For thousands of years, as is demonstrated in hugely popular television shows, that when you are disobedient with in a community, you get smacked. Today, the common instinct is "call some one for help". America failed when police became the perceived sole authority of restraining a peoples.
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Pocket Shotgun
Designed as a quick resolve pocket scatter weapon, it utilized varying sized galvanized steel and a spring loaded bolt as a triggering device. This weapon was demonstrated and does work with little discomfort from heat and force though I would not expect to use this particular model for more than one firing. It requires 12 gauge rounds with a suggestion of bird shot. 3 or 3.5 inch rounds can be used and are loaded by unscrewing the gripped frame from the trigger slide frame. All parts purchased from a local hardware store cost no more than 10 dollars and is approximately 8 inches closed and 15 inches when armed. More resolute, attach a trip line and this contraption becomes a small yet destructive focal concealed anti-personnel device.