Sun Visor Sun Shade
Another one of those simple items seemingly not found currently on the market is this collapsible sunshade that folds into a thin unit held to any passenger side sun visor of any vehicle.

The base of the sun shade has elastic straps that slide snuggly around the sun visor which then when in storage is simply pushed up into normal non usage. The sun shade will remain folded with a Velcro tab, even when the sun visor is used for protecting your line of sight while under traveling conditions. An optional vanity mirror was going to be added to this however I opted out for the very reason of my mediocre manufacturing ability.

When using the shade, simply pull the sun visor down to an angle with the front window. Unhitch the Velcro tab and allow the entire shade to unfold downward. Simply unfold the shade to the left and with one fold vertical which utilizing the driverís side sun visor to provide support and pressure to the front window.

Your car is shaded with ease and efficiency. No struggling to get the full size cardboard from the back seat or fiddling with those weird folding and twisting fabric circles.

The structure of this design utilizes a thin fabric and plastic sew into each other to provide the stability of the folds.