Triangular Multi-Directional Office Chair
Utilizing the now much adorned ergonomics for comfort, this chair conforms to a more muscular and skeletal ergonomic design for long periods of time. Most square seats provide that you sit in a precise forward position, your legs parallel to each other. This goes against the mechanical design of the human structure, and casual comfort over periods of time such as at work. The triangular shape allows for the more outward position of the legs, as well as decreased the area at which blood vessels are pinched or pressed closed creating lower blood pressure to the lower extremities. This usually leads to spider veins or the sensation of your legs falling asleep which is a sign of a loss of oxygenated blood flow.

Of course, a simple chair would not be adequate enough for the consumer today so many features are added to this design. The back support is designed with the middle region more towards the spine for better support and outward for supporting the shoulders, seating within the contours of the back. The back support also rotates from a locked position, 180 degrees, into another locked position. A lever on the rear of the back support allows for this transition.

Should you be one of those that sometimes manages to get an in workplace massage, the back support inclines for resting support, to be leaned on while receiving the massage.

One other feature which allows for those particular users, the back support post will rotate 180 degrees around the base of the chair allowing for the consumer to sit facing either side of the chair. These two positions are locked by a lever under the base of the chair.