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Orbital Time
This entire abstract is to covet one dynamic...
The unification of a tangible and proficient civilization.

Revision text coming soon...

I must first immediately emphasize that even with an open mind, existing habituation to the way we perceive the date and time will make this proposal difficult to adopt. It is the responsibility through the aspiration for change that gives opportunity to endeavor not only for a personal transformation but for a campaign to assist others that follow of a more pragmatic awareness. Concern deserves exertion.

To define reason, let us define the failures of the Julian/Gregorian calendar.

Monday 29 August 2005

Monday is the identified reference of the Week.
29 references the Day of the Month.
August is the Month of the Year.
2005 is the Year following Jesus Christ's death.

The Classification of a Year

To define the progression of 1 year, we currently utilize the completion of 1 orbital revolution of the Earth around the Sun. This is equivalent to 365.2422 revolutions of the Earth on its own axis. Since we employ the astronomical dynamics of the Earth as a determination of yearly time, why was it the celebration of a deceased preacher that obligated the re-calculation, 525 years later, by Dionysius Exiguous of completed orbital revolutions? Is this in fact “Anno Domini” (A.D.)? No, not likely. What it is -- is religion restraining science. Our goal is to diminish this governance of religious manipulative perspective while contributing to the efficiencies and more important the unity of civilization worldwide.

The Earth -- as the gauge of the measurement of time -- must be utilized in the full deference of historical orientation to give validation to any degree of passing time. We must then divulge an estimated origin of the Earth to establish a current year.

Most scientists have concurred through radiometric dating of terrestrial and extraterrestrial particulars that with an evolutionary margin of lead isotopes, that the Earth and the Solar System date back to an estimated 4.57 billion years.

From this, we will take some independent liberties by resolving this estimated numeral to a more precise projection of 4,567,724,065, currently observed as 2005.

Now of course the first concern is constantly dictating such an extreme length of time. We will take a generational abstract of that number, basing that the average human life span encompasses no more than a single century, and utilize “Y” as an identifier. For example: Y65. “Y” is utilized as reference for year. “65” is the generational abstract of the total completed revolutions around the Sun. When the year has approached Y999, the pending year will be Y0 with the inclusion of knowledge that the actual absolute total is 4,567,725,000.

The Classification of a Day and Time

Still utilizing the Earth as our institution for the measurement of time, we can ascertain that the Earth completes one revolution on its axis in approximately 24 hours. More accurately the Earth revolves on its axis, relative to the stars which are astronomically stable, in 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds. In one year, accounting for this difference of 3 minutes and 55.91 seconds, the Earth will essentially make an additional revolution on its axis bringing the length of days per year to 366. Since we are declaring time relative to the orbit of the Earth around the Sun (Orbital Time), this additional revolution is reduced by the dynamics of the orbit around the Sun. The time of 24 hours becomes more accurate and is then recognized as the Mean Solar Time. The Mean Solar Time also accounts for the variability of the velocity of the Earth upon its axis.

With every cycle of 24 hours, we can declare one day was completed. To complete one revolution around the sun (one year), the Earth will revolve on its axis 356.2422 times. We allocate an additional day as a regulation brought about by a Leap Year every four years to establish an average 365.25 days per year which then we can assume a more practical numeral of 365 days per year.

With a degree of accommodation and an understanding of the existence of no viable explicit signifier of the initiation of a revolution, we will not over complicate this exchange by rescheduling the initiation of the year to reflect any seasonal change. We can simply transition utilizing D1 in reference of the 1st of January.

In the linear sequence of time, the Earth revolves on its axis 365 times within one revolution around the sun. Not 31 times then another 30 times, but a particular progression of 365 times. The following section will explain the unnecessary and annulled classification of months.

In the linear sequence of time, a day is defined as a completed revolution of the Earth upon its axis which is equivalent to 24 hours. Not 12 hours, then another 12, but a particular progression of 24 hours. The following section will explain the unnecessary and annulled classification of 12 hour time.

The Unessential Perceptions

12 Months

Months were designated in relation to lunar orbital cycles around the Earth. One orbital cycle of the moon takes 29.5 days which originally most months accrued. Unfortunately this resulted in a year of only 354 days which is inaccurate to the relation of the orbital cycle around the Sun which also more importantly defines seasons. In 4,567,722,014 (46 B.C.) Julius Caesar converted the calendar to 365 days and increased the months to 12, both to reflect more accurately the seasons. This was defined as the Julian Calendar.

Now we shift 2051 years forward in civilization and consider the attributes and necessity of the months. Defining the seasons is as simple as defining the numeric of the equinox which you can find referenced below. The lunar orbital cycles are only referenced by the navigational and ecological conscious public. Does this require the designation of a month when they are technically inaccurate, stating 30 or 31 days per month, when the lunar cycle is 29.5 days? Can we not find corresponding numerical progressive days to define as lunar peaks? We absolutely can.

This delineates that months have no other application than the ease of verbal reference which only derives through conditioning. To find more accuracy from society, we drop the unessential months.

52 Weeks

Weeks are perceived to be originally devised by the Hindu and Babylonian civilizations as observance of deities. The significance of seven comes from Babylonian astronomy. There are seven astronomical bodies or luminaries visible to the naked eye, the Sun, the Moon and 5 planets. Biblical text also derives seven days in Genesis. Six days for creation, one day of rest which also becomes relevant to the instruction of the observance of a week in the Ten Commandments. Some scientists believe that other cultures observed seven days as 1/4th of the lunar cycle.

We immediately exhibit our original intention. The removal of religious exploits. We must observe society as a unity to define the necessity of the observance of weeks.

Western cultures, especially Christian or Catholic dominated regions declare Saturday and Sunday as their weekend. The days of rest including the Lord’s day. Other cultures, such as Judaism and Islamic, observe Friday and Saturday as their days of religious observance and rest. This immediately subverts the synchronicity of the weeks worldwide. As global industry became prevalent, the five day work week and the seven day week was adopted, yet still only in particular regions.

These standards no longer apply. With the advent of 24 hour services, the misconception and deterring psychological manipulations of the purposes of weekends, the dissimilarities of the length of the work week worldwide and the sheer abundance of the populace has irradiated the accommodations of a particular seven days in a week. It is also socially unnecessary.

It is certainly difficult to idealize discussing information with another and not utilizing the reference of Tuesday or Friday or any day of the week. That is thanks to conditioning which can in fact equally reverse these perceptions. There are in fact over twenty eight words in the English language that define future days without utilizing their titles. Tonight. Tomorrow. Two days from now...et cetera. More depth to the traditional usage of days are elaborated in the following section.

7 Days

This section will better reiterate the above removal of the week from our abundance of needlessly simplifying or deceiving societal perceptions with illogical incarnations.

Days are perceived to be first branded in the 3rd Century by Dio Cassius based on the astrology of the seven luminaries and their Ptolemaic distance from Earth and their particular hourly manifestation, and the repetition of that cycle. The solar bodies already named after Anglo-Saxon gods and goddess and one Roman god (Jupiter), were utilized in the naming of the segments of the days. Saturn -- Saturday. Sun(nes) -- Sunday. Moon -- Monday. Mars -- Tuesday. Mercury -- Wednesday. Jupiter -- Thursday. Venus -- Friday.

Get this, and this is relevant to all those supposed hardcore Christians out there. The early Christian church felt uncomfortable with the days of the week named after Pagan gods and introduced a numeric system which actually persists today in numerous cultures.

The question poised, do we require redundant psychological deception, lack of authentic synchronicity or mere verbal articulation by utilizing labels for days of the week? No, we do not. In fact, to create a more productive society, the unification of days and by removing the ethereal completion target, we can better perceive time as singular progressive stasis and quantify time more accurately leading to a more intellectual behavioral management of time.

Once again, conditioning has created the difficult perception for change on this drastic of a scale. The key to remember is the logic of language. I can define to you the six days following this day with a cache of reasonable and lucid articulations, never using the names of Pagan gods. Days of the week are out.

12 Hours

Time is already easily perceived as the 24 hour segments it takes for the Earth to travel one revolution in relation to the Sun. Unfortunately, there was a division of this 24 hour segment and there are a few reasons for this unnecessary and often deceiving complexity.

Egyptian were the first to maintain a base numeric of 12, unlike the common base of 10 today. They found this numerical base from counting the finger joints (12 per hand excluding the thumb) rather than the fingers and thumb entirely (5 per hand). Utilizing this, they established an astrological relation with “decan” stars which every hour for 12 hours during the summer night sky, a particular star rose above the horizon. This deciphered the 12 hours of the evening and assisted in deciphering a year. The examination of the other 12 hours of daylight, was more precisely divided into three more segments of 1 hour of dawn, 10 hours of light and 1 hour of dusk. This guided their 12 hour segments around night and day which peaked at 6-8 in the morning and 18-20 (6-8) in the evening.

With the advent of the mechanical clock in the 18th century, time peaks were deciphered scientifically as the furthest point of the Earth’s surface facing away from the Sun and the closest. Midnight, declared as much is approximately equivalent to the initiation of the rotation of the Earth on its axis in relation to your relative Earth based latitude. Noon is approximately equivalent to one half rotation of the Earth on its axis from this originating latitude. This makes relevant time zones and progression based time variances of the relative location of the region on the Earth in relation to the Sun.

A single day preserves a day and night. Dividing these segments of time that hold variance and shorter completion is deceptive and has displayed an element of confusion. By saying you will meet this person at 7, there is question and requires deductive reasoning or reiteration. By initially stating that you will meet this person at 19, it is clear, precise and accurate. When everyone is clear of this perception of time interpretation, 7 is only 7 in the morning. It is incredibly simple and rational for the efficiency of dialogue, deliberation and observation which is why most operational based organizations utilize this time. The 12 hour clock is as well indolent and has exampled absolutely no relevance to social perception by demonstrating that sunrise and sunset are not zeniths on the time clock which originally was maintained as the reasoning behind 12 hour time.

The Classification of The Seasons

Time was originally perceived based on three precise elements. The sun, the moon and the seasons. The orbital and angular position of the Earth in relation to the Sun defines the differences in the seasons. These alignments peak during particular times of the revolution around the Sun.

On two days every year, both hemispheres of the Earth receive equal sunlight. These particular days are acknowledged as Equinoxes. Through simple conditioning, we can eliminate the Julian/Gregorian reference and replace it with Orbital Time:

Spring Equinox - D80 (21 March)
Fall Equinox - D264 (21 September)

Within these two peaks, the Sun will reach the furthest northern and southern declinations. This variable period of time is acknowledged as Solstices. Through simple conditioning, we can eliminate the Julian/Gregorian reference and exchange it with Orbital Time:

Summer Solstice - D172 (21 June)
Winter Solstice - D355 (21 December)

The Classification of Holidays

Now you may ask, what about holidays? Let us examine most holidays and either thier nessesity and my appending conjecture or the new observance within the scheme of Orbital Time. We will utilize the United States of America’s federal and novelty riddled cascade of holidays as reference to a generalized observance of holidays worldwide. The conjecture will define the variable that can then be perceived by other nations.

The one thing I should note is that holidays are an excellent conceptualization to the comprehension of the arrangement and spacing of the days, which can be exploited in the conditioning of transition.

United States of America's Holidays

D1 (1 January) New Year’s Days - As a celebration in the relation to the scheme of the progression of time, this day removed from work is validated as a significant accomplishment. Though a defiance of progression, this day acquires the commiseration of the consequences of celebration which would negatively effect the morale and productivity of labor.

D15 (15 January) The Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birth - Martin Luther King Jr. was an individual with great accomplishment. He preached equality to millions, which by celebrating this day invalidates this equality with him. There are millions of individuals throughout history that defined society today and none would validate the celebration of their existence and would especially find grievance in suspension of progression for simple remembrance. No single individual’s anniversary of their birth, which by the way was likely decades before their accomplishments, deserves the ceasing of civil evolution. We take from this person their accomplishments when they were alive and journey to the next individual in this scheme when they have passed.

D20 (20 January) Inauguration Day - Why is a day, 20 days following the first of the year, declared the day to observe the official employment of our representatives? Should this not be done in relation to the patterns of yearly progression or promptly upon election where they can immediately become occupied with their significant 24 hour a day responsibility rather than loiter about until then. New day of inauguration, 10 days following Election Day. How many election days is something for another long page in the near future.

D32 (1 February) Freedom Day - To be truly accurate in the celebration of the abolition of slavery, this day would have to be celebrated for 35 different days from the 21st day to the 358th day which was the occurrence of time for all of the legislative states of the United States of America to ratify this amendment. I find it difficult enough to entertain that the abolition of slavery by legislative means is something worth celebrating when such a common sense fundamental as human existence is arbitrated.

D33 (2 February) Groundhogs Day - Being that this day observes nothing but ethereal conjecture, I don’t even want to hear about mythical holidays. Gone.

D43 (12 February) The Anniversary of Former President Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday - President’s Day consolidated this day which is rather grand considering there were 40 plus other Presidential figureheads in the history of this country and that this man would find grievance for ceasing progression for the celebration of the anniversary of his birth. Gone.

D45 (14 February) Saint Valentine’s Day - This day carries no disruption to the mechanics of progression however the actuality of this celebration should become relevant for accurate consideration. During a ban on matrimony by the Emperor of Rome, Claudius II -- Saint Valentine illegally arranged marriages in secrecy. He was soon martyred for his Christian actions and it is the day of his sacrifice that you celebrate romance. It is rather morbid, irrelevant and deceptive to the mannerisms of normality. Leave it or keep it -- it possibly does preserve some degree of morale.

D? (3rd Monday in February) President’s Day - Let us celebrate the leaders of our country by screwing about and misplacing the agenda of the progression of time whether or not we are paying attention. An honest and pure leader would not suggest ever spending indispensable time to celebrate their existence. With such a prestigious role and a significance to history, why does there even require a day to reminiscence when especially in today’s society it is exploited for other prospects. Out of the respect for those who preserve the integrity of leadership, all celebrations of leaders and/or the anniversary of their births are irrelevant. Once again, much like that of Martin Luther King Jr., we seize their wisdom when they are alive, and evolve from this when they are dead. Let history tell their story.

D53 (22 February) The Anniversary of Former President George Washington’s Birthday - We covered this. Gone.

D76 (17 March) Saint Patrick’s Day - A day to celebrate the death of a saint who is known for very little and supposed for even less in a country with no valid correlation with Ireland other than the Christianity that was spread there by this man and the flux of Irish who populated the slums of the eastern seaboard a hundred and fifty years ago. It is about as insane as Hong Kong celebrating Guy Fawkes Day. This day is also more commonly devised and observed as a Christian feast day which solidifies its futility to humanity.

D91 (1 April) April Fools Day - Not considered a real holiday, this day advocates the pleasure of amusement at the expense of others which goes to the merits of morale. This day also reinforces a persons ability to be creative and more importantly tolerant of humanity as more of a perception of nature rather than religious declaration. It is the get over it -- its not that big of a deal day. Enjoy life, you ain’t going nowhere when its over.

D93 (3 April) Daylight Savings Time - This one is easy. Being that time can no longer be misconstrued for the novelty of others to accommodate means, we will not allow the simple necessity of agriculture to accommodate to accurate time -- which was accomplished for thousands of years prior to the United States inventing such an asinine adjustment. Time is a linear sequence.

D112 (22 April) Earth Day - Another day loosely celebrated by few. Why? Because it is stupid. A day to celebrate the Earth. Every day should hold consideration for the planet you exist on and within -- why should one day be singled out as a device to participate in the rehabilitation of your environment after you spent 364 days fucking it up.

D119 (29 April) Arbor Day - We covered this one above. It is sad enough they could not even space these two holidays out to make it more useful year round.

D128 (8 May) Mother’s Day - Though seemingly observed by Greeks for the celebration of the mothers of deities, this day was firmly cast by a woman in a declaration as a plea to mothers of sons fighting in wars for the assistance for pacifism and disarmament. Over 100 failed years later, the conceptual nature was modified to observe mothers in general. Though the inadequate origin of this day as a perfectly good excuse for not celebrating it, the true observation is that segregation of this biological characteristic provides the impression of obligation and accomplishment which is a clear deception. Motherhood is a biological function yet with a more conscious humanity, it is not an obligation within an abundance and certainly not obliged to those who failed at it.

D? (Last Monday in May) Memorial Day - The first of many days to evoke musings of past acquaintances. Though emphasis on veterans is stressed, it is a day to reminisce about all who have preceded in the historical attributes of this country. What faults this day is the redundancy created by numerous preceding and following holidays. Though reflection upon the contributions of those who have past is practicable and edifying, the need for numerous variations of one connotation is unnecessary. Latin America celebrates a day on D305 (1 November) called the Day of the Dead -- a day to commemorate all who have past regardless of merit. Though the current spirituality of this celebration needs to be alienated, I find this day more applicable and centralized for the morale of those redeeming the authority of the past.

D165 (14 June) Flag Day - There are 52 plus flags currently identified by the United States. Which one would you like to observe? The two pieces of decorated fabric in your particular region or -- listen, I have written on this in the regards that flags symbolize isolation. Flags will become a novelty as much as they are now only without the subjugation of being symbols of preeminence.

D170 (19 June) Father’s Day - I thought the derivation of Mother's Day was deliriously idiotic. Father's Day was encouraged by Sonora Dodd who was inspired by the antiwar conception of Mother's Day and devised the date of the 5th of June, the day her father died at war, as the day to celebrate her father. The preparation for this celebration fell behind and thus subsequently declared the third Sunday in June as Father's Day -- 100 years later. For the tangible reason for the defiance of this day, see Mother's Day.

D182 (1 July) Canada Day - How can another country celebrate the liberation of another country and still confine itself to signify a segregation with that country? “Congratulations for your independence, just don’t bring it down here”.

D185 (4 July) Independence Day - Does independence come from the issuing of a single document? Does a single event signify this occurrence as the definitive moment of sovereignty? Is genuine independence ever truly attained? No. No. Not if you aspire to a unified and practical society -- and no to this singular deceptive day that now more than ever requires the issuance of patriotism towards the segregation from the rest of civilization. When we are found as individuals -- we are free. No single day can symbolize the existence you will experience everyday. Now when that experience occurs in the United States...

D? (1st Monday in September) Labor Day - The celebration of labor by not laboring. Huh? Gone. What do you think holidays and the days off from labor are?

D260 (17 September) Citizenship Day - Being that unity is the prime decree, becoming a citizen of another country becomes invalidated. Goodbye citizenship, hello human being.

D285 (12 October) Columbus Day - Ah yes, if anyone has read the dozen or so grievances I have for this man and the worship of him, you would know the invalidity of him entirely. Not only is this day gone, lets remove his tomb and replace it with a McDonalds. Who gives a crap if he was Spanish or Italian.

D297 (24 October) United Nation’s Day - Why? Did they do something worth celebrating? Next.

D303 (30 October) Daylight Savings Time Ends - Time is linear, hours do not just up and move.

D304 (31 October) All Hallows Eve - In the Druidic religion of ancient Celts, the new year begins with the fall harvest and the beginning of the winter season known as Samhain which falls on D305 (1 November). Sundown on All Hallows Eve was observed as the beginning of the new day of the new year and transition from the season of the sun to the season of darkness. Numerous traditions were subsequent of the festival of this new year and new season. This day of celebration that is performed in the evening after the daytime hours of labor can be preserved for the delicate nature of morale based on the characteristic of the fall harvest and notable seasonal transition -- as well as the characteristic inclusion of the celebration of the Day of the Dead which follows on D305.

D? (1st Tuesday in November) Election Day - In a more sensible passage of humanity, the ease of voting on a relatively consistent obligated day of rest would seem a little more practical for compelling the masses to vote. Besides this, in a more acceptable democracy, people would be obliged to vote more consistently and with greater ease. Thus the days of election would likely be in increments of 121 days. As estimated current figure of D7, D128 and D249.

D315 (11 November) Veteran’s Day - Though soldiers uniquely contribute their lives to the benefit of mankind, many others also bequeath a distinctive attribute to this aid. I will not segregate a solider from a doctor from a firefighter from an inventor from a electrician and from a constituent. No single day can preside over one singular contribution from humanity to humanity.

D? (4th Thursday in November) Thanksgiving Day - This particular day is rather interesting. We go to define independence. We lean towards the celebration of successes. Yet here, on this broadly undefined day, we give remembrance of the passage of goods and services between two races of people who would begin two hundred years of slaughtering each other into near oblivion. I can not imagine there are too many natives who celebrate the giving the of thanks on this day. On behalf of the natives, take your thanks and pound it. Pound it deep and hard. And yes, the inception of the day does hold the key merit to the relevance of the celebration of the day entirely. You cannot simply adjust the merits of the day to suit your empathy. Another perception of this day is the giving of thanks by the early pilgrims to God for the uncertain and critical autumn harvest. God being employed, do we need another reason to say -- gone.

D359 (25 December) Christmas Day - Go on a limb for this one. Could we just rename it what it actually is right now -- Presents Day? No, because the encapsulation of getting a free ride has corrupted many from this conditioning.

D360 (26 December) Federally Observed Christmas Day - This is a day affixed to the following weekday in order to relieve employment after Christmas. Why? Apparently days are futile and negotiable, especially when observed through the holiday scheme. I should note something to validate the exclusion of so many holidays. There is an eminent objective to manage a period of time of employment during a series of consecutive days that is efficiently receptive to biological stability. The current projection is that the quantity of hours of employment during a consecutive period of time will be shorter. Confining time away from work into bulk segments rather that dispersed fragments only creates physical and psychological deception.

Various Other Holidays

D? (The Friday Before Easter) Good Friday - If you have come this far, go ahead and guess on this one. How many days does this guy need? I would imagine that if he were up there, his hand would slap his forehead while saying, "No...no...jesus christ. I was strung up today. Don't celebrate that. It hurt like a mother fu..."
D? (March through May) Easter - The most pivotal event in the historical significance of Christianity, and no one can attest to it other than those who religiously followed his perspectives before he died. It’s like asking George Bush Sr. who I should vote for president in 2001.

D67 (8 March) International Womens Day - Without the commemoration of an International Mens Day on the same day, this invalidates the encapsulation that everyone is human. I do not endorse an International Humans Day either for the reason that this is something rather natural and not defined by human ingenuity. How about we just commence our business as equivalent of life -- individual by genetics.

D121 (1 May) May Day - Observed as International Workers Day, it is a day of celebration for the independence of the working class though disregarded by countries defiant of communist and socialist methods. Regardless of that distinction, see Labor Day as a suitable variation within the United States Holidays.

D121 (15 August) The Assumption of Mary - I am going to assume that she did not make into this ethereal realm to say nothing at all to how one would go about discovering this exploit other than the assumption that since she expired, she was accepted into heaven.

D360 (26 December) Boxing Day - See Federally Observed Christmas Day in the United States Holidays.