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Observations Archive (351-700)
The observations that I have written are defined by current events that have either occurred in a personal
observance or in a disassociative analysis of news and events occurring world wide.

Many listed items feature no response due to the overwhelming absurdity.
And if I have repeated myself, tough.

As we journey further, you may determine in an assessment of previous observations what you could purpose as contradiction.
Recognize that every situation is distinctive and that time and events can alter perspective.
More importantly, I really don’t care.

351. People accumulate people as a novelty. Birth, business, ideologies.

352. Smoking related deaths yearly is 400,000. This year, higher than any other, obesity related deaths reached over 300,000.

353. After watching seven films on Thanksgiving day, I realized that filmmakers, directors and producers, have dramatically transformed their intentions and ability towards fashion photography. Scenically displaying of their prized possession without involving a passionate story. Motion pictures have lost their ability to move.

354. Signaling in a vehicle is the conscious acknowledgment of your intention to turn. This acknowledgment is for yourself as a driver and more importantly for the other vehicles in your vicinity. Their acknowledgment of your intentions to turn can create a more fluid and efficient driving environment. Do you enjoy awaiting confirmation that the person was in fact turning after all.

355. Can greed subside as its thirst is fulfilled?

356. Frequently I am asked how? I ask why? For the beauty of chance.

357. There will never be an environment of pure peace. Hate is a designed requisite of evolution. It is the quantity of one over the other that should be obliged with optimism.

358. Through the mismanagement of degrading personal value and a required sense of accomplishment, the world of sales has magnified by complication through these misdeeds of self grandeur. Though simple in selling a certain product, the added emotional stature then guides the conversation into manipulations, contortions, distortions, of every facet of the sale, from terms to quantities all for the merits of satisfying the obliged nerve. Thus the complexity subtracts eons of time which trickles down to loss of value and success.

359. When a husband dies, a new common situation is the wife desires to have sperm cells removed from the corpse and incubated with her eggs in order to breed a genetic child. The statement made to support this action is in order to have a family that should have been. My math may be quick irrelevant however should a now single mother have a child of a deceased father, would that not make two thirds of a family and not a stereotypical and stated customary family?

360. Frequently I overhear those who enjoy listening to dance music, in their vehicle.

361. Why should someone be observed as a hero when they suffer a consequence of a risk driven hobby and to return to that particular hobby driven by the same merits of risk. Heroics is defined by actions of morality. This would not suit status quo.

362. How is it that society is threatened by polygamy? We observe in today’s civilization that women are free thinking individuals, so that must not be of worry. We are unharmed by their activity of collective husbandry. Is it financially burdening for those or perhaps is it purely religious morality that subjugates such distain for this act. So those who claim no affiliation with religious context must not find distain with this occurrence.

363. When did fortune cookies discontinue telling fortunes? You an only imagine that someone had found fault by one of these manufactures for predicting some event that did not occur and was found liable for it.

364. News broadcasters currently state that they will cover the Michael Jackson story without tabloid like tactics. Isn’t the very coverage of a performance artist in a compromising situations tabloid itself?

365. Many universities now encourage obtaining a video game degree. A degree used to example the knowledge of applications towards civilization development. Is this what currently facilitates civilization?

366. How much more inappropriate is it having a heavy set man or woman hosting a travel show. Foreign relations or even dignitaries must accommodate for their girth. Also a fine example of the purpose of supporting obesity rather than showing disagreement over its consequences.

367. It should be outlawed when those who produce recordings for a musician decide on which particular tracks are compiled on a greatest hit album. Wouldn’t it be much more marketable in this age of communications for the fans to partake in this excursion?

368. Horrible cough. This is a comment commonly noted in a doctor’s office. A cough is a involuntary action of your respiratory system attempting to clear debris from its pathways. The type of cough also signifies certain degrees of severity of the illness. What is so horrible about a cough and why should we idealize that taking cough relieving medicine will assist us?

369. Illegal drugs are so common in American society that they must proposition marketing towards users. Ecstasy pills come in a variety of shapes and flavors including the now standardized, Elmo ecstasy pill.

370. I have decided to file for a handicap. Hearing impaired for those deserving.

371. During this time of influenza, should I hear one more damn time, ‘how did I get sick’ or ‘where did I get this’ then my compassion for those committing acts of ‘terrorism’ against the ‘good guys’ will have to increase. When people lick their fingers enough to moisten them to turn pages in anything randomly purchased from stores or machines. When people believe that since they washed their hands once inside the bathroom that touching the handle on their way out will not distribute bacteria regardless the same handle was used to close the bathroom door behind them after entering. Argh.

372. A recent travel television program observed the most expensive hotel rooms. One apparently much lauded room is located in the penthouse of the Renascence Hotel in Hollywood, California to which the most focal article of purpose for this room is the view. The view of the most well known smog riddled, industry and residential clustered, Hollywood. How can a price loom over the quality of the view in Los Angeles?

373. When an opposing force generate opposition, this is called an attack. When “our” side creates the means of imposing force, it is either called an incursion or a raid, but never an attack which is a word with such an incensed stereotype. Raid does not even contain such ferocity.

374. Televised, dual commentated, and sponsored, national jump rope championship. I have said this once but jesus h. christ.

375. Speaking of Jesus. My ideals certainly pertain to him being nothing more than a self indulged magician bred by others around him. But what about the integrity of the character itself now, thousands of years later. Forty four years later, he left, and if dying is an inspiration, even resurrection as an inspiration, then the purpose was misconstrued since life exists here and now. Inspiration itself, was not devised by Jesus towards a god. God was already embraced prior to the birth of Jesus. It is imposed that Jesus came as a savior however his performances effected nearly while the books written about him influenced more. The very book which only maintains few passages of the life of Jesus and focuses more on visions presented to certain individuals.

376. Recent studies in the Jesus College in Cambridge which maintains more documents than The Vatican, by religious individuals, have clearly shown that Christmas observed as the birth of Jesus in December would be an impossibility. Scientific studies even show bias towards the existence yet in a different year which many religious researchers agree to. Yet here and now we impose this day of Christmas as being sure. Another example of how manipulations can define life and this can be bred into children through parenting without individual contemplation of ethics.

377. Tiger and Christopher Robbins walk through the woods and stop next to a tree. Christopher Robbins crouches next to the tree but is startled to a stand. “What is that?” he asked. Tiger replies, “Pooh pee.”

378. Have you heard about the new Huggies diaper? It now comes with Pooh on the outside.

379. I am officially maintaining a bet here and now. The discovery of dark matter will lead to anti gravitational technologies. And I wish to add one more aspect to this construction, a filter and an accelerator.

380. Recently a large group gathered together in a public forum for a candle light vigil for, anyone at any age suffering from anything. How much in desperation are we in need of self indulgence.

381. A fine example of hypocrisy I recently experienced. I have met many of those who believe in an existing soul within a human being, a spiritual nature allocated for a still desired ethereal existence. These very same people also fine firm faith in evolution which more and more is embraced as science becomes more evidence driven. Yet these very same people cannot seem to believe that bacteria or amoeba, the very single and multi celled organisms that developed through evolution into the human race.

382. Holidays created for leaders, Washington, Lincoln, King Jr., even in other countries such as for kings and saints, are created to represent their progressive and initiative driven personas, to which we celebrate by halting all government and most financially driven activity.

383. A valid quick rule for music compact disc purchases. If the compact disc cover is an image of the artist or artists looking directly into the camera, either the album, artist, or musicians suck. A direct line of contact to inhibit attraction through image is the alternate means of selling the album which the creators lack confidence in the album itself.

384. Emotional damages. The sufferings created by a significant event that alters emotional security to which the only idealized redemption would be financial gain. Conquering through judicial means is how it is an hypocrisy to present self emotional damage.

385. A new year would be the period of time expunged from either conception or birth, your choice, through that date again. Celebrating a new year from January 1st to the same and gathering emotional observance from it would be simply abiding to driven influence. Sheep.

386. Deficiency now frequented by industry. Many new technical devices are created to be used universally. The issue at hand. Not one competitor is willing to adopt the patterned design or processes in order to develop universality.

387. Recently written in the Los Angeles Times was a story regarding the Pasadena Rose Parade and an incident in 1926 where a series of stands collapsed and killed 11 persons. To quote the article, “the day remains the deadliest in Rose Parade history.” Not to be compared with the numerous of disastrous, murderous, incidents found at the treacherous Pasadena Rose Parade.

388. A woman in Connecticut is suing the state for loss wages for her son’s inability to work as an actor due to a fall suffered at a public park jungle gym. He obtained a small row of stitched across his brow. I have found sympathy for the word itself, frivolous.

389. A fallible conspiracy theorist will often reference ‘I’ as well as ‘believe’ during topics of discussion.

390. This is a simple yet still painful ignorance observed. The latest conspiracy is of the governments deliberately obstructing missions to Mars in an effort to remove possibility to discover intelligent life. Yes, opportunities of new exploration with tremendous hazards, a thwarted by government agents.

391. In this era, how can the word ‘disposable’ still be emphasized?

392. Travelers who boast about their journey to an exotic land where they rode an animal, likely an elephant which was led and maintained by a series of indigenous persons, as well as trained most likely in a brutal fashion into submission, in which these persons are either identified or self beguiled as adventurers.

393. As society evolves, we begin to find status in materials objects. As clearly then we devolve. Such as exampled when people purchase wheel covers to protect their much coveted rims and wheels which declare their significance in society.

394. Oh the seriousness of some. Radio commercials frequently utilize celebrities in a few seconds of non product guided dialogue to manipulate the listener to listen? Most endorsing celebrates are from sports orientation, you know, the activity of speaking particularly frequently and clearly in which a listening public would clearly identify with that person.

395. I can’t imagine what is worse. The 10 o’clock news depleting two minutes of operable news time to discuss, what is equally draining, odd calendars and the stores that abundantly stock them.

396. In my local vicinity there is a gentleman who has now regularly stood on the street corner and waved at the passing vehicles. My very favorite local newspaper, or what I meant to say, my very favorite ignorant incompetent local newspaper to which several editorials have been written to, felt that after four days of this gentleman’s performance that he was deserving of the entire front page headline. The story told was of a gentleman who had decided to stand on the street corner to wave at the passing vehicles because ‘god’ had advised him to. Any right minded psychologists would observe this as disturbing behavior, while the locals with their infinite wisdom, viewed it as inspiring. If you are truly inspired by this person, you may be more feeble minded that himself. And to add one more defiant aspect of this to those persons who wrote, photographed, read, and was warmed by this gentleman, the act from the fear of ‘god.’ God has emphasized to him to perform this act and he followed fearing the consequences of not adhering to orders. I cannot imagine that life is gratifying while fearing the sustenance of life.

397. Have you ever met an intellectual Mormon? Ironic isn’t it? Individual merits of rationalized thought and reason that devises segregated or progressive opinion comprises intelligence. I have never met a singular Mormon thus I have never met an intelligent Mormon. Cultist assemblages delude rational opportunity into a refined singular ideal and intimidate those who desire supplementary education. I have never met a singular Mormon that desired education in complex sciences such as psychology, biology, or physics. Cultist assemblages conform to ethics of employment in mechanical and physical labor to harbor segregation from complex reason and those who derive from the understanding of the inhibitor of these functions of ethics choose leadership roles through financial support of the followers in order to cultivate further control of the ethics of reason, yet there are those who are bred to perform roles of leadership and are guided by decisions formulated elsewhere within the assemblage. Every Mormon I have met corresponds to this pattern. Can it be possible that the discipline of understanding the fallacy by the executive leaders of this cultist organization have been carefully bred free, eradicating the ability to recognize the erroneous composition? Another words, can it be possible for a cultist organization to build upon itself so carefully as to not allow anyone into the upper echelon who comprehends deception thus creating a secure potential foundation for followers to use as stability, which is the cornerstone of desire for those craving religious perception?

398. A recent televised commercial endorsed surgical treatment for obesity. These medical practitioners claim obesity is a disease to which they are cure with surgical stapling of your stomach. Can you now remove your bronchial tubes when you have asthma, or perhaps your genitalia when you obtain HIV. Disease cannot be halted through surgical means. Why would society fall victim to this belief?

399. A comment made from a gentleman camped out in Pasadena days prior awaiting the Rose Parade. “We are not going to be scared by terrorists and we are going to do what good Americans do by being free.” How patriotic to represent your freedom by abstaining from work, and camping on a sidewalk in the freezing cold to take part in only witnessing the hard efforts labored by those who constructed the floats, and the musicians, animals, and others who trained and performed for this fleeting moment of exampled wastefulness.

400. People seem so eager to celebrate passing events such as a year, yet months which constitute 1/12th of that year are as well are signified by the changing of numerals, is left unobserved. And the days, what about the days that consistently transgress from one into another, entire moments of passing time accomplished. Ignored from celebration. Why is that? Perhaps because the conformity of obliging days to become liquored up would not be fundamentally wise so frequently or much more likely as written in a previous observation within this archive, when supplied with abundance, people significantly care less.

401. A good professional wrestler is that character many steps before he passes through the curtain.

402. The judicial system possesses custody of a minor until they are of age 18. This allocates that you are not required by law to govern over your child because the government maintains custody. The government can remove your child from you with no or minor suspicion based on insignificant information and then are capable of controlling direction of that child’s life. Fear of government allocates those who abide to this policy.

403. You may sue a photographer hired for an event if they have caused accidental damaged to the film, which arguably preserves historical events to which you paid to have documented. It is good to know that persons take such value in financially choreographed moments in time rather than the significance in their timeline.

404. A perfect perspective of society in America. Most now are horrified by the prospect of purchasing a manual transmission vehicle regardless of the value and mechanical efficiency. Most would rather expunge much more for an automated vehicle than be required to perform any tasks within an automobile. Manufacturers even now cater to this obscenity by providing a choice of shifting on an automatic transmission. The objective of this shifting, pushing or pulling with an eased light tap so that driving performance is not disturbed.

405. A recent article in the Los Angeles times brought attention to an observation that I have mentioned a few times. Perception versus abundance, how the more abundant an item is, the less concerned the public is towards the matters of the item. The article briefly pointed this out, only then to completely subside to giving advice on how to choose from these abundances. Yes, please concern ourselves with which, rather than all the consequences these apparently magically materialized objects.

406. Why should contests provided by organizations be regulated by the government. Taxes are still liable even through a contest, which should declare that government should have no presiding over a businesses contest. There should not laws declaring that someone who does not partake in their products can still be victorious. No purchase necessary. Why? It is the friggin’ company producing the materials that is willing provide free materials as consideration for those who purchase the materials.

407. Common today which is completely absurd so it must be emotionally driven. Many security guards are not allowed to carry weaponry such as guns, knives, mace, stun guns, or even a baton. They are even told to not interfere with robberies or other dangerous events in order to preserve their own lives. Their tasks are simply to inform law enforcement about the imposing danger. Even security is submitted to the devices of law enforcement, as performing as scour pads, roughly cleaning up after the platter is dirtied.

408. Lately being around a person greatly in depth with finances, frequently complains about businesses that become ruthless when you, the customer, surpasses the payment deadline by one day and imposes charges for the latency. You were late. You were unable to comply to the requests specified to you that dealt with a girth of wealth, regardless of amount, you are obliged to comply to the particular objectivity in order to be allocated these funds at all. And these businesses provide to you thirty days worth of ability to act in accordance with their requirements that you agreed to. One day extra does not exist. One day is not obliged to anyone for anything. They very accutley devised calling it a deadline because it is the end! Argh!

409. Consciousness has fashioned expendability of humanity. Consciousness is a deference to biological principle. The irony is that consciousness is the element that also defies the acceptance of expendability through compassion.

410. Why are there criminals? Allow me to explain. Stupidity. Not of the criminal but of the certain victim. Over time, simplistic lazy people have created opportunity for events to occur to them. An example from experience. I sat alone in my vehicle next to a mini-van. The door on the side of the van suddenly unlocked and opened. It was not two to three minutes later until the vehicle’s owner arrived. Opportunity created. There are those who search out opportunity and thrive from that.

411. Here is how to add to that to example the excruciating laziness of this American society. The van door did not automatically open all the way. The vehicle’s owner stood less than a bent arm’s length from the door handle pressing the remote control button vigorously for over minute without ever reaching to open the door by hand, until it finally opened automatically with a slight moan of disgust by the owner.

412. After a recent stay in the suite luxury box of the Staples Center to view a Dave Matthews concert, I came to the observation that the more segregated and luxurious most persons are during an event, the level of obnoxiousness increases tremendously. Segregation institutes obnoxiousness due to lack of interaction in general public. As stated prior that people have lost peripheral perspective.

413. Even advances in technology does not replace the ignorance of humanity.

414. At what capacity does a designer figure that a pool should be encompassed in the middle of a vast array of apartments. Pools are then restricted to curfews because of this lack of intelligent proximity. Where else to put you say. That is why designers earn unequalled wealth. There are reflective sound designs using very basic earth based materials.

415. Society is frequently classified into few segments. Here is another one for psychologists. There are those who submit to the desires of sexuality and then there are those who think.

416. Children fall all the damn time. If you feel you can sue the city because your child is uncoordinated then you need to die off. As simple as that. It is your ideology that places such constraint and constipation on society and evolution. These attempts alone signify my relinquishment of American citizenship.

417. Why is it so hard for people to empty their recycle bin on their computer desktop? You delete a file. You then confirm that delete by deleting it again. Sure, it is redundant. Yet with a simple task of clear perspective of what is going on and why that little trash can looks full on your screen, you will discover that you can empty the whole thing. So do it already!

418. Persons lately find it rude should you ignore their fleeting comments to instigate conversation. Perhaps it is more rude that you as instigator have invade my ideal silence. Jerk.

419. The next greatest invention will be the waterless toilet.

420. Terror is what American’s believe terrorists are attempting to create a persona of amongst American citizens, thus the fruitless comments of we won’t be afraid, et cetera. No. Terrorists want you, and especially those who comment, dead and nothing less.

421. Night watchmen who call into radio shows during their shift.

422. Everyone in America is hardened by this recent political proposal regarding illegal immigrant policy and being allowed to work within American borders. A nation so composed of people who claim a lack of racism are performing that guise with gentle grace. The principle goal in Earth based humanity is to create a one world. It is called peace. Now as a nation options opportunity to become closer to adjoining another, the real character of American society presents true. Preference of segregation. That is called racism.

423. After visiting the local zoo, I took notice at how elaborate the décor and presentation was. I later discovered that numerous persons were being laid off as well as many renovations of animal containments were being delayed. Perhaps a fine representation of the struggles of animal conversation would more likely to be used. We do not need 30 foot banners displaying a picture of an antelope. Nor do the tickets need to be more elaborate than ones found at Disneyland. Certainly there is no need for one hundred different kinds of panda merchandise. And to that, a notepad, a pencil, if waste is so necessary then why not destroy the very trees in the animals cages to use as toilet paper and decorated with ink manufactured from whale blubber. What the hell is wrong with you zoo?

424. Here is another perfect perspective of big business in America. We have heard of the MSRP. Manufactures suggested retail price. By law, the manufacturer may not define the price that the retailer may sell the product at. However, the loophole, which should be the new American flag, is that the manufacturer will not sell the retailer product if they do not sell the product at the suggested retail price.

425. If you are a person who on the next day is genuinely glum because your sports team lost, and you are not a player, owner, or staff member on the team, then what the fuck is wrong with you. I cannot believe that people actually inhibit emotional distress because a sports team lost. It could be the fucking Super Bowl. Grow the hell up!

426. Here are a few nice examples of abuses of tax dollars as viewed by, of course, me. A police officer on duty stops at a local laundromat that he owns during the midnight hours, so that he may take account of the total sales that day and accumulate the monies his business has earned. On a special occasion I have witnessed him rush to his patrol car towards a called in crime in progress. Good to know that my tax dollars are hard at work collecting his wealth from his business.

427. Another one, of course. I have now seen two different city owned vehicles parked, at the gym.

428. The nation of Israel is currently constructing a wall to separate their nation from the probable Palestine nation. Americans are in disgust. “How can they segregate these people and separate these people from their employment.” Hmm, nothing like Mexico I suppose. I love hypocrisy when I haven’t stated it.

429. If the persons creating caravans of supports for Michael Jackson believe overwhelmingly that he is innocent, then why not abstain attention towards it and allow in the most plausibly silent way for Michael to go through the motions of law enforcement and provide proof of innocence. Personally from the only merits of demeanor of his character that I have been privy to witnessing, he is simply a bizarre character, who has touched young boys.

430. Campaign donation limits are defined by an individual who donates to another individual who is campaigning for office. Here is the American flag of loophole; that individual may be limited by law to donate a minimal amount towards another individual however that person may allocate as much funding as he or she wishes towards the party of choice due to their non-profit status. I can’t even count all the follies in that factoid. Another such argument that may be employed should the individual accept more than the limited terms of funding, simply by saying ‘my lawyer said it was ok,’ will relieve him of any fault. It is a proud day to stand tall and say, ‘I am an American, copyright two thousand four.’ These facts are even displayed in college level books as loopholes. That is how no one knows about it, it is in a book of knowledge and not a book about a false doctor preaching about self indulgences and proper management of relationships which frequent the best sellers lists.

431. A crop circle ‘researcher’ recently on a radio program also integrated ice circles. A caller spoke candidly about his experience of witnessing this event through the means of water fowl creating the circle in the ice that then freezes over to create the abnormal image. Classic of these paranormalists and conspiracy theorists was for her to completely speak around it and then only in passing say it was possible yet unlikely. Unlikely that something would what? Fit a more likely hypothesis.

432. I would like to adjoin the frivolous ranks and sue the current grocery store strikers for their recent abuses by performance in which they blocked in abundance a Vons store in Southern California which prompted the local police force to increase by 15% to provide security. My lawsuit would maintain that these strikers created a hostile environment and instigated the use of more police force thus wasting valuable tax dollars.

433. Christianity at its finest. On their much acclaimed channel of propaganda, a ‘scientist’ and preacher devised how you can compare a faulty computer circuit board to the impossibility of evolution. Their argument; one circuit in the board can malfunction and render the rest of board useless. Chuckle, chuckle. I laugh because they attempted to sell this as curing tonic. Exampled in evolution is that when a circuit, a faulty genetic manipulation is created, that particular strain does not continue however the great purpose of evolution is create numerous different strains which allow for adaptation to the environment successfully. A computer board is made by people who evolved and manipulated sciences.

434. Why do media outlets only ever show candidates speaking to persons already declared voters for that candidate?

435. Banking has evolved to where they require of you more than what is required federally. Two forms of identification to perform any business transaction regardless of source and segregation of funds for transfer. People question how there are those who are unable to satisfy the requirements of life, well, when you can’t even satisfy the means of something as simple as receiving funds, then the complexity multiplies.

436. It was recently established that Union leaders involved with the grocery store strike, were still earning an income of over 250 thousand dollars. Strikers pretending their view is significant and not biased with ignorance, has been quoted as saying that grocery store executives earn millions, so 250 thousand is insignificant in comparison. Firstly, union representatives are obliged to the employees standards of successes, which if you believe that earning 12 to 20 dollars an hour to push produce, then 250 thousand is outrageous, especially providing that grocery store executives effort for a minute fee increase in medical because of the cost increase. Why can’t the abundance of union representatives create a slight efficiency in their economy to satisfy the requirements that the grocery store has overwhelmingly satisfied in favor of the employees in the past. Employees pushing produce are paid better than nurses. And to those strikers, grocery store executives earn millions because they developed an organization that makes millions. It is called success.

437. A commercial for a car dealership employed the dialogue, “buying a car should be as easy as trying on something new.” It is clear that this was captured by many who purchase cars as valid. How idiotic! A car is not a sweater than travels at a high velocity towards people, places, and things, endangering millions daily including your own passengers.

438. I embrace efficiency yet despise abbreviations. Is that hypocritical? You must process information further in order to interpret an abbreviation, into the full expanse of the word, which I would have already written out in its place.

439. The United Nations is meeting at a conference on biodiversity to discuss the means of cutting extinction. Cutting extinction?!? I imagine that I would rather see that when hundreds of political leaders and scientists collaborate in a room, that eliminating extinction would be more of a logical goal.

440. The State of California will now allow a larger expanse of land to be logged as a means of fire suppression. Those treacherous trees of eminent doom. Most homes that were destroyed in the recent fires were homes engulfed in the forest environment, for the particular reason of existing in that particular environment. What kind of buffoon measure is it to simply abide to the, if it doesn’t work for us, it must be against us, we must get rid of it.

441. This one is tough so think about it. Why did the blonde think she was always being robbed? Her underwear drawer was always one pair short. Yee ha.

442. Truth is perspective, never absolute. Absolution would maintain that perfection is a species’ characteristic, and it is a biological impossibility. Individual perspective deciphers many different perceptions. Without the human characteristic of flawlessness, then truth is perspective. This is the tree of consciousness. Consciousness breeds perspective which propagates right and wrong, truth or false, on or off, yes or no.

443. Laziness over rides common sense. Compact Disc storage on a vehicle’s sun visor. In the sun. Direct sunlight on a compact disc. Particles of heat filtered through the windshield directly upon the compact discs. Does not anyone get this when they buy or operate this product.

444. Building is destructive.

445. Hunters in America do not consider it a sport when you do kill the animal and eat it. I can’t imagine that is still relevant when America has the most complex utilization of processing and distributing food to every corner of the nation. Obtaining food is beyond simplistic if you can in fact afford a weapon and the means to hunt. Necessity would allow for that segregation. All hunters in America are sport hunters and idealistically murdering animals for sport.

446. Another fine purposeful example of the now vast array of scientists that unfortunately include those who are more abundantly useless yet their doctorate apportion funding from varied sources that could have been applied to much more significant personnel. Physicists recently studied formulations on the skill levels of chopstick users.

447. Shut Up And Drive! If I can see the side of your head, pull over, finish your thought, and shut up! My god, you can halve human bodies by traveling twenty miles per hour. Focus! Shut up!

448. Civilization less civil? Unfortunately no. Just societally unevolved for thousands of year. Men still measure their testicular girth with farts, spiting, belching, and other unsophisticated traits. And we ponder why woman have such a strangle hold over rationale thought. Male genetics is guided by efficiencies and deficiencies when they are recognized, and unfortunately for thousands of years, no one objected to the male persona. Now, we see more effeminate males based off of the judgmental nature developed through female incursions.

449. I still have not found a rational medical reasoning for sighs of relief. Is it self grandeur, and if it is, then religious beware, for it is a sin.

450. State privacy acts forbid student information being posted for public viewing. This would include honor roll or student of the month for perfect attendance. The reason this is now being enforced is parents are fearing ridicule for those who are posted for their successes. I don’t honestly know even where to begin with the pointing of stupidity. Parents expressing that recognition for your achievements need to be hidden in fear of mockery. They succeeded, their name is meant to be displayed. These children can suffer the ridicule and learn to understand their significance and differences from those who are less comprehensive to successes. It is a character development to have varied personalities interact with you. Parents are asking for a plain sheet of white paper, not even lines.

451. I hate Americans most of the time, and here is a good example why. A Texas man is going to drive around the city San Antonio for the entire day achieving 2800 miles per day. This effort of wasting the natural resource of gasoline, polluting our air, and unnecessarily contributing to traffic congestion is to display two flags supporting the United States troops in Iraq.

452. Consciousness has developed the necessity of the invention of unnecessary things.

453. I had the impression that a sovereign nation within the United States would have their own governing rights. It would seem to me that taxing these lands would in fact be a declaration of invasion. How can the Indians have a Boston Tea Party?

454. Constantly I hear about obese persons feeling eyes watching and ridiculing them because of their odd size. Listen, you are many times bigger than an athletic or average human being. Expect not only to be blocking a persons view which will cause eyes to peruse you, but to also draw attention due to the abnormal shape that your girth has developed. You are abnormal. Obesity is not normal. It is unhealthy and controllable. It makes it a voluntary abnormality. You have no right to feel disrespected by being jeered at. You are purposely being different which difference from the scheme of things draws attention, and due to the negative attributes of obesity, it will be negative fascination.

455. If this South American country had a small town within Los Angeles, it would be called Little Chile. Get it?

456. In the State of California, in order for a person to perform the act of cutting hair within a business, you must spend over 600 hours in schooling, and pay numerous fees to obtain a cosmetologist license. Employees of this state funded government organization will fine those who are practicing the art of cutting hair without a license. Another absolute on the rationale of allowing figureheads decide on proper placement of tax dollars.

457. Kevin Cooper is a gentleman who was scheduled to die in California under lethal injection for the murders of a family, twenty years ago. Thanks in part to celebrities who decided to express their opinions on capital punishment, the suspicion of his guilt was raised and now he has earned a stay of execution. Twenty years had passed. If you couldn’t prove his innocence in that immense amount of time, I fail to see the competence of allotted more money to his preservation.

458. After receiving a stay of execution, for some bureaucratic reason, it will take 30 to 40 days for another death warrant to be issued by a judge. I sure hope it isn’t only business days that count.

459. A woman is suing an online prescription manufacturer for selling prescription drugs to her son who over dosed on the pills, and by overdose, I mean took the whole container in one shot, signifying suicide. Once again, obviously this is not the fault of the boy who decided to kill himself but the fault of the online seller, since because…wait…oh yeah…because they are the only ones to that can express responsibility other than the parents themselves who fail to because someone else exists who can.

460. A lesbian 18 year old girl is selling her virginity on the internet in order to stay debt free from college which would otherwise put her 15K in the hole after graduating. The European response to this was that “it sets a bad example for others” while the American reaction was “this must be stopped, this is wrong.” Do you clearly see the difference? America, listen, you uptight sons of bitches. Relax and realize that individuals are able to do whatever they pleasure as long as it does not negatively affect others. This does not nor will it. The perspective that the Europeans took is much more adept which comes from a region that has existed for many more eons that America. Wisdom comes with age.

461. A person who is a pack rat is now identified with a compulsive disorder.

462. The police officer punched the teenager in the face while he was handcuffed and bent over the back of the squad car. The contention is that the teenager grabbed the policeman’s genitalia which made him react to that offensive behavior. He punched him in the face while he was handcuffed and bent over the back of the squad car. How can a jury not find fault in that at all? The initial forceful slamming of the teenager on the trunk was already excessive yet plausible, the rest was abundantly excessive, which was the charges brought to the court room. There are no abstracts to it. It was excessive force even when his fist was cocked back to fire again. The crime committed by the teenager was not even horrific enough to envelope an officer with rage.

463. A news report, which is bad enough, has reported that nipple sales were up 20 to 30 percent in the week after the Janet Jackson exposure at the Super Bowl halftime show. Are people that fickle?

464. Years after video screens have been added to dashboard devices inside of vehicles, a government funded study will research the dangers of video screens in vehicles. Years after. Not prior. After.

465. Religious consciousness, and the element created compassion, has created the necessity of forgiveness, a self emotional satisfaction, which has contorted idiosyncrasies into illnesses, alleviating fault. We forgive you for being a pyromaniac. We forgive you for being compulsive. We forgive you for whatever strains you and makes you believe that you are not accepted because that would satisfy our needs to feel good about helping others. You simply just don’t dwell with your own individual self controlled existence.

466. As a means of creating awareness of a new television program, some media sources has relayed the message of how lesbians are unaccepted in society when in fact a general portion of civilization, male and female, embrace the beauty of lesbianism. For their to be alliances only creates the perspective that something is misaligned.

467. The Los Angeles Times newspaper has now segregated their comic section into two, one featuring family friendly amusement, the other offering more risqué material such as Drabble. How many children are really reading Doonesbury? I remember skimming over the ones that were too mature and following the children orientated ones. And what harm comes from a child that becomes interested in the matters of satirical perspective of society today?

468. I fail to see the though process in this one. I recently read an obituary for a gentleman, that distinctively attempted to deny the means of death by listing, ‘peaceful sleep’ and ‘undetermined cause’ only to then print, ‘In place of flowers, please donate to the prostate cancer fund.’

469. An undecided or don’t know vote on a poll should be acknowledged as a don’t care, which translates into being in favor of what it is proposing. If they don’t care, then it does not matter to them whether or not the item exists or not.

470. A police department recently performed a raid on a higher achieving high school to find drugs and paraphernalia. On the video tape of the raid, the very first student thrown to the ground was a student wearing a ROTC uniform. After abusing and frightening the children, they managed to find, nothing. Not one thing. Not even a lead. Nothing. So what accomplishments come from this, hatred towards the police forces by all students in that school. Congratulations law enforcement on your constant achievements.

471. Discerning individual necessity and material over abundance can relieve necessity for financial social security, government or personally driven.

472. The United States has now reached a point where propositions legislate responsibility for previous mismanagement.

473. Everyone lately, due to the acceptance of Massachusetts to gay marriage, has been preaching about the sanctity of marriage in relations to legal documentation. Firstly, this voids out the connectivity between church and marriage, and secondly this disregards segregation between church and state. Why is it America’s inclination to impose their ideals on events that physically affect no one? More and more, as physical interruption is removed, argument is replaced by discretion against psychological interaction. Psychological existence has no basis of singularity so there is no applicable way to argue for or against.

474. Shaquille O’Neil was fined for cursing live on television while a broadcaster was asking him questions in the middle of a basketball game. How can someone be responsible for censoring a person performing an athletic sport and found in a difficult position, whether losing or angered by audiences’ actions, and expect to not received harsh commentary. These people who feel offended must have never experienced a fatiguing activity and not achieving your objective whilst doing so.

475. The femininity of the male species. Men who cover their heads when it is raining. Men who walk into salons and question styles.

476. Contemplation why the National Aeronautic and Space Association utilizes so much money to create one particular venture. N.A.S.A. employs eleven different locations in eleven different states to perform one task. Not efficient, and endorsed by the government as a means of financial diversity.

477. The state of California is proposing a half cent increase in sales tax. This would create an estimated 500 million dollars in a year. Our current sales tax is 8.25 percent. I ask you, where could this horrendous amount of state tax be disappearing too? A half penny equals 500 million.

478. What is the point in giving a branded identification card to an athletic club user is you are required to show identification that identifies that the other identification is actually you. Another thing about 24 Hour Fitness because they are by far the worst fitness club. The entire architectural design is assembled to allow for a view, not of the person working out but for those who are looking in. This is a means of marketing at the discomfort of the person working out. Even rooms utilized for yoga, a silent and peaceful activity that requires no distractions, is surrounded by windows for the entire gym to view. Another means of marketing at the cost of comfort to the user. Their locker room facilities are far from par and still somehow they accumulate wealth enough to build hundreds of more clubs nationwide without ever allocating means to the needs of the present clubs. I hate 24 Hour Fitness. I just wish it wasn’t the only 24 hour gym.

479. Officials covet the power they have earned, so much so that they will fight for it fiercely. This is the democracy of many countries. Unagreeable, unwavering, threatened, and threatening. Our leaders, cubby holed to preserve their niche. Is that a productive environment?

480. The government will not be held responsible for anything. Even when found without guilt, you are charged a fee for their time spent on falsely accusing you. If you are found innocent, they should be held responsible, found with guilt for their accusations, responsible for costs and time, and suffering, without question, without a $5 court fee.

481. Dr. Laura radio show features many callers that listeners obviously are deaf to. They call in praising Dr Laura’s views and beliefs and say that her beliefs are becoming their own. Is that conformity and worship not suspicious of at least anyone’s scrutiny?

482. My favorite new warning at a local eatery. ‘This facility has a time lock safe, a security camera, and possibly a close circuit broadcasting system.’ It gives such a sense of competition to see if there is in fact possibly such a device. I see this might promote not deter.

483. Vehicle emissions are frequently discerned towards green house gases and thus global warming. Consider this, all combustion engines run at a significant temperature. Now imagine millions upon millions of combustion engines and their swelled temperature running simultaneously as they do on this planet. This alone can calculate for many degrees of increase in temperature and weather alterations.

484. People who hold their hands while standing or walking are likely to be the least innocent, and should be given utmost attention.

485. At times, fast food is too fast, food tossed at you, money torn from your hands. Only to then be hypocritical and complain when a customer with several passengers is just now coming to a decision on their choice of beverage.

486. A democracy comes with various hypocritical terminologies. Democracy is defined as public rule. An indirect democracy is a republic in which others are elected to decide for the people and on their behalf. A direct democracy is when the people rule, and make decisions for themselves. Guess which one the United States is? Oh yeah and there are more terms to inform you redundantly. Popular sovereignty, the rule by the people, again.

487. Here is the greatest hypocritical passage of congressional rule that we simply allow to abide. Necessary and proper. The duty and responsibility of congress to define its own laws. Of course from this, the tenth amendment of the Constitution only allows for congress to define its own jurisdictions and laws within the merits of the Constitution. However, congress is the only collective of people who can change the Constitution which can alter the mannerisms in which the means of responsibility can adhere to. They can govern themselves without the contention of anything or anyone.

488. Since we are on the topic of terminology and their incompetent usage to in order to persuade differential thinking, the full faith and credit clause is regarding the allowances of contractual agreements from state to state. Are those words identified in that? Of course not. Yet certainty full faith is much more adaptable and huggable.

489. How can Christianity and Judaism align as friends? Completely argumentative creations. Is the United States alignment with Israel simply a means to spite a completely differential conception, being Islamic beliefs?

490. For a country so vividly against communism, why are such successful corporation attacked for being prolific in wealth and means. Attacked in ways that have made measures to break down these corporations into smaller, more equal segments to competitors. Microsoft, Pacific Bell, and many more who have been halted for their successes. We spite those who succeed, that is a factor of believing in communism.

491. As for the shame I have for American civilization, I have seen too many times, animals left in cars while the owner performs senseless tasks in regards to abandoning their animal in the vehicle. Going to the gym, hairdresser, grocery store. Is going home for the simple purpose of animal care, a creature regarded as more than a pet at times. Where are people’s concerns in life? They have no focus, no trend, no ideals to solidify passionately. Simply standing still upon the moving catwalk.

492. California has failed to learn a valuable lesson in that carpooling is something that has not worked for over thirty years now. Why are all ideals for the evolution of vehicle travel have to completely subside from technology and remain in cumbersome inefficient concern.

493. Who has gay marriage hurt? So many preach about sanctity and how gay marriage goes against it. There has never been more divorces in society than there is now between heterosexual couple. Heterosexual couples do not even hold faith in the sanctity marriage themselves, while gay and lesbian couples reach for the luxury of obtaining that sanctity legally. Adjoining two persons who are gay is not biologically fundamental, but emotionally, which is the very merits at which religion is guided by, it is the most idyllic. Who does this hurt? If you abide to the belief that this is sinful, then let them go to hell and stop preaching your fundamentals in your sanctimonious ways.

494. Former California governor Pete Wilson recently stated that officials should not violate the law even if they believe that it is wrong. Leaders are representative of the people, they chosen for their beliefs, and they are the ones who should stand up for their beliefs and the behalf of the people.

495. A new line of female tools are become popular among ladies for their stylish nature of broad bands of causal colors and smooth curves. Lighter, that makes complete sense. Styles, are we in need of feminist reactions to identify that woman are equal to men or are we simply going to pander to segregation. I mean come on. It is a damn hammer. A woman active in repairing is not going to admire a purple and black sleek, perfume smelling hammer.

496. I witnessed this on the Christian channel. ‘Faith is like a rope. When you hold on to it, it will support you. But not everything is like faith. This string will break under your weight.”

497. Residents have taken to securing their lawn ornaments with chain and lock. I can’t imagine what is more asinine. Fearing your lawn ornament is under surveillance for theft or the thieves themselves.

498. In a recent purchase of a firearm, a very nifty scheme was observed. Fees are applied to gun purchase, however where you place those fees are then determined on how they are taxed. Should you fee be applied to the subtotal, then you are paying taxes for fees. Clearly these fees should be applied after sales tax has been applied.

499. Jesus was no more than a prolific preacher who died with strength and assurity. People easily follow such leadership and would recognize such an event and to add the sacrifice that he made, it would stand as many others who are followed throughout history. But it is no more human than that. He took a wife. He bore fatherhood. He even follies in the bible recollection of him by referencing god as father, and lord. That creates the segregation of character. I will not deny his probably existence, but no more human than that in which is was seen and heard.

500. A tremendously strong guy can only bend a steel bar through faith, not at all because he is a giant buff human being who has spent hours per day lifting weights and taking performance enhancing drugs. Only faith. The character of religious television alters to suit who?

501. Why do weathermen and woman stand in front of exactly the location at which you are or reside at? Why are they even apparent on the screen during a weather forecasts. It consists of motion illustrations or numerals. Get off the damn screen and let me see where all the weather will be including where you ass is because I live under it. That sounded wrong.

502. The only persons permitted to be obese are retarded persons, because it is likely that they just don’t get it.

503. When campaigning for candidacy for leadership of your party, it is the time when you “believe” the least in the beliefs you once held. You are obligated to believe in what your party believes. When is the last time we have seen an individual individual?

504. Dr Laura again. She had said to a teen’s parents that it is their responsibility to make decisions for them regarding clothing. Actually it is the responsibility of the teen to experience the consequences for decisions made with adequate advisement of probable consequences. Parents are advisors, not slave owners.

505. People who utilize their windshield wipers, still at a high velocity, when shaded from the rain.

506. People wonder why people suffer from such insignificant demises. Well, when moron over there opens their car door, and walks around it towards the front with the door still wide open so that their path is much more distant into the street, then yes, people will continue to suffer from incompetent demises.

507. There are those who fail to realize when they drive that a straight line is not always the best means of travel. Only those who are lazy will find eventual truth in this and then of course be at a loss for why.

508. Most American’s say they travel because they wish to “get away from here to be somewhere nice.” Not different, but better. Yet all the effort designated to get away, can’t seemed to be applied to make that get away unnecessary by making somewhere nice, here.

509. America, please pick. You are going to more than likely have the immense luxury of having another tomorrow.

510. Heard on a radio news broadcast that was humorous. “A big crowd of homosexuals gathered in front of the city hall today.”

511. Thanks to the fickle means of people and coherently following anything that has been expressed through popular media, Polaroid has released a notice to please not shake you Polaroid picture regardless of the Outkast song’s colorful reference to it. Even when the package has it clearly labeled upon it for years and years now.

512. If you want a fine example of biased media, an Associated Press article’s first 91% of text identifies how few to no one can remember George W. Bush ever being at a National Guard base in the south. The last few words mentioned how this of course does not mean he was not there due to the overwhelming volume of people.

513. Most states will not allow sex toys to be sold under the label of sex toys. If not identified as novelty items, your business will face obscenity charges and fines.

514. Each casino carries a disclaimer on gambling. Such questions as have you ever gambled long than planned, or have you ever consider breaking the law to fund your gambling habit does not compare to the poignant question of have you ever been remorseful for your gambling losses. Yes, I believe everyone has. This question is the second to last question following suicidal thoughts, and unsuccessful attempts to stop.

515. For some reason, abiding to the popularity of being a former drug abuser, celebrities seem to now frolic in the remembrances of getting back from performances and hitting up, oh yeah, those were the days. How has it evolved from reflecting negatively as a national standard to casually creating the sense of appeal to younger days when everything was cool yet unsafe so but I have gotten older so I don’t do that anymore. It seems the ability to once again deny guilt or responsibility for idiotic choices are eluded.

516. The main issue related to the internet is the abundance of thus the difficulty of searching. The flaw, the abundance of persons who decide that starting an internet page featuring a biography of their insignificance and replace it with dialogue and photographs of their pets. Why are there so many website with stories about their cats. Why. I do not even state this as a question. Just why.

517. Recently, a New York city mayor was charged with criminal counts of violation of domestic relations law after wedding numerous homosexuals. This violation can obtain a five hundred dollar fine and imprisonment. A law which governs such variety as domestic violence, child abuse, visitation rights, oh yes, and the very important A07392 which in a very Americana way contradicts the very violation of it, the validation of marriage regardless of same sex. Good to see ‘vagueness’ illuminated so well during such conflicting time.

518. Who names their business UBS?

519. After allocating time to distinctly listen to politicians speak in public, it is clear that the ambiance of the party’s ideals already spoken for through major media outlets or implanted figureheads as well as the showcased environment during the speaking event, goes to mislay the actually ability of the politician. Taking away the grandeur, the spectacle, the true character then comes through and unfortunately this is revealed far after the success of victory. Our expectations are then set for future counterfeit displays of character.

520. With such recent issues and errors with electronic voting machines that are of overwhelming simplicity, how can students provide such trust in Scantron machinery that has been utilized for test taking for years to decipher intellect and future success.

521. Now campaign radio and television advertisements, as exampled by Rosario something or other, now are unable or advised against performing the task of representing themselves. All advertisements initiate with “I approve of this…message” or “…endorsement.” In Rosario’s campaign advertisement, her light feathery voice is then replaced with a deep raspy male voice to express her issues and emotional attachment to her beliefs in her issues.

522. Jesse Jackson, the brooding dialogue bean bag, expressed concern that the Bush Administration would not send troops to Haiti to stop the bloodshed. The same bag of crap was one of the few who thought this very same act of sending troops to stop the bloodshed was inappropriate in Iraq.

523. Professional as a title has lost any meaning. It now seems to apply to any activity that draws any attention to, regardless of quantity of the audience or exceptional unique ability to stand out from other or even there being an amateur level in existence of the same ‘profession.’ Water skier is not a profession nor will frequent water skiing will provide enough experience to simulate the ideal of professionalism.

524. With technology comes the innate ability to show how society is just that lazy to not acknowledge the very technological advances. Regardless that a digital camera will allow for the erasure and re-shot of numerous upon numerous upon numerous photographs, people will still insist on holding an aligned insignificant shot for minutes upon minutes until taking the shot, viewing it, and trying again, and again.

525. There are those who ask for change, those certain ones in poverty, who are seemingly afraid to be humble, not unable. The intimidation to ask for assistance is overwhelming to their psyche and creates the inability to provide for themselves.

526. We are dismayed when we see ourselves in others. What does this say about ourselves?

527. Ability will not bring fame. Ability will create power that will beget fame.

528. Regardless that it says it clearly on the agreement, if you do not cancel prior to the deadline, your credit card will be charged again, and again until it is cancelled. You cannot expect that your thoughts and or lack of use will simply allow for this cancellation to be acknowledged. You have an obligation you lazy unorganized irresponsible piece of crap.

529. A teacher recently said in passing that if the student were to jump out the window he would likely sustain an injury, and he would be willing to bet twenty dollars on it. The student, with his intellect worn ever so proudly, jumped from the window and landed safely below to then request the twenty dollars. First sadness, other students swiftly spread word enough for officials to take notice. The most frivolous shame is that for the actions of the ignorant student, the teacher was disciplined for his inability to control his pupils. I can’t imagine the pink slips that were handed out at Columbine High School.

530. Protesters are currently standing for the rights of women to go topless wherever a man may go topless. I endorse this principle for the ideal that it can create a more symbiotic relationship between man and woman rather than creating that stigma of curiosity from coverings. Casualty will create compatibility. Look to examples of aboriginal tribes. The only flaw of this protest, the protesters are using the ideal that it is a ‘biker tradition’ to expose yourself. Sigh.

531. Obesity has now earned another tax deduction. For dramatic surgical weight loss, you are able to utilize a tax deduction on any medial procedure. So, as a tub of lard, you earn a tax deduction. You choose to surgically remove your tub of lard then writing it off as a tax deduction. Now skinny, you no longer have either means to exploit those previous tax deductions. Seems like being obese would then have a more profitable existence which would not likely introduce any driven behavior.

532. How can government create laws into the constitution that are of emotional integrity? Freedom of speech is a right of expression. Not only emotion. The right to bear arms. Hardly vivid emotional discretion. As you delve further into the constitution of the United States of America, you will clearly see the evolution of emotional guidance towards amendments and laws which removes the rational biological intellect and allows for the flaw of humanity’s perspectives. Most homosexual marriages are based on emotional perspective and cannot be governed over in a non emotional based contract. You can void out financial interaction, but cannot fault religious and emotional properties of marriage between two persons.

533. This is how there is a loss control. A corporation is an entity to itself. For it to exist it must obtain and operate on all the fundamentals that a human being must including the very individual interactions with others.

534. God or biological evolution did a fantastic job. You cannot reach the middle of your back, well those who are of average structure, which is a location that frequently itches. People come together to reach those distances.

535. As officials often relate to, there is never merit for compromise even when the situation is non-conflicting with the basic fundamentals of existence. Gay marriage cannot find compromise with anyone who is concerned with it. The government could simply embrace a non-financial agreement, perhaps even refining the means of recognition, but no. Nothing. Not willing to allow for the variation of biological society. It simply goes against their religious fundamentals so it must be forged against their governmental ideals. Separation of nothing and nothing.

536. There is a R rating for the film, ‘The Passion of The Christ.’ Why would there be media stories on whether or not children should see this film? It is rated R. That defines that children shouldn’t see it. Where is the question in that?

537. I hated when The Simpsons decided to become a cartoon.

538. It is good to learn that Iraq is adapting American laziness already. During construction of a new constitution which would allocate the coming government body, moments prior to signing the constitution into law, a few found fault in the final wording and decided to halt signing until a new agreement could be reached. Of course such a prolific country wide event cannot outstand the necessity to take the weekend off. They are moments from signing, and they take the weekend off to which on their return on Monday, they found moments to agree to a new contract and signed it into law. An action that could have been enacted, Saturday.

539. Paxcil CR, a new drug taken to relieve anxiety and allow for a more uninhibited personality, which alone is asinine for those to take pills to find appreciation in life, but one of the probable side effects is sexual dysfunction. The first hypocritical drug.

540. In the very laxative expunging of media outlets wanting to maintain stances of new stories, in order for local news stations to stay atop of the Martha Stewart story when nothing has happened since the day prior of her conviction, they decided to talk to her neighbors. You know, those people who are significantly engulfed in the matters another neighbor’s criminal perspectives. By the way, Free Martha.

541. With new restrictions guiding marriage and even the proposed amendments to constitutions, I see a new provision being placed just in case of this scenario occurring. Honeydew cantaloupe grape. Mmmh hmm. Get it?

542. A new police memorial was dedicated in Los Angeles that constructed of a large granite mount with small plaques of the fallen officer. As an odd means of allowances, there was plenty of space for many more plaques to be placed on the mound. What does this imply?

543. The trivial click of holding down the mouse button while you assure yourself of the selection.

544. Heard as a television news advertisement for the coming news program, “In the marathon today, it was the first time a woman crossed the finish line first. Learn how she did it.” I have a novel idea of how she did it, she ran. When the story was read during the news broadcast, they were even unable to say her Ukrainian name let alone not speaking anything to how she did it. I assume then it was running.

545. People seem to frequently complain that Rush Limbaugh never goes against the republican grain. At no time have I ever heard him say he was unbiased. In fact, on frequent occasions he contently acknowledges his conservative stance and siding.

546. My attempt to prove religion wrong. An example: a particular living human weighs 65 kilograms. Instantaneously that person kneels down and dies. The corpse weighs still exactly 65 kilograms minus the volume of air, which has weight. If a spirit or soul were to leave, I can imagine that the weight of the subject would later other than the volume of fluids and gases. Well, sure it is not a valid attempt but is it more that most are willing to articulate.

547. The greatest folly of man is missing the true message of Jesus Christ and others who have chosen to lead, chosen to open our eyes to new ideals. Ideals that belief is of ourselves, not to be followed but to be enacted. Chosen to sacrifice for that ability to teach, to believe, to be persecuted for it, which such actions will stand the tallest and proudest as proof of the ability to believe in those principles – till the end. Jesus was no more than human. The time shared by him and his teachings was prolific. There forever will be a Shepard and his flock, which is human nature and human failure. Jesus Christ was a preacher with new ideals that strained the ownership of the churches. That is why he died. To prove what is worth in the value of standing for your individual ethics. People easily follow such strength as example. When this happened, as he stood against the powers that be, he was held with such regard, that his image became iconic. The title of the film ‘The Passion of The Christ’ could not be more accurate to the event. It was his passion to stand for his beliefs. It was this passion that drove believers.

548. Why do employees give gifts to employers, thanking them for their employment? It is simply the returning of the income that the employer has paid for your services rendered. You are thus donating free time aside from all the other free time you more than likely have already exhausted coming and going from your employment location. Thanks for the money but no thanks, I am struggling through life to survive off of a few bucks for the shear pleasure of knowing I am helping you earn an income many times larger than mine. Idiots.

549. In the United States of America last year, over 200,000 cousins were legally married. Some states require that marrying cousins must sign a waiver agreeing to not procreate.

550. Sometimes to recognize how stupid novel things are today, we must look at its beginning. Imagine back now, thousands of years, to the first person to ask another person for an autograph simply for the merits of keeping it for personal value. Do you suppose others asked Jesus for his autograph? I guarantee it. How shameful is that? Jesus, I think you’re great and I was wondering, would you sign my pig.

551. Another example of liberal media discretion. John Kerry, democratic candidate for president, recently began embracing his Jewish roots and his actual Jewish existence, aside from his catholic upbringing. Now in a time of hostility with the Islamic people, how can people seemingly ignore that a Jewish person would like to run the United States while trying to provoke positive communications in Muslim nations. Is this contention brought up in conversation with media sources? No.

552. Odd, I can become intoxicated with spinning in my chair quite a few times where as others require complete loss of control for fees amounting to hundreds of dollars. Of course you realize that now people will likely create inner circle drug rings that make customers pay for spinning in a sophisticated chair.

553. I can not stand to see one more commercial of a woman seduced by being given a diamond. Nearly vomiting for civilization.

554. Americans frequently bitch and moan about going to “unnecessary” wars the while finding that electing war or military heroes is a much wiser choice for leadership. Hypocrisy. I wrote that word in case you are one of those voters.

555. Ugly people are ugly, no matter what their color.

556. If you have demised to require many bottles of prescription drugs to simply survive, nature has removed necessity of you.

557. Spain recently suffered from numerous attacks on their rail systems, killing over 200. In America, security was escalated on the rail systems. The government began prompting adding stricter security measures for passengers. A lady interview said, “…they should inspect the trains before passengers get on. Why make the people have to suffer through security?” She points out something very important we should all watch out for. Terrorist trains. They are completely unsuspecting being inanimate objects, but don’t let that fool you.

558. It seems completely inappropriate for an on duty police officer to take his tax paid vehicle with tax paid gasoline to his home to just stop in for a few minutes or even for lunch. That vehicle is not your personal transportation.

559. Nearly 1 in 4 Spanish persons protested the recent bombings in Madrid perpetrated by Al Qaeda. Protesting who? It was not a rally, nor a memorial, but a protest. Against violence. That is like protesting the biological function of breathing. Protesting regardless is completely off basis of the whole character of revival from a terrorist event. You intentions should be motivated to strength and hatred towards those who attacked, not protesting the whole genre of violence. Violence is a firm character of science. The entire universe was created through violence. We have sunlight because of tremendous violence.

560. Happiness is an illusion. Most perceive happiness as the base emotion for humanity. As events occur, emotion is driven from this base happiness. Meaning when nothing is wrong, you are conceivably happy. This is invalid. Biological contentment is a non emotional state. Happiness is derived from your ability to perceive as you will. Thus, happiness is just an illusion to quote a talented musician.

561. An illegal street race was broken up by the local sheriffs department. The racers were not cited however they were cautioned about the laws governing illegal street racing. The children in their soapboxes where depressed that new laws regarding street racing now governed over their fifth annual soapbox derby.

562. The Signal newspaper of Santa Clarita, once again managed to compete with itself on stupidity and is a consist winner. Former mayor and current council member was written about aside a huge photograph of the very gentleman with the main title “…city councilwoman.”

563. Emotion would not look so admirable when you realized that prestige must be catered to.

564. In the means of media attempting to place us in awe, the news reports following the Madrid terrorist attacks was identified as ‘the worst attack in Spanish history.” I can’t imagine that with thousands of years of wars and hostility in the European region that a couple of trains taking a few demolitions and two hundred deaths is nearly comparable to wars taking millions of lives, besides the fact of ruthless rulers who governed the regions. No, of course not, worst ever.

565. Congress is more of a unification of everyone’s choices than the election of the president. This is why congress is the ruling body and should have been the observance that eliminates the ideology of the role of the president. He is an ambassador, nothing more.

566. People revere people who can recall the past with such diligent accuracy. It is those who remember it is the past and look forward that are ignored or spited.

567. Film producers who decipher and cater to the flavors of the audience’s discretions, had come to the conclusion that during a period of time that these particular stars were not only favored but admired for their acting abilities: Hilary Duff, Ashton Kutchner, Sean William Scott, The Rock, Sean Penn, Ben Affleck, Elijah Wood, and Owen Wilson. The while, such stars who are a multitude of higher talent are shunned. This perfectly examples the lack of authenticity of perception by the American public.

568. Tax breaks promote the overpopulation of the Earth and constitute the action of killing everyone world wide. Where have we been deceived that a universal flat tax rate is not the least discriminatory? There should not be claims to your marital, medial, or another disability that you have created. An even tax percentage to an earned income would help promote regularity of financial structure. If you decide to have six kids and more due to the alleviation of taxes, you can see how this is manipulated. Tax should be claimed as an individual only.

569. September 11th, 2001 did not change what the view of the world was. September 11th, 2001 opened people’s eyes to what the world is.

570. In such brilliant media manipulations, the image is of a child being held by its mother, the narration, “…a new baby calls out to his murdered father.” What kind of indecency is that? Who out there and why would you believe that a new born baby is calling out to its murdered father.

571. I would much rather see John Kerry achieve the roll of president this year so that he may follow through on the campaigning for removing troops from countries that require assistance. What? It won’t happen. Why is that? These soldiers are assisting others?

572. American life is about shovels.

573. I am declaring now the projection that in the year 2042 we will see the first female elected president of the United States of America based on the observations made throughout current and the recent previous years of elected student councils and student perceptions to elect these roles.

574. People will frequently guffaw at such analogies as a deer caught in headlights. Have you ever sat at an intersection and watched all the faces of those staring at the traffic lights, then duplicate that by a couple million worth of intersections.

575. Intelligent persons are the most adept at impersonating dim-witted persons because they are aware.

576. After some research on my behalf, there is a clear biological correlation between large noses and higher metabolisms. Essentially the genetic make up fabricates the requirement of an increased level of oxygenation leading to larger ports of entry to accommodate the increased rate of fuel consumption.

577. It is more secure to ask for a ride from a stranger than to take a ride offered from a stranger. Genuinely think about that.

578. Women frequently complain about the dynamics of some feminine products with retorts such as “these must have been designed by a man.” I impose that the urinal was in fact created by a woman but ignorantly embraced by men. Who would design a surface area to urinate against directly, standing only inches away, assuring splash back. Why would men be as so idiotic as to agree to this design? If you were in an alley, you would not stand inches from the wall and piss directly at it.

579. Why is there requesting of the requirement of fault for the September 11, 2001 event in New York. I can save the American people millions of wasted tax dollars by relieving these men and woman of their duties and answer this question. Al Qaeda did it, who by the way are likely laughing at the way we are currently attempting to place blame upon ourselves for such a simplistic strategy. They took over planes with box cutters and collided them into buildings. We have resolved this with increased security measures. Explain to me the measures that will incur from reprimanding an administration. It is their responsibility to discover what they can but to predict ever such event by mislaid precursors is completely asinine.

580. Why do people accelerate right at the peak of a downward slope of a hill and for those few brief moments to achieve the speed limit promptly? Speed limit, not requirement, and believe me, you will likely reach it and surpass it. Get off the damn gas!

581. This was in reply to my complaint saying that the gardeners ruined the brick walkway I had just put in the day before by pushing their lawnmower over it. The reply, “Why were they mowing the bricks?” This is my employer. And he ponders to his lack of success.

582. Claiming it is costly to your business via time to discuss matters with a customer service agent regarding non business matters during your business’ hours. If customer service agents had veracity they would likely retort, do this on your own damn time.

583. The fact the software designers who create voice activated machinery have taken into account people saying “oh” instead of the actual word for “zero”.

584. Why do employers think they are doing you a favor when they give you your check a few days early regardless that the dating on the check is still the regular pay date? It is your money, how naive are we to just ponder at it when we can’t even cash it then.

585. The less imperative a person is, the longer their dribble ridden voice message on your answer machine will be.

586. A true intellect challenges themselves when responding to the now common reply of ‘huh’ by using a different tact or conformity of the language to reiterate their same comment or question.

587. Most of the public embrace and inspire to live their lives similar to their favorite television characters who by the way, are not commonly consumed with a half hour or hour to watch television and aspire. I will take note that some shows do. But not nearly as frequently as it might take to fully consume the chronicle of the characters in order to create the aspirations in the first place.

588. Americans have become so misplaced in demeanor that now things are commonly wrought upon themselves. Your angst with customer service personal for services you had required then later wished to terminate, by responding with long subjective answers to questions of why you would wish to terminate the service you had once required, will only create more conjecture than a simple and extremely pure, no thank you. Nope, not an American today. Suddenly the customer service representative is creating an onslaught of marketing tactics to fool you from your tasks. Stealing your life. Oh, I am sorry, that part is another year or two away. A lawsuit filed on the grounds of stealing away life whilst in pursuit of tasks because the customer service representative failed to perform the innate ability of telepathy.

589. A man coming out of his home witnessed two men stealing his vehicle and proceeded to shoot both of them, killing one. The man was arrested for first degree murder after a district attorney claimed that this act of criminality did not provoke a violent response. Then exactly what does law enforcement do when they ready their weapons to car thieves. The innocents are no longer even permitted to defend themselves and criminal actions are safeguarded by laws.

590. State borders, note state borders within the continental United States, that abruptly change speed limits. What purpose does this impose? Why in fact do open highways maintain a speed limit that is usually only a few miles per hour faster than city limits? Stretches of highway will be void of life and services and you are subject to governing bodies of velocity and then of course crossing those state lines, please slow down or in fact speed up.

591. Another roadside malignancy are the signs that politely inform you that the next services available is this many miles away, usually a large quantity, after you have passed the last exit before these next services. What department actually spent tax dollars to agree to this placement?

592. Easter is placed on a Sunday, and usually government provides no variations of weekdays to carry as a federal holiday. How ironic that presidents and Christopher Columbus won’t dare bring us to the workplace and simple adjustments are made to assure a long weekend, but Jesus doesn’t want us to remove ourselves from such activities. Yes, I am aware that Jesus isn’t in charge, congress is, and for a country so beguiled by religion, you would think effort would have been ushered, which to me would as well be misplaced effort. Christopher Columbus did not even discover or name North America.

593. If a business calls your business for reference for a candidate for employment, you can be held liable for slanderous comments, regardless if that employee was the worst employee you have ever hired. I beg of you, those who constantly claim freedoms, freedoms of speech and thought, to argue upon this as still proof of your freedoms.

594. A fine lack of consideration by the American public is to now develop such girth driven luggage and place wheels underneath in order to ease the use of the customer. Regardless of the fact that no one takes into account the barrage of transportation employees who are unable to utilize the luxury of using your wheeled luggage to store it away for your travels. Pack light you melodramatic nation.

595. As the public becomes fatter, the heavier luggage becomes, the more worker’s comp claims. The lost of wealth, the closing of businesses. Just another fair exchange of the fact that if your fat ass can’t carry it, you don’t need it and you need to not travel to some exotic locale but to the gym.

596. During battles of war, news media channels now provide a military analyst and the most ridiculous person during a war, a political analyst. What details can a hair brain likely former or current politician provide about the logistics of war death? “Oh that high count for today is going to hurt the president’s chances of reelection.” Is that the kind of dribble you like to hear to properly gauge the world?

597. One of the most beautiful sights is aboard a plane, right above a thick white cloud cover, during sunset, with the stars above, and city lights breaking through patches of clearing below. All of this, biologically never for us to see. God had not even levied this ability, yet only to animals we cannot duplicate without the noise and entrapment. And skydiving is not even close to comparison of duplicating the biological function and silence of a bird.

598. Capitalism provides the opportunity of choice. That segregation of terms discards the truth that choice is deciphered by dictatorship like relationships to the public. In order to succeed, you must fend off and manipulate ideals.

599. Why do people close their airplane window shades at night?

600. The fear of looking is often a friend of focus.

601. Another example of unseen, denied, yet an extremely genetic psychological perpetuation of racism is the fact that most look at a lady bug and would not fear it for the gentle colors it displays, however simply turn those reds and oranges into complete dark and black colors, and suddenly fear reaction is incurred. We have a genetic disposition to acknowledge differences, embrace that and move on from the fact that we need to then psychologically segregate these differences. With knowledge comes that ability to recognize and gauge our reactions.

602. At 35,000 feet, you can truly realize how little the human race encompasses on this planet as population but simply can find concern when you recognize how much we are removing to compensate for so little.

603. A very clever yet revolting tactic that can be seen from 20,000 feet is how logging industries will remove flora and fauna from a few acres of land at a time in scattered and distant variations in order to deceive the quantity of devastation actually being perpetrated.

604. Even with elaborate and stringent airport security, you can still see the scrutiny on people’s faces of others. I like that.

605. Some meatballs decided that their efforts needed to be compiled into an organization called The World Sailing Speed Record Council. Why exactly does their need to be more than two persons to agree that someone accomplished this task for useless nature? How pretentious can you make yourself look at one time?

606. Why should we be so broken hearted towards these family members that lost family members in the events on September 11th, 2001? They suffered minor grievances, not their own lives, even earned a significant coverage from our tax dollars for life. Thousands die monthly, murdered. To make non profit organization funded by persons who feel sorry for them is more of an act of political conjecture and self beguiled and not the actions of those who structure lives around success. Life is war and no one is invincible. These groupings, and crying about it defies the very weakness you claim to stand against.

607. Another example of the collapse of this nation for its failure to adapt to current society and preach about the foundation which was carved generations ago. North Carolina has a stature that is still enforced from 1805 that requires that unwed parents much either marry or remove their children from their care.

608. Your allowance of freedom with boundaries.

609. A 40 year old woman was acquitted after being found insane when she murdered her two sons by bludgeoning them with rocks “for god” because she appeared to be incoherent when she committed the act. Instead of a life term in prison for her actions, which are what is held accountable during murder trials, she will have an opportunity to accomplish psychological probation and return to society. Where what, she can go insane again. What the hell is wrong with this society? How can she be cared for? She took rocks and bashed then against her 14 month old son until his brains splattered across the sheets his crib, that very action is insane whether you are doing it for god or for amusement.

610. It is not an accomplishment to lose weight when your fat ass put it on in the first place. It is not an accomplishment to cease using cigarettes or drugs because you were the one who started using them in the first place. How can you consider the reversal of a failure an accomplishment?

611. Religion has always been about control. Religion mandates their perspective laws of nature which you must abide to. That is control not existence.

612. People who drone on while leaving a telephone message then increase their momentum only when finishing with the ‘thanks’ and ‘good bye’.

613. Religious idiocy and a fine example of the entirety of religions self interpretation thus fallacy. There are those that take note that when the words ‘angel’ and ‘ordered’ are placed together in bible passages that it is actually defined as god’s words due to angeLORDered.

614. Can a game of chance predict the actions of a game of chance?

615. Another prolific moment spoken from a news reporter. After speaking about a 5 year old girl who fell into a spa and drowned, he added that the sad thing is the child would have been 6 years old on April 29th. The date of the death was April 12th, a full and very expansive and unemotional 17 days away.

616. Another moment of brilliance from my employer, ver batim: “I can type the word ‘impracticable’ but it won’t let me type the word ‘inparticular’.”

617. Who the hell decided that the English language needed to dismiss some letters when conjoining two, and amplify…never mind, my point is that some jack ass decided that when the word ‘care’ and ‘full’ come together that in order to properly define your grammatical intention, you have to remove an ‘L’. Carefull is much more clear, you are full of care, not ful of care. Just when I want to preach about efficiency and some stupid syntax event like this comes up.

618. This is one of those many things to make a pile so high and moist. The Disability Rights Commission found that 80% of internet websites are difficult for disabled persons and are ushering the ideal that this is discrimination. I would think they should at least consult with the Council for Disabled Persons on the lack of a non-hand required mouse and keyboard. And how sad is that, the only reason disabled persons are going to enjoy the luxury of software tailored towards them is because of a semi-normal person’s laziness. C’mon, disabled persons feel discriminated by website usage? Have we lost our minds?

619. All bible passages were written in a range of 30 to 100,000,000 of years after the events told and not by anyone who was actually a participant in the event. Books of apostles are not even written by the apostles or of persons who knew the apostle or even Jesus. All books written about Jesus were written by unaffiliated third parties 30 and up to 70 years after his death.

620. Of course this doesn’t even include the over dozen books not even accepted into the Old and New Testaments. Such books that were detailed on the Dead Sea Scrolls by monks who felt that the religious churches ideals of what was acceptable for the public to read from their bible was unacceptable. And one such book accepted by scholars even contradicts the whole bible by giving another version of the end times.

621. In society today, we would be seen as foolish as to suggest that such prolific leaders of ideals, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mohammad, Adolf Hitler, all had mystical powers as Jesus did. Jesus was a preacher, an artistic orator that created that illusion for people the generations to follow.

622. Matt Groening, who created The Simpsons, but was not responsible for making it funny, is going to be a bigger ass than I have ever imagined. On an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, he will be a guest voice as a character of himself doing something (and I speak from experience) that he fails miserably at, signing autographs.

623. Who designed the bathroom sink we find so common today? Because he or she is an idiot. Why would we want the faucet to be placed so close to the back rim of the sink basin, and have a large frontal slope that exceeds the splash of a full surge of water from the faucet so that anything, which is everything, is not easily washed down the drain.

624. A man recently rode a bicycle from New York to California in support of the soldiers currently in Iraq. His comments after the trip were, “do everything we can for the troops.” Yeah, like ride a bicycle. That will show our troops that not only do we care, but what they are fighting for. The freedom to ride a bicycle. God bless America.

625. Contributions are made by middle aged adults, not child geniuses. In fact, where are those ten year old spelling wizards now? Haven’t heard of a one significantly contributing to the state of society. To take time out of our lives to boast that your child has an increased ability to comprehend, feel free to actually utilize this in means of creation rather than exploitation as a spectacle.

626. My research has shown that visually impaired people will more likely suffer from radiation poisoning from computer monitors and televisions. Where is my research pork barrel grant?

627. The city of Santa Clarita, much like many others during a city council election precisely shows the indiscrete lack of attention to events by the American public, thus the American public, the voter, should shut up when they feel that they should express an opinion after they had an opportunity to alter events. Only 13.7 percent of the eligible voters cast ballots on a recent city election. Of that percentage, the winner was elected to office with 39.9 percent of the total votes counted. Out of 300,000 persons currently living in Santa Clarita, a council members was elected by 4000 persons. For the people, by the people, who are paying attention.

628. A mentality of hatred for America not accepted by American society is the quite realistic instinct that everyone embraces in every society. An underdog desires to become victorious over their rival as display of dominance. Why do you climb the mountain, because it is there. This thrives in every person in every community. To defeat America is a challenge, hatred does not have to be a necessity in this effort.

629. Vehicle advertisements frequently parade information about the abundance velocity that the vehicle will travel as a sale point as well as the main feature of the design of the vehicle by the manufacturer. Last I saw, in community driving, no one was even violating the speed by more than ten to twenty miles per hour. On the open road where there are large traverses of miles between service stations, I see no one utilizing 300 horse power to exceed the speed limit more than to 90 to 100 miles per hour. I certainly know that Joe Noone on Wilshire Boulevard in his Ferrari finds more time on the brake pedal rather than the gas pedal. Seems like focusing on this governed limit should redirect focus on other means of sport in your vehicle. Oh and speak of the devil, the television screen.

630. Dru Sojdin’s body was recently found after months of searching. A month ago, a man was arrested after authorities found blood matching that of Dru’s on his properties. A day plus after finding her body, the district attorney believes it is too early to file murder charges against this man regardless that they already filed kidnapping charges against him.

631. Lumber companies uniform the debate that the forests require human assistance in “managing” the growth by clear cutting in order to promote prosperous healthy forests. Only a few thousand dollar bills after that statement could possibly be the reason a person (who knows, a politician perhaps) would be inclined to agree. That must have been the was caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, lack of forest management.

632. Once again I revel in the fact that I claim as many dependents as possible in order to save my money from such disasters. The United States government spent nearly 10,000 dollars to unveil one 50 dollar bill.

633. To hear from an array of persons regarding that Iraqis hate Americans because we frequently see small riots would then dictate that New York Yankees fans as well hate Americans.

634. Sleep aids are abundant in American society today. These tools were invented for and cater to the lack of productivity and laziness. A normal active person, one who is employed and perhaps exercises for their health, is always exhausted at the end of their day and more than likely are objected to how much sleep they do in fact acquire. Those who are not active do not require as much sleep and usually stray from patterns of sleep thus they take upon the necessity of sleeping aids. Another fat drunken lazy pill as 99% percent of the market caters to. Ask a genuinely healthy person what kind of medication they take.

635. So many businesses hype their existence as some means of displaying their values. I can assure you that the creator of Ralph’s Grocery Store did not envision price gouging during climatic events, striking employees propagated by enormous misled unions, and executives only participating in the structure of their stores when it comes time to let people go. The 1800’s are just a little different than the 2000’s so please feel free to see us not even care anyways. You shouldn’t promote age when the goal of your store is to avoid expiration dates and stay “fresh”.

636. Marches seem mindlessly created throughout America. Recently a march for “peace” was walked through Los Angeles to bring attention to “violence”. It is a little vague. Protests only work when they are tailored to the precise decision. What are we suppose to contemplate from this protest. “You know what, you’re right. There is violence and a need for peace. I will get on that.” Then you can just hear their words, “that’s all we ask.”

637. To me, in passing thought, it seems like the design of the underwear thong, besides being very seductive, was created by a quitter. Either your underwear rides up there or you simply put it all in there from the beginning.

638. I feel like I should point out the ways we are so simply deceived and abide to these psychologies without question. Do you realize that straw manufacturers actually can deceive you by the volume a straw will allow through a given space. The smaller the straw diameter, the greater the work done, the larger the quantity you believe you are drinking.

639. As if homosexuals didn’t already promote themselves in abstract ways, a metropolitan community church promotion homosexuality form the bible entitled their latest sermon, “Opening doors in ancient closets.” I don’t know that puns actually make a strong viable stance for religion excepting homosexuality.

640. People are stupid. We all know this. A great example of how we can see who is a little more stupid than others. It seems that most persons coming out of a store front to cross a parking lot roadway will look to their right first.

641. Another fine example of how my employer is the most stupid of these people. He recently used a dolly for a storage box that had built in wheels.

642. Customers in a fast food establishment who are asked for what they would like to drink. The customer turns to his side to look directly at the self serve soda fountain, then returns the answer, “I will have a Pepsi.” Not only did you not answer the question, you added to it with a stupid remark. When I managed to not withhold a ‘tsk’ noise, they look at me like I am an idiot.

643. Why do teenagers now seem to drink sophisticated coffees? I recently saw a thirteen year old boy drink a cappuccino with espresso. First, what the hell is wrong with the parents and second, what does that thirteen year old need to be overly coherent for? He has fallen behind on his garbage fort in the backyard so he needs a quick pick me up to get back on track in time for the upcoming July 4th party featuring such guests as Celine Dion and Luchano Pavarotti. If anything, with the way children act freely without parental punishment these days, the kid needs to be injected with a few sedatives as a daily vitamin.

644. Los Angeles smog has been so thick lately that it can allow for sun visors in vehicles to be optional.

645. Americans being wasteful. No matter the quantity of the remains of a person after death, even if there are none, people will bury full size coffins as a means of consoling themselves.

646. Recently during a “holocaust memorial day” event. A children’s choir group sang a song with the main lyrics “we remember.” If you don’t see the oddity of this. They are American children, singing about placing remembrance to the holocaust in Europe.

647. A university in Alabama organized an apology to their history of acceptance of slavery over 140 years ago. A council had to spend several hours after days of filing to approve the giving of the apology. Redundancy is the velocity at which anything is done.

648. Many see the struggles of an immigrant attempting to get into America as heroic or even at the least passionate to their survival. Wrong. These people are running away from a country that suffers because there are not enough people who are heroes. People willing to fight within their own borders for a better future. Immigrants are cowards.

649. Who the hell thought that advertising on the side of roadways was a brilliant idea? It is bad enough that the actual task of driving takes many minute variations of visual acuity, most of which people avoid in detail for what reason I can’t figure out considering their life is on the line, but to add complex depictions at near 45 to 90 degree angles away from their required line of sight is insane. Removing all billboards should be the first task all motor vehicle safety boards should promote. Burn them all down. And the complexity seems to be getting worse on billboard advertisement. Now you have to either stare at it for the electronic sign to change, or perhaps there is a riddle, or a visual deception that you must double take in order to properly perceive. What are we stupid? Please read observations 1 through 648 to answer that.

650. How is it that it never dawns upon those who listen to hardcore metal, ska, punk rock, or other distinctive stereotyped rebel music that those who are tremendously successful listen to softer and more clearly understood music?

651. An outspoken journalist who has researched the genocides worldwide over the last few decades has written a book in regards to the United States’ discretions during such genocides. In regards to Iraq, she believes that in 1988 when Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds, this would have been a valid reasoning to invade Iraq, however it is not applicable in 2003. So essentially, the validation she must be claiming is that Saddam Hussein became educated to his own atrocities thus disqualifying him for retribution for his actions. Is this insane? Looked upon on the world stage as villainous no matter when you interject your morally driven contributions, it is difficult to follow upon such actions even when genocide is being committed. Entering another country is considered an invasion to one or many different opposing factions, to do so takes a great deal of intent and security. Entering Iraq in 1988 would have been a disastrous attempt. It was only when those countries that found United States interaction repulsive, as necessary, is when the door was opened for such actions to occur and for retribution to be applied. It is the very essence that Saddam Hussein did not ascertain knowledge of his inhumane actions for the invasion by the United States and numerous others countries.

652. Orca whales have begun to compensate for the abundance of boat noise by increasing the decibels of their calls. Even nature agrees to acquiesce to the obtuse actions of humanity however human society will cry holy murder when acres of forest are protected for various species of endangered animals. Complaining about job loss, starvation, death, because of singular ideals they carry that the only means of survival was to cripple nature, our very means of existence.

653. Luxurious vehicles are more likely to cut you off. The sheer arrogance of the higher end purchaser should require an extra measure testing in order to purchase a higher end model. A class X license for those arrogant bastards.

654. The one handicap expressed through an audience to a musician who sings is their expectation of singing.

655. How sad is this ideal. At no time is there ever telephonic silence. Sure there is always business, emergency, or other significant calls being performed, yet at no time is there never one jackass talking about absolutely nothing of societal value. Just mindless uninventive chatter or that idiocized silence from a pending thought.

656. A recent report claims that children who breast feed are less likely to succumb to disease in their first year. I can’t imagine what ideal is more idiotic. The idea that common sense was not coherent to understand that biological nature is a more valid tactic for infancy or that researchers actually poised a following of breast feeding and non-breast feeding children to see their expiration dates.

657. Various persons see the recent abuse of Iraqi soldiers by United States soldiers as a side of effect of the increased adrenaline during war time conflict. Firstly, these prisoners had already been captured and were clearly withheld in a cell by soldiers on guard, not on retrieval. This identifies it as an amusement, which the pictures clearly define. Another means that people combat the action is by defining how the enemy treated United States soldiers, which is a very nice contradiction to the ideals of morally driven intent of liberating a society from anguish. One of these soldiers claimed a lack of knowledge about the Geneva Convention. It is called human decency. One does not take another soldier, a person who fought for what they believed in, and perform sexual desecrations upon. This is not something that would have accepted in the United States, so why would we simply pass it off when it is placed within another country.

658. My addition to the list of wastefulness by society. Window shudders that are nails open for decoration thus nullifying its use.

659. In a park, a person will pick up dog fecal matter with a plastic bag, tie it, sealing it, and placing it within a refuse bin. This is a requirement by city statute. This action is a complete contradiction to the means of getting rid of it. Waste by products decomposes by natural means using various bacteria, molds, and species of insects to create a fertilizer. By sealing it within a plastic bag, you have nearly eliminated this process. Congratulations America on blowing it on even getting rid of shit.

660. How can “They Live” with Rowdy Roddy Piper and Billy Blanks still be shown on cable television as part of prime time programming? Who the hell is watching this film for the tenth time and should this person be looked after?

661. You know what pissed me, and for once I can’t really explain why? Big groups of bicyclists dressed in their overly colorful mock sponsored spandex outfits and helmets clustered together on a Sunday morning not racing nor competing for anything or in any defined directional purpose of travel. I understand they are likely in training or performing exercise which I embrace fully, however it still pisses me off.

662. A Canadian study has shown that, and please read this closely; fat kids are more likely to either be a bully or a victim of a bully. What the hell kind of study is that? Sure I can complain about the funding that tax payers probably willfully threw in their direction for such a study but rather I am upset to the ideal that the answer was both answers. You either are a bully or you aren’t. What kind of god damn answer is that? No wonder science is so easily disputed against by religion. Most scientists look like idiots. Imagine the conclusion session on that meeting. “So we agree, obese children are more likely to be a bully.” “Yes, but let us not forget that obese children are also likely to be the victim of a bully.” “Indeed…to the thesis.”

663. The United States House of Representatives recently passed a bill to condemn abuse of prisoners of war. Because otherwise we wouldn’t have thought to acknowledge that abuse against prisoners or human beings already confined in some manner was unintelligible and psychological maladjusted.

664. How can you stand there for so long, and then still not know what you want? What the hell where you doing quietly and by yourself, in line?

665. Political pandering seems so oblivious to those who pander. Of course. Right now however, the contradictions seems so wealthy that it shames me that others do not see how misguided we are by who we apply our votes to. Currently, most liberals contend that conservatives are blood hungry, gun toting, rednecks, just nonchalantly creating chaotic events in order to plow a few more dollars into the magazine while swimming in pools of oil. John F. Kennedy, a liberal, was the initiating force behind occupation in Vietnam, attempting to halt the surge of Marxist driven China. Intention claimed was humanitarian aid to the South Vietnamese. Kennedy was then murdered in Texas, Lyndon Johnson increased support in Vietnam. It wasn’t until his replacement with a conservative Richard M. Nixon that began the removal of all soldiers from Vietnam. Do you see the correlation and at the same time, the redundancy, and at the same time, the contradiction from the political parties.

666. Through out California, hospital emergency rooms are being closed due to being unable to cope with excessive costs versus volume of patients. So the point then argued by the public and more importantly by the members of city and state council is that we must put more money into hospitals. The point missed is the issue of volume. Not to build new hospitals to accommodate, it is time for the responsibility of the public to regulate their birthing rates. People are finding novelty in producing more than one child only to learn later that there is just not enough room for this quantity of new life. Nature has a simple tool for this probability of overpopulation; there are limits to the accommodation of species. Disease, hunger, people die of simple injuries, not from the lack of advance in medical science but because there is no room for the weak. Darwin’s point exactly.

667. How is it that people can even associate condemnation for a war with a handful of soldiers acting inhumanly with prisoners? There is actually no correlation what so ever. These same individuals were likely ones you can find in the states that tortured or tormented those who were weaker or in a particular situation, perhaps even animals. Psychologists even see the difference between soldiers who are trained and side with their psychological assurance of good intentions to those who are obnoxious and unruly acting out in underdeveloped intellect.

668. The family of the female soldier that was photographed abusing Iraqi prisoners of war has attempted to emphasize that their daughter, and sister, is not capable of this atrocity. She was photographed smiling, with a thumbs up, pointing to genitals, smoking a cigarette, even holding a leash attached to one naked cuffed man. To prove that this was incomprehensible for her to do and that “she is a human being and needs not to be a scapegoat,” the family showed photographs of the solider with friends and family members laughing and having a good time. I can’t imagine more proof than that. In fact, I can’t think of how many photographs of gang members, Germans, aborigines, post office employees, students, all having a good time with friends made me just not believe that they could be capable of such horror. I think these family members should probably join her in the brig and be charged with idiocy.

669. Over a year ago, a deputy was murdered during a traffic stop by a Mexican citizen who then fled to Mexico and since lived freely. Mexico will not extradite the man due to anti-death penalty perspectives. All that aside, organizers coordinated a march on behalf of this issue. This “march for justice” marched through the parking lot and campus grounds of a local community college, on a Saturday afternoon. I hate to have need to point this out but a closed campus, on a afternoon when no one is there, doesn’t really express a stance at all. In fact, the purpose of a march would be to demonstrate to the public your concerns. The only persons who probably had an opportunity to take notice is the janitors who had to clean up after your event.

670. A California highway that travels from Santa Clarita to Ventura, the 126, is dedicated as The Korean War Veterans Highway. Maybe 40 people live on this smaller highway, surely a poor representation of the 40 thousand deaths of American soldiers. There is no cemetery and I assure you, it is not in Korea. What possible purpose was it to spend a significant amount of tax dollars to dedicate a highway of nothing to soldiers of a war? Who really takes sentimental notice to a war when they see a sign plainly signifying this highway as being dedicated? Are we naive enough to believe that when a person dies, that naming a structure after them signifies some resolution or perhaps acknowledgement of their contributions, after they have died. I am almost sure that they would have appreciated that before they passed on.

671. About time to attack the handicapped again. Local government building regulations require that a public park must allocate a concrete plot of land near bleachers for wheelchair parking, despite the fact that there is concrete everywhere else. There is even a requirement of a safety bar to prevent the wheelchair from rolling onto grass or into a flower bed and then you can be held in violation for placing other object in that location that is clearly marked for handicapped sitting. The ironic thing is there is usually only one spot allocated for wheelchair parking. I guess this makes the city discriminatory against mass numbers of handicapped.

672. Suggestions made to help reduce high gasoline prices is to remove the mid-grade gasoline thus alleviating refineries having to supply additives and refinement. How American. The suggestion was not made to remove the poorest quality gasoline that pollutes the greatest and is the harshest on vehicle engines but to rid the grade that requires effort for protection. Money certainly matters however not at a cost of existence.

673. If a definitive perspective of self confidence and happiness is having a hard cock by means of a pill, then we finally have fallen off the edge of the Earth.

674. More handicap insanity. A hunting organization believes that even handicap people should take advantage of the right to hunt. They have created a nation wide organization promoting wheelchair and handicapped hunting groups and outings. It seems to me that my confidence is not at a high when people who are unable to drive a car or feed themselves are firing weaponry.

675. And if this wasn’t enough, a nudist hunting organization as well. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Nothing is more relaxing than putting a scatter round into a buck with the breeze swinging my gonads.

676. Here is a brilliant example of the insanity of religion. I know a woman who has been stalked for over seven years now. This man who has been stalking her at one moment in time believed she was an angel while he was in a drug induced stupor and has since not been able to recognize a disparity. After his efforts in studying religious historical documentation he developed a sense that if he sacrifices her, as an angel, that he will find passage into heaven regardless of his sins. Can you blame his insanity for this choice? Absolutely. But the element of the ideals exist because of the previous insanities created by religion, as means to avoid suffering, to avoid misery, to avoid that sacrifices made by the choices made. Religion is a psychological tool that can only lead to deception and further suffering not only by the believer but by those who wish to evolve this society through viable means. Law enforcement divisions actually have specialists who decipher religious perspectives of murderers. Finding god does not give you grace.

677. Ice cream production costs have increased due to supply limitations and demand. Mad cow disease, drought, labor wage requirements, all have led to the up to 20% increase in ice cream costs to consumers. A journalist asked consumers who replied that is was outrageous for these costs to be increased so high. Who the hell do these people think they are? Ice cream is a novelty luxury item, not even remotely situated on the food chart, and you feel that regardless of the efforts required to bring this luxury to you that it should have a price cap? It was your damn fault the costs are increasing. Demand, drought, labor wages, all due to population increase because you believe that having children is a novelty. You hear those who dream of having three, four children. If you agree with this observation, you smack them in the mouth.

678. Christians versus Muslims. If no one sees the redundancy of this war then how uneducated are you. For centuries, this religious based holy war has encompassed the globe. The Crusades would likely be the most prolific historical reference. And again, and again. It is not a war of oil, but of beliefs. This will only ever end when one is forever removed, which is impossible, which will forever fashion conflict.

679. When an individual leader speaks, and has trouble finding the words to explain what he is speaking about, he is being honest in nature to what he believes. When other party driven leaders speak, for example, most American leaders, their speech is near perfect, complex, and definitive, that is when you know they are just puppets.

680. A recent rebuttal made in regards to observation 676 was that within religion there are those who are good and those who are bad and that you cannot judge religion based on those who are bad. That ideal contradicts the principle of the subsistence of religion. Religion is structured that belief is purity. To even contain elements of evil and to then contend that these persons are still matters of religion whether misguided or controlled by a third party examples the flawed nature of the belief itself and the formula of religion.

681. In proper order as identified by bible text, it is Heaven, Earth, and Hell. The first letter of each word in succession I believes truly reveals the impression of those who devised this plan.

682. Time is kept on the basis of Jesus’ existence. The misconception is how most believe that everyone embraces the Gregorian calendar. In fact, the Julian calendar was created years before Jesus by Julius Caesar, in which it was another 1500 years before the reform into the current Gregorian calendar. There is a Hebrew calendar, Islamic calendar, Chinese calendar, all of which propose different bases of time and thus different current date. This does not even take into account for the calendared years created by the Romans, Mayans, Aztecs, or Egyptians which show that this current year is an additional ten to forty thousand. Well actually as quoted from all calendars history, the calendar was created on the base of creation or rebirth. Creation, scientifically, was billions of years ago. Even the bible identifies that time started thousands of years before Christ. With such abstracts, what is the real reason behind the current year date of 2004? Laziness perhaps. At a time where time was not so easily conjectured, to simply reform the timeline on a basis of events is a manipulation of existence, thus a contradiction of the beliefs of religion.

683. This is starting to piss me off. Some people who don’t think, believe that if you take a compass from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere that you must go in the complete opposite direction because now the needle will point towards the south pole. More over, it was my employer, who is a sales representative for compasses, who even proposed this. I hate my job.

684. The great contradiction I am finding about religion is how the preaching of family is the main element of existence. Of course the prosperity of any religion is the quantity it creates, for example the Mormons who preach the ethics of the requirement to mass produce. However, through this mass production, the irony is that overwhelming the expanses of the surface of the Earth and the supplies it provides, nature, a supposed element of god, then counters with disease and reluctance of supply, thus death occurs and in abundance.

685. Why is there a fear of selling used items at a price unconventional. A used car can be sold for 4728.54 firm which is actually the very practice of businesses. Clothing that is 9.95 not 10.00 or gasoline that is 2.13 and 9/10 ths instead of 2.14. Instead, as means of fear and laziness, tactics are not applied and a seller will lose out.

686. Share holders are filing a lawsuit against Krispy Kremes, a donut retail chain, claiming that the executives misled investors about the direction the business was headed. Charges filed state that the executives disregarded signs that the company expanded too quickly and that they ineptly projected their new marketing plan. I can’t help but notice, that the share holders, persons who can sell their shares, are still share holders as they file this lawsuit. Declaration of being so perceptive of the errors of their ways, yet the share holders remained. I am pretty sure every blackjack dealer would enjoy listening to a customer explain the same misperception. I was to believe it was going to hit 21 not bust. I would like my money back.

687. People will use a credit card for $1.86. What the hell is that? One good earthquake, that is all I ask.

688. Statistics show that since the release of the information about prisoner abuse in Iraq by American soldiers, the United States media has noticed that more younger people are willing to offer their opinions regarding the war. What kind of idiotic…

689. To show the lack of attention to the structure of this government, California Senator William Knight passed away at age 74. His seat will remain vacant until the coming November elections. So no one cares that California is less one vote on the matters of legislation, and that the entire country is now one less vote in a department that oversees all matters of control.

690. Common statement heard nowadays in the American public to show their acclimatizing to be deceiving is that, they are appalled by the actions of American soldiers abusing the prisoners but it may indeed be tactics of interrogations by the means at which to humiliate so they are not willing to condemn the actions committed yet. What?! How can you be appalled and apathetic in the same contradictory thought. Well I guess since it is contradictory then there you go.

691. In one city from March 12th to April 7th there were 34 births in a population of 130,000. That means that idealistically 408 per year, and by the time they are 18, the population would have increased by 7344. There is an average 5 deaths per month, so the population in this city would equal 348 more 18 year olds per year. Each requiring more living space, that is 481 square feet per person on average which then equals that we must make room for 167388 square feet for the over production of people in just this city alone per year. If anyone says, “there is never anywhere to get away to,” “this place is so crowded,” “why is there so much traffic today,” “how could you be out of that,” or “let’s go camping” then try keeping it in your pants.

692. A 1913 United States nickel sold at an auction for 3 million dollars. What is even more embarrassing is that the buyer must believe that the value of this nickel will increase with time. When can I hope for a day when someone actually says, hey, it’s just a nickel.

693. Without limits, people can discover what the consequences are, thus creating a sense of perspective overall towards each scenario. I am tired of hearing, ‘there should have been a sign there,’ or ‘why wasn’t there a sign there.’ It is up to you, the performer of these tasks to utilize common sense that driving 60 miles per hour around a blind ninety degree turn is probably going to assert you into disaster.

694. Do people not see, as pun as that will be, that most desire to experience first experiences through a 1.5” LCD screen.

695. Tablet for natural male enhancement is a double oxymoron.

696. Repel insect repellent displays a listing on the face of the product: Deet…40% Other Ingredients…60% Total…100%. Which must be a huge innovation over those other products that are only a total 97% or that low seller with a total 72%.

697. By simply adding the word ‘emergency’ and having to leave after hours telephone messages, makes a sales representative feel like a hero and some degree of accomplishment regardless that the issue is that an account hasn’t received a small box of samples for a promotional event, and that it was even taken care of, but checking to make sure, is the emergency. I can’t imagine how many other careers find exemption to fantasize event in order to find accomplishment for a far from prolific position in life.

698. Two persons who should no longer be driving. Witnessed a gentleman who decided that he should let go of the steering wheel when going over speed bumps because he disliked the discomfort of the jolt of the steering wheel in reaction. Hey you, dumb ass, when the wheel jerks freely is when your car just veered off into a family of six, which is fine so keep up the good work.

699. The other is this lady who decided to run a red light on a left turn into a parking lot and then because visually aggravated when the vehicles who turned legally are slowly making it into the parking lot.

700. I am no longer accepting the retort from middle aged persons regarding electronic devices, “I am not electronically friendly”. The current Christian year is 2004. Electricity was created over 200 years ago. Fiber optics was displayed in 1854. Television was available to everyone in 1930. Electric razor 1934. Digital computer 1942. Hypertext, also know as HTML, 1945. Microwave oven 1946. Mobile phone 1947 but more significantly 1979. Videotape recorder 1951. Videodisc 1963. Handheld calculator 1967. Computer mouse and Random Access Memory (RAM) 1968. Laser and ink jet printer 1975. Windows operating system 1985. World Wide Web 1990. The truth is that these middle aged persons grew up with the advent of real technology and they simply deferred from learning. It is a choice; please don’t grace your ignorance as an excuse of age. You are just stupid and inattentive to evolution.