to properly decipher. How odd? Second is that with thousands of pages and millions of words, likely covering nearly every probable fundamental word, how could you not find a million valid variances to incorrectly grammatically perceive any arrangement of words to define any scenario you are searching for reference of. Just another series of speculations from metaphors from idiots. How about Nostrodamus and all of his believers for example.

1335. God’s wrath is raining down upon us. The second coming in only 2000 years of 60,000 years of human civilization is upon us. Hurricanes, earthquakes, the time is near -- or so I hear from such significant religious characters as Pat Robertson. So then, now what? Do we just throw in the towel, call it quits, sit and wait for the end? I never hear what we are supposed to do? Repent -- sure sure, I hear that one but what about after and until then? Not a word. Nothing about getting naked and running through the streets or burning symbols into our arms to signify our beliefs. Nothing but that it is over. Hey, all of us over here are still going about our business so anytime you want to drop this crap and help us evolve, feel free.

1336. Two New Orleans police officers committed suicide following the events of Hurricane Katrina. Am I confused? I could swear that society perceives that police officers are unique, courageous and honorable individuals from society to govern over the general public. Could it be that these people are in fact quite fallible, unreliable, dishonest and provide evidence of the necessity of enforcing the means of self preservation.

1337. Stop acting like a puss and admit the truth. When you generalize the populace, blacks commit more crimes than whites in the United States. Sure, you can argue that it is due to the cultural development since the detrimental origins of blacks into the United States, but I will surmise this -- explain the rest of the world where blacks commits more crimes or create more destitution than whites in the world. Don’t give me this suppression shit, you nearly have an entire continent of squalor and transgression. Bill Bennett is accurate in saying that abortions of black babies would decrease crime levels. It’s true. Make it untrue by changing the characteristics of blacks worldwide and then you can validate that these are racist remarks. Right now, they are only categorical statements of the facts.

1338. It has been conceived that the Babylonians may have been able to harness electricity. This technology was lost for 4,000 years and many question why? The answer is simple. Stop looking at civilization through today’s eyes. With the advent of anything today, communication techniques can record these revelations and expand them across millions of miles in brief moments. 4,000 years ago, in a civilization purposely segregated from others, communication would take generations to simply reach another continent. Something experimental without accurate application in an insignificant corner of the world, you cannot expect anything to transfer into other societies.

1339. The grandfather paradox. Time travel theorists believe that if you were to go back in time and kill your grandfather, you would become your grandfather. No wait, it might be if you go back in time and kill your grandfather, you would instantaneously disappear. No wait, what other bullshit could time travel theorists come up with that does nothing to validate that mortals can leap time as if it was a roll of film and the of course the big one, that if time even exists. Which, all those reading might have already learned -- it doesn’t. Here and now folks.

1340. The percentage of young adults and teenagers performing oral sex increased by 71 percent since 1969. I swear to god I read this. First, the lame ass joke. 1969. Seriously? 1970 didn’t work for you? 1969 was a better year for the origin of this subject? Ha ha. How about this? 1969 was a good reference year for the base percentage of teenagers and young adults performing oral sex? Who went around with this census? Excuse ma’am. How do you feel about blow jobs? I would imagine this census would be a little biased being that particular individuals who would likely be offended by publicly announcing this would not answer, so the census is incomplete. But wait, fast forward to today and who is walking around asking the same damn question, and to kids no less. Hey, you kids playing touch football over there. How do you feel about cunnilingus? What I find the funniest of this is that this statistic does nothing for the propagation of religion or abstinence but rather embraces individuals to just go for it. Screw older generations and their bombastic perceptions of the segregation of pleasure and morality. Besides, they were all doped up anyways when they disregarded moralities much like today’s society is. The numbers are probably the same, they were just engulfed in a more neurotic society where such actions where not publicized. Today, everyone is comfortable about talking about everything because some manners of perceptions of reality are slowly being accepted. This statistic examples the demise of God, which is as equally a pleasure for me.

1341. People in Pakistan are complaining that the government is slow to respond to the region of the earthquake disaster. Where could they have possibly come up with this idea? Hmm, could it be from the media bullshit delivered worldwide by America? Could it? Have you ever heard these countries where thousands die in natural disasters frequently complain about response time? Not until now. Well, like I told the jackasses here in America, fuck off. An estimated 20,000 dead and thousands of miles of destruction and you fuckers expect what? A instantaneous helping hand? Help yourself. Did you ever consider that those who would have helped may have been effected by the earthquake? How about helping them to help others. The entire populace of the country could not get to you in a day let alone finding accessible means to a relevant location where someone could apply help. How about helping yourself as a simple means of survival. I know you know how. Let’s not lose that magic touch and become a “democracy” of morons. You live in fucking shacks, don’t you dare lose the application of self preservation.

1342. A demobilized former paramilitary solider in Colombia was asked to find a man who had repeatedly raped a young girl. When this former solider found this man, he surrendered him to the police. The locales were pissed. He explained that if he were to have killed this man, there would be more pain, more violence and more vengeance. No -- there would be less because people would fear retaliation. People would fear the anger of those around them for their destructive actions that negatively effect the community. People would find quicker judgment of these negative perceptions and those willing in defiance of these more pronounce attributes would be terminated thus eliminating future excursions of violence and pain and vengeance. Defiance of society is equivalent to the infection of a virus -- and there is not one virus that humanity wishes to preserve.

1343. I have been studying some irrelevant materials regarding religions as of late, and here is a winner. Being that the perception of a deity has existed through the entirety of humanity, different methods of religion exist. Monolatrism is a type of polytheism in which gods are believed to exert power only on those who worship them. This classification portrays all religions flawlessly. To find faith in an ethereal existence, you let that ethereal existence define your authentic existence, thus the ethereal entity has influence precisely effecting only you. And this is validated in other aspects including, your preaching to others to convert to this belief and a belief in a more materialistic higher power. Losing your individuality to a religion submits to a monolatrism lifestyle.

1344. A question to Christians...what if I were a native of a tribe in the middle of the jungles of South America and were never introduced to the idea of Jesus Christ or of a singular deity? Since my worships have been of an alternate deity(s) and I am unaware of this supposed sacrifice for a belief, am I subject to the failures of faith in this god and guilty of the consequences of this regardless of the failures of others to introduce this facet to me? No? So then there are in fact variances of allowances for this supposed certainty of existence and the necessity to follow this path accurately in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.

1345. Stephanie Miller is an unintelligent and unintelligible ranting liberal radio talk show host who utilizes a misguided format of a lack of foundation for validity of complaint with whines representing jokes. She plays clips from other media outlets and chortles about the manner they delivered their perspectives and then moves on with other snappy repartee that have no applicable dispute other than despise. I have no perspective of her political views and propositions for augmentation except that she certainly disagrees with every perspective that a Republican expresses. Above all else though, no one could possibly listen to her weeping like cackle if it was not for the overwhelming talent of the impressionist who without a doubt maintains the flow of the program with consistent contributions, to the degree the show is rather asinine to be simply called the Stephanie Miller show.

1346. The homeless resolution. Immediately providing low wage labored county services, such as esthetics for example, for a calculated intervals of time, for the allowance and exertion of a necessity for individuality. Failure to accomplish this late stage can still preserve another segment of employment with the low wage county service. Failure to participate equates your invalidity to the society you are encroaching on, and the subsequent consequence is expulsion from the county. This configuration throughout all counties will then feature a requirement for the exertion of effort to integrate productivity otherwise be subjected to constant exclusion.

1347. Columbus Day has come and gone and as always, it goes to represent the very pinnacle of irrelevant worship of an irrelevant deity. Regardless of Leif Erickson 400 plus years prior, we are urged to celebrate the “discoverer” of the new land. Imagine that though, because it wasn’t a new land. It was in fact determined to be India by Columbus himself. He did not even perceive that this new continent existed even when he returned for a second time. As far as Columbus was concerned...it was India. How can we prove this? Columbus was in fact discovered by Indians...but wait, they weren’t called Indians, not until they labeled them as such when they determined they were residents of India. So let us examine further. Columbus traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to India, a land incorrectly discovered, only not discovered within Columbus’s perspective as India was already identified, which is where he met the current residents of proxy India who already had occupied this land for hundreds of thousands of years. So what did he do? Honestly, as an explorer he failed to accomplish the task he set out to. He unknowingly encroached upon a previous civilization. And finally, he did not truly arrive on the shores of North America. It was another explorer who aggressively determined that his own discovery was unique and declared the land in the name of his own.

1348. And I wonder this...do Indians call each other Indians? Probably not because they were aware of their own ancient identities prior to Spanish influence declaring them Indians from misconstruing their location. All right, so we should properly call then Native Americans -- but...er...was it not another individual that followed for which the region is named? I feel both embarrassed and pissed for Native Americans for falling for that one and having to generalize their generations of existence with a contemporary title. Human compassion is prominent in American society today which apparently entitles today’s American society to completely disregard other’s histories worldwide regardless that the mutt like culture of modern America is not even 300 years old.

1349. Officials say that speed bumps on public streets replace the necessity for police officers. Speed bumps replace police officers. Most police officers are speed bumps. Irrelevant wasteful impediments.

1350. I shall now repent my sins. I apologize for ranting inaccurately so many times about the age of humanity and perceived human civilization versus the age of Christianity. It is in fact -- much older than Christianity. 2.5 million years older to start. 2.5 million to 60,000 years ago is referred to as the stone age, defined as the period of time when hominids utilized stone tools and communities. It is then linguistics are originated and communication and historical documentation, cave paintings and clay impressions, becomes prominent. 800,000 years ago, production of tools are seen and more collaboration of communal size becomes more civilized. It is more prominently feasible here that animism, the worship of deities representing each prominent element, is developed and exampled through cave paintings. 13,000 years ago, official cultures are defined, for example the Jomon in Japan who found faith in numerous female deities. And on a side note, the dog is domesticated. I just thought was interesting. 12,000 years ago, Egyptian cultures began to flourish and reference 173 deities as ethereal gods to find faith and to give worship. There were an accumulation of nearly 15 other identified civilizations at this time, each giving reverence to numerous deities. So idealistically, and likely in a very diminished perspective, we are up to an approximate 1000 gods in 800,000 years. Throughout this era of time, you have to find consideration for independent tribal collectives which even as exampled today, give veneration to numerous gods, known as polytheism, which maintain no relation to the currently widely observed Christian god. Throughout another 12,000 years, Greeks, Chinese, Mesopotamians, Mycenaeans, Persians, Greco-Romans, Mesoamericans, Andeans, Islamics, Anglo-Saxons and quite a few other cultural civilizations devised an estimated 2500 more deities -- at least. And there in the great scheme of humanity, lays one singular perception of one singular god in the thicket of faiths. Are we to believe that 2.5 million years of humanity is wrought with sinful ignorance of their faiths in 3500 plus deities and that through perfection of cultural development, this single identity, that has spawned numerous variations by the way -- Christianity, Judaism, Islamic...et cetera -- is the absolute recognition of the true omnipresence? Well, when even these who support a monotheistic faith can confine their beliefs into just one entity, then maybe -- but give me a break. Who Is going to consent on an ethereal guidance if it does not suitably accommodate as every religion has done throughout this 2.5 million years of humanity. In the beginning, the lack of knowledge and capability found comparison in their own actions and observations required something ethereal on a grander scale to give structure and relieve fear of the unknown. Turning on the light in the darkness. Thousands of deities later, intellect expanded beyond the means of human creation itself, and we still find the necessity to turn on this light when we cannot explain the factors that no human can ever vindicate. The fear of death. The fear of imparting so much for so little recognition. The fear that their life is superfluous. The fear of irrelevance, which is the fear of death. -- So I apologize for my imprecision, though much in the way of an allowance is given when the perception was the emphasis. It was the utilization of expressing the antiquated civilizations pre-dating the insignificancy of the Christian god, a god which is advocated around me more specifically than any other. And with this perspective enabled, providing the application of tangible information to invalidate the worship of these deities as a psychological provision created through the desire of restraint and reassurance through the amputation of the authenticity of complexity.

1351. Big brother is watching. Soon they will have control over everything we do. They will without prejudice demand adherence without question. I frequently hear this from god fearing humans regarding the governments of today. Wouldn’t that make it a hypocrisy? Oh you fucking bet it does. Replace the first three sentences with the church of your choice and...

1352. Former Arkansas state representative Jim Duggar and his wife just gave birth to their 16th child. When asked if they were interested in more, they replied, “...each one is a blessing and if God grants it, then we will accept his gifts”. With this, I have decided that God is the biggest polluter. Bumper sticker that shit mother fucker. All right, I just might.

1353. If I say “only”, apparently I must mean I would like other options. Fuck the corporate ladder that caters to the infrastructure of training procedures in fast food restaurants that oblige to the ignorant, unfocused...oh screw it. Sensibly to accommodate to capitalism to the masses is the only way to be successful because the abundance of people are ignorant, unfocused and indecisive. Just stop it with me. I say only, I really do mean only. I surmise that we should remove these accommodations so that people are responsible for their experiences in order to develop, and suffer the consequences as a tool for this maturity. Removing the degree of consequences removes the requirement for the application of deliberation.

1354. You do not call them weapons -- they are firearms or handguns or so the store clerk told me from behind the counter. It even declares this in the NRA declaration that your obligation as a gun owner is to make gun owners look like respectable and reputable persons regardless they are in abundance all yee-has looking for their prize trophy while spitting out that deer meat saying it doesn’t taste so good or assuming their greatest feat is tackling the wild goose as it gingerly grazes on the small wetlands. How is that laser sight working you anyways -- good? Yeah, don’t let the ability of skill get in the way all right? Besides being jackasses anyways, If you pulled the trigger to light kindling or to shoot a rubber band then maybe those pussy names would make sense but when the only purpose of the device in your hand is to kill something, it’s a frggin weapon. So acting like a individual rights entity all the while weakening to accommodate to the masses by blowing kisses doesn’t exactly give any credibility to gun ownership. Just admit that you all get your jollies from feeling the sense of authority with a deadly god like device in your control. I know I do.

1355. My bottle of mineral water’s nutrition guide notes that there is an insignificant amount of sodium bicarbonate added during the bottling process. How do they know that it is insignificant? What kind of nutrition fact is that anyways? There is just a smidge of asyricttrium calcimine and a sprinkling of polythordicadicium -- but don’t worry about it -- it is insignificant enough amount to not immediately melt your organs from the inside out. Just don’t drink too many bottles in a day because you’ll wake up crapping out your lung.

1356. People who own and operate darker color vehicles are slightly smarter than vehicle owners with brighter more distinct colors. Why? Shut up and keep reading and you’ll find out dumbass. When you park your vehicle, those who have darker colored vehicles must retain more information of location due to the susceptibility of blending in than those who can simply disregard this information for distinction based perception as utilized by car owners of say red vehicles. This increase in required visual deliberation augments more spatial intellectual synapses and a subsequent increase in recollection. For those who own or have owned a red car, how many times have you instinctively walked up to a vehicle of the same color only to look like fool and move over two spots to your car? I’ve seen it. It happens a lot. Will I spend thousands of dollars to research more and provide a written thesis to Psychology Today? Guess on that one. Not in my lifetime so free game to all you poor excuses for connoisseurs of character. Go ahead and census this one making us all believe in mass that we are all stupid if we own a red car. Even though we are -- except for a few of us.

1357. It is okay to be gay, I have no problem with that -- but I am begging you to not talk gay. I cannot yet acclimate to listening to two guys gossip about jams and preserves -- in the locker room.

1358. If you don’t have anything to say then just shut up. Your job as a child is to shut up and listen. It is the responsibility of the parent, which has been lost, to invoke this fundamental of learning otherwise you are giving them a head start to becoming the crazy guy in the plaza. No one lets adults get away with babbling incoherently so why should children not receive the same discipline?

1359. Again with Stephanie Miller in simply saying that when your dispute of any subject comprises of, “...sure you did”, you quickly display irrelevance and quite clearly remove yourself from having any real validity or principles. To put it in even simpler terms for you Stephanie, since it is clear intellect is difficult for you -- you are a dumbass. Why don’t you put that into a nice little sound bite and bounce it away as you make another shameless plug about yourself which has nothing to do with anything you are supposedly talking about. Then feel free to have dipshit turn it into a voice while the rest of us finally throw in a rap album just to get your nasally tone from our heads. Nothing -- you are not saying anything.

1360. It’s done. The next generation of children are done. Just throw it in. You are all running down the wrong path so just fold up your tray, lock it into place, put your seat in the full and upright position, and put your head between your legs because it is over. When I hear two 30 something year old guys talking about dealing with “ridicule” from other teammates -- the next generation of male children learning from these parents are going to amount to mistresses for political leaders. Loose, blind, weak kneed whores. God fucking damn it. This is going to be then end of these I swear to fucking god. You make me want to tear my eyelids off.

1361. The difference between you and me is that I fart because the decomposition of organic materials creates a build up of methane in my bowels which require the exhaustion of this material. You fart because you think it’s a fucking talent. Although it is probably the only real skill you do hold, so I guess I support the integrity of your abilities -- so fart away loser.

1362. Since we are all fucking insane now and anxious to just riddle out the meaning of life as a novelty, let me join in with futile, shameless, erroneous and unsubstantiated bullshit for my own pleasure -- Monroe killed Kennedy. Let’s start planning on how many websites and organizations we will need that will petition the government to reveal nothing -- only to give us that much more reason to believe that she did participate in this and was in cahoots with the CIA who later killed her to cover up all of the evidence. God I hate you all.

1363. I want to make everything easier for you patriotic Americans in 2008. When you head to the polls, disregard the information on the ballot and generalize based on information provided by both parties. With that, we can discern that Democrats are frail perverts and Republicans are corrupt antagonists, however either party are certain that they can shoulder a better tomorrow. God bless the United States -- Why? Did it sneeze? I didn’t hear it sneeze. Did you hear it sneeze? You would think you would know when it sneezed. We would all like be blown off into the Pacific. Then we would be struggling to get back on land and the next thing you know the United States has some sort of flu, like an avian flu -- so we have to put it down. Now there is no United States and we are swimming to Mexico where they close the ocean borders with a smile on their face and waving a middle finger. What? Huh?

1364. Why do professional or semi-professional photographers make it look like they are exerting so much effort to take a picture of a caged animal? The damn space is about ten by ten feet and they are bound to come out every few minutes for the next 24 hours because there is nothing else for them to do. What are you taking a picture of anyways? Can’t afford for that trip to the middle of nowhere which is where this animal only remains so you are trying to Photoshop the next best thing by conveniently removing the concrete and steel and wa-la, you trudged through the Amazon. You asshole. What? You know it happens.

1365. These fucking baby boomers. Fucking god damn baby boomers. What are we up to? Every other fucking observation now. Its all over. And good because when I hear these guys talking about rotary clubs, what a beautiful day it is and about going to the store while washing their balls with a leg up in the locker room makes me want to starting cutting -- and not stop cutting until its quiet -- and I don’t know how quiet I can be.

1366. The conspiracy of seat belts. Thousands of observations later and I get it. They want someone around to pay for all of this mess so they ensure you make it through just enough and not by choice -- just to flip the bill. You wouldn’t want to get into an accident and look over to the other car and see a head and nothing else and then realize that someone is going to have to pay for this scratched fender and twisted light pole. So to validate my theory, if money is finally recognized as ethereal, do we need to wear seat belts by law?

1367. Speaking of which, if you want proof that all of you are incapable -- there is insurance now for everything that involves human interaction. Everything means that no one thinks anyone is capable of not fucking something up to the degree that requires monetary retribution. You are all perceived as impending failures.

1368. 16,137 murders in the United States in 2004 and I ask, why does it take nearly 10 months to release this information. Are they using an abacus down there? Some poor elderly Chinese guy with a self rolled cigarette burning to a roach clip while he wipes his brow as he slides one more disc over and then turns the page. How the hell can America claim moral superiority when you kill yourself more than war torn countries kill each other.

1369. The Donkey Welfare of Namibia, a British based company, has begun a campaign to put reflective tags on donkeys. The average household in this country owns five donkeys and a quarter of all vehicular accidents involve a donkey. So from my perspective, our goal is to not evolve from poverty but to make sure the opulent don’t dent their fenders.

1370. As proof of the inefficient and unwilling interaction of compassion in society to evolve human civilization, there is a campaign to support struggling American libraries that include actors and government legislators. No one notates the reason for their struggle because of the fundamental that old things must be preserved regardless of a lack of use and refinement. So let me help you out. The internet provides the application of billions of sources of information to be utilized for a child’s education without the cumbersome nature of travel. Libraries are unnecessary figments of the past. If I need to learn about Adolf Hitler, why the hell would I travel to a library which most often is quite some distance from where I live -- then apply for a library card -- then search though card catalogs, down isles, across caches of books which require browser to determine the hope that this particular book provides the information I am looking for. I check out the book, travel home -- read 400 pages and discover little of what I was questing to learn. Those reading this observation right now know the difference between the internet and a library so let us bid farewell to libraries with a nice book burning. Ha ha just kidding of course. I greatly support books in a whole, but they do deserve an expiration date and should be preserved in some catalog and into an archive so that we may move on. I hate the perspective that students should find perspective into today’s human society in older books that utilize reference of 150 years ago.

1371. When you keep shooting and hunting, you start sounding like a loud deaf jackass. And besides that, today at 7:05 in the morning, hunters were allowed to ambush ducks across this county. Some hunters has begun stalking days prior -- setting out decoys and camouflage cover. Not a single one of these hunters claims the deliciousness of a duck but rather the skill that goes into firing a firearm at a moving target while preserving the deception of cover. So the purpose of this is to feel masculine like a warrior without bringing any detriment to themselves, which in my book is found under the category pussy or lack of integrity to contribute anything useful towards society because it might infringe on their pre-existing self perceived luxurious existence.

1372. A current television commercial in California in support of Proposition 77 claims that all politicians are corrupt -- and in particular, in the method when they redraw their own legislative districts in order to secure the popular vote and preserve their position in congress. Hmm, politicians are corrupt huh? Yet we elect them. The corrupt people. As our leaders. Knowingly. If this were truly acknowledged, do you suppose their should be a “neither” selection on the ballot which would give people the power to say no rather than have to chose from the choices placed before them?

1373. I want to kill one person per fruit. With that fruit -- just to be clear.

1374. I get this a lot. Some dip shit forgets their password to Windows. They ask me, “I forgot my password, what do I do -- how can I get in?” I answer, what part of security password don’t you get? We have to wipe everything off and reinstall it (not telling them there is a way, but not an easy one) They reply, “Well there must be some way to get in?” So, according to the public of computer users out there, security actually means a forgivable revolving door with no locks that actually work and no absolute prevention for everyone without access from getting in. I mean, how else would someone who doesn’t know the password, now including you, gain access. Stop asking me. Its called consequence. Write it down dip shit.

1375. White clouds. White cloaks. White wings. White kingdom of heaven. Damn, I would almost believe that God is a white supremacist. That bastard.

1376. A song writer recently noted to a reporter that, “...people are made to feel bad so much...they are too fat, they are too thin, they are too poor...” People don’t feel bad without self influence to do so. Maybe it is an affliction to per concerned about if the status quo brings light to it and you are easily subjective to agree.

1377. Everything comes to a resolution. Though preserved in the basis of creation, a significant alteration occurs to bring about a verdict and reinvent its existence. Not everything survives.

1378. Today, racism is not about color. Aggression is a foundation of human survival and through these years of a required docile interaction within society -- misplaced or unexerted aggression becomes routed towards emotive distinctions. Color and its historical associations are the most prevalent. The nature of man is color blind. It always has been. Oppression is a prominence of survival. Without supremacy, you fail and you die. Oppression is easily achieved over those already self subjugated. A look at history demonstrates this and then defines it as racism due to distinctions.

1379. Business models provoke that employees learn, develop and convey proper social interaction to customers -- greetings and communal chatter -- which will prominently increase the perception of a quality product and service. Why are people expecting so much consuming rhetoric while contradicting with the perception of lost time? Over exertion of social interaction dissipates time of intent of procuring the service or product provided by the business and does nothing to validate the quality of design. This is how much bullshit compassion is. We perceive we are acquiring an exceptional product based on a hello or goodbye. Useless.

1380. Capitalism requires the suppression of at least one. One is a requirement too many. Though feeble many are, they exhibit this through their own inabilities. The placement in a repressed state -- the forcing of oppression is aggression against the opportunity of those who are able.

1381. I prefer to agree with Greyface in the belief that order and disorder is based on perspective and order is then preferred above all conditions of consideration for disorder -- which is funny in and of itself when you contend that the whole thing is quite an elaborate repartee upon most of the world's gullibility, a disordered contentment. I will leave it to you to discover what I am referring to.

1382. Soap that has rounded edges expends more time, effort, energy, resources and costs more to the consumer. Rounded edges on soap. Don’t you fucking dare critique gasoline costs when you fall victim to paying more for a bar of soap because of smooth rounded edges, something that is achieved on a regular bar of soap within days of use. And you global warming mooks out there, focus a little harder. A damn bar of soap would be a minute and useful start. I won’t even waste my time to calculate the energy consumed to round the edges of a bar of soap so figure that shit out for yourself and get back to me and I will gladly tell you to shut up and get out of my face because I can’t stand your trivial stance on a friggin bar of soap. Energy is everywhere and your goal should be focused on obtaining free energy and not sabotaging your image by impairing or judging current energy sources that are required for an evolved civilization.

1383. I am quite sure that magnetism is exclusively electrical energy. Want to hear more -- tough shit.

1384. How can “scientists” write books on theories? If they are theoretical, putting them into print and distributing them provides eminent concessions of failures and for crying out loud, a theory is in effect a work in progress. If you think it’s worth a hard cover and a shelf at Borders, how about documenting facts -- post conclusion -- and giving us that to read you freaking arrogant impatient jackass. Magazines are for meditation. And who oh who does this pertain to most? Those damn mathematicians who have nothing show for anything they theorize about. Blacks holes -- wrong. Relativity -- wrong. Dark matter -- where? 11 dimensions -- how about squaring down the first 3. They are the ones who give us the Occums Razor speech then spend hours b.s.ing things with indecipherable formulations that end up equaling zero or i for some stupid reason. And if complex mathematics is so precise and communicable, how come there are so many mathematical formulas through hundreds of years of time that still require proofs? Let’s stick to the basics and hone down some engineered evidence. All right, let me refine this by saying it is about these theoretical mathematicians opposed to the ones you find working for JPL where you can visualize the big -- huge -- tremendous differentiation of relevance.

1385. More people eat at a single out of the way fast food restaurant in a day than United States soldiers who have died in Iraq in the last three years. I would consider that a huge success considering the complexities and timeline. This is a fine example of the ills of misplaced compassion turned deceptive.

1386. I am gonna’ lose it. Why the fuck do you have your god damn windshield wipers running full speed in the god damn drive through at a fast food restaurant? You ain’t headin’ nowhere because you are right behind me dip shit and I am right behind someone else. Turn it off, save a buck.

1387. How do you know who’s lying when no one yet knows the truth? Listen to talk radio in the United States and you will quickly figure out that they sure seem to think they know -- and especially when they don’t know.

1388. A United States senator recently stated that it is not the fault of the 2000 dedicated and patriotic soldiers in Iraq for dying but rather the fault lays squarely on the administration for sending these soldiers to another country without a guaranteed plan. I feel it my duty to help this senator find some missing words from a missing sentence from within this statement. Such words as deaths -- fault -- enemy. He can fill in the rest with their usual gibberish with the hope of the preservation of the thought that opposition to the soldiers themselves may be a potential leading cause of death. Just me though. I could be wrong. It could be an administration of people who perceive life entirely by popularity that want to see soldiers die for the benefits of the opposing political parties. Yeah, that is probably it entirely. God I hate you all.

1389. I mean I really, truly, deeply and honestly hate every single one of you. So much so that I reserved this very observation for just that.

1390. A suggestion of a tactical modification for you global warming based on consumption activists -- pollution. Stick with the biological effects of pollution on the human body and you can preserve legitimacy. With the frequent scientific studies exhibiting the consistency of Earth changes for millions of years, global warming is a facet of nature with or without humanity. The very orbital path around the sun, the deviations of this path, the deviations of the Earth’s own rotational dynamics and numerous other anomalies on a greater scale go to defy the advent of global warming by human beings. On the other hand, contributing to the mass of harmful airborne particles and the consumption of breathable gaseous and over exertion of non-breathable gases are perceptible. Fight for cleaner air because it is measurable in your favor and in a time of greed finding favor is a necessity to survive.

1391. The internet is not slow. Your reception of the information is too fast. It is all perception.

1392. The United States government is the prevalent capitalist in this world. When the government wishes to impose a win fall profit tax, they are earning an income on the profitability of the now proletariat-esk business owners. How can you as successful business owner, regardless of means, be held in restraint for profitability? You can make a buck, but not too many without being forced to reallocate these funds back into circulation or adjust the margin of profits. Why is this enforceable? This is the government’s perception based on public appeasement -- profitability equals demand which equals dependence which equals an imbalance which must be regulated in favor of the consumer slash constituent. The balance is always preferred in favor of the consumer over the business owner regardless that the business owner was once and is a consumer.

1393. Abiotic oil theorists emphasize that there were not enough dinosaurs or living creatures on Earth to decay into oil and that the Earth produces oil from an internal source. Though we have shown that the decomposition of organic materials does in fact produce fossil fuels, maybe we should emphasize something relevant to these theorists. Plants. Plants which you failed to express as a viable source for organic material, covered the Earth’s surface and oceans like a blanket for hundreds of millions of years. Plants are an organic material that have the capability of being condensed within sedimentary layers to decay into a fossil fuels and when you quantify the magnitude of plant life for the vastness of time, it is easy to conceive that oil supplies within the Earth are plentiful yet limited. Fossil fuel and the decaying material is encapsulated by surrounding porous rocks which allows for amassing of supply into generalized areas which has been demonstrated by geologists who search for stable sources of supply by studying surrounding material. The deeper you go, the more dense material is, the point of storage begins.

1394. A health official recently imposed a concern that people are not consuming enough of the daily requirements of fish for a healthy existence. Questions -- what about the few million years of hominids that did little in the way of eating fish while living away from the coasts and lakes? Is this concern validated by those who live in the Sahara or Iraq or Kansas.

1395. A lesbian recently stated, “...you couldn’t tell if I was a lesbian if you saw me walking down the street.” This statement essentially verifies the abnormality of the being gay from the practicality of the perception of nature. It is made in the same context as if you were to say, “...you couldn’t tell if I was infected with Escherichia Coli if you saw me walking down the street.” This is one in the same when you perceive that they both are uncharacteristic of the normal function of a healthy authentic mammal.

1396. Happy Jackass Day. The 26th of October is the one holiday that is absolutely genuine to the American way of life. Both in a self beguiled affliction without concern and by characteristic. For those unaware, in 1785, the King of Spain gifted President George Washington with a mule -- the first mule introduced into America. And sure enough, jackasses willingly spent money on employing jackasses who would consume time and money to turn this day into a celebration of jackasses nationwide.

1397. “That doesn’t happen everyday”. Really? So you are telling me that with currently 6 billion people on this planet and millions of years of human existence, you have a relatively robust grasp on the historical statistics of everything?

1398. We can agree that there is a forever evolving attempt by nature to create a natural balance in the order to succeed. You can find this autonomy in every element of mass, from within the mechanics of an atom to the celestial bodies above. Looking particularly at the water cycle on Earth, a water molecule travels through a series of postures in order to regulate the temperature and structural balance of the Earth. Aquifers, ground water, water storage, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, sublimation and infiltration are the mechanics of this process -- The United States withdraws 330,000,000,000 gallons of sub-surface fresh water each day. Another 94,000,000,000 gallons of saline or stained water is withdrawn per day. That is a total of 411,000,000,000 gallons of water withdrawn unnaturally from sources within this water cycle each day in the United States alone. A large percentage of this utilized water is returned hastily through man made channels and deposited into rivers, lakes and oceans -- omitting the process of refilling aquifers and ground water that collect minerals to create a balance of salinity within the oceans at a moderated rate of ascent. From this excess of alteration within the water cycle, nature is burdened with an attempt to balance this disparity. With a greater source for evaporation from less brackish waters which have altered in temperature due to this depression of salinity creating atmospheric shifts, more water vapor ascends into the atmosphere. Now, for a raindrop to be created, water vapor requires condensation and particulate matter (smoke, dust, et cetera) to act as a nucleus. With an increased level of water vapor and complementary combustion of fossil fuels and other excreted particulates by humans, an increased level of precipitation occurs as nature endeavors to find equilibrium. It is something to propose as reason for increased precipitation and weather fluxes that incorporates better the ills of pollution versus weather changes rather than global warming which this goes to incorporate as a consequences of the oceanic temperature shifts. Though I find more validity in that orbital and solar shifts are greater cause to global warming, this preceding suggestion is quite possibly a huge contribution. A few final notes to consider in this panorama -- 1 acre of 1 inch of rainfall equals 27,154 gallons of water which is equivalent to 543 showers or baths. There are roughly 300,000,000 people in the United States of America which is equivalent to 15,000,000,000 gallons of water per day or 552,404 inches of rain on 1 acre or 5 inches of rain on 100,000 acres per day which is half the size of Los Angeles. Los Angeles gets an average daily rainfall of 0.06 inches. As a novelty to bathing, add the bathing of pets, vehicles, et cetera -- anywho, you get the point. More out than in. What is the resolve? Consumption of more oceanic waters than land locked water storage.

1399. It took 32 years to get his shit together, of which 10 years of another’s previous ministry was perpetuated. Cease your suspicions of divinity -- it is you, the unknowing human being as Jesus of Nazareth was, who creates the ethereal dynamics you are burdened by.

1400. Human life means nothing to me yet within the same stroke of this pen, human life embodies everything to me. It is with and within this balance that will endure the refinement and evolution of civilization.

An era to simply observe has ended.
Now you can read the preliminary inventory of laws for a new society and have the opportunity for dialectics to assist in the enrichment of this new collective order.