Observations Archive (1-350)
The observations that I have written are defined by current events that have either occurred in a personal
observance or in a disassociative analysis of news and events occurring world wide.

Many listed items feature no response due to the overwhelming absurdity.
And if I have repeated myself, tough.

As we journey further, you may determine in an assessment of previous observations what you could purpose as contradiction.
Recognize that every situation is distinctive and that time and events can alter perspective.
More importantly, I really don’t care.

1. As of sixteen years of age, you may endanger the lives of all by hurling a device weighing in tons legally. However it requires another two years to follow before legally engaging in sexual activities or smoking, among other 'adult' variations which conceivably contain a perimeter upon the self rather than the underage persons ability to inflict more harm on society.

2. Credit card implementation has allowed for the existing price to increase due to the imaginary purchasing depth that a credit limit allows, thus creating a greater partition for those with lesser incomes.

3. Holidays constitute the acknowledgement to participate in after hour activities in great quantities in order to celebrate an event. Thus the finalized factors consisting in an average holiday is excessive alcohol consumption, spoiled tax dollars reverted to parades, or other celebrations, and a lesser production in economical growth due to the absence of employment.

4. Mattel's Barbie Doll recently released a character that was pregnant as was able to give birth via a magnetic device. Consumers retorted in negative replying that this teaches children negative attributes including teenage sexual interaction and desires to bare children at a younger age. What does a doll inspire that a pregnant mother of a young child does not?

5. In binding fashion to today's business ethics, activists turn into advertising spokespersons during observances of an event.

6. California coastal legislation declared that enhancing run off drainage and cleansing is much to costly and it is easier and more economically sound to restrict swimmers from using the coastal beaches during and after a storm.

7. Pretext to war, the media often find opposing countries citizens as sources of fear within the entirety of the country regardless of their positioning within their country. A tactic to persuade for or against using defined sources rather than censuses which is most commonly accepted in The United States.

8. After a fourteen year old woman committed suicide by jumping from a bridge, the mother has elected to sue the city to construct a suicide barrier in order to prevent future attempts. Does the freedom of the human authority to govern it's own life not matter?

9. The United States secretly tested chemical and biological weapons on American soil during the 1960s, newly declassified Pentagon reports show. The tests included releasing deadly nerve agents in Alaska and spraying bacteria over Hawaii, according to the documents obtained Tuesday. The United States also tested nerve agents in Canada and Britain in conjunction with those two countries. (AP)

10. Religious ventures into foreign nations that are culpable of receiving hostilities should be exempted from government aid based on the principle of the separation between church and state. With intent to obstruct government policies of another nation, persons who travel into foreign nations do so in the aspect of disassociation from their native nation.

11. Speech, as evolution has so dearly entrusted us with should not be blinded with the hindrances of government or radicals of separatists. Speech is a free form that exists as a human process of communication and cannot be govern. Documented or vocal, the very sentiment to abate speech is to decrease the majority feature of human authority. The United States government and the people who exist within the borders tend to dignify a document that overstated the very common sense that speech is a freedom of human existence.

12. Religion should not be exempt from taxes nor should be able to utilize non-profit status based on the very structure of business that it exists upon. Soaring profit margins and wealthy purchases allowed under the exemptions void the separation of church and state.

13. Novelty materials such as those pieces of metal pottery or stored vehicles are a strain on the resources needed to evolve the human existence. Why do people desimplify the span of life by collecting asinine materials in an endeavor maintain status on lesser persons?

14. In the United States, the government allows you to purchase lands yet not govern them as your own. Insignificant councils in the vicinity may impose a variety of restrictions upon you regardless of your status and land owner. There are merits that can impose authority such as environmental and personal hazards, yet building certain structures based on their architectural imagery is not a danger to anyone. This would define the loss of freedom to place novelty items such as wind chimes on your front porch.

15. A jury should not be obligated to charge a guilty person with a penalty that does not suit the crime committed and be permitted to assigned a more adapted penalty which is known as jury nullification.

16. The United States government’s intelligence organization constitutes of four and perhaps more divisions. Should there not be a isolated deity of intelligence and investigation in order to refine as well as simplify the structure.

17. Any government official cannot be exempted from any act in any nation and treated as equals to the civilian formatted principles. Diplomatic immunity establishes invisibility and unfair stature for a person who is by the people, for the people and of the people.

18. Humanity has mired in the past fifty years due to the overwhelming interest in not evolving forums such as perverting a lifetime towards achieving asinine ventures. Record of the lesser human achievements lack the significance and motivation to progress. Public status should not be obtained from learning how many clothes pins you can attach to your face.

19. The act of controlling another to perform a task under their own merit should not allocate that you are more susceptible to the act that the person who performed the task. As such, if you desire to have your spouse murdered but cannot execute the task yourself thus relying upon a third party. The third party commits under their own principle the act of murder. This separation assigns that persons are unable of the freedom to reason.

20. National forests are currently privately controlled by the government yet are established for public viewing and prevention of land owning and razing. There should be no penalty for trespassing on public lands if designated as such. They should not be governed for other than their general purpose of voiding individual land ownership and safety measurements.

21. During a fleeing or stable suspect standoff, a police dog may be used to detain a volatile suspect. In this case, a deadly object is being used against a suspect allowing for the right to defend ones self from danger. Incrimination of an attack on a police officer should be voided due to the animal acting as a weapon not an officer.

22. In each city there derives perhaps 100 award ceremonies. A county may amass thousands of award ceremonies. A state and surpassing nation can overwhelm the very marketing of awards for less than significant matters squandering billions of dollars a year in tax payers money. Ceremonies at White House dinners can amount into millions of dollars in one setting. Scientists achieve tremendous feats of invention only to receive modest claim or even the wealth of the success of the creation under the pure merit of advancement. The vast array of awards are redundant and needless and should be reduced in order to remove an unnecessary personal economic strain.

23. Artists may be adored in the individual atmosphere but should not be endeared as world dignitaries. Artists do not evolve society but simply permit certain person(s) to endure human existence with less grievances.

24. How conceivable is it to believe that adult writers can assert that they understand and can communicate with children under the age of sixteen years as emphasized in anti-drug parenting advertisements.

25. The government legislates a series of laws that govern how you should raise your children in your home providing a standard format for growth. Is this not the very ideology that Adolf Hitler was carving by creating the perfect race.

26. Personal safety cannot be governed. Wearing a helmet or a seatbelt does not victimize anyone else other than the person who chooses to wear these devices.

27. Libertarian assert that for a crime to be committed their must establish a victim. The same merit can be achieved in personal safety.

28. 1500 citizens of the United States attempts suicide each day, only a meager 80 succeed.

29. The undefined war post dating the 11, September attacks on the World Trade Centers, in Afghanistan has been misaligned based on United States government intent and public fear of their native government. The much mediated Taliban grouping suffered the greatest losses due to their significance as the governing body of the country at the time. The proposed target of retaliation was the Al-Qaida and their official structure of cells. Without extended diplomatic communication the United States attacked the Taliban government and Al-Qaida without prejudice.

30. John Walker Lindh who was the purposed American Taliban at no time fired upon invading American military or supported Al-Qaida assignments upon other nations. He was a self proclaimed Muslim (as all religions are self proclaimed) who fought on behalf of the Taliban against then rival Northern Alliance and at no time inflicting hostilities towards the United States of America. Today he has been convicted of treason.

31. Over 10 billion dollars has been awarded to persons who decided that inhaling smoke was sensible to living regardless of such idealistic practices as not inhaling smoke in fires because it causes death. Of course these persons contemplated that compacting the fire into smaller refined doses would not be harmful and when their health deteriorated, the producers of these compacted fire hazards were subjected to pay for damages. Providing that millions quit smoking each year, there is merit to believe that they are not illegally addictive and that persons who decide to continue to threaten their health are negated from claims of wrong doing form cigarette manufacturers.

32. Port closures define that the United States of America is unable to exist with a stable economy and survival commodities without other nations interactions.

33. In South Carolina and Oklahoma, tattooing is illegal for the performer and the client. An appeal of this law was rejected by the Supreme Court. Are we serious?

34. A Massachusetts law states that gun owners may not use human figures as targets for shooting ranges. An appeal of this was rejected by the Supreme Court. Claims of supporters of this law provide that becoming proficient on human targets is psychologically dangerous.

35. In all 50 states of the United States of America, a proposition and question may be overturned after being voted into effect after public persons vote the ratification thus nullifying civilian response.

36. Each year, every registered car owner must complete the task of redundancy. They must again tell the same government branch that they still own and operate the same vehicle as they did the year before and perhaps before that the while donating a hundred or more dollars. The first stage is compassionate to the environment that you must perform a smog check of your vehicle which is then electronically forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Then the ignorant redundancy is committed which is clearly forcing civilians to pay taxes to drive their own supposed properties.

37. The Mormon religion which was carved 1800 years post the existence of the supposed Christ states the very ethics of religion – ‘Obedience leads to great blessings.”

38. Hypocrisy of religion is that you must fear a loving God.

39. Hysteria pre and post dating the century marks amplified the hysteria of religion

40. Most narratives from biblical passages are outrageous to today’s ideologies and found unacceptable to those who still claim a belief in god. Isn’t this hypocritical. Or truly defining the instability of religion. As did the Mormons by creating their own philosophies upon the original religion of Christianity, all forms of religion are branched from one basis or another creating the very substance that religion carries no futility to the original concept thus rejecting post associated branches of the original concept.

41. Religion is the basis of all conflict in all nations. Ethnicity itself is carved from differences in religion.

42. ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’ murdered an estimated 210,000 innocent civilians of Japan. In the 1950’s, The United States military conducted an attack on 2000 innocent civilians in Korea at the location of No Gun Ri and in 1960’s and 1970’s the United States military exterminated uncounted tolls of innocent civilians. These are retorts to the ethics that the United States does not murder innocents.

43. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered in Dallas during a motorcade. Three shots were fired from numerous directions as detailed in autopsy and photographic evidence which is disputed by the United States government. To this day, an accumulated poll of citizens still feel that there was a conspiracy from the government they still follow. Acknowledgment of this government is base from fear of retaliatory actions.

44. Futile efforts are contributed and acknowledged in electing a president when as defined by the processes of passing measures, congress can override a veto, and as defined by numerous other principle legislations. Time and money is needlessly exhausted in dramatic fashion in choosing the ‘scapegoat’ or ‘figure head’ of the actual officials that run the United States which is congress. This government was idealized from the format of parliament and to this day remains so only within the effects that the figure head is more prominent. More time and effort should be alerted upon congressional elections.

45. Mustard Museum. Banana Museum. Besides obviously being quite ridiculous and irrational does this and others like it not waste the very resources that organizations such as Red Cross and Peace Corps struggle to obtain and distribute to nations and persons dying from malnutrition?

46. The United States Congress considers funding for missions. Over 10 million tax payer dollars will be allocated to restore missions which are hundreds of year old buildings condemned from residing within and left unoccupied for over one hundred years. Not only as wasted space and a pork spending funnel, the United States Congress are being paid tax payer dollars to decipher this option.

47. For a document that signifies America, the constitution can be easily manipulated to form standardized current opinions and readjusted for that distortion frequently. The 18th Amendment was allocated thirteen years prior to its replacement by the 21st Amendment.

48. Using feasible measure to prevent wasted finances, frequently the United States has rejected opportunities to create a more efficient environment. Other viable countries currently use plastic money to increase its lifespan, The United States rejected a plan due to the inconvenience of adjusting the current status.

49. Boredom has now been declared a disorder or onset of disease.

50. Newly installed on identified intersections, red light cameras will capture images of vehicular violations of running red lights, however, in the first month of installation, violators will only receive a warning.

51. When a space transit disaster occurs, hypocritical persons take judgment on the fundamentals of danger, while mourning those who strove to incorporate and increase its function on society regardless thereof. When an airline slaughters two hundred and fifty persons, we don't hesitate to continue to travel.

52. A political assertion should an asteroid of significance be detected as culpable of destroying civilization is that ignorance is bliss.

53. Nudity in public is a violation of law that designates indecent exposure, which does not affect the masses should it be adopted by masses, nor does it violate civil rights except for the nude person. Making clothing a governing law.

54. The California Highway Patrol recently was sited for abuses of power for personal uses in matters of controlling traffic for personal events.

55. Government finds obligation to construct government offices in place of existing residential dwellings. Only emergency locations should be adopted to these ideologies providing adequate replacement for misplaced residence.

56. Telemarketers use the freedom of speech act as defense for intrusions into the home on a paid privated communications line.

57. Utah and Virginia require a twenty five dollar deposit in order to speak at town council meetings.

58. You are capable of removing organs from your body that provide to contribute to your existence however females are biased for removing fetal tissue while they are organic materials within the female body.

59. Scientists have shown that discomfort can be easily removed by asserting a lack of human interaction.

60. Government funding to resolve churches.

61. In a country asserted towards unity, battled between parties engross capturing offices and events. An example of a headline "GOP Takes Control of Senate."

62. Yemen Government did not firstly acknowledge attack by United States within borders for lack of intelligence which establishes non communications between nations and self policing by United States over any territory.

63. Brown Act Section 54957 shares the notion that public councils may have closed sessions due to salary discussions and employee matters.

64. Quote, "...does the dentist really need to know your social security number, do businesses really need to gather all the information they from customers." - Lt. Tsuchida

65. Cell phone use attributed to 8834 vehicular accidents and 58 deaths. Government response was they were, "amazed."

66. A police officer responded to a domestic call, after arriving they discovered a murder-suicide of five persons, which establishes police merely protect post crime environments which should not mire gun or weapon ownership to the public.

67. Foreigners visited a Japanese bath house in Osaka, Japan as were turned away due to their ethnicity. Once returned to the United States, they filed lawsuit.

68. Palmdale police department committed an ordinance to site homeless persons. How do you suppose they pay the violation?

69. Television journalism provides its unbiased nature by colorization. When viewing homeland soldiers, the color is vibrant and crisp. When focusing on the opposing side, there is dirtied and faded imagery.

70. A lesbian coupled attempted to sue their personal physician after being denied assistance in artificial insemination based on the physician's self religious judgment.

71. Impressionist painters of the 16th century are revered as "discovering fundamental truths" regarding human expression and existence. This basis conceived by over analysis of simplistic portraits by abstracted talents. Was it likely that these artists encompassed their abilities and assigned a more poignant psychoanalytical impression into the strokes of paint, or simply enjoyed expression of art.

72. Two night club disasters are blamed on violations in safety codes. Both events prescript large masses of persons rushing available exits. Deaths then occurred by other humans trampling other incapacitated persons, or persons of lesser distinction in comparison to others, and a congestion of persons evacuating, leading to exasperation. Regardless of the lack of human integrity and compassion for common societal sense during survival circumstances, officials, media outlets, and victim associations feel that blame is justified upon establishment providers.

73. Various United States city council boards adopted resolutions to oppose a military invasion to secure Iraq, continuing to establish the separation of governing states within the union.

74. Teenage and young adult protestors cannot viably recall prior motives leading to military actions within third world countries in previous events.

75. Iraqi born citizens who now occupy other countries promote military action from the United States in Iraq.

76. There are seventeen steps when I walk down stairs yet less when I run?

77. Never ask questions when insulting someone.

78. Are those who pass, wiser?

79. We as a being are the middle. Small exceeds beyond our sight as vastness expands beyond our touch.

80. Thanks to the ideology of Eden, our shells now corrupt our interior.

81. Every dubious life craves a philosophy, however bland and mundane. Something to skirt the edges of fact and fiction allowing all resolutions of harm or perfection to be pure.

82. The universe cultivates its vastness equivalent only to the philosophies seething inside our minds.

83. An abnormality is viewing numerous police officers in a certain area. Normality is less?

84. A successful workplace environment allows for self heroism.

85. Divorced Catholic parishioners disparage the Vatican’s opposition against allowing divorced persons to attend communion.

86. Environment dictates.

87. Discrepancy in life is being unsatisfied with the original scheme devised.

88. Obese persons generate higher gasoline prices. Obesity within a vehicle increases drag which decreases fuel efficiency.

89. An absolute self awareness is a signal of higher intelligence.

90. The meaning of life is the one similarity that all species covet. Survival and procreation.

91. Religion places a given upon survival by allocating an after life which renounced context of the meaning of life.

92. A proposed law in middle America will govern over telling a lie.

93. Barking or creating any disturbance towards a K9 police dog can result in a one year imprisonment and/or a fine.

94. Someone recently stated that artwork purchased and place within their home and office is an expression of themselves. This expression assuredly is the persona of being handed creativity and talent to accentuate their lives and not being able to find self definition through individual acts nor implement usefulness to society. Any artwork or photographs that decorate my environment that I define as an expression of myself will be generated in my part.

95. Patriotism is defined by effort, not emotion.

96. An estimated nine million undocumented illegal immigrants currently reside within the United States. Five thousand successfully and illegally cross the border from Mexico each month undocumented. For figures defined by undocumentation, they are quite precise.

97. Disposable digital media rentals. The main argument compiled is the disgruntled renter that must travel all the way to and from the video store to return the borrowed materials. I had no aspect that these had been such difficult natures for humanity. Would it not be more profitable for a customer to return frequently?

98. A recent proposal for a law requires that child car seats may only be positioned in the back seats of vehicles. The exception? Vehicles without back seats. My last paycheck was reduced by 12 percent in order to pay for such brilliant legislation.

99. In many cities, park and wildlife services frequently destroy certain native and idealized non-native prospering wildlife to maintain a strict population so that it may not inflict upon human residents. Should a creature that strives in a certain environment for a series of generations be considered non-native? Do we frequently exterminate humans to control populations that may inflict upon current residents?

100. A recent Los Angeles city ordinance will require companies that provide contracted services for the city to disclose whether they profited from slave labor during the era prior to the emancipation of slavery. A current legislation already exists that requires insurance companies to disclose whether they had sold policies on slaves.

101. With such intense price gouging at themed events. Are fairs, really fair.

102. To define such brilliance of society, theatres deem the loudest available snack such as popcorn and candy wrapped in plastic bags as the idealistic food product or general accompaniment for viewing films.

103. The 91 toll freeway located in Los Angeles, California will soon allow free passage to carpools of three or more, zero emission vehicles, motorcycles, and the handicapped. I had no concept that the handicapped were a low emission source of pollution and in such a deserving position to earn free passage whilst driving a vehicle similar to everyone else on the roadway.

104. Native American artifacts were recently discovered by utility workers beneath a street in San Luis Obispo, California. This discovery will increase the span of time for the completion of an upgrade of the cities water and sewer systems as well as swell the cost by 16%.

105. The United Sates operation led into Iraqi was labeled Iraqi Freedom. Intentions were detailed towards liberation of the Iraqi citizens. At what point does a weapons of mass destruction smoking gun existence require necessity for the integral reasoning behind this mission executed.

106. A United States senator acclaimed gross incompetence for the lethargic examination of a tissue sample from a cow that eventually was discovered to have the mad-cow disease. Due to an understaffing of the veterinary clinic evolved from economic downfalls, the sample was not examined for four months rather than an idealized one week. This senator, in simile to the government in general retain a wealthily overstaffed consortium and are still unable to acquire simple and significant legislation in under a years time.

107. The state of Washington has passed a law prohibiting the sale of video games to children that depicts violence against police officers yet now video games that allocate police violence upon the public, guilty or innocent.

108. The United States Senate is poised to pass legislation that would bar insurance companies from examining genetic data to determine coverage and other decisions. Why should a business that deals within the guidelines of health and securities of a person or persons be governed over by their means to distinguish eligibility?

109. Certainly one the most ignorant human blunders and where compassion aligns with idiocy. Organizations that develop and/or distribute certain products should not be held responsible for the purchase and use of their products providing they have disclaimed the feasibility of negative health interactions. Human beings choose to smoke, swallow, or inject harmful chemicals conscious of the negative consequences of their actions. There is no rational reason to redeem purchasers of these products.

110. Life is defined by the means of survival. Barring common sense, a human is aware that smoke will strangle the means breathe properly. A human is aware that placing a flame near their face may cause epidermal damage. Barring common sense, a human is aware of these consequences when placing and igniting a nicotine device within their mouth.

111. To supplement the previous two observations, it has been clearly defined by the actions of current and sojourned chemical abusers as well as observations by scientists, that there are no addictive properties, which alleviates accountability for businesses that produce these products.

112. After defining absolute guilt, a convicted person endeavors to attain a life without the possibility of parole sentence rather than the death penalty.

113. Would a race of beings capable of utilizing advanced technology to travel from one solar body to another appear with such simplicity to another race of beings with clearly less sophistication. Why is it that humans are unable to comprehend that extraterrestrial life forms could in fact have integrity to acknowledge the psychological factors that incur from witnessing such an event.

114. Obligation has failed to fall upon the person as we are inundated with guidelines. Including the principle to succumb to these guidelines.

115. A single unique prototype Hot Wheel toy was valued at 100,000 dollars.

116. Cemeteries craft the delusion that there is a necessity to connect to the idea of something that is buried six feet below the surface of the Earth.

117. Love is a means of a support system, thus valuing love as a weakness.

118. A metaphor for a degree of everything: You are enchanted by the pleasing melody as you pursue it. Once you approach, you are served ice cream by an unintelligible and filthy person who attempts to rip you off.

119. A second city has created an ordinance to ban Segway transportation scooters from traveling on sidewalks. The exception? Handicap electric wheelchairs and scooters which weight and size exceeds that of a Segway scooter.

120. A being one day in the near future may be precisely duplicated genetically through scientific means, however the most important factor to comprehend in the psychology of this is that the physiological effects that the environments allots will deem it impossible to clone an exact duplicate of the original cellular donor thus defining a new autonomous being.

121. It takes 3 to 4 seconds for the human brain to process an auditory signal. So shut up for a second. To example the impatience of society today, take stock in the quantity of swift replies of ‘what?’ and then the 1 to 2 seconds that follow.

122. I am embarrassed for persons who find interest in the paranormal. They insist to defy the complexity of the human brain in order to amplify events. And in note; without skepticism, there would be no means to define factual information from temporarily unexplainable events.

123. Accurate coincidence?

124. There is an increasing number of positive aspects of legalizing currently illegal drugs. It would become a large source of income, benefiting the economic structure. There would be a means of control of sales. In short time, there would be less use by persons due to the overwhelming interaction within society. Jails and prisons would decrease in population subtracting funds from the prison system and placing those taxes into more constructive articles. A percentage of officers that currently govern of prisons and jails would be placed on public duty. Crime itself would decrease due to less conflict to acquire and abuse narcotics. The negative aspects would diminish in swift fashion. A burst of use would be committed by the public after legalization which idealistically would thin out the weaker members of society. After these events, these drugs would be governed over in simile as alcohol and cigarettes. There are few if any negative logistics of legalizing currently illegal drugs.

125. ‘I have to think about it’ and ‘I don’t know’ more times than not defines a person as someone who mulls over the simplicity of having to make decisions and not the actual choices themselves.

126. A recent sexual harassment suit brought upon a professor at UC Berkeley who, at a of campus party, fondled a student who had consumed a large amount of alcohol. The professor claimed the act of consensual. Regardless of either, because of this act performed either negatively or not, the academic senate has placed an ordinance banning sexual liaisons between students and teachers.

127. To once again example the fine structure of this government, the Los Angeles city council had passed onto the mayor, a bill which the mayor then vetoed. The bill returned to the council only to be once again passed and this time placed into law. If I have not mentioned this in previous observations, this truly defines the uselessness of the figureheads found at single character government offices.

128. You can be forcibly removed from a public park. The word public property should be removed from all articles, because there really is no such thing in existence today. Everything is governed over.

129. Federal regulations on what you may purchase and/or operate in a governed area. Your success and the use there of are governed.

130. Mensa members have contributed nothing other than the means to judge others at the mannerisms of interrupting language in formations produced by only them.

131. No single human being even suits the stereotype of a normal person.

132. A single book or internet website at a cost of mere thousands to produce, can educate a person with great meticulousness and can frequently be refereed to. A presidential library which now constructed can consume over 200 million dollars of a tax payer’s wealth may never been seen nor heard, and with frivolous simplicity, represents the egotistical nature of the person, or party represented. In obvious nature, how many are educated by the spending of 200 million versus the minute few thousand.

133. How does self confidence in regards towards sexuality deemed a negative characteristic. Posing nude or acting out even explicit sexuality for photographs and/or video for prosperity does not define a character in a negative aspect. It is an application of ability and human normality as well as desire in a field that serves to feed those who covet such observations. The persons performing are in no relation to the persons viewing the material which itself stems a poor stereotype. Sexuality is a distinct facet of nature and due to religion has developed a negative connotation which itself assisted in breeding a category of persons that act in an elusive mannerism to covet sexuality. This developed a societal variation leading to sexual deviancy. They once preached blindness as a result of masturbation and found those who did heretics. Fortunately I have someone type this for me from my dungeon.

134. A police officer will cite you in violation for your vehicle not having a rear view mirror, however it is legal to display images such as in stickers, over your rear window.

135. The Federal Aviation Association recently enlarged the estimated average weight per passenger without luggage to 195 pounds from 185 pounds to accommodate the general obesity of the nation.

136. Today’s society believe that suppression is a medication and not an ideology.

137. In the continuation of the government to obligate itself to defile law, Martha Stewart was recently indicted on federal securities fraud because she altered documents to ensure that no one would gather a false ideal that she committed insider trading. The prosecution has assured that it would be nearly impossible to incriminate her for insider trading because she was clearly not liable, however the effort to make sure that such ideals were not conceived, she apparently is liable. The only personal accountable for improper procedures was the person who provided the information to Waskel who sold his shares of ImClone. Waskel who was prosecuted for fraud should not be accountable for augmenting his opportunity to obtain information viable to his economic infrastructure. There are no victims accumulated by Martha Stewart, Steve Waskel, nor the brokerage officer who governed over their portfolios. ImClone was victimized by the person who released the information, thus the only culprit liable of criminal charges.

138. With association to the observation previous, survival appears to be a secondary principle for the public in the eyes of the government. Does this not endorse the drone:queen scenario and to that, in fact a majority of the principal structure created by this government (laws) and its communications upon society are to conceive an authoritive grasp on our fundamentals and moralities thus leaving the absence of independence and survival tactics.

139. Recent attention argues that MTV is improper in the management of programming due to Neilson ratings identifying a large proportion of viewers in the age bracket of 12 and under. Does this mean that they should begin allocating programming of cartoons and educational materials. There are television networks that already provide this substance for this definitive age group. It is of discretion of that person or parental guidance to define their viewed material and not MTV who clearly markets towards a more mature audience.

140. This local city council has organized a task force to coordinate a centralized memorial site for those killed in automobile accidents in order to alleviate the large amounts of memorials placed by friends and families at the location of the death or accident. They idealize this to help ease traffic congestion that may occur from observers of these memorials. In reality, the very affluent society of council members and conceited city dwellers see the recent abundance of youthful memorial sites, which are representative of hazard and death within the city, as being a poor illustration to potential wealthy residents. That of itself is contemptible, and the concept that the council requires a task force is an abuse our tax dollars.

141. If you were to remove all experiences from a human being, enacting nothingness from birth till death, what psychological tools would encompass this person from natural instincts? Emotion would be defined as neither necessity nor instinct because the merits of survival and existence do not require emotion to live successfully. And to spite those who task me, curiosity is not an emotion.

142. To define the current societal competence, ask a general person about the facts and impressions of genetic cloning. You will find that there is a lack of intellect yet an abundance of opinion. How many are aware that scientists have declared that it will be impossible to absolutely duplicate a human being due to environmental interaction. This governs over most significant topical events. Emotion has plagued factual data. A stance is immediately taken in relation to an emotional discharge without merit and usually in relation to predisposed emotional dialogue remote from the poised question.

143. Requirements to become president of The United States comprises that you must have been a citizen for the entirety of your existence. To become a United States Senator, who signify more authority over the executive branch including the ability to remove the president, your requirements is citizenship for merely nine years.

144. A stereotype is an accumulated observation, not a bigoted profiling.

145. Vermont covered bridge museum.

146. Recent blunders attributed to religious figures such as bishops and priests committing criminal misconduct displays how religion cannot reflect right or wrong. Religion is simply the representation a group of persons governing over a defined organized ideology does not impose the sanity of the individual.

147. An alligator in close proximity of a woman and child was lassoed by a man who then called the police, and held the animal until the police arrived. The policemen then decided to cite the gentleman with an animal endangerment violation.

148. The United States government opted to alter Usama Bin Laden’s name to Osama due to the relation of the letters “u” “s” and “a”.

149. Idealistically, politicians are embodiments of the pinnacles of society elected by merit. Mob boss elements are forged by family ties and wealth that produces a stronghold of supporters and a fierce discrimination of non-supporters.

150. Viewed and judged is the figure and not the figures.

151. On a recent thirty minute programming of ABC eyewitness news on channel 7 in Los Angeles at 6:12 post meridian time, apparently a lull in significance had occurred around the world in order to allow for the justification of broadcasting a report about another useless world record being attained, this one being a gentlemen becoming the person to balance upon a ball for the longest period of time. Two minutes later, the following news story was information about a nation wide vehicle recall due to the dangers of the engine igniting in flames. And I checked the internet news websites I frequent and believe it or not, a gregarious mass of significant world events had occurred on this day that had not been broadcasted. Sure hope that gentlemen can defeat his own record next year.

152. How has it that we have evolved into a lifestyle that finds it incompressible for a person to not have the means or necessity of a mailing address. Businesses require it regardless of the lack of purpose to utilize it.

153. Human rights attorney Gloria Allred is an incompetent nauseating human being. Perhaps as well as those who deem her relevant to circumstances or those who greet her opinions.

154. All living things are god’s creatures, correct? If this is true, then the most vilest of sins are committed by the most loyalist of parishioners without authentic consideration. To swat at or squash a fly, perhaps even an ant or blade of grass, would be committing murder. This very act would send you to purgatory for the typical interpretation of human murder. Is then god so forgiving that he understands simplistic murder of his lesser creatures by more significant beings? Or must we then idealize the now frequented comment that every form has its purpose in the scheme of life? What necessity is there by the death of an insect to the subsistence of a god related life? This very structured principle must embrace that there is a more purposeful end than entrance into the kingdom of heaven or mere satisfaction of morality. It must endorse that there is an Earth bound objective that is connective to all species. Regardless of this, perhaps a faithful person is absolving this error when they have dialogue of their sins, or is this another opportunity for a faith based human to romanticize that god does not ask of your perfection, only that you construct in a positive nature. Does all of this not lead more into the abstract that with no basis of structure, no viable means to a continuity, with means to adjust to suit, that the scheme of god is merely that of a psychological support system.

155. A vehicle dashboard digital video disc player.

156. Tennessee is considering prohibiting pornographic films from being viewed on video players inside of traveling vehicles.

157. It is illegal to commit sexuality with a member of your family. For the government to administrate two consenting persons that are of intellectual age is illegal. There is a significant difference when a member of the family sexually assaults or manipulates another into sexual acts yet for a teenage brother and sister to copulate and factors similar as this in a consented manner, there is no merit to govern over it.

158. It is illegal in various states to perform sodomy which is the act of seemingly obscure sexual acts such as oral and anal sex.

159. Examining the various rationales of the government declining gay and lesbian marriages, there develops only three viable responses. The first being a religious association which would defile the principal of the separation of church and state. Another would find pure bigotry which seemingly would not be welcomed or represented by our politically privileged. The final and only soluble interpretation which has not been embraced is the ideology that a gay or lesbian is in fact committing an act of identity fraud and not of a genetic device. For a marriage to be legitimized under proper legislation, there is definition of intent and purpose to the adjoining persons. This would allocate that the government does not believe that homosexuals are of stable sexual character, mindset, and are not culpable of existing in a secure association.

160. Reading the prior observation you would find that I might support the singularity of homosexuality however I do not. All facets of sexuality itself can be embraced in passion and pleasure which is so craved in society today. The singularity of one sexuality with the same sex goes to reject the considerable instruments of nature. Procreation is the most significant characteristic of a species existence. Observed in this ecosystem, nature has developed means to sustain a population of a species in order to not dilute the environment. Viruses and life spans are the most significant representation of nature’s means to control population. Homosexuality derives the very purpose to alleviate the procreation of a species. I do believe that the homosexuality is a genetic design, and not a viral infection, but the means of nature to continue to sustain utilizing the methods that it has throughout existence.

161. We now support the dogma that paying attention is either a genetic or developed disorder. Perhaps the overwhelming array of activity within today’s society has developed senses to deter from simplistic events. Examples of this should be found by comparing those who inhabit very tranquil environments such as farms or desolate lands to those who exist within the confines of a vociferous population. Once again environment dictates. And once again those who desire quick resolutions to actualities must define an illusioned error prior to the allowances of creating a pill shaped response. Usually an incorrect reply at that. How intelligent is it to believe that slowing the metabolic responses of a human being will increase their natural ability to observe.

162. Should not pro-life activists claim that each of us are nine months older numerically in order to efficiently define that birth is a device of conception and not from the exhumation from the womb. I agree with the age definition yet not the removal of freedom for the mothering participant. Every organic and inorganic material, of a living substance or not, within a person is their domain and can be purposed to suit. Asking a human being to restrict their internal mechanisms. The child is not of viable independent substance until it has exited the womb. If a being is unable to be responsibly governed over by others, which a child in the womb could not be, then it should not be a feasible subject of governed existence until otherwise.

163. A young boy riding a motorized scooter failed to stop at a signaled location and was struck by a vehicle. Apparently law requires that the person who struck the child would have to stop and assist the injured person unquestionably. Why should it be the reasonability of the person who abided by the laws to assist and at least appear where the person who violated the law. This would be an act of morality and should not be required by law nor be held liable in any means.

164. In the 1930’s a series of films were made where a caucasian actor portrayed an Asian detective named Charlie Chan. Activists recently forced FOX Movie Channel to not show the Charlie Chan series because of the Asian stereotypes which were performed years prior to these very activists’ existence.

165. Independence Day. A commemoration of your independence by being restricted from celebrating on your own.

166. Exampling of the insignificance of a singular figurehead as the most significant identity is the consistent nature of speeches. In commonality, a business executive who represents a board, will communicate a speech to identify issues. The president exists in the same context, representing the issues at hand for the true structure. How has society evolved to require a singularity rather than embracing a consortium? Has the lazy aspect of society evolved us to lax on intent?

167. A tactic used in every successful forum from religion to politics is to encompass two thirds of your time speaking to an audience about factual data that exists in surety such as history or present day events. Then surmise the final third of your speech about your implications and ideologies. A person is more susceptible once you have created the sense of association due to gradual acceptance of factual data. This then fickle open mindedness will allow for the creation of positive associations to the executed intention.

168. To example the abuse of compassion within society as well as the disputed singularity and separation of the people of the untied states, news broadcast will present a story in relation to puppies and financial gifts to assist the dependent prior to world events that may have comprise of a large volume of death or disaster. In fact, in hypocrisy, the people who endear compassion do not embrace that of others worldwide.

169. The ideology of good and evil are of a psychological device and do not exist with a consistency. Coinciding with morality, which is devised through religious avenues, many can observe and participate in events that have fundamental differences per person. A human being may essentially murder a person without intent. This victim may have in fact formulated a future negative event that would have perpetrated serious consequences. With religion as perspective to this situation, this human being would be observed as evil and punished for deeds committed for acts of a positive bearing to a heavenly significant which would idealize this person as good. Without true merit to either aspects of good or evil, neither can exist in observance to anyone or thing.

170. The handicapped, obese, and challenged are requesting such requirements for their dysfunctional needs regardless of the idealized structure that encompasses the safest margin. Vehicles require an advanced ability and responsibility to safely and properly operate in the public domain where the concerns of others are subject to priority. Why should manufacturers, law makers, and others incorporated be required to accommodate abnormal human beings when a level of facility much be comprised. There are a great deal of responsibilities that require persons of physical and psychological minimums to manage for the concerns of safety to others.

171. Symptoms of attention deficit disorder consist of not one biological function. How can then it still be observed as a disorder or disease? What this is, is another latent excuse to misplace responsibility, accountability, and lack of ability to regard naturalized happenstances to a society devised normality.

172. What do you call a folder surgically implanted inside someone? Organized.

173. A prophecy requires pessimism.

174. Paranormal activists, which are researchers who perform excessive advocacy without detailed evidential merits, meet all the criteria to be observed as a religious sect. Embracing fanatical and quite farcical ideologies and events that rival those of current existing religions deem these persons in similar functions as religions.

175. In order for time to exist, it must be viable for time to be culpable of annihilation.

176. Every side heeds its reasons, yet only then, to those who suffer loss, may define which side is just.

177. Common sense is a device of experience. To confiscate from this, the lack of event, voids effect and abundance of event, normalizes effect. Common sense then must be structured from historical education.

178. At what means does a person deserve the security of employment under another authority. How has the employer, who subscribes to paying labor within their organization by choice, now be prescribed to find reason for the termination of an employee or be subject to the definition of proper hiring practices. A business owner governs over his organization and bears the responsibly of all aspects of structure as well as to define employment under his authority which in human ethics is always defined by personal objectivity. This is exampled simply by the chosen establishment. All employees existing or new, are significant in one facet of the organization whether production or fiduciary and impact in similar configuration whether current or expired employment. Race, sex, imperfections, disease, and even the merit of simply to increase a singular value should not be administrated over by state or national governments but by rather the very internal mechanisms that define the business itself. Are we so feeble that losing a job, which would define a personal unsuccessful event, be idealized as improper when the responsibility is held by the business owner to find the very merit to be successful. Must a business owner lose personal definition in order to accommodate those who feel inadequate.

179. Derogatory inspiration.

180. Coherent idiocy.

181. Mass allocates abuse. Refinement creates sensitivity. With an abundance of materials available stemming from neglect in control, wasteful practices and the lack of conservation of materials purchased is embraced. Products simplified in quantity would create a greater observance which would go to defile the ascertained priority which is wealth at a sacrifice to external properties.

182. Following the deaths of Uday and Qusai Hussein Al Tikrit, the government was presented with concern in regards to unveiling images of the deceased leaders by emotion guided organizations. “Why should our children have to see this graphic material on television.” Compassion once again attempting to revoke rationality, necessity, and the annulling of historical relevance.

183. Your bank’s automated teller machine portrays a message towards the conclusion of your transaction with the very forward dialogue that presents the simplicity that they own your life. “Thank you for using … Bank. See you soon!”

184. Inverted retardation.

185. How concerned are Americans in regards to the scheme of international perspective when we frequently object to our own intentions moments after proclaiming them just in the citizen forum. To stand behind the ideology that weapons of mass destruction are required to exist for the operation to be valid exercises two ineptitudes. One merits the pathetic singularity of minding education by means of media and public speakers. Most citizens verbally discount these persons in insignificant measures, then when overwhelmed, abide to their practices. To now currently feel so deceived by information expressed presses into the second ineptitude. This would be the very conceptual nature to avoid the measure of common sense. Saddam Hussein Al Tikrit and his regime has been defined by all knowledgeable including the incorporation of film as portraying the role of a murderer and oppressor. To suddenly fail to recall this information while blurting bile about weapons of mass destruction defines a person as feeble. Humanitarian accomplishments were made regardless of the simplistic proposition defined as weapons of mass destruction. No administration has ever objected to the concern that the nation of Iraq was attempting to create these weapons. Perhaps we should become more aware of the necessity to apply such propaganda tactics to the public due to the meager nature of Americans defined above.

186. Efficiency loss is exampled by persons who say ‘hello?’ after identifying the caller when using caller id.

187. Preconceived coincidence. Society has evolved to detest the idea of coincidence as clearly displayed by religion, new age mythology, and simplistic representations of good and bad luck. Pursuit of a more fantasy driven environment will allow for swift adaptation over difficult events. Take stock of a person’s telling of a positive event and compare this to a negatively portrayed tale.

188. Alphanumerology? The hobby of numerology and astrology has no viable uniformity or evidence to provide factual records, should this not indicate to those becoming interested in this field that there is no value what so ever to the practice of this hobby to real world situations.

189. Your acceptance into a college or a university should also include the scrutiny of your ability to decipher where your vehicle is located within the college parking facility. If you are incapable of such as task, it is an obvious signal that you do not deserve the means of an advanced education.

190. The current abundance of collegic students has now been defined through the acceleration of malaise. Young adults leaving high school are now more frequently offered the luxury of staying at home rent free if they continue their education. A general portion of these persons attend without merits towards achievement and are undeserving of advanced education and more than likely are unable to comprehend the provided material. With this, the development of conflict created by these ‘ignorant’ and ‘lazy’ persons bears upon the students attending for enrichment. Population overflow, deceleration of education, and the decomposed environment are the key negative factors of parents offering their children a free ride.

191. Homosexuals are aware of the cultural and religious perspectives and differences by their acts of choice. From this they still desire to participate in this culture and propose adjustments rather than newer cultural divisions that would embrace homosexuality.

192. Homosexual marriage is deciphered in error through religious markers. The aspects today towards marriage itself are to govern the material effects such as property and financial during and post the existence of the union. Marriage is a government document and has lost the merit of the passion and simplicity of a union. Homosexuals should covet and vanguard the revitalization of the emotional characteristics of marriage.

193. Just one more thought regarding homosexuality. Male to a female marriage is attentive in society towards the ideology of that this union cements the event of procreation and then to avoid the psychological degrading effects of illegitimacy. Current statistics show an abundance in illegitimate and orphaned children. Surmise that should the ability for the legal union of homosexuals to exists that the coupling would create a stable environment for these illegitimate and orphaned children. The argument certainly made would be the irregularity of parenting which may create an instability within the child’s development. Responsibility would then be governed by the parents to educate the differences created and would also be quite simply discovered through education of biology which then would be discussed between child and parents. This would then once again support individual choice. Would leaving these children alone and parentless be more viable? This is a situation to embrace the inevitability of homosexuality which has existed since the dawn of time.

194. Since we are into making such asinine laws, how about the governing over banning antievolutionists from visiting zoos. It is painful to hear a five year old girl say that the ideal of evolution is ‘stupid’. It is good to know that strong religious followers comprise the ideal that all things are of god, yet spite significant markers to show the properties of evolution, items placed here by this supposed god. Perhaps this god even devised such an element of life, or is it that the devil invests his time in increasing the stability of science.

195. The term, ‘something different’ is embraced in the wrong concepts for filmmakers. It is not to be coveted in technology but in story telling. The act of reading images. Nobody can read a book that spins around wildly. And the essence of reality is the stable of strong filmmaking, my eyes do not flash cut between forty trivial images to lead into a new line of sight.

196. Humanity has evolved to allow for the expression of sympathy only to something that can understandably express anguish.

197. Using such terms as vitality and spirited when referencing an elder in relation is defining the terminal existence of the senior.

198. Certain population organizations should be notified when an obese woman purchases a bottle of alcohol and a pregnancy test while lugging two children who have grime smeared across their faces. I would have sent an electronic mail immediately after my recent observation.

199. The state of Illinois took the financial efforts to define popcorn as the state snack. An event which also received positive perspective from media agencies.

200. As probably the most significant response to any observation on this list of 200, allow me to explore something very odd. Gary Coleman quite possibly could be the most viable person to approach the position of governor. With blunt honesty, his campaign of sorts focuses on the absolution of the singularity position in government in which the state is administrated by the staff selected by the governor to construct the policies and processes of the state and not in fact by the governor himself. It is a brilliant abstract to articulate that you as citizen choose a singular politician to select the actual participants as acting principals. His interviews also express ideologies to create a more efficient structure towards the existence of California. Surprising to myself, had the opportunity arisen, subtracting of course his own personal deviancies, I would course my vote for Gary Coleman. Why would such an act be committed? Because what will be proven in this coming election is that no one truly acknowledges the proposed persons doctrines, but instead vie towards the significance of character. I allowed the opportunity to listen to Gary Coleman, and his perspective were more creative and intellectual than Arnold Schwarzenegger, who by the by has allowed for this election to now be situated within the entertainment section of various news organizations, Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante, multimillionaire Bill Simon, and all other combatants approaching this election.

201. What foresight brought about the restrictions in religion of using certain words that express negative attributes. What kind of organization would require and enforce all aspects of the expressions of emotion while not formulating a conspiracy against the religion itself. Anger is an aspect of humanity and has cursored positive events specifically in regards to those by the idealized leader of these religions, god.

202. Sarcasm is the proposition of something opposing the expected standards. Thus frequently those who detest sarcasm are singular minded.

203. Providing that psychological sciences have decided to create outlandish perspectives of common marginalities for humans, allow us to decipher further the very afflictions they claim. For this, we all must suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder for the merits that we all require a mannerism of attention.

204. Wait for the weight of eternity.

205. A mere 43 of a nearly 8 billion persons that have impregnated these soils since its inception have been credited with the success of the United States. That figure should amplify the acknowledgement and intentions of concerning time towards those who actually participate in the operations of this government and detract from the infantile perceptions that society embraces.

206. Recently discussed was this, in that god endowed man with free will the while god knew the intentions of every man and the outcome of the proposed timeline. Should this be true, why would there be efforts to dispense with the activity of Earth for god to interact with man and how could facets of god act separately when the devised outcome is already completed and observed.

207. The essential ideal structure of existence embraced by most today is that life effects us. This continues to assure the observation that humanity requires the means of displacement forced through emotional incarnations. In order to reassure ourselves that we are just and able to conjure the sensation of satisfaction, external objectivity becomes a means to deviate from personal objection. Having the singular article as a forum for alleviating distress, people find the psychological stability which was stolen through parenting. Emotion has created the necessity to recognize means to satisfaction and withdrawing into the individual self without the structure of self gratification requires external psychological events. Self gratification is far from embraced within society today and specifically shunned through parenting, both on the emphasis by religion which advocates donating efforts towards them, rather than within.

208. With the constant reproduction of every facet of matter into conceivable and unobserved forms, the very mathematical variable formula that one person with a supposed free will generate upon the entire variable formula would be so staggering that no computations could every be devised. With this advanced complexity, how could any being trigger or maintenance such a structure. Is god so incredulous that events that occur to and around no human, that creates a variable to matter that will not interact with a human for eons, simply a scheme devised to manipulate events for a human to be judged.

209. How does the transformation into a celebrity then create an allowance for ethics to become biased. Events that transpired by choice in the celebrity’s past should not be considered confidential merely for the merit of regret. Negative deliberations should not be placed upon the photographer that took nude photographs of Cameron Diaz prior to her celebrity status. It was confirmed that she had willingly placed herself into that situation in return for a fee. This would constitute that the photographer was in good context. Also taking upon the opportunity to sell the photographs back to her prior to other persons who might use them in a negative context was in good morality and is a conduit of survival and success. How common of a situation today where a person with good merits is branded negatively. He would have been in good standings and unapproachable had he sold these photographs to the miscellaneous sources first.

210. I have recently found new pleasure in the formation of suggestions towards paranormalists. In relations to this, I propose this scenario to be analyzed. Imagine that within the existence of all organisms, there is an energy balance. Each organism perpetuating a certain manifest of control of the balance. Now suppose that in a small region, a mass of persons are unable to rest due to an extracurricular event. Would the energy usually conserved by sleep from this region effect the general energy balance worldwide and then perhaps it would be compensated by another region of persons or sporadically worldwide with the function of oversleeping or excess lethargy. Would this explain the sudden abnormal onsets of exhaustion and the anomalous requirements of a short rest? Now all of you who listen to Coast to Coast at night, get to work on this immediately. Yeesh.

211. In another observation forwarded towards paranormalists, the concept that there are no coincidences in relation to events occurring on specific dates is probably the least likely notion you should bolster. If you were to analyze the fact that the odds for an event to occur on a specific date is 1 in 365 and then to multiply this answer by the entire existence of the Gregorian calendar and then to scrutinize the fact that most events are roughly outlined in simile, for example: two planes crashing by mechanical failures on the 3rd of August one year apart, then you would discover that the motion of the thought alone was more complex than the abnormality of events occurring on the same specific date. Coincidence or an advisory from heaven. What then pains me is how different religions are merely structured on the basis that at one moment in time, a person struggled with the current conceptual nature defined before him or her and instead of forging a path of scientific perception, merely another psychological displacement more suiting to his or her ideology was embraced evolving into another religion. Simply observed in the evolution of religions is that minor alterations to insignificant matters coupled with disgruntled behavior can constitute a flock of persons to make…another religion.

212. I had just heard on a radio broadcast that religious visionaries had recently seen an angel with a trumpet to its mouth. The comment made in following was that these visionaries had said that they believe that this may in fact be a potential sign. I apologize for my confusion, I had assumed that if angels were performing similar acts printed in revelations that they were in deed signals of an event. Once again I apologize for my lack of intellect because I might believe that the simplistic vision of an angel whether performing some task or not would be a indication of some sorts. Once again I might believe that…et cetera, et cetera.

213. Impose upon the ideology that god instills free will and that perception defines the beliefs of parishioners of religions. If I were to park my vehicle, step from it without intention and in similar fashion pull a weapon upon a homeless man who leans against wall nearby. I draw the trigger with no regard for human existence. No reasons other than the extermination of this man’s life pierces my thoughts. The man lays lifeless upon the ground. To society I become labeled a sinner. To this scenario, in my own peripheral morality, whether due to psychological deficiencies from external conflicts or physical deformity such as a tumor, I believe that murder is not depraved. Also construe that this very homeless man’s thoughts were processing the means to take a young innocent woman’s life for no intent other than to exterminate her life. No one on this landscape would every be aware of this, not even myself. The only one capable of this perception would be god. I would be punished upon the gallows for my senseless murder or hospitalized for my medical defect. Would I be let into heaven for my transgressions or hell regardless of the merits of her life and the actual perceptions arrived through misaligned physiognomy. Is our processing into heaven based upon the merits of our existence or simply purged from our thoughts in which all would find their path into the gates of purgatory.

214. In society we must respect the wisdom of our seniors, and in the same token we must generate regulations to protect these supposed astute elderly from swindlers which are commonly projected towards their ignorance.

215. Most paranormal encounters can be traced to the measure of confidence within a person. Most incidences of witnessing paranormal events occur in an environment that a person feels uncomfortable in. Many experience the lack of a confidence of surroundings, for example, walking into a dark room of your home that you psychological are aware is empty however your lack of confidence increases your metabolic rate allowing for your blood pressure to fluctuate and your senses to then deviate from normal operations, which in turn has shown that visual and auditory misperceptions are then created. Fear of your surroundings can produce a more fantasy driven environment.

216. The portrayal of incompetence by most news anchors in the midst of giving a play by play of an event is at first dismaying for their general characteristic of inanity. To then factor in the means in which persons viewing a news program can develop a profession driven admiration towards a particular anchor for their ability to present the news shows that the level of ineptitude presented by the anchor was in fact a calculated maneuver by the branch of broadcast producers to confidently communicate with the abundance of viewers who are morons.

217. To those who have uttered or listened to this verbiage spoken, “the waiter (waitress) always comes by right when your mouth is full.” To simplistically analyze this and to hopefully to sponsor a civilization accepting of stereotypes providing their accuracy, unlike this one, allow us to disintegrate this particular one. Once the cuisine has arrived at your table, you successively fill your orifice with the product while it is temperate. This is converged over ninety percent of the consuming period, only for the timeline to be broken by ingesting liquid or briefly discoursing a one line dialogue before consuming more. The odds for the waiter or waitress to approach whilst your orifice is full is greater than the person who spoke such drivel’s odds are in not contributing to the decline of intellect and the augmentation of inability.

218. One gallon of gasoline versus one gallon of water. Current events have driven the gallon of gasoline to two dollars and greater with a previous average of around one dollar and sixty cents. Water per gallon is averaged at a little over one dollar. The process to exhume oil from the Earth, to transport it to a facility where immense machinery clarify and alter the mechanics of the oil into gasoline, to then transport it to facilities where the public may purchase and withdraw the materials into their own vehicle using sophisticated machinery, and then to allocate a profit for survival of the economic structure of the business, would idealistically produce immense costs. Water is siphoned from reservoirs, bottled, and shipped throughout the region in very trivial means. The cost to purchase water differed by a mere forty to fifty cents and no one becomes nearly as disgruntled as when gasoline approached two dollars. The attitude of society is so spoiled to conceive that gasoline is effortlessly delivered to the public from sources overflowing with material that costs should be insignificant. Materials become more scarce, costs will increase. Events that altercate the means to deliver it to you will also substantially increase costs. Gasoline takes an tremendous labor to pass along to the consumer and for society who is privileged to be able to purchase and operate vehicles that easily transport over abstract distances in little time should in no way be conflicted over the minute amounts of gasoline and should become more conservative rather than abusive towards all resources, including gasoline and wealth. These events should also endorse society to more effectively support non fossil fuel sources rather than whimper over cost.

219. When selling a residence in the city of Philadelphia, you must disclose whether or not your home is haunted.

220. What do you call a confused Asian? Disoriental.

221. A guideline issued from religious text which has echoed down through law makers and those who are subject to perpetuating law, “you must adhere to the law whether you like the law or not.” Why is this not seen as a forceful tactic, the act of threat, to manipulate perception. Should not existence define that we must follow the structure of survival and morality (morality defined as efficient psychological composition) rather than being forced upon a series of mandates by a singular predecessor allocating definition during the premature phases of the evolution of rational thought. Time evolves philosophy supplemented by the evolving environment and to abide so willingly to laws fashioned prior should implement contention to rationalize the law. A general concept of a majority designation to govern over itself should exist rather than the blatant lethargy to pass obligation to others who are more indulged on image rather than intention. To find conviction in a belief, there must be the merit to query its rationale and uniformity to the current environment.

222. Expressing an opposing emotion to the amassed stereotypical emotion during and following a particular event would characterize you as emotionless.

223. Neutrality is an emotion. The flounder of society is the wealth of unbridled abstract emotion and the lessening of neutrality which denies opportunities of unbiased contemplation.

224. Emotion itself is an illusion abiding to the structure of existence to define what contains the properties of reality. Without a singularity to measure, and a consistency between each individual per event experienced, there are no means to stability thus emotion cannot endure as a merit of existence.

225. Does the interest by a woman rather than the interest for a woman truly define a male’s sexuality? Sexuality as a material process must abstain to the biological structure provided. Sexuality as a psychological facet must not be restrained within boundaries and should be embraced for experience and pleasure without bigotry. It is those who either succeed in one means of sexuality that then conflict with another, or those who are programmed by external sources, preferably religion, that are only permitted to accept one principle.

226. We chortle and express astonishment when viewing the mass of insignificant luxury imagery objects, paintings, furniture, et cetera, obtained by a dictator. Attempt to recall your childhood residence to which your mother over elaborately decorated with similar insignificant trinkets.

227. In West Covina, California, city council members and Hummer vehicle fans held a rally to denounce vandalism after a group labeled as eco-terrorists defaced a series of H2 Hummer vehicles with text expressing the derogatory nature a majority of wealthy Americans allocate respect for the environment by embracing the use of wasteful luxury products and needless off road and heavy vehicles that abundantly consume and pollute. A gentleman from San Diego even drove the three hours in his Hummer to support the rally…I am not sure what they are supporting other than the gluttonous perception most hold for them. Typical is the city council members joining the wealthy cattle to shun the violence while receiving those every so precious tax dollars. Who truly takes full advantage of the design aspects of sport utility vehicles? Mother Jones driving her 2.5 children to and from school, to the grocery store, even commuting on a highway is copiously unnecessary. The military and rural communities are the only facets of society that can truly employ the structure of a utility vehicle. Americans do in fact effect the planet in derogatory means thanks in large part to the psychological structure produced in which the auspiciousness of your possessions defines category. It is only after rejecting these environmental concerns for such a vast time that generates more abusive actions from concerned personal. More importantly, a rally to support the suppression of violence against Hummers?

228. The decline of society, exampled in recent marketing statistics stating that a larger percentage of persons are purchasing products based on their packaging alone.

229. Power standby and active ready electronics consume the quantity of energy equivalent to three to six power plants.

230. The first four commandments of the religious ten commandments are focused on controlling your perspective of god, the very person claimed to have written these passages. It is good to know that even god has egotism. What kind of caring god wouldn’t allow you to worship any deity providing that your distinctions follow precisely to the other six commandments. Is a vast perspective a sin?

231. A Judean Christian supporter of the ten commandments monument in Alabama had said that this nation should support such monuments near government offices due to this very nation being founded on Christian principles. The signers of the constitution regardless of their religious beliefs wrote specifically the separation of church and state for the merit of supporting an unbiased perceptive to all those who worship many mediums of god. The text was classified for the freedom of religion to be practiced subtracting the variants of many religions to define one structure of law. There would be a chaotic interpretation of law should religion carry a basic structure to it. Also, a lawyer has filed a lawsuit towards the government in removal of the monument saying that it violates the freedom of religion. Two factors oppose this. One is the lack of freedoms by citizens to define the interiors of a government edifice, no building is a public structure. Nor would you accept various decorations to define your residence. Second is the general ideology that religious parishioners consistently preach about how god can be worshipped without material substance. Should insanity be expressed over this mass of stone which would create a hypocrisy by Christians. Shouldn’t the expressed view articulate that god will not be any weaker in impression whether there is a stone or not. That is just me of course. I wouldn’t want religion to deviate from its usual course of inane gratuitous cultist measures of manipulation.

232. The ideology retort seen frequently stuck the rear end of a early nineties vehicle, “An eye for an eye would leave the world blind.” The world blinded would eradicate bigotry, the visual labeling of society. Punishment, suffering, and the suggestions of consequences, educates those unaware.

233. The catalyst of our lives are defined by our own hands. We mature from them. We suffer for them. Forgotten is we are responsible for them.

234. With resolve we learn through a completion of loss that we are not consequences bringing about derogatory change. Finding perspective of the lack of these effects substantiates that we are merely experiences. Hate, love, emotion for one another can be fickle and should be embraced as such, not secured as guidance.

235. Distinct purpose has arisen for cell phones, enabling myself to speak to myself without incurring any peculiar glances.

236. Labor Day, the celebration of workmanship by discarding employment for that day.

237. A clothing style currently comprised by fashion designers and purchasers of trend materials; trucker. Consisting of the stereotyped flannel, jeans, dank t-shirt with obscure obscene redneck slogan, and weathered hat. Retailed prices for the luxurious branded labels will increase the cost by nearly 300%.

238. Another paranormal researcher’s audible faux pas truly psychologically characterizes so many in that particular field, “…from all the reports given, apparently it happens.”

239. Pro life politics craft the philosophy of a successful life, so certainly we must decline consciousness and compassion of the vessel’s choice acknowledging that probability.

240. For the human race to define evil, we must determine that we as a species are the only in existence that can rationalize segregation of choice for only then our selections can be arbitrated in balance of right and wrong in correlation to human principles.

241. The government has conjectured no reliable information to confirm that Saddam Hussein coincided with Al Queida as well as signifying that the collusion may not have existed. To example once again the simplicity of citizens of major authorities, to show that mere suggestions can be implied and how acts of manipulations are more frequently employed through self consultation, a poll recently questioned whether or not they believed, emphasize believed, that Saddam Hussein participated in the events of 11, September. An overwhelming percentage agreed with no authority to say he had.

242. The government and a majority of politically driven citizens deem time and funds to means of protecting a nylon sewn flag long before defending the environment to which we exist in and because of.

243. There are those who question acts of minute disgruntled exploits for their senseless results. What good did that do, they say. A middle finger presented to someone deserving, creates an unnecessary emotion for the beneficiary. Sadness is usually the targeted intent, however anger, disgust, or a returned expletive, also create the dramatic psychological alteration that was not going to exist. Satisfaction for this minute disgruntled exploit comes from creating any response of unnecessary emotion.

244. Complaining in a workplace environment is considered a negative attitude. Complaints psychologically stem from negative events or objectivity within the work environment. Complaining should then be identified as positive constructive criticism and the likelihood of a poor managerial staff and susceptible employees are those who deem complaining as negative to the standard.

245. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is the most commonly held creed in society today. There is not one material or psychological structure that is not damaged, otherwise perfection would be conceivable as well as certainly achieved. Creating the conflict of ‘fixing’ is the fundamental effort of evolving.

246. A family successfully sues AAA. The family’s daughter’s vehicle becomes incapacitated along a roadway. She contacts AAA for assistance. While waiting for the pending tow truck which began to broaden into a prolonged period of time, over a dramatic hour, she determines to retrieve a ride from an offering motorist. This motorist proceeds to murder this woman. AAA is held viable for the extended period of time prior to the appearance of the tow truck for altering rational distinction.

247. The spectacle of seeing 666 only obtains attention from the values placed upon it. The label of evil reference towards the three numerals of 6, regardless of their actual inaccuracy in relation to ancient text, creates the opportunity for visual stimulation. Without this specific connotation, any series of numerals in simile beyond a pair is less frequented and more noticeable providing infrequency as well as allocated space taken for the numerals. To establish sociological para-sciences based from viewing numerals in unison of more than a pair is another desperation of manipulation to alleviate belief in a lack of control over natural occurrences.

248. An Egyptian professor is devising a lawsuit against the population of Jewish persons worldwide for the acclaimed acts of theft as identified in the book of Exodus, a passage in the bible. Should this litigation move forward, presume the arguments deliberated other than simply the extent of time and non liability of all members of the Jewish population for transgressions committed by persons held under duress. Would the argument of the skeptical factuality of the bible passages due to the lack of existence of any structured evidence be formulated? Can the professor show verification of the actual event other than in religious text which is already established in most nations as unreliable as a source of law management or guidance?

249. Religious and non religious ideals converge in indication, to identify the only obtainable peace is found after mortal demise. Should not either preachings necessitate exertion towards the accessible. For parishioners of religion, this theoretical proving grounds of capability to exist within a peaceful environment, otherwise known as this moment. As to self guidance, this moment, as a means of existence.

250. Spinning your wheels in a parking lot in the dead of night conveys superiority to…hold on…I’ll get this…to that homeless vehicleless man suddenly awoken by echoing screeches and sirens.

251. The deputy sheriff association, essentially the union of, provides that the taxpayers of the United States must pay retired members of or following the age of 50, ninety percent of their last accountable salary.

252. Every purposed action is morally driven thus supplementary to yourself only. Providing services to the disparaged, needy, or in any viable means that amplifies good nature is a self indulgence. Efforts made consist of defined merits towards personal well being. Whether portrayed by religion, virtuous deeds augment access into the kingdom of heaven. Without the morality of religion shepherding you, the basic equivalent is given for emotional sensation. Existence is self grandeur. This acknowledgement is a matured individuality. The deficiency from most who worship ideals rather than question them, leads to the psychological passing of responsibility.

253. Irresponsibility of a gluttonous nation; flip-flops made of the usual polyurethane and only centimeters thick can amplify cost by simply adding the title of name brand to the underside of the flip-flop. Twenty three dollars.

254. Further suspicion to add assertion to the Three Kings of Nazareth portraying the first evangelists. These three who sought out the birthing of Christ represented leadership, manipulations, and wealth in prior sovereignty. They made the first passage to the child, while those in existence, priests, clerics, monks, even shepherds, where no where in representation. Surmise again with me. A wealthy nation feeding from the penchant of its people. They slave for these kings. These kings embrace power as any king has. As time passes on and as exampled in history, the people of their lands drift in mind and body. The shepherds losing their flock, and their wealth. They conceive a notion to build an affinity to necessity of mind. God’s child. And they will depict him to the world. Acceptance, these kings bear supposed witness to the Christ child and thus securing their reign. Sounds very deceitful and some what imaginary. There are those today who fabricate upon this very ideal, creating new religions of differential guidance every year. Jamestown. Waco. Utah. Examples that even Christianity and Catholicism condemn as manipulations by portrayal of god.

255. Spring water for babies. Water with ‘babies’ added to the label and subsequently the slight cost increase.

256. An annual fee averaging three hundred dollars must be paid to a state governed organization entitled weights and measures in order receive license to operate a price scanner. This would be of a minimal ten required licenses to operate a business.

257. A massing of wealthy activists, also identified as an organization, performing emphasis of beliefs, whether religious or political, are exempt from paying taxes for the reasoning of the merits of conglomerating persons together to communicate values experienced in society. Meanwhile, a member of the organization Red Cross who has performed medical tasks in indigenous regions of the darkest locales in the poorest nations, must precisely fill out his internal revenue forms otherwise facing penalties. With this revelation, I feel that this opinionated observation is deserving of government funding for future observations to be made.

258. The check is still in the mail. Discrimination is a choice for a business operator to make and allocate within the barrier of his property. Similar is the choice whether or not to enter that particular establishment. Minorities struggle for freedoms while wrestling to remove those freedoms from others.

259. The final act taken prior to evacuating government in Washington D.C. in fear of the horrible terrible devastating furthest edge of a class two hurricane where in that city winds would reach a demoralizing 30 to 40 miles per hour with rain, using the fine resources of tax payer dollars and fleeting time they the honorable men of country successfully passed a resolution, to honor Johnny Cash.

260. Illegal funds raised during political campaigns are usually returned to the donator by order of the judicial system. These donators committed these funds to a politically driven pending facet of government, aligned with this intent as well as the merits of the illegality of the volume of donation, these funds should not be returned to the donators but rather perpetuated within the intended system of government with the same extraction of tax deferment as defined by donating to a political organization..

261. Union organizations governing employment within large businesses entail your association through financial payments by coercion, implementing termination of employment in defiance of adjoining or adopting policies constructed on a region wide census rather than precise depiction of the individual environment. Conflict is then driven by these union organization with the contracted business without the merits of a majority rule of employed personal. Strikes formed are obligatory and will lead to fines from the union organization should your intent to cross picket lines to work for the financial security which was your original intent of being employed. The populace are employed for the merits of survival and to wrought decision without a majority is a dictatorship.

262. For men and women intent on displaying facility to function within a government position, reelection candidates squander a tremendous amount of time and state and political capital campaigning about intention of performance in office during the very moments they currently occupy a position. Does this not as well example clearly that the singular representation of government that citizens fiercely vie to choose does not in fact participate in any significant manner other than acting as a focal criticism.

263. As wealth and security is embraced, life becomes consumed in a mirror.

264. A suggestion or comment is only a critique when someone is conflicted by it. Without discussion, it is the former.

265. For the first time in the Muslin region of Iraq, women have secured positions of authority in government and law enforcement. Should this be another item shrouded when contemplating whether the decision to infiltrate Iraq was viable.

266. The final moments of the Pope: His vessel nears the final demise, limbs lifeless, thought the only means of communication and only unto himself. As his final breath exhumes from his lungs his thoughts digress across the mystic passage ahead, (of course imagine this in Latin) ‘Hear it is, the final moments of mortal life. Treading onto the ethereal gates to which judgment will pass and my transgressions will define my entrance and place in the kingdom of heaven. Oh boy, here it comes, this is it.’ Aaaarrrggggg… ‘Damn!’

267. Increasingly rougher.

268. From 1776 to 1951 American ideologies were supported by thought without the necessity of a sheet of paper to define their progression. This document even simply hung from an office across from a sunlit window without preservation discretion. Since 1951, more money has been spent on preserving this archaic sheet of paper with these ideologies we apparently cannot subsist without than on major studies on preserving the environment which effects more precisely the human existence. Are we seriously engaged by the sheet of paper written to represent efficiency of process of this nation that we cannot even bear this upon the sheet of paper itself. It has been studied from reproduced texts, so let us not reflect weakness by being absorbed in protection of a sheet of a paper and acquire more affection towards the implementation of the text and thoughts pressed upon it. This document, so coveted, does not even merit to actualities of modernized law. Observe the amount of amendments altered to suit.

269. An active issue consuming time and wealth of a union for transportation pilots as well as the time consumed by airline companies…whether or not pilots should be obligated to wear a hat. If this were food service, endorse it, however, they fly planes.

270. The now frequented comment heard on a local college campus, after thousands are spent just to obtain classes, and time consumed to learn for the benefit of their future. “English class is cancelled today” “Word up, where ya wanna go?”

271. For some abstract reason, long hair on a female person is psychological valued differentially than long hair on a male. For those who walk into businesses flailing your arms around in conflict, contending to a manager that the gentleman with long hair should be required to cut it, it is the same god damn thing.

272. You’ve got mail. Would that not translate to you have got mail?

273. Everything is good from a mug. I imagine even brain cancer is good from a mug. Certainly at the rate of relating most actions to developing cancerous tumors or mutated diseases, my mug filled with a variety of liquids will likely reduce me to a crippled hopeless heap of substance. Through abuses of drinking from this mug of course. And over a period of time, perhaps two thirds of a lifetime. Let me drink from my mug.

274. Unity College of Maine recently tagged 100 fresh water fish with scholarship coupons totaling 165,000 dollars and released them into a nearby lake. Then encouraging prospecting students to fish out the scholarships, after an extended period of time, only one fish featuring a coupon of 50 dollars was caught. The time and cost consumed by creating this spectacle could have increased the scholarship funds by a few thousand more. Harm had also been fashioned by negating the obligation to simply and distinctively provide scholarship money to those most likely to succeed in their education, which also effects the educational environment occupied by other students around this particular student.

275. What purpose, which defined is the success of reasoning, comes from denying the right to die? The only value, subtracting religious aspects which the government has verbally declared, is the value of the person’s economical impact. Terminating your own life will decrease an annual income to the state by 17 percent of your total annual income, numbering in the thousands per person. Compassion certainly is the only civilian merits, which are morally driven by religious guidance, which itself is more allocated to preservation of the capacity of the members which permit its societal viability.

276. Preservationists. Without spatial properties in relations to population and luxury growth, how can effort be perpetuated towards unoccupied structures. Wouldn’t support to occupy this structure residentially promote more efficient means of preservation.

277. In the stepping down of examples of the emulation of this government by more localized organizations to contribute to psychological cloning which produces merits of control, home owners associations defy you to occupy your own property with materials that exemplify your discretions publicly, a defiance of public presentation or speech, and means to contain individual disparity. In a worst case scenario, a resident in Florida has lost in trial against a lawsuit placed by the home owners association due to the gentleman placing a flag pole in his front yard in order to fly the flag of the United States. The lack of exemption is due to the medium sized and color coordinated flag pole and not reportedly the flag.

278. It is standard practice for an expiring administration, from city council to the executive branch, to which is held by a majority of a singular ideological political party, to hire or individually perform shredding of documents produced during the occupation of office. Certainly not a tactic of public national security, so how does a nation reason confidence in officials purging documents revealing government authorized proceedings from future administrations.

279. In film, everything happens in ones. In life, everything happens at once.

280. There are more Honda Accords sold in one year than species of tigers, lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, hippopotamuses, koalas, and a handful of others that can be found in cookie form, in existence. The similar value of purchasing one Honda Accord equals the sum expelled to conserve a habitat for one of these species for a period of over one year.

281. The definition of ignorance should include and position firstly, peripheral deficiency. The incapability of a modernized society to acknowledge their surroundings can be exampled by examining citizens driving on any roadway or standing and waiting in any line. Perhaps a more refined example, use of cellular phones during any public activity.

282. The owner of an automobile that writes ‘wash me’ in the filth caked on their vehicle.

283. In films, an evil villain will explain his tyrannous deeds to be executed prior to performing them, only to then be hindered by those around him from accomplishing anything. A politician will impart speeches before committing to any actions, and then to only be hindered by those around him from accomplishing anything. We fault the evil villain for not performing the deeds without explanation. What is our excuse for allowing these time and wealth consuming faults of a politician.

284. How has society evolved to only being capable of retorting an explicative towards someone yelling at this person for a clear, certain, and even understood error while driving.

285. An example of how no one truly comprehends significance in government and how politicians are aware of this. A senator is the most influential and authoritative person in the United States by means of decision making capabilities that supersede even the president’s. A senator will leave their current office to run for the singular office of governor of a state because it is more of public platform and will lead to the other significant singular position of president.

286. For those wishing to observe for themselves. Listen to the radio program hosted by Doctor Laura which is a religiously guided psychological assistance show to which listeners call in poising questions about common sense choices to be made in life. Here, people afraid to decide for themselves receive the very advice from Doctor Laura and then is clearly understood as just reassurance to their own rational ideal. With millions of listeners and callers, you can truly observe how incompetent and incapable this modern society has evolved to, maneuvered by religion and emotion. So much so that a radio program of this characteristic is astoundingly successful.

287. Naive desperation for complexity or devolutionary contemplations. Shadows are once again no longer perceived as simply a subtraction of light particles, but rather as an extension of the human spirit or psyche resulting in an expression of that particular soul. Not even religion could ponder such a preposterously psychological fragile ideal.

288. 18 million tax paid dollars were exploited through the renovation of the structure that houses the liberty bell. 18 million dollars.

289. A medicinal pill to prevent the urge to gamble has recently been reviewed by the Federal Drug Association. Side effects may consist of abdomen or liver problems. Would this not be considered a mind altering drug, the very same label assigned to cocaine and other illegal drugs. Besides, a pill to prevent gambling? Are we moments away from a pill to prevent driving poorly? Perhaps preventing the urge to become a couch potato.

290. Don’t try this at home. Firstly it fails to the available emphasis. Do not is more applicable than Don’t. Grammatically it is obviously American bred. Secondly is the sheer acknowledgment provided by those presenting this material as well as those who govern over the material permissible. The events occurred for the emphasis to be entailed, so why should the suggestions of not participating when others have proceeded be applied with obvious discretion otherwise observed by the viewer. This all boils down to one precise significant observation which is the persons these warnings are applied to. Danger, poison. Do not eat. It is dreadful enough that common sense has been eradicated by the providing of instructions for every merit of existence, the challenge of deciphering which develops naturalistic senses, and yet to pander to the undeniably asinine who encounter events without predisposition increases the necessity for these processes of protection. Or perhaps we should support these persons who exhibit their lives as guinea pigs into a demise so that we may be more aware of the human interactions of swallowing fluids found under the sink.

291. The current offensive displayed by anti-drug campaigns call attention to the consequences of criminal prosecution or parental tribunals which to those who have existed within the realm of a child-parent relationship recognize that common human interaction provides that disputes are of psychological certainty and expected for propagation of individuality. A major concern for children is personal appearance, so why is it not emphasized the consequences of physical and psychological health.

292. A current strike is being held in defiance of contract negotiations between grocery stores and a food and merchandise union on the basis of the allocation of a fee to offset the annual 15% increase in health costs. These lower ended unskilled employees, to which have been already easily replaced by teenagers on a first employment experience and others such as myself with minor experience for wages abnormally lofty however well accepted, are attempting to emphasize their value in this business structure. Lucky to even have employment with such already grand wages, check stand cashiers earn net greater than nurses, teachers, and even some intern medical students. The asked fee would increase their fees to the union by a mere twenty dollars a week which if you are employed as a stock person, your thirteen to seventeen dollars an hour would hardly be scourged. The union has even proposed an increase in raise increments governing the ninety days period. The lack of education displayed by strikers, who asked are ninety percent unaware of the detailed information that exists and only partially aware of the subterfuge provided by the biased union, as well as the current performance by the strikers towards temporary employees and customers, examples the unprofessional existence of these employees and should be accounted for when determining how unskilled employees are deserving of what substance provided for by a business.

293. Apparently a device of ownership of major corporations are the restrictions levied by government to preside over how you may define employment. No discrimination is placed upon a small business who terminates an employee who walks out on their scheduled time, yet the larger the conglomerate, the less acceptable it becomes.

294. How appropriate that The Statue of Liberty is not physically attached to the United States of America. Displaced by a distance only accessible for a cost.

295. The legacy of a now deceased horse jockey is more newsworthy than the entire gauntlet of current events, including the deaths of soldiers, the loss of life in a natural disaster, as well as the relevant information released about an modification of political leaders.

296. Prices elevate. Quality declines. To then determine that their should be automatic measures to protect yourself from even having the opportunity to purchase these clearly expensive and defunct products is asinine. How has the acknowledgment of responsibility of the consumer to define markets by personal objections or gratifications shifted to an expected automated satisfaction. Do not drink poison. Are you sure? I mean I should try, it is in front of me and all. Efforts labile, no longer does anyone wish to confront the demons.

297. Striking may find some mannerism of purpose during specific conflicts, however when performing this task of picketing to vocalize abhorrence, creating physical and psychological harm on others and property illustrates a lack of intellect and professionalism. The principle of striking is to remove experienced employees from performing tasks essential to the progression of the establishment.

298. Is it not unethical for a news reporter to either accept an award or perform the tasks of a master of ceremony at a politically bias organization’s event?

299. The BBC World News is the pinnacle of news reporting. One person delivers the headlines without commentary of their own, or trite remarks towards others to instigate humor. Other facets of news, such as business, sports, et cetera, are handed to a separate anchor without garbled and usually under the cuff comments, delivered with the same respects as other news, and returned in the same elements. This brings to light the meager needs of obtaining the attention of the viewers of America. These requirements established of an entertaining value to news reporting has demeaned the general practice of informative presentation. Thus we must endure John Beard rummaging through his paperwork as if arranging powerful documents handed to him in the final moments of battle, then tipping his head to slight angle towards his co-anchor and pausing before chuckling to himself and blurting out some mindless chatter that he only finds remotely humorous. While in this amount of time, three to five relevant world news events have been placed into the ‘if free time allows’ bin.

300. Out of the many upon many idiocies of the current grocery clerk’s union strike, strikers currently park in spaces allocated for customers, thus deceiving passer-bys in believing that customers are still attending to their shopping at this particular grocery store. Kudos to their continuation of unacknowledgement of existence.

301. The justice system recently devoted time and wealth to deciphering another great puzzle. Whether or not the middle finger was an act of disorderly conduct. After many days of deliberation they came upon the conclusion that it was in fact not.

302. The very basic human functions; breathing, consumption, and a suitable means of disposable of waste, dictate the acceptable processes to suffice as a human species. When any or all of those faculties ceases to subsist without mechanical or another external source’s assistance, the merits of true existence ceases to be plausible. Why should this not be seriously acknowledged by those caring about a another human’s existence when that person has become disabled in such a way and there are those more concerned for the welfare and significance of the intrinsic worth of the human existence properties and surmise that termination is more compassionate that the certain expected years of distressing semi-existence.

303. Have we become a society that necessitates the consciousness of compassion so much so that it has purged into every measure of rationale just so that compassion can be experienced?

304. A government may sign into law measures that are immediately found unconstitutional by courts of law. Is this a defiance by the current administration or the uneducation of the staff of this administration. How can something immediately determined against constitutional rights not be confronted by legislators that must inform the public of their proceedings or the citizens that are believed to be supervisor their elected officials. This inherent mechanism of society disassociating with government clearly shows the lack of the integral part of democracy. The people decide.

305. We feel sorrow for those who suffer from disabilities and those who exist in a stasis of near death, yet find the emotion to imply significance in their preservation, despite their inability to basic human existence and their certain demise. And only after that event has occurred, we impose that they are in a better place.

306. The right to die is determined by how you die. How appropriate that freedom labeled ‘rights’ are governed by restrictions, and these restrictions are imposed on how you are allowed to suffer your own demise.

307. Sending documents to a persons who clearly must precisely read them, with a note firstly stating, as you can see on these documents.

308. A doctor’s establishment is called a practice. Should this not more precisely be identified as a performance. Leaving the option for most who visit a doctor to chortle the line, a performance indeed.

309. Another imbalance in law. Confronting a hostility will endow a greater punishment by law than the act of the instigating hostility.

310. The ignorance of society within America by example of their perception of other nation’s intricacies. A Japanese man and woman enter a Japanese teppan restaurant in Los Angeles, California. The Japanese man asks his date, “Have you ever eaten at a teppan restaurant?” After living a lifetime in Japan, she replies, “no.”

311. Everything has a gap, a space between all things even to the quantum level. Why should we ever believe that there are virtues we all can come together.

312. What if the sheer quantity of masses constricts the chaotic properties of quantum mechanics in a gravitational formulation?

313. Definition of character are defined through childhood by repulsion from parental instigation. Perhaps a tactic more devised to counter act such strategy, to super impose ideals upon a child is the now defunct property of ridicule or derogatory communications towards a child. Now compassion driven, sensitivity allocates variance which does not impose certain values.

314. Can a person perceive a belief without comprehension the very definition of it. A true advocate of their religious structure has read the bible which governs ideology. A person fighting for a value has deciphered the motives behind it. How can any of us allow those who fail to allocate time to comprehend these definitions a moment of intimidation into our own practices? Those who now strike against grocery stores, few have read in depth the reason why, yet their quantity of ignorance has influenced many. Question the education of the person that afflicts interest upon your judgment.

315. Stick shifts in automobiles have slowly evolved from them. Dangers have increased ten fold during this time. Perhaps it is obvious that people are more attentive when they actually have to drive their vehicle.

316. Channel 11 news decided to declare the recent fire storm as the most devastating natural disaster in California’s history. Once again the media pandering to the delicate emotional nature of the elements of society today driven by compassion. A certain array of events, for example, the 1904 earthquake, which not only demolished San Francisco from the ensuing consequences of the event, but the entire expanse of the San Andreas fault disrupted civilization from Oregon to Mexico and eradicated one hundred times more lives than this fire. Is this an obvious sampling of an understanding that compassion annuls education?

317. Another film making note, to those decisive against the merits of participation in reality. Do not ever create the aspects of first person during conflict driven scenes. First person is a device to survey a panorama. Please cease in this error in film making, it pains me to have to acknowledge this on television programs that I embrace as superior.

318. Weather transitioned from heated and parched to rain during the period of time of the recent fire storms in California. And after a week of this dry, temperate, winded weather that encouraged the ensuing flames, devastating nearly a million acres and thousands of homes, the rains came and the acknowledgement from persons left destitute, “God finally answered our prayers.” God is very ironic.

319. Driving on the roadways, highways, any governed property delegates a level of predictability providing the driver is responsibly adhering to the regulations developed for that particular task. Much like military training, a solider will expect another to perform in a way so that fratricide, friendly fire, will not occur. This same tactic is devised when drivers follow the restrictions responsibly which is taught through the educating requirements prior to obtaining license and common sense. Accidents and the consequential death are from this lack of predictability by not precisely following the policies entailed on roadways. Signals, velocity, all these merits contribute to your advancement on that roadway successfully, and it is your responsibility to provide those merits in return. Imagine all the moments you are frustrated by another not signaling a right turn while you approach from behind perceiving that person was not turning at all. Predictability is a requirement for a tactical existence.

320. There are currently three types of computer users. The first are the aged personnel who we will refer to as economists. These persons spent the lifetime of the post depression, during communist strife, attempting to understand the markets and finance. With such advancement towards these fields of importance during this particular stage of evolution, comprehension of any other communications does not come so easily. Observe how many of these economist computer users advance at desire to learn financial spreadsheets, database, or word processing. The second user, and to more of this generation, are the ‘ok’ clickers. These persons fail to express interest in technology for the reason of lack of personal direction and purpose. Without intent, amusement is easily captured by snippets of information and in depth investigations are left aside until some triggering event causes particular curiosity. These persons fail to learn that you don’t need to click ‘ok’ but rather can press tab, space bar, or even enter to achieve this task. Once annexed towards this obsession, they become a new market of computer user, the stereotyped geek. A persons which can purposely educate themselves about a particular program and then understand with great revelation, the similarity of all software and hardware as a unit and process thus becoming efficient in all technology. Perhaps this is another feeble tactic of psychoanalyzing a person using physical signals thus lacking any true appraisal of a census.

321. The tests provided by the state for you to obtain a drivers license consists of a multiple choice thirty question written test of questions such as the amount of a fine for passing by a school bus flashing red lights, to which you are only required to achieve a success of 73%. Following this is a skills test, a five to fifteen minute evaluation of your ability to abide by the set course of stops, turns, and accelerations to which only a 69% achievement is required. Void of these testing processes, the main configuration of a driver while hurtling a two ton vehicle towards others at velocities exceeding survivability, a comprehension test. How many can even comprehend the physics mechanics of having this simple word problem. Two vehicles are traveling at…

322. Devices of commercial media are the clearest identifiers of our society. Marketing now caters to the elements of obesity which is fashioned by the gluttonous stasis we have evolved into and inevitably because of the now abundant moral compassion, it is has become inappropriate to guffaw which was a bridging psychological mechanism to promote a healthy existence or to otherwise suffer the physical and the subsequent psychological consequences.

323. Trend now deciphers styles of clothing by the association of their psyche to the printed messages most similar to their now lack of philosophy. Bygone messages, ‘Have A Nice Day’ and ‘Peace’ for example have evolved to ‘Free Kobe’ and ‘I Fake It’.

324. At what tenure does a person lose consciousness by then disregarding the ‘Cash Only’ Express Lane significance at the grocery store by using not only a credit card, but also requiring cash in return.

325. Another example of how fickle emotions are. As you consume a candy bar, chocolate preferably, your emotions exude happiness and pleasure. A moment late from the same experience, you suffer regret and anguish from consuming a product that may produce physical consequences.

326. Trust is an emotion. In order to establish trust, you must perceive an ideology from a person’s psyche. We rely on this perception as a significance between all human beings. Yet established is the structure that emotions are an instability by abundance of individuality and a lack of assured morality, which instantly creates an environment of volatility.

327. The current nation wide campaigns for various federal offices, president all the way down through council members, will consume over 3 billion dollars of contributions or personal wealth. Imagine a campaign ran on converging this abundance of wealth towards the causes campaigned on with promises. Exampled by performance could not be perceived as anything but successful.

328. Activists of non nationality concerns focus aggression upon maliciously titled sports teams, ala The Devils, et cetera, the while the actual performance by these sports teams of violent behavior is left unabated.

329. A memorial designated as an eternal flame unable to continue as burdened by funding. Of course my objection is to the wasting of resources to exhaust reminiscence of the designated memorial which exampled is driven by the passion of the viewers and not by the consumed effort of elements. Literature is a much more relevant source of remembrance.

330. Torrential unfrequented hail storms, fervent illness nationwide, devastating raging fires, all that is left for the patronizing of religious parishioners are earthquakes. Once this occurs, as a natural process of planetary evolution, you can be assured that preachers and their various colleagues will encourage growth in their churches based on the rampant signs of the coming demise of humanity for their sins. And those who steal to eat are considered unmoral.

331. Once a person dies, regardless of circumstance, they become an innocent victim who was brutally murdered by another, whether it is my manufacturer or species. This all lacks the convictions of responsibility and perpetuates the acknowledgment of the imagination that we are the highest species due to intellect. Our intellect has actually developed the ability to become less innocent through our actions that are consequential to many facets of life. I know of no one that isn’t guilty of one merit that deserves a demise as retribution. From every menial exploit, as even cutting down, murdering, a tree for the celebration of a holiday that at no time ever was a pine tree a participant in that particular story line.

332. With the facilities of the capacity to create and eradicate life, the very principal elements signified by a god, everyone is a higher power than another.

333. Law enforcement’s display is a property of crime prevention and when placing a vehicle into a low profile role on the nation’s highways the only accomplishment is startling the criminal driver whilst the act of criminality thus increasing the factor of danger already perpetuated by the situation. The image of a law enforcement vehicle is an effort of preventative measures against crime, and should be exhausted in vehicular situations to avert persons from performing the tasks at all.

334. Caskets are now designed to preserve the deceased and prevent natural decay by the surrounding elements from occurring at all thus consuming space without natural degeneration. An immense underground collection of studio apartments for the no longer living. To exhume thousand of dollars for the event of hiding your deceased relations from public view and displaying a plaque is absurd. With what intent is there in preserving the deceased. I wish to know who is determining that these bodies will be exhumed at some point in the future for a significant reason and or that status is still a quotient even after their demise.

335. Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning. With the most likely determined bed time of 8 o’clock p.m., this flight would have been exhaustingly long. 6 to 9 hours for certain. And to maintain a happy thought for the extent of it would be a human improbability. Of course it is a fantasy driven fable for numerous reasons and now including this high maintenance scenario.

336. Merits of war, whether or not garnering a political agenda, are conducted with the merits of moral integrity as the basis of intrusion. Subjugating the war in Iraq as being misleading and as a political agenda simply defies, only for the merits of their own political agenda. Saddam Hussein murdered, which is a word not intended to find association with a moral leader.

337. It seems that those who have answers why are unheard by those pronounced unknowing. Known as political labels acting as a buffer for accommodating acknowledgement.

338. An example of do’s or do nots as the sterile unfocused legislation governing over each county. The restaurant and bar smoking ban have levied a toll on the environment of the bar or restaurant. Certainly a noble legislation was to remove smoking from restaurants, however without instating choice legislation, or mandates of accommodation such as proper ventilation, bars simply had to remove smoking, a right that encompasses hundreds of years. The ideal was to remove harm from employees however once again choice removed as forcing employers to create special securities for persons who choose to work at that particular establishment.

339. An example of how Mormons and Catholics (and certainly many more) are in practice of their very own sins, as well as founded by this very sin, to which is clearly identified within the pages of their own scriptures, the bible. God clearly states his condemnation for those who perform the act of idolatry, the worshipping of other than the highest god, such as the following for Joseph Smith, or perhaps more identified, the Pope.

340. Tragedy has besieged this planet as a music recording artist, a person who is simply replaced by another with the near ability to vocalize their thoughts, has become under scrutiny for his actions. Michael Jackson has never accomplished anything more significant than performing music. Music has never evolved the way society exists, in fact music evolves from the ways society changes. So at measure is Michael Jackson a character of heroic stature?

341. A word spoken is an audible sound propagated to communicate intention or expression. An unidentified word created that emphasizes intention or expression should there forth be considered part of the vernacular vocabulary. So everyone can get off my back when I choose to create new words that still express the intended purpose.

342. A woman in the south eastern section of the United States of America had chosen to pay a ridiculous court appointed fine with pennies. 24,000 pennies. The court responded by saying no! And that she would have to pay in a ‘proper’ manner.

343. Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast radio, is self beguiled by his own ignorance however plays it off well.

344. Soldiers die. Soldiers are volunteered armed combatants who learn the ability to kill in abundance as well as developing skills for their own preservation. Another skill objectified and also embraced as forms of mottos is the ability to die.

345. A rare prediction from myself. In the next fifteen years, when you file for a social security number, you will also have the opportunity to file for a telephone number which will equally be placed as a permanent item unless requiring alteration.

346. I may or may not have mentioned this prior. Off all the seconds wasted on typing or acknowledging greetings in the business environment, for example identifying the person by name in an email sent to their personal email, millions of dollars encompassed within this valuable time is lost.

347. Kentucky has instated a law requiring citizens to bathe at least once a month.

348. To example the ever growing lethargic nation being coddled, a new workout program consists of performing anaerobic exercises while sitting in a chair.

349. Here is another fine example of psychology engraving new platforms of income, foreign accent syndrome. The development of a foreign accent spontaneously.

350. One common perception by activists and their dulled senses, is “if people would stop messing with nature.” Just perhaps, accommodating the abundance of the reproduction of humanity is why nature is ‘messed’ with, a very significant feature that these activists do not engulf time and wealth towards identifying but rather in causing strife amongst the performers of these atrocities to nature. There are those who have never cut down a tree who are more of a threat to forests than loggers.